Best Boat Trailer Tires Picks to Keep You On the Road

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If you are in a rush the best boat trailer tire is the  Carlisle Radia Trail HS Boat Trailer Tires.

We often think our boat trailer tires will last forever since we don’t use our boat trailer that often. This is a common misconception that we discover right when we want to take our boat out onto the water. If your trailer sits for most of the year in the yard and out in the elements, the tires have an opportunity to deteriorate making them unusable when you need to use the trailer.

It can be hard to find the best boat trailer tires with so many on the market. You want to make sure that your boat trailer tires have good tread and the right load range for your vehicle and application. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the right boat trailer tires for your boat trailer and your next trip out to the lake.

The Best Boat Trailer Tires go as Follows:

  1. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Boat trailer Tire
  2. Free Country Premium Boat trailer Tires ST 
  3. TRIBLE SIX Boat trailer Tire 
  4. MaxAuto Boat Trailer Tires
  5. eCustomRim 2-Pack Mounted Boat Trailer Tire


Best Boat Trailer Tire Reviews

The best boat trailer tires as rated by customers go as follows.

1. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Boat trailer Tire-

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The 8-ply Carlisle Radial Trail HD Boat trailer tire was created to fit a wide variety of boat trailers including specialty trailers, utility trailers, horse trailers, boat trailers, and toy trailers. Perfect for both long and short distance travel, the Carlisle Radial Tires is built to be long-lasting making it a great choice for various play and work purposes. This is a safe and durable boat trailer tire in comparison to many of its competitors.

Using a unique wear and heat-resistant rubber tread, the Carlisle Radial Tire features high-tensile steel belts created to give you less rolling resistance and improve their resistance. With tread blocks that are interconnected, the tread wears evenly and lasts longer. Plus, multiple plies are added to increase the load-carrying capacity. You also get a variable pitch pattern which will reduce environmental road noise.

The Carlisle Radial Trail HD Boat trailer tires will lessen unnecessary wear and tear while giving you better performance. With added weathering and ozone protection, hot weather and heat are not a big concern for the Carlisle Radial Tires. They are built to withstand any effects that heat can cause when you travel in hot conditions, long distances, or at high speeds.

Typically, the Carlisle Radial Tires will last 10% longer than its competitors. Plus, you get high load range availability along with a high-speed rating when driving on the highway. These boat trailer tires are a good value for the money providing improved traction and reliability on most surfaces while providing the best wear performance to give you years of towing life.


  • Tires rude smoothly and give you pretty good durability
  • You have a load range F availability
  • You get L or M speed ratings for higher speeds on the highway


  • There have been reports of failure issues on the lower load range tires


2. Free Country Premium Boat trailer Tires ST

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With deep tread, the Free Country Premium Boat Trailer Tires are 8 ply RV tires that are rated for 2540 pounds at 65 PSI. With a load range of D, these deep-tread tires give you great traction on muddy and wet roads. Plus, the deep tread gives these boat trailer tires a longer life span.

Created for a six-inch rim, the Free Country Premium Boat trailer Tires weigh 50 pounds each making them light enough to use as a spare RV boat trailer tire when you need it. Handling sharp rock and potholes well, the deeper tread on these boat trailer tires gives them better traction when hauling your boat trailer on muddy and wet roads.

Not intended for use on an RV or truck, these boat trailer tires have a better than average life thanks to their deep tread. Designed for a six-inch rim width, the Free Country Premium Boat trailer Tires ST weighs around 50 pounds a tire, and they can be used as a spare tire when needed. Plus, they come with a one-year limited warranty.


  • You get excellent traction for RV tires


  • Tires do no withstand side impacts well
  • You always need to keep them fully inflated to reduce the risk of damage


3. TRIBLE SIX Boat trailer Tire

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Perfect for updating or replacing an old worn-out boat trailer tire, the Trible Six Boat Trailer Tire comes with a rim and features a design that was created to handle tough terrain. The progressively designed bias-ply tire includes incredible tread performance and strong sidewalls. Combine the tires with the steel painted white spoke rims, and your single axle boat trailer is all set.

Made high-quality materials, these practical and durable boat trailer tires feature fine workmanship and functionality. Combining great use along with elegance, the Trible Six Boat trailer Tire ensures the security and safety of your vehicle using sophisticated technology and a safe rim design. With a long lifespan, you get a high-quality boat trailer tire for a reasonable price.

The pre-mounted tires and rims have a load range of C and a tire weight rating of 1360 pounds. This six-ply tire also has a maximum of 50 PSI. The tire works well with popular boat trailers like Yamaha, Sea Ray, Sun Tracker, Crestliner, and Alumacraft and cargo and utility boat trailers like Wells Cargo, FastTrac, Road Force, and Big Tex.


