Best Boat Buffers that Make your Boat Look Amazing

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Just like many people enjoy a pedicure session every once in a while, boats also need a session of buffing and polishing to maintain its elegance. A boat is among the assets whose quality most people wouldn’t want to compromise by using a cheap marine buffer with low-quality polishing pads.

If you are looking to buy boat polishers and buffers, it is important to get one that best suits your boat polishing needs. While in the market, however, you will find plenty of boat buffer machine options from which you will need to find the best for your boat. Identifying the best boat buffer, therefore, is likely to be challenging, especially if you don’t know what goes into the best buffer.

In this article, we endeavor to help you buy the best among the many options available in the market. Each of the products reviewed in this article can help you to keep your boat in great condition. Here are our top-rated boat buffers that you could consider choosing to keep your boat in great condition.

Best Premium Choice

#2 Porter Cable 7424xp


Best Pick

#1 DeWalt DWP-849X


Best Budget Choice




The Best Boat Buffers go as follows


5 Best Boat Buffer and Polisher Reviews

These are the best boat buffers based on customer reviews.

1. DeWalt DWP-849X Marine 31 Boat Oxidation Removal Kit

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The DWP-849X is one of the best and well-constructed boat buffers that you will find in the market. The buffer is a production of DeWalt, a company that is popular for developing rugged machines and tools. This boat buffer is designed exclusively for various auto professionals, amateurs, boats, and car hobbyists.

It comes with a powerful 12-amp motor that is not only versatile but also powerful enough to produce a top speed of 600 to 3500 RPM on a variety of surfaces. This gives you the flexibility to work on different surfaces. Its variable speed settings also enhance your polishing and boat waxing capabilities.

It features accurate cutting steel gears that are heat-treated to ensure it is long lasting. Moreover, it features a ball bearing construction that makes it even more durable.

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It weighs just 6.7 pounds, which makes it light enough to allow you to work continuously without getting tired easily. It also comes with two handles that are ergonomically designed to deliver a comfortable grip while maintaining the much-required balance for better buffing.

Changing the buffing accessories on this tool is easy since you don’t require any tools. The hook-and-loop backing pad also gives you an easy installation process.


  • Comes with variable speed setting for versatile performance
  • Features a robust construction for durability
  • Has two easy handles that deliver a comfortable grip and control
  • Comes fitted with a highly powerful 12-amp motor


  • May have overheating issues
  • It might burn some of the plastic components


2. Porter Cable 7424xp Marine 31 Boat Polish & Wax Kit

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Porter Cable is one of the preferred brands that come with excellent features that are capable of taking your buffing skills and results to the next level. It comes with high-end features that are perfect for polishing your boat and car. It comes with a variable speed setting that allows you to set the right buffing speed depending on the part you are polishing.

It features a powerful motor that delivers a speed that can be customized or easily varied using the handle and the trigger. With the varied speed, you can handle various types of surfaces. Moreover, it features a random orbit action that is great for not only sanding but also clearing all the stains.

The Porter Cable electric boat buffer is also designed to deliver maximum comfort for handling and control when polishing. You can grab it by the tail and the ergonomically designed side handle. Moreover, this model is designed compactly to work even in tight spaces of your project.

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It is constructed lightweight so that it gives the user comfort while polishing. It is easy to maneuver without tiring even when working on big polishing projects without requiring much effort. Its weight also makes it extremely portable so that you can carry it to wherever your projects are.

Moreover, this model comes with a marine 1 polish, which is a 2-in-1 product that comes with both wax and polish. With it, you simply apply the polish as well as the wax layer to protect the surface. This does away with the need of buying wax separately.


  • Two side hands for comfort and stability
  • It does not overheat
  • High variable speed for a variety of surfaces
  • Sturdy construction for durability


  • It is noisy
  • It lacks a backing plate


3. PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

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This is one of the most powerful marine buffer polishers available in the market today. The Porter-Cable 7424XP comes with a powerful 4.5-amp motor for polishing bigger projects easily. This powerful motor delivers a variable speed of between 2500 and 6800 orbits per minute. This speed can be varied using a speed dial depending on the material of the part you are polishing.

It is constructed compactly to allow the user to maneuver easily even in the tight spaces. It also weighs just 5.5 pounds for easier handling. This makes it ideal for big projects that take a lot of time to complete. As a result, you can buffer continuously without feeling tired over a certain time period.

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It also comes with a full ball and a roller that feature a sturdy construction to make them long lasting, especially under the industrial workloads. As such, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this buffer since it is backed by a 3-year limited warranty that covers all defects that result from faulty materials or workmanship. The buffer also comes with a 1-year free service contract that involves the manufacturer maintaining your tool and replacing worn out parts caused by normal use at no charge.

It comes with two removable two-position handles that make it easy for you to maneuver even in tight places. With the 6-inch polishing pad, you will clear your workload easily.


  • It is durable thanks to its sturdy built
  • Has a variable speed for versatility
  • Comes fitted with a powerful 4.5-amp motor


  • Makes noise when in operation
  • No backing plate


4. Griot’s Garage 10813LNGCRD 6-Inch Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher

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The Griot’s Garage 10813LNGRD comes complete with a line of high-end features that will serve the needs of automotive enthusiasts who want nothing but the best. It features a powerful 850-watt 7-amp motor that delivers a maximum of 6800 orbits per minute. This speed is high enough to allow you to work on your tasks quickly.

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It comes with a 6-inch hook and loop backing plate that allows easy mounting and detaching of pads. You, therefore, will need just a few seconds to change the pads, thus allowing you to spend more time on buffing. It comes with a rubberized palm grip along with an adjustable handle that makes sure it is easy to use even in tight places.

