Best Baby Pool Floats: Selecting the Right Float and Product Reviews

If you are in a rush the best baby pool float is the V Convey Upgraded Mamobobaby Non-Inflatable Baby Pool Float.

Heading out for a trip to the pool? You should take the time to invest in a reputable, robustly tested, and safe pool float for your baby. Babies of all ages can benefit from repeated swimming trips.

Introducing your baby to the water can come with a lot of challenges, but one of the greatest ones is selecting the most appropriate type of pool float. Luckily, this is your all-in-one guide of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a float with an outline of some of the most well-liked pool floats in the industry.

The Best Inflatable Baby Pool Floats go as Follows:

  1. V Convey Mamobobaby Non-Inflatable Baby Pool Float 
  2. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center
  3. SwimWays Baby Spring Float
  4. Shark-Shaped CHGeek Baby Pool Float 
  5. CHGeek Upgraded Baby Pool Float 


Best Baby Pool Float Reviews

We’ve compiled a short list of the some of s best sellers when it comes to baby pool floats. Each of these floats is demonstrably safe, effective, durable and parent approved for even the most frequent visits to the water. We’ll touch on the product’s features, a short list of their pros and cons, and give some insider insight into the most common customer thoughts.

1. V Convey Upgraded Mamobobaby Non-Inflatable Baby Pool Float

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With safety considered the number one priority for the Mambobaby brand, it’s clear why they are one of the most trusted names in infant pool products. Since the float is completely non-inflatable, you won’t have to worry about the Mambobaby pool float leaking like other similarly priced products.

Instead, it functions just like a safety vest, but designed for comfort and utility of the infant. The most recent version of this product features safety buckles, rather than slide-off buttons, and upgraded straps to keep the infant secure.

Moreover, the design of the straps minimizes the risk of the baby flipping backwards or forwards. There are five points of contact of the straps with the infant that keep the float balanced in any type of swimming condition.

This pool float will work well for infants with sensitive skin, since it contains none of the plastics that cause irritation through friction. Lined with pearl foam on the inside, your infant is supported, secure, and comfortable while allowing for the maximal range of motion. The thousands of tiny, tightly bound capsules on the side of the unit create effective buoyancy for infants at a range of different sizes and weights.

This pool float is appropriate for infants three to twelve months when using the backstroke side. For performing breaststroke, the product works for any infant aged three to twenty-four months. The Convey allow for a wide enough range of motion that babies can safely learn important swimming skills like kicking.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers are satisfied with the product because the risk of flipping is minimized and the utility of the float allows for several different swimming styles. According to reviewers, there are many small add-ons that make the Convey float unique from other products: an unobtrusive hanging tag you can latch onto easily, sufficient head rest support for the baby, and three free water-spray toys included with the purchase.

The major complaint that some users have is that the straps are secured much too slickly, meaning that even the slightest adjustment could cause them to loosen. Though the baby is still secure, this annoyance makes it difficult to adjust properly when in the water.


  • Strap layout, with crotch support, completely minimizes the risk of the baby flipping over
  • Allows for backstroke and breaststroke swimming for babies aged three to twenty-four months
  • Lined with soft fabric that preserves sensitive skin
  • Comes with three free spray toys for the baby


  • Straps are slick enough to slip, making it difficult to adjust the float once the baby is in the water


2. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

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The SwimWays float is an inflatable float appropriate for any infant aged nine to twenty-four months. Featuring a removable canopy, the float provides UPF 50+ sun protection and mesh sides for see-through visibility. Better yet, the canopy can be removed at any point.

Featuring safety valves, dual air chambers and inner springs, the float provides comfort, stability, and safety when in the water that can help you keep your peace of mind. Unlike other products, the Baby Spring has a wider circumference and is specifically designed for infants who aren’t yet comfortable in the water.

According to the manufacturer, it is the first float to use spring technology to minimize the risk of the baby flipping backward or forward into the water.

Parents should keep in mind that the float isn’t designed for exploratory behavior, yet is meant primary to help babies enjoy their time in the water before graduating to more complex water-based motor skills.

