Best Boat Coolers to Keep Beverages Cool All Summer

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If you are in a rush and are looking for the best boat cooler it’s the Yeti Hopper Flip Portable Cooler.

When you’re on a boat and in the middle of the water, it can be annoying after tubing and blasting toons from the speaker system to have to eat your now lukewarm sandwich and drinks that have been sitting in the sun the whole time. Especially if you do not have a boat grill. Staying on the boat in the hot sun is already hot enough as it is, so you’ll want to cool off with cold food and snacks. Because of that, you should consider purchasing a boat cooler.

Boat coolers are classified as portable containers that are usually waterproof, and they have the ability to keep your drinks and food colder while you’re traveling on the boat. They’re insulated and are capable of keeping your food and drinks cool because of the ice that you place in them before you go traveling on the boat.

There are countless different types of boat coolers, and they all offer various different features that you can use to accommodate for your specific needs. Because of that, it can be difficult to find the best boat coolers for you. So here is a complete guide that contains information about how to find the best coolers as well as reviews of five of the best boat coolers on the market.

The Best Boat Coolers go as follows:

  1. Yeti Hopper Flip Portable Cooler
  2. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler  
  3. Igloo Polar Cooler 
  4. Coleman Wheeled Cooler  
  5. Wise Offshore Swingback Cooler

Best Boat Cooler Reviews

The top coolers for boating as rated by fellow boaters go as follows.

1. Yeti Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

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This boat cooler is highly recommended for you to check out because it’s available in a wide variety of different colors, giving you the ability to choose which one works best for your specific interests. Not only that, but this Yeti boat cooler is equipped with ColdCell insulation that’s classified as a closed-cell foam that can deliver the best cold-holding results for your beverages and snacks.

In addition to all of those benefits, this yeti Hopper Flip Portable Cooler is recommended because it’s classified as a soft shell cooler, so it’s produced with a flexible outer material that’s able to fit more items and ice than most other soft shell coolers. The outer material is classified as a DryHide shell that’s not only waterproof, but it’s also resistant to mildew and abrasions, making it highly beneficial for using on your boating adventures.

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Given its waterproof ability as well as its durable construction, this bag is specifically equipped with some of the best features just for boating journeys. For instance, this Yeti boating cooler is equipped with a leakproof zipper that can keep all of the ice and drink cold inside of the bag. The zipper itself is classified as a HydroLok Zipper, that the zipper goes around a large opening that offers maximized accessibility into the contents of the bag. Additionally, it features a durable and insulated shell, ultimate portability as well as ice retention abilities.


  • Features a ColdCell insulation for superior cold-holding
  • Leakproof and hydro-lock zipper
  • Constructed using a DryHide shell for mildew-resistant and waterproof features


  • More expensive than most other portable boating coolers


2. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Ziperless HardBody Cooler

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You’re highly advised to check out this boating cooler product made by Arctic Zone because it’s available in a range of sizes and colors, such as a 16 can, 30, can, or a 48 can bag. And you also have the ability to choose between a Moss color, or a Blue or White color. In addition to that, this Arctic Zone cooler is designed with a hard shell that’s specifically defined as a HardBody liner that’s able to offer maximized durability while you’re using the bag on the boat.

Additionally, this boat cooler is recommended for you because it’s equipped with a Deep Freeze high performance insulation that’s able to offer a radiant heat barrier that reflects the heat coming at it rather than absorbing it like most other coolers do. This cooler is also recommended above the other ones on the market because of its zipperless design. Zippers don’t offer the most reliable cold-holding abilities, since there may still be smaller holes within the zipper design that not only let the coldness from the ice escape, but they also allow heat to sneak in.

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Because of that, this Arctic Zone boat cooler contains no zippers, since it has a flip-open design instead. Given this effective flip-open design, you have the ability to access your food and drinks more easily as well as more quickly. This feature is also really beneficial for boating purposes because it allows you to grab food and drinks with only one hand, which can be great while you’re fishing.

