Best Boat Covers to Protect Your Vessel

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If you are in a rush the best boat cover is the Taylor Made Center Console Bay Boat Cover

If you own a boat, whether it’s a kayak, canoe, pontoon, bass boat, or some other type of boat, then you’re probably aware of the importance in covering the boat when you’re not using it. More specifically, when you’re not using the boat and it’s in storage, you should cover the boat in order to extend its life and keep its condition in high quality. Especially after you spent the time buffering and waxing it!

There are many different types of boat covers that come in various different sizes, colors, and shapes. So you should find the one that fits your boat specifically. But the market for purchasing covers is diverse, making the buying process sometimes difficult. Because of that, this complete guide for finding the right boat cover for you should help, and it even has five of the best boat covers on the market.

The Best Boat Covers Go as Follows:

  1. Taylor Made Center Console Bay Boat Cover
  2. MSC Heavy Duty Marine Grade Waterproof Boat Cover
  3. Taylor Made V-Hull Cuddy Cabin Cover
  4. Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover 
  5. Seamander Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover


Best Boat Covers Reviews

The following are the best rated boat covers as judged by reviewers.

1. Taylor Made Center Console Bay Boat Cover

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This boat cover is highly recommended for you because you have the option of chooosing between four different types of fabric. This helps to give you customization abilities for you, and they all offer optimal breathability and ventilation that prevents mildew from forming on the inside of your boat.

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Furthermore, this boat cover is coated with an acrylic material that helps the cover repel any water off of its surface. It’s also UV-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the sun’s UV rays damaging its surface.


  • 30 different shapes and sizes
  • Universal, semi-custom, or custom options available
  • Contains straps for easy assembly


  • Not water-repellent


2. MSC Heavy Duty Marine Grade Waterproof Boat Cover

You should check out this boat cover because it’s produced with a marine grade polyester canvas that also has a double coating. This gives your cover the ability to repel water from the boat, which prevents the risk of water accumulating inside.

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Furthermore, this boat cover is designed for both long-term protection as well as mooring, and even for towing on highways. This cover comes with adjustable straps that help to increase stability and protection of the cover.


  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Produced from marine grade canvas material
  • Can be used for long-term storage and towing


  • Not water-repelling


3. Taylor Made V-Hull Cuddy Cabin Cover

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This Taylor Made boat cover is recommended for you to consider purchasing because you have the ability to choose between four different fabrics. All of the fabrics are breathable and offer optimal durability for your boat.

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Moreover, this boat cover is navy blue and has the ability to fit a wide range of larger boats on the market. Given that, it has a universal fit for boats that have boats ranging from 22.5 feet to 23.4 feet long. It also has a beam that measures 102 inches.


  • Fits both indoor and outdoor motor type boats
  • Four types of fabric offered
  • V-Hull Cuddy cabin style


  • More expensive than other boat covers on the market


4. Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover

You should check out this Classic Accessories boat cover because it’s designed for center console style boats that don’t have roofs. It’s a heavy duty cover, since it comes with an integrated buckle and strap that prevents the cover fabric from coming off while you’re traveling.

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In addition to these benefits, this cover comes with a storage bag, so you’re able to keep the cover clean while you’re not using it. This prevents any dirt, debris, or moisture from getting under the cover and onto your boat while it’s stored away.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Adjustable straps and buckles
  • For center console style boats


  • Isn’t able to fit over boats that have roofs


5. Seamander Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover

This Seamander boat cover is recommended foe you because it has water-repelling properties and comes in a variety of different colors for your benefit. This cover is produced with an interlocking double stitched seam design that’s able to offer maximized protection.

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Furthermore, this boat cover is easy to install and is extremely stable, since it comes with adjustable straps and even a storage bag. This helps prevent any dirt and debris from getting under your cover and into your boat console.


