The Best Fishing Backpack for Anglers

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If you’re the type of fisherman who prefers to veer off the beaten path, then a fishing backpack can offer you convenient and accessible storage for all of your fishing gear. Fishing backpacks are specially designed for anglers, with a wide range of compartments for everything from tackle to rods. They’re also incredibly easy to carry, making it simpler for you to step off of the beaten path or go a little further than you would have with a traditional plastic tackle box. What’s more, these soft-sided bags are designed to fight back against the wear and tear of the outdoors.

Below, you’ll find our comprehensive buying guide alongside reviews of our favorite fishing backpacks. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a newbie angler, we’re happy to share these amazing products with you.Enjoy!

The Best Fishing Backpacks go as follows:

Best Budget Choice

#2 Wild River 3606


Best Pick

#1 Wild River WT3604


Best Premium Choice

#3 Piscifun Backpack


Fishing Backpack Reviews

The best fishing backpacks go as follows below.

1. Custom Leathercraft’s Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack

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Custom Leathercraft’s Wild River fishing backpack provides an ample amount of storage space for all your fishing essentials. The first thing we noticed about the Wild River backpack tackle box was its large front compartment, which contains enough room for up to six #3600 or four #3500 tackle boxes. Just above that, there is yet another dual-zipper compartment that offers slots for important documents (fishing licenses, etc.) and other important items. It is worth noting that the door of this compartment lies flat to provide anglers with a makeshift work surface.

The Wild River bag also features four zipper side pockets, some of which have internal and external mesh pockets for enhanced gear visibility. These pockets are large enough to store bulky items like utility trays and reels. Furthermore, the bag features a removable plier mount, loops for hanging tools, and a molded sunglass holder. The bag even includes a handy retractable line for clippers and other small tools that are used frequently.

The Wild River Bag also features an innovative LED lighting system that helps illuminate an angler’s gear during early morning and late night sessions. The LED lights are spread across the bag’s multiple compartments. On top of supporting round-the-clock fishing, the Wild River fishing bag can be used in all sorts of weather. It even has a protective rain cover that can be deployed in a matter of seconds.

With all that said, the Wild River would be nothing without comfort. In fact, it has a padded back that prevents sharp and rigid gearboxes from infringing on a wearer’s comfort. What’s more, the backpack boasts padded shoulder straps with an integrated sternum strap for reduced strain during lengthy hikes. Finally, the back features grippy rubber feet that prevent it from picking up large amounts of dirt and debris when it is set down.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers seem satisfied with the Wild River’ thick exterior material and strong seams. They seem to agree that the Wild River bag provides a generous amount of storage space. On top of that, most anglers say that they enjoyed the perks of the lighted workspace. While some of the bag’s owners felt that the backpack was rather heavy, you could easily reduce its weight by limiting what you pack.


  • A large zippered compartment for utility trays
  • Zippered compartments for bulky gear and tools
  • Molded sunglass holder
  • Gear clips and retractable tool line
  • MOLLE loops for additional add-ons
  • Padded shoulder straps and adjustable sternum band


  • Heavy


2. Custom Leathercraft’s Wild River Multi-Tackle Backpack with Two Storage Trays

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This next fishing backpack is also made by Customer Leathercrafts, but it definitely varies from our first pick. First off, it’s a bit smaller. There’s enough room for just four #3600 tackle trays. Two of these are included in any bag purchase. Like our first pick, the front panel of the large pocket folds down to create a smooth, flat work surface. This Wild River also boasts a large number of additional gear pockets, including a transparent internal pocket for important documents and four zip-close side gear pockets with added mesh compartments. On top of that, this Wild River Bag features a plier holder and a few external MOLLE loops.

Custom Leathercrafts has used a durable synthetic material to beef up this bag’s weatherproof barrier. They also incorporate a few abrasion-resistant panels in high-wear areas, such as the bottom corners. On top of that, they added triangular base pads that help to keep it clean and dry. Finally, like our first pick, this CLC bag has adjustable padded shoulder straps that are intended to reduce lumbar strain during off-road adventures.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers are thrilled with the ample storage space provided by this CLC backpack. In fact, most buyers say that the bag is a solid tradeoff for a traditional tackle box. People also love the affordable price tag on this stacked model. Still, there were a few complaints about the bag’s weatherproofing.


  • Large zippered storage compartment with a removable divider
  • Compartment door doubles as a workspace
  • Transparent document holder
  • Comes with two #3600 utility trays
  • Side pockets can accommodate bulky items
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Base supports and abrasion-resistant panels


  • Not completely waterproof


3. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

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The Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack offers a tremendous amount of storage space for both fishing tackle and tools. In fact, it boasts a large frontside compartment that can accommodate as many as four utility trays. This compartment even has a movable clapboard divider that prevents users from having to pull a tray out from the bottom of a tall stack. The Piscifun backpack also features three zippered side pockets that can be used to store documents, tools, reels, and electronics. On top of that, this small fishing backpack boasts a molded sunglass case and a retractable (pull-string) water bottle pocket. Altogether, this Picsifun bag boasts 11 zippered pockets.

