The Best Dive Lights Buyers Guide and Reviews

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If you are in a hurry the best dive lights are the Light and Motion SOLA Dive Light.

When you’re planning your scuba diving trip, the most important aspect that you should be considering is the type of equipment that you have. Your scuba diving equipment is essentially what keeps you alive underwater, and it gives you the ability to experience a successful diving trip in general.

Since there are so many different diving components  to remember (such as dive masks, fins and wetsuits) , you’ll want to make sure that you have the right kind of equipment to offer the best overall results. That being said, your dive light is perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment to make sure works correctly.

Regardless of how deep you are diving for your trip, light doesn’t reflect off of objects underwater the same that it does to objects on the ground. That being said, you’ll want to make sure that you bring a diving flashlight that’s able to work efficiently in order to allow you to see to the best of your ability.

This is especially important if the whole purpose of your diving trip is to view the beautiful scenery that the underwater world has to offer. Not only is it convenient, but it also ensures safety when you have a successful dive light.

Given that there are so many different types of dive lights on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your specific needs. Not only that, but it can also be difficult to find a light if you don’t exactly know the features that you’re looking for. Here is a complete guide about the five best dive lights on the market as well as some information that you may find helpful in your buying process.

The Best Dive Lights go as Follows:

  1. Light and Motion SOLA Dive Light
  2. ORCATORCH Upgraded 1000 Lumens Dive Light
  3. Leisure Pro Underwater Kinetics C4 eLED Rechargeable Dive Light
  4. ORCHATORCH Mini Scuba Dive Light Headlamp
  5. ORCHATORCH 1050 Lumens Narrow Beam Angle Dive Light


Best Dive Lights Reviews

The Best dive lights as rated by divers go as follows.

1. Light and Motion SOLA Dive Light (

Brightest Dive Light)

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You’re highly recommended to check out this dive light because it is extremely lightweight and portable. More specifically, it only weighs 285 grams. Not only that, but this device is able to deliver extremely bright light that can measure up to 1200 lumens.

If you don’t need the light to disperse that bright of a light, then you have the option to choose between two different modes that are capable of matching your specific situation in particular. The two power modes that you can choose between are able to emit either 1200 lumens or 500 lumens. And this light has three different power settings for each mode that you can utilize as well in order to personalize your experience even further.

Furthermore, this product is constructed using a factory sealed housing that helps to prevent any water from escaping into the light’s interior. This feature is extremely beneficial, especially for deep diving, since it’s able to ensure you that it won’t stop working when the pressure of the deep water comes into contact with the light.

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Lastly, this light comes with a Li-ion battery that’s able to be recharged in order for long use. Since you have the ability to recharge it quickly, you can use the light for more dives than other lights offer. And when the battery is fully charged, this light can last for up to 270 minutes, which is beneficial especially for deep dives as well as long shallow dives.


  • Can be switched between a spot light and a flood light easily
  • Features a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 270 minutes
  • Comes with 2 modes that each have 3 different power settings for optimal customization


  • More expensive than most of the other lights on the market


2. ORCATORCH Upgraded 1000 Lumens Dive Light(

Best Customer Rating)

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This dive light is highly recommended for you to check out because it has the ability to provide strong and bright light for even the darkest underwater environments. It’s capable of outputting light that can measure up to 1,000 lumens. Not only that, but this light comes with a wrist strap that you can easily utilize in order to prevent you from dropping the light while underwater.

The wrist strap attached to this diving light has the ability to work on either one of your hands, so you don’t have to worry about being left-handed or right-handed. It also has the ability to be adjusted in order to fit tightly and securely around your wrist. Not only that, but you also don’t have to worry about the light making your wrist or arm tired while holding it underwater the whole time, since the light is lightweight and extremely portable.

It’s classified as a small light that has a magnetic switch, capable of being easily turned on and off. And you have the ability to simply let go of it when you don’t need it or for when it’s too heavy, since it’s attached to the band around your wrist.

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This diving light features three different modes that you can use for your convenience, including a bright, super bright as well as an extremely bright mode. Given that, you have the ability to adjust the brightness of the light to fit to your specific circumstances.

Lastly, this light comes with batteries that are able to last for long periods of time. It has been upgraded to use full-capacity 3400 batteries. Given these upgraded and high powered batteries, this light is able to shine for up to a few hours, depending on the specific brightness mode that you have on.