  • Fits a variety of boat sizes
  • Has an interlocking double stitching as well as PU coating to prevent water from causing damage
  • Comes with adjustable straps and buckles to provide stability


  • Support pole recommended


Different Types of Boat Covers


Mooring covers

Mooring boat covers are classified as covers that are specifically for storing boats, whether you’re storing your boat for a long period of time or simply for a few days until you can use the boat again. More specifically, these covers are designed for boats that will be stored in the water, since they have durable, waterproof features.

Mooring covers include a durable material that’s similar to a canvas material, and they are typically stretched tightly over the top of your boat. Since they have the ability to effectively cover both the top as well as the sides of your boat, they prevent any water from coming into the inner-potion of the vessel.

These types of boat covers don’t usually provide enough stability in order to be towed from place to place, but there are specific models of mooring boat covers that you may be able to purchase specifically for storing in water in addition to towing and traveling.

Bimini tops

Unlike mooring covers, bimini tops contain a metal structure that’s able to adequately provide enough stability to protect your boat from wind, water, and UV rays. Most bimini tops usually only come with the ability to offer protection for the top portion of your boat, since they include a metal structure and a canvas material overtop of that. But there are certain bimini tops that also offer protection for the whole entirety of the boat’s inner vessel, since they come with additional canvas material that can be attached to the metal frame as well.

When you find a bimini top that comes with this extra protection, these types of boat covers have the ability to offer maximized protection. They’re able to offer such strong stability because of the metal frame, which is able to withstand strong winds up to a certain point, and it can offer stability while you’re traveling with the boat, since the metal structure doesn’t risk being moved around easily.

Custom covers

Custom covers are classified as boat covers that have the ability to cover and provide protection for your boat specifically. These covers are completely customized in order to fit your boat in particular, and they typically offer the most adequate protection. Not only that, but custom covers tend to be more expensive than other types of covers, since they usually involve you having to have your boat measured first before having the cover specifically made.

Benefits of Using a Boat Cover

Boat Cover nect to Pier


Perhaps the most known and obvious benefit of boat covers is their ability to protect your boat while you’re not using it. Boat covers are capable of offering protection from various types of elements, including water, moisture, debris, and even UV radiation. Most boat covers are waterproof and have the ability to install tightly against the boat’s outer perimeter, preventing any water or moisture from being able to get inside.

If you leave your boat uncovered in the sun for long periods of time, like weeks and months on end, then the furniture that’s located on the inner vessel of your boat risks color fading, ripping, and cracking. The material that’s on the inside of your boat is likely only waterproof and not able to withstand protection from the sun’s UV rays for long periods of time. Because of that, it’s important that you cover your boat with a cover that’s able to offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Repels moisture

Not only are most boat covers able to offer protection from water when it rains, but most are also able to repel moisture from the outer boat cover already. When it rains, puddles and pockets of water may accumulate on top of the boat cover, creating a weight on the top of the boat that increases the risk of the cover losing tightness around the boat. When that happens, your boat risks accumulating moisture on the inside of the cover.

Moisture can be harmful when it gets inside of the boat cover because it can lead to mildew and even damage to the vessel. Because of that, covers that can repel water are beneficial because water immediately falls off of the cover when it comes into contact with it, which prevents the accumulation of puddles and pockets of water on the top of the cover altogether.

Adds security

Boat covers may also provide a level of security protection for your boat. Many people have their boats stolen simply because it’s easier to steal them when they’re uncovered. Not only that, but boat covers also prevent other people from having the ability to steal anything that’s inside of the boat if the robbers can’t get in.


Having a boat cover on your boat also keeps your boat in the same condition that it’s in when you buy it. They protect the inner vessel of the boat from wear and tear, so the furniture and the other inner components of the inner vessel are able to keep looking good as new when they’re covered and protected. Not only that, but having your boat covered keeps your boat looking better for longer and it even elongates the life of your boat. The better that you take care of your boat, the longer life that it will have .