Additionally, the Baby Spring float comes with four toys: one fish toy, one soft star, stacking rings and one squeaker toy that can detached at will.

Many reviewers are completely confident in the Baby Spring product, even after months of weekly use. It is a suitable baby float for lakes, swimming pools, and even works well in slight rolling waves.

Though the product is advertised for nine month old’s and up, many have used it with infants as young as two months old with no concern about the baby slipping.

>>What Customers Think<<

According to reviewers, one potential problem – which is an issue with all inflatable floats – is that the pool float deflates somewhat during each visit to the water. Though it’s not enough to qualify as unsafe, the float will require frequent puff-ups.

Additionally, some customers found the additional toys too annoying to keep track of, since it’s easy for the baby to remove the items from their velcro positions.

Other than these minor issues, most felt that the pool float helped get their infant acclimated to the water.


  • Products four different types of interactive toys to help give the baby an enjoyable experience in the water
  • UPF 50+ sun protection provided with the removable cover
  • Helps babies acclimate to the water before they move on to developing swimming motor skills and coordination


  • Toys are too easy to remove for the infant, making it annoying to catch the floating objects in water
  • Deflates between visits to the pool, requiring you to blow it up again between visits


3. SwimWays Baby Spring Float

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The SwimWays Baby Spring float is durable, fun, and safe for infants between the ages of nine to twenty-four months. Featuring tethered toys that are impossible to lose, both you and the baby are bound to have a relaxing experience in the water.

This float is built to maximize storage, as it can be deflated, packed very small, and then brought out whenever you need it. With a removable and adjustable sun cover the provides 50+ UPF sun protection, you can be assured that your baby is comfortable at all times.

The float is designed with two concentric floating portions interspersed with a mesh cover, which helps to provide stability and extra support for the infant – no matter their weight or how often they shift around. Additionally, the two ring design reduces the risk of the baby flipping over or slipping out of the SwimWays pool float.

If your baby has sensitive skin, the SwimWays pool float is a great option since its outer layer is made of soft fabric and a mesh seat.

>>What Customers Think<<

Many customers like this product since it is safe enough to use in diverse water conditions, whether it’s a still lake or an ocean with rolling waves. Parents should keep in mind that the SwimWays float is meant for babies who are just starting to get acclimated to swimming, and is not meant as a training tool for developing fine motor skills.

The only potential drawback is that some of the toys are squeezable and therefore retain some water, which makes it easy for them to eventually develop mold over time. Some users would prefer if it were possible to detach the toys using velcro strips rather than having them as a permanent aspect of the pool float.


  • Ideal for storage and packing in carry-on bags for coastal vacations
  • Designed with two concentric inflatable rings that minimize the risk of the baby flipping over in the water and provide extra stability
  • Meant for babies with sensitive skin that is irritated by friction


  • Some of the attached toys are squeezable and may retain water, making them susceptible to mold if not cleaned properly
  • Baby seat is almost entirely made of mesh, which means that it could loosen over time without proper care


4. Shark-Shaped CHGeek Baby Pool Float

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The Shark-Shaped baby pool float is bound to make other parents jealous. This fun pool float is provides protection, sun coverage, and little bells that make it an attention-grabber in public.

Crafted with top-grade safety valves, two safety hand grips and crotch support, the float is designed to make your baby secure and completely stable in the water.

Unlike other pool floats, the shark float keeps your baby mostly elevated above the surface of the water, yet makes sure to maintain equilibrium at all times in even rolling-wave water conditions. If the plastic is punctured at any time, the baby is still safe due to the presence of leak-proof and non-inflatable airbags in the center of the float.

Additionally, this CHGeek float is made with skin-friendly, durable, and smell-free plastic to prevent against chafing. The two leg holes in the seat can be widened or made smaller depending on how much you’d like for your baby to sit above or in the water. Since the product is so versatile, it can be used on an infant ranging from one month two thirty months old.

>>What Customers Think<<

Most customers are surprised by just how durable the product is, even with frequent use in the water. However, users should keep in mind that this isn’t a life-saving device – if you intend to use this product, it should ultimately be used in shallow water with an adult always present.