  • A nice affordable price for good looking tires that pull smoothly
  • Tires come inflated, which is a bonus
  • The company provides outstanding customer service


 4. MaxAuto Boat Trailer Tires

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MaxAuto features a unique pattern design on its tires to increase ground and tire friction along with reducing the noise you get from your tires. Not only does it help in cooling the tire, but this pattern also helps to improve the vehicle’s handling. Using a special rubber formula, the MaxAuto Boat Trailer Tires feature heat and wear resistance as well as anti-aging of its product.

Not only does it provide ease of driving, the unique pattern provides road safety, especially when you consider that Maxauto strictly checks every boat trailer tire before shipping. With a max load range of C, the MaxAuto Boat Trailer Tires have a tread depth of 4.5 mm, a speed rating of M, and a max 90 PSI. These boat trailer tires are easy to use and install and can also be used as a replacement or spare.

With the perfect mix of workmanship and high-quality rubber material, the MaxAuto Boat Trailer Tires guarantee reliability and quality. These durable boat trailer tires provide a powerful and smooth ride with their rolling 6PR design.


  • It is a good product that works well on a utility boat trailer
  • This is a nice quality tire at a good price
  • Tires work perfectly and arrived just as described


  • None


5. eCustomRim 2-Pack Mounted Boat Trailer Tire

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One of the higher quality boat trailer tires on the market, the eCustomRim Mounted Boat Trailer Tire features 6 ply construction along with a high max load capacity. Including steel construction, you are ensured long term durability, plus its five-lug bolt pattern makes it perfect for use on a boat trailer. This is a simple to install tire that is available in several sizes allowing you to easily choose which size is correct for your particular boat trailer.

The pre-mounted eCustomRim Mounted Boat trailer Tires come with tires and rims. With a max load range of D, these boat trailer tires have a maximum 65 PSI and speed index of M. They also feature a silver modular steel rim style and come with a five-year warranty.

Once these boat trailer tires are installed, you can expect a safe and smooth ride for a reasonable price. The eCustomRim Boat Trailer Tires are compatible with popular boat trailer brands like Crestliner, Tahoe, Mako, River Pro, and Triumph. They are also compatible with cargo and utility boat trailer brands like Triple Crown, Road Force, Performance Boat trailers, and Miska.


  • Tires ride very smoothly and look nice
  • It is nice to have tires mounted on rims shipped to your home
  • Tires fit well and have a nice load range


  • The tires were made in China
  • The rims are not galvanized enough


Boat trailer Tire Buying Guide

boat trailer tires

Tires for a boat trailer are different than tires for a regular vehicle. Boat trailer tires are created and built for rough road conditions. They can be radial or bias tires that are made with rugged construction and give you quiet and smooth operation. The best boat trailer tires will have lower rolling resistance that guarantees long-lasting tires.

Types of Boat trailer Tires


Radial tires

A radial tire will have plies that run perpendicularly across the tire. These boat trailer tires should be durable featuring belts that are made of steel. These belts run right under the tread that runs the circumference of the tire.

Radial tires are loved by users for their smooth ride and low rolling friction. Thanks to the steel belts, they will run cooler for longer periods of time, which is particularly nice when you are on a long trip. You also get a nice wide footprint with radial tires and longer tread life.

Bias Ply Tire

The bias ply tire differs from the radial tire due to its plies that run at a 30-degree angle. Bias-ply tires are preferred by many boat trailer owners thanks to the construction and distinct crosshatch design of the tire. This type of construction gives you a strong sidewall that is a benefit over the radial tire. And, like a radial tire, you can use the bias-ply tire in a lot of different ways including cargo, utility, and agriculture. Plus, you can also use it for light marine use or as a fifth wheel.

When choosing between radial and bias-ply tires, you will notice different patterns and lines. These configurations are carefully engineered to produce certain responses that are based on the pattern’s design.

Keep in mind, that you cannot mix the two types of tires. You must use one or the other for your boat trailer. It is very important that you know the difference between the two tires since it will determine the road performance for your boat trailer.

Benefits of Boat trailer Tires


Durability and long-lasting are two of the best reason to use boat trailer tires. With its design and construction, you should be guaranteed a long-lasting tire. The type of materials that are used will help to ensure that you won’t have to replace the tires often, especially if they are designed to dissipate heat quickly and evenly preventing overheating. It will also help to prevent dangerous tire blowouts that will ensure you stay safe when you are out on the road.

