best pfd for paddle boarding

The Best PFDs for Paddle Boarding

Whats better? Belt/ Suspender style Inflatable PFD's or Life Vest Style PFDS and which ones are best for Paddle Boarding? Find Out here

best pfd for kayaking

The Best PFDs for Kayaking

Wearing a PFD (or life vest) can be the difference between life and death in extreme instances, find out which is the best to protect you and your family.

The Best Kayak Paddle

Choosing The Best Kayak Paddle

Learn what to look for when choosing the best kayak paddle and find out which are out top rated models.

The Best Kayak Fish Finders

The Best Fish Finders that can specifically mount onto a kayak. Also Split up into Best and Budget Categories.

best waterproof backpacks for outdoor use

The Waterproof Backpack for Outdoor Use

Chances are if you are going on the water you will need something to protect your valuable contents! Find out which passed the test.

best kayak trailer

The Best Kayak Trailers

Find out the Best Kayak Trailers for up to Four different kayaks including Buyers criteria to keep in mind when looking for the perfect kayak trailer

how to use a stand up paddle board, best camera for paddle board

The Best Camera for Paddle Boarding

Ever wanted to catch photos and videos of your latest paddling journey on camera but didn't want to risk sacrificing the digital camera? Read on!

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Wetsuit vs Drysuits the Ultimate Comparison

We explain the differences between wetsuits and drysuits, what activity to use them for and what temperatures they work best in.

The Best Trolling Motor in 2019 for Fishing

In here we review a few differnet types of trolling motors including indepth Buyer Guides and How to's.

The Best Boat Grills and Boat Grill Mounts

A Detailed Guide on how to find the best boat grills including some suggested boat grill mounts