  • Cute shark design provides sun protection and stability with add-on fins and canopy cover
  • Crafted with skin-friendly plastics that avoid irritating soft baby skin
  • Suitable for infants aged one month and up, due to the adjustable width of the leg holes
  • Promotes gentle exercise through giving the baby plenty of room to kick around in the water


  • Not certified as a life-saving device in emergency, meaning that it’s most suitable for shallow and predictable water conditions
  • Multiple pieces need to be inflated individually and then put together, making for a tricky set-up


5. CHGeek Upgraded Baby Pool Float

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The CHGeek upgraded baby pool float provides for versatility and enhanced safety features in order to ensure that you are your infant have a relaxing time in the pool.

Offering enhanced bottom support and a swim buoys, the pool float prevents sliding out and flipping backwards through making sure the baby always stays balanced. The baby’s face is set 40 degrees above the central part of the float, making sure they stay close yet out of reach of water splashes.

The airbags are made using a dual chamber design that makes it simple to deflate and inflate whenever you need to, meaning the float is ideal for taking on vacation or to the coast.

Moreover, the baby is stabilized through the presence of double airbags that encourage the ideal swimming position for both backstroke and breaststroke use. With a one-press locking mechanism on the straps rather than the traditional fall-off button, it would be exceedingly difficult to accidentally release the straps.

This float is suitable for those aged eight to thirty-six months old and can support up to thirty-eight pounds of weight.

Featuring baby-safe PVC plastic material, the pool float is adopted from eco-friendly grains with a thickness of over .30 mm. This makes it non-toxic, durable and safe for extended use in the water.

Many customers prefer the CHGeek swim float because it encourages the ideal swimming posture and position for infants, making it much easier for them to transition to water lessons when they’re a bit older. The float is designed for infants who are already comfortable in the water and ready to engage in exploratory behavior.


  • Central air bag puts baby’s head in ideal position to avoid water splashes while keeping baby in a stabilized position
  • Ergonomic design that puts baby automatically in the appropriate swimming position
  • Made from .3 mm thick PVC plastic that is exceedingly difficult to puncture
  • Comes with a free sun-hat for the baby


  • PVC Plastic may irritate the baby’s skin for extended use in the water


Important Aspects to Consider When Buying a Baby Pool Float

bunch of baby pool floats

Adults arn’t the only ones that can have fun in a pool float! Here we’ll discuss some of the most vital notes to keep in mind when you’re investing in your first baby pool float. Fortunately, there are so many safe and effective products out there. However, finding the item most well-suited to your child can prove to be a complicated task.

Why Should You Buy a Baby Pool Float?

Aside from keeping your baby safe in the water, there are many vital reasons to invest in a durable, effective, and reliable pool float for your infant. Floats are designed to keep your baby’s weight centered, preventing accidents like tipping or flipping that compromise the infant’s safety.

Additionally, well-crafted pool floats can help develop your child’s ability to swim from ages as early as one month. Not only does swimming encourage healthy physical development, it’s been demonstrated that young swimmers hit developmental milestones much sooner as compared to infants who aren’t exposed to water.

No – this doesn’t merely encourage physical development, either. Through developing fine and gross motor skills, your infant could hit more attenuated cognitive skills much earlier (like spatial reasoning and abstract thinking).

Children who start swimming younger are also much less averse and negative towards water than those who start older, which may decrease the risk of drowning during their life time.

Aside from spurring the develop of billions of new neurons, swimming with a parent has been shown to increase the parent-child bond. In the pool, you’re responsible for your child’s well being, while your child is reliant on you for safety and growing self-confidence.

Selecting an Age Appropriate Float for Your Baby

Before chipping in to the first product you find, it’s best to consider your infant’s level of development, maturity, and comfort in the water. There are so many distinct products out there that are built to either encourage exploratory behavior or to establish the infant’s basic level of comfort in the water.