There’s no doubt that the Picsifun fishing tackle box is designed to improve an angler’s gear organization and access. However, it is also engineered to increase adventure-bound fishermen’s comfort. Carrying around a hard, bulky fishing tackle box puts a damper on an angling trip. Not to mention, it limits the amount of gear you can bring along. The thick padded back pad and ergonomic shoulder straps on the Piscifun tackle bag make it possible to enjoy lengthy angling expeditions without having to endure back and shoulder pain.

In case you are wondering, the Picsifun backpack is designed for the great outdoors. As a matter of fact, it features a wear-resistant high-density nylon fabric that has been sealed together with durable warranty-backed seams. It also comes with a protective rain cover that will fend off everything from torrential downpours to morning dew. Meanwhile, it boasts extremely durable closures and clasps, including SBS zippers and KAM buckles. When you all combine all this with the Picsifun’s affordable price tag, it’s easy to see why it’ a customer favorite.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers love the wide range of storage features included in the Picsifun bag. Most found the layout to be tailored made for anglers. The bag’s little bonuses, such as the molded sunglass container and side water bottle compartment, are frequently praised. What’s more, many anglers felt that the backpack boasted a generous amount of padding, limited the amount of strain they felt when carrying it for extended periods. Finally, most customers were pleasantly surprised by the bag’s durability. Despite its low price, the bag reportedly holds up well without showing too many signs of wear and tear.


  • Ftis four utility trays in the main compartment
  • 11 zippered compartments for superior organization
  • Topside sunglass pocket
  • Retractable water bottle holder
  • MOLLE-style gear clips
  • Fits bulky items with ease
  • Low price
  • Made from durable high-density nylon material and quality closures
  • Limited warranty


  • Weak internal lining


4. Piscifun’s Large Camo Fishing Tackle Backpack

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Our second Piscifun fishing tackle box caters to an alternative customer base. That’s because this masterpiece comes in black, tan, or pixelated camo prints that provide it with a tactical presence. This bag features an exceptionally large front pocket with room for up to four tackle trays. It also boasts a number of zippered side pockets for additional gear. What’s more, it features a molded sunglass compartment, a retractable water bottle pocket, and a strip of MOLLE loops. The layout provides ample space for angling supplies while maximizing organization.

The Picsifun’s main pocket boasts a drop-down clapboard divider for flexible storage solutions. Anglers can break this compartment into two rooms if they see fit. All of the Picsifun’s compartments are made from high-density nylon material. Many of them feature multidirectional SBS zipper closures. As such, the bag helps to protect the precious contents inside it.

The Picsifun backpack is designed for maximum comfort. In fact, the side that leans up against a user’s back is fortified with dense foam. What’s more, the straps are made from a padded yet breathable material that makes long hikes less strenuous. What’s more, this backpack is designed to fight back against the elements. It even has a protective rain cover and four rubber feet. These elements help keep the bag clean and dry.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers are highly satisfied with the layout of this fishing tackle box. What’s more, they seem appreciative of the Picsifun’s extensive yearlong warranty. Most customers were also amazed by how durable this fishing bag was. For the most part, anglers seem to agree that the bag can handle its fair share of mother nature’s antics. On top of that, most anglers felt that it was a huge step up from a traditional tackle box.


  • 18 separate storage compartments and pockets
  • 11 zipper closures
  • Waterproof fishing backpack has a rain cover and rubber feet
  • Durable high-density nylon fabric
  • Adjustable main compartment with room for four utility boxes
  • Padded back and shoulder straps
  • Low price


  • Sunglass compartment is a bit small


5. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag Outdoor Shoulder Backpack

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If you aren’t fond of traditional backpacks, then this dynamic over-the-shoulder sling backpack is definitely worth a look. The bag comes in standard (11.8 by 9.4 by 4 inches) and large (14.96 by 10.24 by 4.33 inches) sizes. The bag’s main compartment offers ample space offers ample storage for tackle boxes and gear. The main pocket boasts three internal pockets that make it easier for anglers to organize their stuff. It also features three external zippered pockets for additional tools and personal items, like fishing licenses and smartphones. The bag also boasts a designated compartment for a water bottle as well as one for tools.

On top of this, the Picsifun sling bag features quite a few exterior storage solutions. There is a retractable bungee panel, MOLLE strips, gear rings, and a carabiner. These make it easy to access frequently used tools, like clippers and pliers. On top of that, the Picsifun bag is made from high-density nylon fabric. What’s more, it boasts easy-open KAM and SBS zipper closures. All of these elements make the bag incredibly resistant to water and wear.