It comes with a 3-inch dual action random orbit polisher that acts as the ideal companion to the larger 6-inch dual action random orbit polisher. This means that it is easy to operate by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


  • It will help you remove swirl marks safely
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable use
  • Great for beginners
  • Powerful enough for professional use


  • Not so durable


5. TORQ 10FX Random Orbital Polisher

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This TORQ 10FX mode features a unique design and a lightweight construction to make it easy to use. It comes with a vibration reduction technology that allows it to minimize the vibrations experienced during operation.

It features an electronic control system that increases the power after starting smoothly in order to reduce wear and tear on both the motor and the internal components. With a digital user interface system, you can be sure to have the smoothest operation with this buffer.

It has ergonomically designed professional grips at the front and the rear. It is designed compactly for proper balancing, which means that you will find it easier to maneuver and control even in tight places. With its design, users will find it easy to polish even the vertical surfaces and dramatic curves.

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Safety of the user is also considered in the construction of this model because it comes with improved safety features. The digital speed controls are easy and comfortable to use with a simple touch of the button. It starts off at a speed setting of 00 or with no rotations. With this added safety features, errors and injuries that may occur are significantly reduced. Its heavy-duty construction feature rugged materials that enhance its durability. Keep an eye out as often this boat buffer goes on sale.


  • Feature an ergonomic design with streamlined controls for greater control
  • Comes with comfortably cushioned hand grips
  • It has a powerful motor that delivers a high speed for excellent performance


  • Comes with poor-quality pads
  • Might not last long enough


Things to look out for when Purchasing a Boat Buffer – Buyer’s Guide

Buying the wrong boat buffer means that you might never make your boat look like the piece of art that it deserves to be. In fact, it might even devalue your boat whenever the need to sell it arises. Using the right boat buffer and an appropriate cutting compound, on the other hand, will definitely bring the hull back to its brand new shiny color effortlessly. Investing in the right boat buffer also ensures that you can enjoy its services for a long time. What’s more, you can use the tool not only on your boat but also on your car to remove different kinds of flaws. It is important, therefore, that you take your time to identify and acquire one of the best boat buffers instead of buying just any buffer that you come across.

Below is a video on how to polish a boat with a buffer.

Here are some of the factors that could help you identify the best buffer for boat detailing:

Speed Setting

When it comes to detailing your boat, you will need a tool that allows you to move on a slow pace some times and move swiftly whenever you want to finish your task early. The kind of speed you will require will depend on the nature of the section or part you are buffing on your boat. When polishing the walls, for instance, you can do it at high speed while the attachment sections and edges require you to move cautiously and on a slower speed. As a result, it would be wise to settle for a boat buffer with a variable speed setting.


Durability is a vital factor when it comes to buying any tool or machine. The best buffer for your boat will come with high-quality features that don’t need regular replacements. To establish the durability, keenly evaluate the kind of features that the buffer you intend to buy comes with. Additionally, you could check the tool’s warranty if you want to know how long it can last. The longer the warranty of a tool the higher its quality and the more confidence the manufacturer has in its product.

best boat buffer


A buffer’s comfort is determined by factors such as its size, weight, and the nature of its grip handles. For maximum comfort, a lightweight machine is ideal. This is because a heavy machine is more likely to tire you faster as compared to the light one.

The hand controls also play a key role when it comes to the comfort of the buffer. Ergonomically designed dual handles for a buffer allow you to hold it with both hands in a comfortable manner. It is also important to ensure the handles are well cushioned for better grip.

The placement of the speed dials also contributes to the comfortable handling of the buffer. The best buffer comes with conveniently placed dials that are easy to reach and operate.

Type of orbit

Buffers come with either a random or a rotational orbital. The random orbit action is said to be effective and easy to use as compared to the rotation action buffer. This is because the angle of rotation of the head varies with the surface being polished, which means that buffing is done effectively even on an uneven surface. Furthermore, the random orbit action is great at buffing corners, edges, and tight spaces.


Owing to the fact that you will be lifting the buffer as you work on your boat or car, it is crucial that you go for a lightweight boat buffer. If you pick a heavy one, you might get tired quickly, which means that you will not be able to work effectively for a long time, especially when it comes to bigger projects. If you intend to work effortlessly even on big projects, therefore, it would be wise for you to choose a lightweight buffer that is easy to maneuver with.


A boat buffer is powered by a motor that tends to vibrate the entire tool when in use. Nonetheless, the more the vibrations the more uncomfortable it is to work because they will lead to inaccurate results. For a detailed buffing, consider choosing a buffer with minimal vibrations.


The price of the buffer or the amount you are willing to spend on it also determines the kind of boat buffer you will have in your workshop. While out there shopping, it is always advisable to settle for a high-quality product that is within your budget. This is because expensive models might fail to justify their high prices while the cheap models might compromise the quality of work you deliver.

If you are new to buffing your boat here is a little guide to help you out.


Final Thoughts

After a keen evaluation, we feel that the clear winner of our review is the DeWalt DWP-849X Marine 31. This is because it comes fitted with a powerful motor for a smooth operation that is that is considered the best polisher for a boat in this review. Moreover, it is durable and affordable to most people. It also comes with the best polishing pads available to meet the needs of your prized possession . Investing in this boat buffer assures you of reliability and high performance whenever you need to buff your boat, cars, or trucks.

You can also consider any of the reviewed products because they are also reliable and long lasting. If you are buying for the first time, it is important to evaluate the buffer you intend to buy thoroughly against the factors reviewed above.

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