Features to Consider Before Purchasing


Since there are so many different boat sizes on the market, it’s important that you consider what size boat cover you need in order to cover your entire boat. Typically, there won’t be a one-size-fits-all type of option for you to choose from when shopping for boat covers, but you can look on the market for boat covers that are able to fit your specific type of boat. Most boat types have the ability to run in the same general size, so you’ll have better luck searching for boat covers that are able to cover your general boat type.

Other than that, it’s helpful if you know exactly how large your boat is. You can either measure the boat yourself, or you can find the measurements and dimensions of the boat located somewhere in its manual. Generally, it’s better to buy a cover that’s too large than one that’s too small, since the one that’s too small won’t adequately cover the entirety of your boat’s vessel. At least the larger one is able to do so with some cover material left over.


It’s important to consider what type of material your boat cover is produced with, since it will ultimately determine how effective your cover will end up being. Overall, you should look for a cover that’s marine grade and is specifically designed in order to prevent water from coming into contact with the inside of your boat.

More specifically, most boat covers are mostly either produced from a nylon or a polyester material. Polyester is generally seen as a superior material for boat covers, since they’re highly resistant to UV radiation as well as higher temperatures. Not only that, but polyester covers contain yarn material that has been colored before it was sewn tougher. This helps to prevent any color fading from taking place in the future.

Nylon is also seen as a beneficial material for boat covers, since it’s great for stretching over boats and it’s extremely waterproof. On the downside, nylon material is known for fading and breaking down in the sun. So if you’re planning on storing your boat in the sun where it has contact with the sun’s UV rays, then you shouldn’t use Nylon boat covers.


Typically, most boat covers will be waterproof because they have to be able to prevent water from coming into your boat’s vessel. But you should also make sure that your boat cover is able to not only stop the water from coming in, but also repel the water from the cover itself. If water isn’t repelled from the cover, then it can accumulate and create puddles. And this can be problematic because it creates weight on the cover and increases the risk of water getting inside.

Because of that, you should make sure that the boat cover you purchase not only has the ability to provide water-resistant properties, but one that is also able to repel water from the boat and cover altogether.


Boat covers in general can be difficult to assemble and install onto your boat. Because of that, you should make sure that the cover either comes with instructions on how to install the cover or it’s one that you’re able to install yourself. You don’t want one that is too easy to take off and put on, since that increases the risk of not only someone else having the ability to easily take it off, but it also increases the risk of water accumulating on the inside, since the cover can move easily.

Most boat covers come with straps, buckles, and knobs that can be used in order to securely attach the cover to your boat. These are generally the best covers to choose from because they offer the most protection, stability, and durability.

Ease when storing away

You should also consider how easy the boat cover is to take off and put away for when you are using the boat. You’ll want to find a cover that’s able to be take off and folded nicely or rolled into a bag or other compartment. You don’t want the cover to risk getting dirt and debris on its surface, since this increases the risk of that dirt and debris falling off into the boat’s vessel when you install the cover back onto the boat .

How often you use the boat

You should consider how often you’re going to use your boat when you’re looking for a certain boat cover for yours. If you’re someone that is able to use your boat practically every weekend, then you won’t necessarily need a boat cover that offers the best protection. Not only that, but you’ll want to purchase a boat cover that is easier to put on and off for you, since you won’t want to spend too much time installing and in-installing the cover all of the time.

On the other hand, if you aren’t able to take your boat out on the water as much as others, then you’ll want to purchase a boat cover that’s able to offer maximized durability. Since you won’t be around your boat frequently and you’re not going to use it too often, you should make sure that the boat cover is able to offer secure protection for long periods of time. For instance, make sure that the cover is able to be tightly sealed around the boat’s perimeter and that it’s produced with a durable, waterproof, and water-repelling material.