Picsifun’s sling-style construction is designed to eliminate back and shoulder stress. It even has a breathable mesh panel with ample padding that rests against a wearer’s back. What’s more, the strap is padded and adjustable, enabling users to find a fit that works for them. The strap can be titled to both the left and right.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers agree that the Picsifun sling bag is great for day and overnight fishing excursions. Most users say the bag has a user-friendly layout that makes access to tackle quick and easy. Most agree that it is also very durable and weather resistant. For just over $30, most anglers agree that you can’t go wrong with this ergonomic option.


  • Removable, adjustable left/right sling strap
  • Ample main compartment with additional side pockets
  • Room for tackle boxes, reels, and more
  • External compartment for quick access to tools and personal items
  • Onboard MOLLE and gear hooks
  • Durable high-density nylon material
  • Low price


  • No utility trays included

How to Choose the Best Fishing Backpack

If you’re ready to finally add a fishing backpack into your gear arsenal, hooray for you! These incredible storage solutions make it easy to transport and organize fishing essentials. In turn, they make most fishing outings all the more enjoyable.

Of course, no two fishing bags are the same. In the section below, we’ve taken the time to parse out everything you need to consider before settling on a single bag.


The ideal tackle backpack offers ample onboard storage that won’t weigh or slow an angler down. In fact, most seasoned fishermen swear by the convenience of the small storage compartments that make up most fishing bags. Designated gear spots make it easier for anglers to get organized and grab items in a pinch. These days, anglers also look for convenient accessory add-ons, like spaces for sunglasses, water bottles, and phones. This is also a great thing to usewhen you are in a fishing kayak, pontoon boat or belly boat.

Fishing backpacks typically possess a large main compartment that can accommodate bulky gear, such as tackle trays and extra reels like baitcasters. It’s an added bonus if a fishing bag comes with plastic tackle box trays that can be stacked for easy access to hooks, bobbers, sinkers, and lures. Many manufacturers also incorporate dividers or hard compartment doors that double as a viable work surface. After all, even the most rugged anglers don’t enjoy setting up their line in the mud.

In addition to a spacious main compartment, most fishing backpacks feature several additional side compartments. The best tackle backpacks feature an array of internal and external dividers that make it easier to organize small items. What’s more, well-engineered bags tend to highlight a collection of exterior gear hooks. These add-ons are great for storing frequently used tools.

While ample storage is preferable, it’s important to limit the weight of your pack. An excessive amount of gear can slow and strain you. In fact, it can even prevent you from making it to a hard-to-reach fishing spot.


If you’re a fisherman, you already know the importance of choosing durable outerwear and gear. Mother nature can be cruel. The only way to fight against her is to choose a bag that can withstand a heavy beating. The best way to ensure your fishing gear’s protection is by bracing it with a fortifying fabric. For most outdoor manufacturers, the fabric of choice is high-density nylon. This material is available in different densities (the higher the better) and is proven to reduce water absorption and wear.

Of course, even the most durable fabrics don’t stand a chance against the wind and rain without tight seams and waterproof closures. As such, we recommend that you opt for a bag with a waterproof seal and/or tight double-stitched seams. What’s more, be on the lookout for bags with waterproof zippers.

Keep in mind that some bags come with removable rain covers. These thin seamless sheaths slide overfishing bags to create an impenetrable waterproof barrier. They’re ideal for overnight excursions and boat-based fishing. Some bags also have grippy rubber feet that prevent the bag from coming directly in contact with the ground. The raised barrier helps keep a bag dry and clean.


Manufacturers sometimes go above and beyond when it comes time to beef up their fishing backpacks. Bonus add-ons include but are not limited to the following:

LED Lighting: If you’re a believer in the saying, ‘the early bird catches the worm,’ then you’ll appreciate the illuminating addition of LED lights. Many manufacturers opt to feature push-button LED lighting in their fishing bags’ storage compartments. These enable fishermen to get a good visual of their gear without breaking out a flashlight or stumbling for their phone.

Red Holders:

Fishing backpacks are popular amongst hikers and other off-road enthusiasts. As such, many customers look for bags that can also accommodate their rods. Rod slots enable hikers to go hands-free when spending time in the rugged backcountry.

Accessory Loops:

We love when bags feature an assortment of exterior gear loops. Military-inspired MOLLE and metal rings enable anglers to attach gear to the outside of their bag. For many anglers, this secure yet accessible storage solution is preferable for frequently used items.

Sunglass Holder:

Wise anglers opt to bring polarizing sunglasses along on their fishing trips. These innovative sun blockers help to cut down on the glare from when sunlighting hits the surface of water. If you’re someone who likes to keep an eye on your bites, then there’s really no way to live without a pair of trusty polarized eye protectors/

The popularity of these items has landed them a list on most angler’s storage requirements. As such, many fishing packs have grown to include molded sunglass holders. These durable pods provide protection for as well as easy access to your specs.