Typically, a boat trailer tire will be made from a heavy-duty material. An ST tire will have sidewalls that are stiff and strong in comparison to regular tires. This allows the tire to handle a heavy load like a boat and lessen the amount of sway. If you have tires that are too flexible, like regular tires, the boat trailer can sway when you round curves. This will make it hard to maintain stability and shift the direction of the boat trailer all through your trip.


Tire blowouts can be dangerous, especially when you are driving a boat trailer. By using boat trailer tires that were created to be used on a boat trailer, you can improve your safety on the road. Since they were designed to handle stress and road pressure, boat trailer tires are definitely the best choice for the safety of the passengers and cargo when you are driving with a boat trailer.

Less rolling resistance

Rolling resistance can help provide a better performance for boat trailer tires on the road. Creating less friction when the tires contact the surface of the road, boat trailer tires with less rolling resistance also helps a boat trailer tire last longer than a typical tire. And, it helps you save money on fuel since your vehicle’s engine won’t have a hard time towing and it lets you drive faster.

High max weight capacity

One of the many reasons boat trailers are used in transporting and carrying boats is thanks to their high maximum weight capacity. Another benefit of a high weight capacity is that the tire is very versatile and can be used for different applications.

Design and Use

Always install tires on your boat trailer that are specifically made for your boat trailer. There are also a lot of different applications for trailer tires including light marine, sports, boat, cargo, utility, and agriculture.

On the sidewall of the tires, you will be able to find how old the tire is, what its designated purpose is, and its dimensions. The first thing you need to determine is if the tire can be used on a boat trailer. In the sidewall, you should find ST, which means Special Boat trailer, which means that it is designed for boat trailer use. By buying the correct type of tire for your boat trailer, you can guarantee that your tires will last a long time and you won’t have to keep replacing them.

Maintenance and Replacement

Frequently replacing an old or worn-out tire can waste a lot of time and money. When choosing new boat trailer tires, you should always look for tires made of a heavy-duty material. They should also include a durable rubber compound and high ply ratings with as many as 12 plies. You also shouldn’t have to spend too much time or money on maintenance since they are built to deal with different weather and road conditions than a regular tire.

Well-known Brands

If you choose one of the top brands in the market, you can have some peace of mind. This includes some of the more well-known brands like MaxAuto, eCustomRim, and Carlisle. Using brands that are well-established provide some security if you have any issues since a more established manufacturer will have a better customer service department. This will also allow you the opportunity to research the product as a more established company will have more reviews available online, so you see reviews from other users and get their feedback on the project.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Boat trailer Tires

Spare Trailer Tire

Load rating

The maximum weight rating or capacity is another important thing to think about as you shop for your boat trailer tires. When you have the max weight, you will be able to figure out the load range, which will tell you if the boat trailer tires you are buying are right for you. Also, remember that all tires have a specific load capacity and weight that is based on the tire’s inflation pressure.

Make sure to check your vehicle’s need when it comes to specific range and ratings before you use your boat trailer tires. This will guarantee that your boat trailer tires will be able to handle the pressure from your trip. Checking that the tire has the right weight and rating will also help to prevent the fast degradation of the tire. This will also help to ensure a long lifespan and that you will be safe as you drive.

You can check the load rating of either a radial or bias-ply boat trailer tire on the sidewall of the tire. The lightest weight load rating for boat trailer tires is Load Range B while the heaviest is Load Range E. Next to the load range, you will find the tire’s maximum inflation pressure or PSI.

The load rating parameter tells you the most allowable pressure that each tire can hold. Even though you only see the rubber tire holding up the vehicle, it is actually the pressure inside the tire that is doing all the work. You can also think about a balloon losing air after a time. A tire is very similar, so it’s important to periodically check the inflation pressure of your tires to make sure it is working at the optimum stability and traction.

Load Range Weight capacity per tire Maximum inflation pressure (psi)

B 1,100 pounds 35

C 1,610 pounds 50

D 1,820 pounds 65

E 2,000 pounds 80

Inflation pressure

The next thing you need to consider is the inflation pressure. This will tell you what the maximum capability in carrying or handling specific loads and weights are based on the inflation pressure you are exerting on the tires. Make sure to read the printed label on the tire to find out the maximum inflation pressure that your boat trailer tire can handle.

You will also want to check on the temperature and altitude of the area where you will be using the tires. These external factors will also affect your decision.

Sidewall strength

Known for their strong sidewalls, boat trailer tires should be sturdy enough to handle the demands of the road and the heavy abuse they will get. This is especially if you are using the boat trailer for cargo or business deliveries. You also want a sidewall that can handle strong pressure, especially pressure that will increase as the tire pressure increases. Finding tires with strong sidewalls will guarantee that they won’t explode when placed under extreme pressure.