If your baby has never been introduced to a swimming environment before, it may be appropriate to chip into a pool float that emphasizes stability rather than range of motion. For instance, double-wide pool floats often come with extra water toys to engage the baby while keeping them distracted from potential anxiety.

On the other hand, basic floats that keep your baby in a breaststroke position may create anxiety in the infant, depending on their age and the infant’s familiarity with the water. In this case, it may be best to select a float that keeps your baby securely in backstroke position until they become more acclimated to the water.

Experts state that those under three months should stick to pool floats that keep them upright or at a slight incline with their back facing the surface of the water. This will help the infant to develop kicking without inducing anxiety.

Just because the item’s description says “three to twenty-four months”, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for every infant in that age range. Consider your baby’s level of motor development and your infant’s personality before opting for any old pool float.

How to Identify the Safest Baby Pool Float

Dad lifting baby up in pool

Additional Safety Features

Nowadays, experts are stating that baby neck floats are downright unsafe – especially if you plan to look away from your child for even a single moment. Before buying any product, your baby’s safety should be your number one priority.

Look for additional features like no-slip straps, safety valves, double-chamber airbags, and seat straps that prevent leakage and falls. Additionally, many effective baby pool floats are configured with features that minimize the risk of the baby slipping, flipping, or tilting forwards and backwards.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is a biggy that many parents don’t realize until they are already out on the water. In fact, even with sunscreen, most pediatricians recommend keeping babies out of direct sunlight until they are at least six months old. Even when the infant is older, baby skin is incredibly delicate and baby sunscreens are not fail proof.

Consider selecting a baby float that features a sun canopy, roof, or sun hat to help keep your baby away from the sun’s rays. Make sure to look closely at the product’s description to see if has a certified SPF rating for its sun cover, since some manufacturers may try to obfuscate how ineffective their “sun” canopy is.

Ideally, the sun cover should have a rating of no less than 50+ UPF protection and should cover around three quarters of the baby’s visible skin.

When it is night time be sure to invest in some pool lights to make sure that your baby is safe in the water.

Proper Sizing

Though they may be more expensive, it is typically better to opt for a pool float that expands as the baby grows. Not only does this type of float amount to cost savings, but you can rest assured knowing that the float will continue to keep your infant safe in the water.

Some floats are capable of transitioning from backstroke-oriented positions to breaststroke, making them very appropriate for toddlers who are ready to engage in more kicking and exercise intensive water activities.

Floats to Avoid


Baby Neck Floats

baby floating with neck float

Baby Neck Floats are a type of flotation device that straps around the baby’s neck and keeps their head above water. Unfortunately, these floats have proven incredibly dangerous and have already resulted in the fatality of several babies.

Additionally, baby neck floats may even be negative for the emotional and psychological development of the child. Depending on the infant’s age, they may be unable to kick or move around, which increases anxiety, social disconnection, and increases stress oxidation in the body.

Baby Float Suits

Float suits refer to a baby swimsuit that has a flotation device attached to the chest. Primarily, they are intended to teach those over the age of four how to swim. However, recent manufacturers have gotten in trouble for marketing these suits to the parents of infants and babies.

It is not recommended to buy this suit for a child who cannot swim on their own, since a baby could instantly go underwater if the parent is not supervising them constantly.

Baby Pool Float Safety Tips

No matter what type of float you choose, your eyes and attention must constantly be on the child when they are in the water. Even when your baby is inside a secure float device, it is not considered safe to turn your back on them – it only takes a moment for a child to flip upside down into the water.

Additionally, make sure to always remain in arm’s reach of your child. If you plan to head to the ocean, it is mandatory to purchase a product that is considered a USCG baby life jacket. Most pool floats are meant for just that: pools.

Final Thoughts

With such great options to choose from, it’s hard to pick a best pool float product out of all of them. Depending on the age and comfort level of your baby, you may find yourself more well suited to some floats over others.

However, there’s almost no way to go wrong with the V Convey Mambobaby Float, which is one of the top-rated floats available online. With upgraded safety features and patent-pending technology, your baby can either lie on their back or be placed in breaststroke position for different types of swimming. This makes it appropriate to use with infants of nearly any

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