There’s no doubt that carrying your fishing gear on your back is more comfortable than lugging around a bulky tackle box. However, there are still a few things that manufacturers can do to further improve an angler’s experience. The most preferable fishing bags have soft padded back pads and shoulder straps. The straps should also be adjustable to create a custom fit for each angler.

A fishing bag should never weigh on or chaff an angler’s back. What’s more, the materials that rub up against a user’s body should be soft and breathable. On top of that, the compartments on a fishing bag should be laid out in a way that evenly distributes weight.


Fishing backpacks come in a wide range of colors and patterns. However, for the most part, they tend to boast earthy colors that help them to blend in with their surroundings. Keep in mind that some fishing bags boast bright interior liners that add a pop of color to their look. Meanwhile, others look extremely tactical because of their molle panels and camo prints.

What are the advantages of Fishing Backpacks?

We’d like to start off by saying that most fishing backpacks would beat a traditional tackle box hands down. For one, these innovative fishing storage solutions provide ample space for fishing essentials and more. Secondly, they offer you a hands-free way to tote your gear. While fishing bags differ greatly depending on their manufacturer, most of them are also designed to withstand the harsh realities of nature.

Are you wondering if your angling experience will improve just by switching over to a fishing backpack? Read along to discover the main benefits of compartmentalized rucksacks.


Fishing gear is complicated. It can be large and bulky (think reels) or small and awkward (think hooks). Each element, no matter how odd it may be, has an essential role in the fishing process.

Traditionally, anglers have relied on tackle boxes to compartmentalize their tackle and tools. Most tackle boxes feature pop-up or removable trays with dividers for grouping items. While these boxes do a great job of separating small items, like hooks and worms, they do little to organize bulky gear essentials and tools. As such, the bottom of these boxes often becomes a tangle of loose line, pliers, and clips.

For the most part, fishing backpacks provide room for a few single-layered utility boxes as well as designated pockets for tools and other essentials. This makes it far easier for anglers to dig into their gear and come out with the item they were looking for.

On top of that, fishing backpacks often eliminate the need to bring an extra pack on a fishing trip. In fact, most tackle bags boast enough onboard storage to accommodate important personal items as well as some refueling supplies (like a water bottle and snacks). There are some fishing backpacks that come with a cooler as you go up in price range as well.


Soft-bodied fishing backpacks are designed to endure the tough conditions that anglers are so often faced with. While hard plastic tackle boxes crack easily under pressure, the soft exterior shell of fishing backpacks provides unmatched flexibility and resistance. In fact, most fishing tackle boxes are made from durable water-resistant fabrics that can handle repeated exposure to abrasive materials and moisture.


A bulky tackle box can prevent you from traveling to a remote yet desirable fishing hole. All the while, a fishing backpack enables unmatched freedom of movement. With your hands free to push aside overgrowth and meander up steep inclines, little can stand between you and your fishing backpack’s all-access pass to off-road fishing holes.

What’s the Best Way to Use a Fishing Backpack?

Are you wondering if there is a wrong or right way to use a fishing tackle bag? The answer is no! Still, if you’re wondering what goes into a seasoned fisherman’s tackle bag, here’s a solid look at the contents of 1Rod1Reel’s tackle bag.

As you can see, large chunky lures and stacks of extra tackle aren’t a problem with layers of plastic utility trays to divide up the contents. Even after loading in a large amount of tackle, the angler has room for personal essentials, like a phone and sunblock.

While fishing backpacks are often sighted on daytrippers, backpack fishing has taken on a life of its own. If you are someone who plans on using your new storage sack to boost your access to backcountry fishing spots, we admire your sense of adventure! Just be sure to pack accordingly. It’s easy to lose or break tackle. As such, it is important to bring an extra line, hooks, weights, and more. The last thing you want is to hike out to a remote spot and be left with nothing but a pole!

Final Thoughts

There’s little doubt that fishing is a gear-intensive activity. As such, most anglers prefer to have a large and well-organized storage solution they can take with them on a fishing excursion. Fishing backpacks offer ample compartmentalized storage for all of your fishing essentials. What’s more, they’re super easy to tote around from one fishing hole to another.

We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive review of the best fishing backpacks. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing backpack that you take on multiday excursions, we highly recommend the Custom Leathercraft’s Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack . This impressive all-terrain storage bag has lighting for moon-lit angling and a wide range of storage compartments for all your fishing essentials. At just under $200, we’d call it a steal. Of course, the Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack is a great option for anglers on a tight budget. What’s more, our complete buying guide is a great place to start if you simply aren’t sure what fishing backpack is right for you.

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