Storage or towing protection

Before you purchase a boat cover, you should also consider whether you will be using the cover specifically for protection while it’s stored away or whether you’ll also be traveling with the cover on. If you’re simply using one mostly for storage purposes, then you should make sure that the cover is able to stay on for longer periods of time and that it’s water-repelling.

On the other hand, if you’ll also be using the boat cover while you’re traveling with the boat and towing it, then you’ll want one that’s able to withstand wind and contact with debris. The cover will have to stay on the boat tight enough so that it won’t fly off while you’re towing your boat behind you.


Since boat covers aren’t able to provide adequate protection simply by placing a cover over them, they do require that you attach them by using some type of rope. This helps to keep the boat cover in tact over the boat, which helps to prevent the wind from blowing it off. Not only that, but it also prevents your boat from being broken into by animals or other people in general.

That being said, you should purchase a boat cover that has a rope or cord that comes with it for stability. But many people wonder whether they should purchase a boat cover that has a rope of a stretch cord attached to it. Overall, you should purchase a cover that has a draw rope with it, since it tend to be more durable than stretch cord. Stretch cords can provide enough stability for your boat cover to stay on the boat effectively. But overtime, the stretch cord loses elasticity, which can result in the cover losing stability over time.

On the other hand, draw rope is able to maintain its strength and stability over time, since it has a strong webbing and can evenly distribute the the weight of holding the boat cover down completely.

Mildew protection

Since you’re storing your boat outside where it will likely come into contact with rain and other moistures, you’ll have to make sure that your boat cover is produced with a waterproof material. Having a waterproof material will make the boat cover more durable and water-resistant in the rain.

Not only should you consider the waterproof factors of the cover, but you should also consider whether the boat cover meets adequate measures in order to prevent mildew from forming. Mildew typically occurs when there is an abundance of water accumulation for long periods of time. As the water is vacant, bacteria and mold can build-up overtime and cause a mildew on your boat cover. This can decrease its durability and stability in protecting your boat from external moisture.

Mildew can also form inside of your boat if some moisture gets inside. Once moisture comes into contact with your boat on the inside of the cover, it’s not able to dry from an airflow, so mildew will likely accumulate there.

Boat covers can prevent the build-up of mildew by decreasing the chances of moisture accumulating altogether. Some covers accommodate for this issue by having some sort of ventilation present. The ventilation provides airflow for the inside of the boat so that any moisture that accumulates in there has the ability to dry out before it turns into mildew.

Tips for Using Boat Covers

boat with boat cover sitting in marina in the winter

Clean regularly

You’re recommended to clean the top of the boat cover regularly to make sure that there isn’t any accumulation of leaves, dirt, debris, or water. Having puddles and piles of this debris can be harmful to leave on your boat for long periods of time because it increases the risk of water or debris getting under the cover. Given that, you should clean the boat cover off at least once every few weeks in order to increase protection. You can clean it off with a garden hose, a towel, or a leaf blower.


You should make sure that your boat cover doesn’t have too many wrinkles or dents in the fabric. If your boat cover isn’t kept taut, then you increase the risk of leaves, water, or other debris accumulating on the cover and risking water leakage. You can also have mold or mildew that accumulates on the top of the cover if you have pools of water or damp leaves for long periods of time.

Tarp for extra protection

You may also find it beneficial to reinforce the amount of protection that your boat has from water, dirt, and debris by using a tarp. You can ensure maximized protection by placing a tarp over the boat cover on your boat in order to protect your boat even more than the cover already does.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each of the products included in this list offer you a wide range of benefits, including the ability to successfully cover your boat and prevent any water from causing damage under the cover. Each of these covers can easily be installed on your boat in a matter of minutes, since they come with adjustable straps and buckles that help to keep the cover stable over long periods of time.

Since each of these covers offers a variety of beneficial features, you should consider purchasing one of the products from this list. But it can be difficult to choose just one, so you are most recommended to purchase product #5: Seamander Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover. It offers the best features for an affordable price. Given that, you should purchase theSeamander Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover on the market.

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