  • Equipped with adjustable wrist straps that work on both hands
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes upgraded 3400 mah batteries


  • Has to be held in your hand to benefit from the light


3. Leisure Pro Underwater Kinetics C4 eLED Rechargeable Dive Light (

Best Grip)


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If you’re worried about dropping the light when you’re underwater, this light from Leisure Pro is most recommended for you because it features the best gripping technology our of most lights on the market. More specifically, this light features a tough composite body that comes with a durable rubber handle that you can use in order to have superior gripping while holding the product.

This light has a powerful beam that’s able to output that measures 1000 lumens, 900 of which are classified as center beams. Given that, this light is especially beneficial if you’re using the light for underwater cave excursions or other purposes that require a precise, bright light.

The light technology is constructed with a patented lumen booster that can improve the efficiency of LED output, since it helps to pull the heat away from the LED lights. If you are ever in a situation where you don’t want that bright of a light, then this light can be useful for you, since it gives you the ability to switch between a high or low power. In the high power setting, this light can emit an optimal beam ratio that can put a total of 89% of the total lumens into the center beam.

>>What Customers Think<<

This light contains a rechargeable battery pack that’s able to provide well over an hour of high power light, emitting 1000 lumens. And in times where not as much light is needed, this dive light can last for more than 4 hours, emitting 450 lumens. Ultimately, you have the ability to efficiently travel up to 500 feet with this light, giving you the ability to travel to practically any underwater scenery location, since most sceneries are around 30 to 50 feet deep.


  • Pistol-style grip that prevents you from dropping the light
  • 1000 lumens maximum brightness
  • Rechargeable batteries last for hours of underwater use


  • Doesn’t come with a strap for protection when you may drop the light


4. ORCHATORCH Mini Scuba Dive Light Headlamp (

Budget Hands-Free Pick)

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This dive light is specifically beneficial for people that are on a budget and want to see during their scuba dives, since it has the ability to act as a headlamp that can attach onto your snorkel mask. This product features a small clip-on system that’s able to conveniently attach to your snorkel mask.

Since this device is so small and compact, you don’t have to worry about having a large light strapped to your head. Instead, you have the ability to see more easily, since it’s closer to your eyesight while clipped onto your mask. And the device is smaller than most other headlamps, so you don’t have to worry about your neck hurting from holding a heavy lamp.

Not only that, but this scuba dive headlamp from ORCHATORCH gives you the ability to easily use your hands, since they’re free and they aren’t confined to holding a flashlight for the entire dive. This light also features a rotary switch, which is classified as a mechanical head twist shift that’s able to offer reliable results while you’re underwater, since the construction won’t come apart.

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In order to install and operate the device, you’re only required to screw the light head tightly to turn it off, and you only have to unscrew it in order to turn the light off. The light itself is powered with a AA battery, and this product even comes with some for your convenience.


  • Hands-free, since it can easily be installed onto your scuba mask
  • Easy to operate while underwater, since you only have to screw and unscrew the light head
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t give you the ability to alter the brightness of the light

5. ORCHATORCH 1050 Lumens Narrow Beam Angle Dive Light (Best Cold Water Pick)

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You may want to consider purchasing this dive light if you’re planning on diving in deep and cold waters, since it has a maximum depth of 150 meters underwater. This light is ultra-compact and powerful at the same time, since it features a novel design. The maximum brightness level of this light is 1050 lumens, which is brighter than other types of lights on the market.

This light is equipped with double waterproof O-rings as well as tempered glass that give this product the ability to ensure that the maximum amount of light is being dispersed while also protecting the light’s interior as well.

This device features a long-range spot beam, since it has a narrow five-degree beam angle. Given that, this product has the ability to shine up to 351 meters away on land. Because of this light’s ability to shine such far distances and in such a narrow beam, it is most recommended and beneficial for people that are planning on diving into dark and narrow places underwater, like holes, cracks and caves.

>>What Customers Think<<

You can easily operate this device, since there is simply a side button switch that’s produced with a titanium alloy material. This material is able to prevent any corrosion from occurring, which is one of the most prominent long-term problems among various dive lights. In order to use this device, you have the option of choosing between either high or low options, and you can even turn it off with this switch.

In order to avoid accidentally hitting this light’s switch while underwater, there is an additional switch that you can use as a safety lock feature, which essentially keeps the light on for safety purposes. Lastly, this device comes with a 3400 mAh USB large-capacity rechargeable battery that has the ability to last for several hours while underwater.