Furthermore, this cooler features an Ultra Safe leakproof lining that can prevent bacteria and odors from gaining access to the interior of the bag. And the Rhino-Tech exterior is both water and stain-resistant, since it can easily be cleaned by simply wiping the material clean.


  • Features a quick-access flip-open design
  • Includes an adjustable Backsaver shoulder strap
  • Contains Deep Freeze high performance insulation with a radiant heat barrier


  • Previous customers complain that the overall width of the cooler is difficult to fit basic tubberware for food inside


3. Igloo Polar Cooler

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This Igloo Polar Cooler is highly suggested for you because it features an Ultratherm insulated body as well as a lid that provides the cooler with the ability to keep large amounts of ice cool for several days at a time. Because of that, this cooler is suitable for longer boating trips, and it can even work for trips that last overnight. Additionally, this cooler features reinforced swing-up handles as well as a loop-feature that make the cooler easier to transport than other types of boat cooler ice chests.

You also don’t have to worry about the lid popping off if you pump the cooler or move it in a certain way, since the lid features dual snap-fit latches that are able to keep the lid secured down to the rest of the cooler. For when you’re ready to drain the cooler and clean it out after you’ve gone on a boating trip, this cooler features a convenient threaded drain plug that also had a hose hookup so that you can easily drain the melted ice out of.

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Unlike most other types of boating coolers, this cooler is larger in size, so it’s suitable for longer boating trips and even for trips that have a larger amount of people. More specifically, this cooler is classified as an 188-can cooler.


  • Affordable
  • Equipped with an Ultratherm insulation that lasts for several days
  • Contains snap-fit latches to keep the lid secured in place


  • Not as easily portable as other types of coolers


4. Coleman Wheeled Cooler

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This Coleman cooler is highly recommended for you to take on your boating trips with you because it’s classified as a wheeled cooler box that can be easily transported, especially for holding and carrying heavier items. For instance, this cooler features a heavy-duty construction that gives the cooler the ability to withstand a large amount of wear and tear.

Not only that, but this cooler features a telescoping handle as well as durable wheels that provide for reliable transport across a variety of different surfaces and landscapes. The cooler itself is capable of storing up to 84 cans, since it offers a 50-quart capacity. There is also a leak-resistant drain that gives you the ability to drain out the water inside of the cooler after you’ve used it for a few days and the ice has melted. This drain plug helps to prevent you from having to drain out the water through other measures, like using a drain hose or simply tipping the whole cooler over.

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Moreover, this Coleman boat cooler contains insulated walls as well as a lid, so it’s able to offer several days of ice retention. You can also conveniently use the cup holders that are molded into the top of the lid in order to keep your drinks cold and accessible.


  • Affordable
  • Available in a variety of different colors
  • Contains a 50-quart capacity


  • Plastic material and wheels aren’t the most durable for transporting across extremely uneven surfaces or the sand


5. Wise Offshore Swingback Cooler

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The Wise Offshore Swingback Cooler is suggested for you to consider purchasing because it’s able to not only offer the benefits of storing and keeping beverages and food cold, but it also acts as a bench that you can conveniently use while on a boat in particular. More specifically, this Swingback cooler is constructed using a rotational molded plastic that’s insulated and also contains anodized aluminum arms. This gives the cooler the water-resistant properties that are specifically beneficial for traveling on boats.

Furthermore, this boat cooler includes the molded mounting brackets that help to keep the bench stable while the boat is moving. You can simply use these brackets to attach the cooler bench to the boat in order to offer security and safety. The cooler itself is produced with a Roto Molded insulation that’s able to keep your beverages and snacks cooler for long periods of time.

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The hinged seat that’s located on top of the cooler has both UV and mildew treated Marine Grade vinyl, so it’s able to offer maximized durability. And the cushion contains a high compression foam that helps to offer comfortability while you’re on the boat for several hours.