Speed rating

Another consideration when buying a boat trailer tire is its speed rating, which can affect the inflation pressure of the tire. These normally run up to 104 mph. even if you find a tire model that can go beyond the maximum pressure. If you have questions or are unsure how to determine the speed rating, you should probably get advice from the dealer on this feature.

Traction and smooth operation

Friction affects the speed of your boat trailer, which is an important comparison to the design of the tire with its competitors. Also, consider its towing weight that will help you have an easier time when you turn a corner. Tires with low rolling resistance will also help your tires to run smoothly and save fuel.


Durability and a long lifespan are also important when choosing boat trailer tires. If you have a poorly made boat trailer tire, using your boat trailer frequently will cause the tire to degrade quickly. Plus, those deteriorated tires will be dangerous to drive on. Looking at reviews will help you find good tires for your boat trailer preventing you from having to replace them a lot.


Tread is important when choosing tires for a boat trailer. Typically, you will find that the tread on radial tires works better than the tread on bias tires.

Weight and size

Size and weight are another big consideration when choosing a boat trailer tire. You want a tire that can accommodate and keep up with the weight of the load as well as your vehicle. To choose the right size, you base your decision on the weight and size of your vehicle, which will tell you what the maximum weight capacity that your vehicle can support. Typically, the weight capacity for the tire will be printed on it somewhere allowing you to determine the right size by checking the size of the rim as well as the tire.


Q: How do I replace a boat trailer tire?

A: Boat trailer tires are easy to replace. Basically, you just need to read the instruction and follow the steps recommended by the manufacturer of the boat trailer tire. Otherwise, it is just like replacing a tire on a regular car or truck.

Q: How do boat trailer tires differ from regular tires?

A: Since a vehicle is meant to be the main or lead vehicle, their tires will have a thick tread on them that will keep traction even when you are on slippery roads or make sharp turns. They also were constructed to maintain higher speeds when they are on the highway.

Boat trailer tires, in comparison, are installed or mounted on the vehicle that follows the main vehicle. They will have a thick sidewall that can handle objects like debris that can be found on the road. They may not have as thick a tread as a vehicle tire, and overall, boat trailer tires are just not constructed the same way as tires for a car or truck.

Q: How much should you inflate your boat trailer tires?

A: Check the instructions that are printed on your boat trailer tire to find the right answer for the tire that you have. These instructions will indicate how much to inflate them, so that they run smoothly and won’t be underinflated on your journey.

Q: What is the lifespan of a boat trailer tire?

A: It all depends on how well you take care of, how frequently they are used, their design, construction, and what materials they are made from. Always make sure to maintain your boat trailer tires properly by checking tire pressure to stop a dangerous blowout from increased pressure inside the tire.

Q: How do you keep boat trailer tires from getting dry rot?

A: The easiest way to keep dry rot away from your boat trailer tires is to do a monthly check to see if your tires are properly inflated. If you don’t use the boat trailer a lot, you will want to keep in a climate-controlled garage. Plus, you may want to keep a board under your boat trailer tires while they are in storage to keep them away from asphalt that attracts UV rays.

Q: Do you need to rotate boat trailer tires?

A: It is recommended that you rotate your boat trailer tires. Not only can you balance them at the same time, but you can also check to see if you have any mechanical issues with the bearing and hubs on the boat trailer. You can either rotate the tires from side to side or back to front. Or you can follow a switching pattern across the axle like a cross pattern or like an “X”.

Q: Are the boat trailer tires balanced?

A: Yes, the boat trailer tires are balanced. Boat trailer tires are both road and laboratory tested to see how well they can withstand road situations and weather conditions. You want them to be dependable when you make a sharp turn and stay on the pavement. If you have a good set of boat trailer tires, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to balance.

Q: What are some good brands of boat trailer tires?

A: With many brands of boat trailer tires on the market, it can be hard to know which will give you the best performance and reliability. In our review list, we chose a few of the top boat trailer tires brands on the market including eCustomRim, MaxAuto, and Carlisle.

Q: How expensive are boat trailer tires?

A: Boat trailer tires can vary a lot when it comes to price, so depending on your budget, you need to find quality tires that you can afford. There are many different boat trailer tire products in various price ranges, so make sure you don’t compromise what you need.

As long as your boat trailer tires are well-maintained, they should have a long lifespan and give you great traction when you are out on the road. When you use the best boat trailer tires, you will have better safety on the road since they will be safe when you make turns and stay on the road when you apply your brakes. With the right research, you shouldn’t have any problem finding the right boat trailer tire for your vehicle and application.

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