  • Comes with two modes and a safety switch
  • Long-range beam
  • Great for deep and cold waters


  • Doesn’t feature a strap for extra protection


Buyers Guide

In order to choose the best overall dive light, you should pay attention to the features, aspects as well as the different factors that you should be considering.

woman scuba diving with dive light

How Are You Using your Dive Light?

Before you choose to buy a specific diving light, you’ll want to make sure that you first consider what purposes you’ll be needing a light for. More specifically, what kind of diving will you be participating in while you’re underwater? If you’re planning on simply scuba diving for the sights of the reefs, sceneries and other underwater organisms, then you’ll want a light that’s comfortable for you to hold, since you’ll likely be using the light for a long period of time.

Not only that, but you may need a light that’s able to last for long periods of time and one that can shine extremely bright if you’re planning on exploring caves, in between rocks and even if you’re going deep in the ocean. Other than that, if you’re hunting or spear fishing underwater, then you may want a light that’s able to be attached to either your gear or your head. This gives you the ability to have free hands to fully engage with accurately spearing the fish.

Other than the specific uses that you need a dive light for, it’s important that you consider how deep you will be in the water. You should remember that the deeper you are in the water, the darker the environment is. That being said, you’ll need to make sure that you have a light that’s strong enough to shine in the darker conditions if you’re diving deeper than 20-30 feet.

What Type of Light?

There are many different types of diving excursions that you can go on, ranging from relaxed and more competitive experiences. Because of that, you have the ability to choose a certain diving experience that works best for your preferences. Given that each diving excursion entails various activities, it can be difficult to find the best diving equipment to use for each trip.

That being said, it’s important that you consider which type of trip you’re going on and to ensure that you have the right equipment to do so. More specifically, there are various different types of diving lights that you can choose from on the market. Each of the available lights are able to accommodate for different needs, so make sure you’re aware of what your trip requires from you.

For instance, you may want to consider if you’ll be needing your hands in your specific experience. If you do, then you may want a light that’s able to attach to your head as a lamp, your snorkel mask or even your chest. Other than that, different types of lights are able to emit various brightness strengths, requiring that you choose the best one for your needs.


Dive lights may look like your ordinary flashlights, at least some of them from the outside. But they are required to withstand being submerged underwater for long periods of time. Not only that, but they have to emit light and work from batteries for the enter time that they’re submerged. That being said, dive lights are required to have a certain amount of durability to them.

You’ll need a dive light that’s been produced with a high quality and durable construction, since it has to offer waterproof properties. Additionally, you may hit the light on the rocks or other objects while you’re underwater, so you’ll need a light that can offer enough durability to accommodate for those instances.

Battery Type

Since most diving experiences last for at least and hour and many of them last for well up to a few hours long, it’s important that you consider purchasing a battery that’s able to last for long periods of time. Not only that, but each battery is able to emit c certain amount of power for the light to function. That being said, you’ll need to know the different types of batteries in order to choose the best one for your specific needs.

More specifically, Lithium batteries are the most common for underwater excursions, since they’re able to offer superior performance. They are classified as eco-friendly batteries, since they can be recycled after you use them. Additionally, they’re able to emit a high amount of power to the light, giving the device the ability to shine in brighter strengths than other types of batteries are capable of.

Other than Lithium batteries, there are also rechargeable batteries. These are also commonly used in underwater diving experiences because they have the ability to be charged multiple times and while on-the-go. Because of that, rechargeable batteries are most recommended for people that are known to go on diving trips frequently.

Not only that, but rechargeable batteries are recommended for you if you’re going on a long trip that entails a large amount of diving. By having the ability to recharge your light, you can easily charge it in between certain diving trips while traveling from one location to the other.

Battery Life

Also relating to the type of battery is the amount of juice that each is able to provide. Considering that the light is powered by the battery, the light will clearly stop working when the battery dies. This is not only dangerous, but it’s also scared when your light goes out while you’re underwater. Because of that, you’ll want to make sure that you have a light powered by a battery that’s able to last for long periods of time while you’re underwater.

In addition to that, you’ll also want to consider how long the battery’s life is overall. Since you’ll be using it underwater constantly, you’ll want to make sure that the light you have is suitable for lights that can withstand the constant contact with water.

Types of Dive Lights

When you’re considering what type of light that you want to use for your diving experience, it’s important that you consider the type of lightbulb as well as the type of construction. Each of these factors are important because you’ll want a high quality diving light that can withstand wear and tear and provide convenience for your uses.