  • Holds up to 70-quarts of storage
  • Accommodates comfort, since the seat cushion is produced with a high compression foam
  • Features Rotational molded insulation for cold-holding


  • More expensive than most of the other boat coolers on the market


Different Types of Boat Coolers


Soft shell Boat coolers

Soft shell coolers are beneficial specifically for portability, since they are usually produced with a lightweight material that can be easily carried from your car to your boat or vice versa. Not only that, but soft shell boat coolers have a more flexible outer shell, giving you the ability to fit more or less items inside of the container. This is beneficial if you have a large amount of food and drinks, since you can easily fit drinks and heavier items inside the bottom of the bag, while also fitting food and lighter materials on top of the heavier items.

Furthermore, soft shell boat coolers are usually equipped with a comfortable handle as well as exterior straps to accommodate for even more comfortability while you transport them. More specifically, soft shell boat coolers usually have one main strap that can easily fit over your shoulders, while there are also handles located on the bag itself that can be utilized for you to carry for extra support.

On the downside, soft shell boat coolers aren’t able to offer the most support for heavier items, and they’re not the most durable. They’re usually formulated with a flexible fabric material, so the fabric isn’t able to remain stable when heavy items are placed inside of it. Soft shell boat coolers also tend to be smaller in size, so they’re not recommended for storing a larger amount of items for big groups of people.

Hard shell coolersanimated boat cooler

Differently from soft shell boat coolers, hard shell coolers are produced with a hard material, giving them the ability to provide more durable features. Given their stable construction, hard shell coolers are able to offer more support for heavier items. These coolers are constructed with a larger, more durable material structure that usually comes with a stable handle on top that you can utilize when transporting the cooler. Some even come with wheels on one side of the bottom portion of the cooler, which can even further help with transporting heavier items.

These types of coolers are usually larger than other types of coolers, so they’re able to fit a higher number of items inside of them. This is beneficial because you have the ability to store drinks and food for a larger number of people. But this can also be a negative factor, since the larger size makes the cooler heavier and more difficult to carry .

Portable coolers

Boat coolers that are classified as portable coolers are available in a variety of different styles, sizes, and designs. Generally, all portable coolers are able to easily be carried and transported from one location to another destination. They accommodate for their portable abilities by offering features like comfortable straps, ergonomic handles, and wheels.

Portable coolers tend to be lighter in weight and smaller in size, resulting in a lessened ability to carry larger and heavier items. That’s why portable coolers are most recommended for smaller groups of people and for short boating trips.

Ice Chest Boat Coolers

Unlike portable boat coolers, ice chest coolers are classified as large coolers that typically stay on your boat permanently. They have the ability to offer the most amount of space, and they’re able to accommodate for larger boat parties or long boating trips. They’re composed of the most durable material, since they have to accommodate for the wear and tear they’ll experience while on the boat.

Given their size and stability, ice chest coolers aren’t recommended for smaller boats, and they aren’t needed for trips that only last a few hours. They also might be more recommended for boats that plan on putting their fishing catches in, so you may want to purchase an ice chest if you’re planning on going on a fishing boating trip where you’ll be saving your catches.

Tips for Using Boat Coolers



Chill before packing

Whether you plan on anchoring in one spot or crusing around the water, you’ll want to put the ice inside of the cooler for at least an hour or two before you pack it, since this pre-exposes the cooler to keeping it cooler for longer periods of time.

Ice blocks

You may want to consider putting ice blocks inside of the cooler instead of ice cubes, especially if you’re placing a large amount of items inside of the tank. You may even benefit from placing a mixture of both in there, since the blocks take longer to melt and the cubes can keep the blocks from melting.


You’ll want to make sure that you put layers of items inside of the cooler, which helps to keep everything inside of the cooler at colder temperatures for longer periods of time. More specifically, you should disperse the ice throughout the cooler by placing beverages and heavy items on top of a bottom layer of ice, and then you’ll want to keep ice in between the layers if items altogether.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Boat Cooler

boat cooler sitting by the water


One of the most vital factors to consider before you choose a certain cooler is the size. You’ll want to think about how large the cooler has to be in order to fit everything that you need to. This may be more helpful if you think about how long your boating trip will be. If you’re only planning on being on the water for a few hours, then you may not need that large of a cooler, since you likely won’t be keeping as many beverages and snacks cold.

Likewise, you’ll want to also consider how many people are on your boat, since you’ll want to find a cooler that’s able to store enough things for everyone that’s on the boat trip.

What you’re putting in it

You’ll want to consider what type of items you’ll be putting in your cooler before you purchase any. More specifically, are you just putting beverages in there or will you place snacks and other food in the cooler? Additionally, you’ll want to consider whether you’re putting fish or other organisms that you catch inside of the cooler. Considering these factors will help you further choose the right size, style, and design of the cooler to best fit your specific needs.


You should also consider the weather of the day or days that you’re planning on attending your boating trip. More specifically, you’ll want to be mindful of days in which the weather is going to be higher in temperature. This is important because a cooler that may be able to last for hours or days during ice fishing will likely produce different results during boating days where the temperature is in the 90s.


It’s important that you consider how durable the cooler is overall. Since you’ll be using this cooler while you’re on a boat, you’ll want to make sure that the cooler is produced with at least a water-resistant coating, and preferably a waterproof coating. Not only that, but you’ll want a cooler that’s constructed with a durable material overall, since it should be able to withstand some wear and tear while it’s being transported from the boat to the car.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the cooler is able to stand stable while on the boat. Since some boat rides aren’t exactly the most calm and relaxing places to be, especially when there are a large amount of waves, you’ll want a cooler that won’t roll around and fall all over the place on the boat while you’re driving it.


Choosing a certain brand for your cooler is significant when buying a cooler, since some brands are known for their low-quality and pricey products, while others have a positive reputation for delivering more beneficial features. More specifically, before you choose a cooler from any brand, you’ll want to explore that brand’s reviews as well as their customer service. You’ll only want to purchase from a brand that has mostly positive reviews as well as one that is known for their excellent customer service.

The last thing you want to do is worry about receiving a damaged or poorly-made product and not have the ability to contact customer service in order to process a return or refund of the defective product. Overall, you should look for brands that deliver the best products while also at an affordable price.

Interior cleanup

Lastly, you should consider how easily each of the boating coolers are able to be cleanup up after you’ve used them all day or for several days at a time. The inside of the cooler is the most likely to experience mildew growth and bacteria growth, so it’s important that you’re able to keep them clean. But having a cooler that’s difficult to clean on the inside can be annoying, and may even increase the likelihood of mildew or bacteria growth, since you might not be able to clean the cooler as well if it’s difficult.

Overall, you’ll want a boat cooler that allows the inside to be cleaned thoroughly and dried easily before the lid is closed. You don’t want any cooler that has folds or other flexible material on the inside.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each of these boat coolers is able to offer a wide variety of beneficial features, including the ability to keep your beverages and snacks cool with ice that doesn’t melt for hours. All of the coolers is formulated with superior insulation that’s able to keep the ice from melting altogether. Not only that, but each of these coolers also provides you with the ability to drain your melted ice after using for hours, and most of the products can conveniently be transported from your boat to your transportation vehicle.

Given these benefits, it can be difficult to choose the product that offers the best features for your specific purposes. Because of that, you’re most recommended to purchase product #3: Igloo Polar Cooler. This cooler can not only keep your beverages and snacks cold for days at a time, but it’s also capable of storing a large amount of items, since it has a 120-quart storage capacity. Additionally, this cooler can be transported from your vehicle to your boat by offering swing-up handles that give you the ability to pull the cooler around.

Furthermore, this Igloo cooler has a snap-fit lid that can off security and safety while you’re transporting the cooler as well as when you’re on the boat. For your convenience, you also don’t have to worry about emptying out the melted ice by using a drain hose, since this product features a threaded drain plug that helps you remove the water by simply unplugging the opening. Given each of these benefits, you should purchase the Igloo Polar Cooler on the market.

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