There are typically two types of handheld lights, known as primary types and secondary types. Your primary dive light is classified as a light that’s larger in size as well as its capabilities, since you will primarily be using this light. On the other hand, secondary lights are known as backup lights, since they can act as a backup source of light for when your primary source runs out of battery juice.

Primary lights are essentially able to provide enough light in order for you to see and swim underwater when there is essentially no other source of light. Given that, these lights are more recommended for deeper and darker dives.

On the other hand, the secondary lights are classified as smaller and more lightweight devices, since they will essentially only be carried in your BC pocket or pack until they are needed. These lights are more commonly used during dives that take place in the daytime, since they can provide just enough extra illumination under the water for you to see more clearly.


Gun dive lights are exactly as the name suggests, since they resemble the shape of a handheld gun. These types of lights are able to act as primary sources of light, since they can emit high strengths of brightness. Not only that, but they feature a design that’s more comfortable to hold, since you can use more of your hand and arm to hold it.

Also given that they are shaped like a gun, some of them do feature a trigger button, which is capable of turning the light on and off for when you need it and don’t need it. That being said, they’re extremely beneficial for daytime dives when you are in certain areas of the water where you can’t exactly see as clearly as you’d like.

Some gun handheld lights even offer the ability to turn the light on with a switch elsewhere and instead have a trigger button that can increase the brightness. These lights are especially beneficial for nighttime dives, since they help you see all the time, while also giving you the ability to see extra clearly when needed.

Head Strap

Head strap lights are labeled as lights that have the ability to be strapped to your head over your suit. They function well with your snorkel mask, so you don’t have to worry about the goggles getting in the way of the headlamp. These lights are most recommended for you if your diving experience requires that you use your hands. By having the light on your head, you don’t have to worry about not having the ability to see without using your hands to hold the light.


Cannister lights are usually classified as rechargeable lights, since they feature the lightbulb separate from the battery pack by a long wire. You have the ability to attach the lightbulb casing either onto a headlamp or you can hold it, and then you have the ability to put the battery pack into your belt. Given their separate battery pack, these lights have the ability to be powered by stronger batteries, resulting in their ability to emit brighter light.

Ease of Use

Other than the specific types of dive lights, you’ll want to make sure that the light you have for your trip is easy to use. While you’re underwater, you don’t want to have to worry about anything other than what’s around you, since your safety should be your main concern. Given that, you’ll want a light that can easily be turned on and off. Not only that, but you’ll want a light that can easily be switched between the different power levels that it has, if it has any.

Maximum Depth

Depending on the particular type of diving excursion that you’re going on, choosing a light that offers a depth suitable for your needs is important. More specifically, you’ll want to make sure that the light is able to withstand the pressure of the water at the depth you’re planning on reaching. Since the pressure of the water increases the deeper you go , it can be difficult for some dive lights to withstand the extra water pressure.

Make sure that you consider how deep you’re planning on going for your diving trip, and then choose a dive light that’s able to accommodate for this distance.

Power Levels

Perhaps one of the most important and personalized factors you should be considering when choosing a dive light is the amount of power that it comes with. The level of power a light has will ultimately determine how bright the light will be. That being said, if you’re planning on diving in environments where it’s dark, then you’ll want a device that can provide a higher brightness and power level.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, you are the only person that will be holding your dive light while under the water. That being said, you’ll want to choose the best light that can work for your personal preference. There are various different types of lights that can emit a range of different brightness levels, so choosing a light that can be personalized to your fitting is the most important factor.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each of these dive lights are able to offer you various different benefits, including easy usability, great gripping and some of them don’t even require that you hold the light in order to use them. But since there are so many different beneficial features that each of these products offers, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your specific needs.

That being said, you’re most recommended to check out Light and Motion SOLA Dive Light. This device is able to offer the most beneficial features, since it offers the brightest lumens light out of each product. This light comes with two different light features that you can utilize for your convenience, including a high and low light mode, and both of these modes even includes three different power settings.

Furthermore, this light is composed of a durable construction and design, since it’s equipped with a factory sealed housing that is capable of preventing any water from flooding into the light. There is even a Li-ion battery that has the ability to run for hours, and it can even operate for an additional 270 minutes while on low power mode. Given that, you should check out this Light and Motion SOLA Dive Light on the market.


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