The Best Fishing Shoes For Fishing and Boating

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If you are looking for the best fishing shoes it’s the Aransas II Fishing Shoe.

There is a definite benefit to buying fishing shoes if you spend a lot of time out in the water. Casual shoes will not stand up to the water and the long time you spend on your feet. You need something that is safe to walk around on uneven terrain that will also be comfortable and keep your feet dry. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best fishing shoes for your fishing style.

The Best Fishing Shoes goes as follows:

  1. Aransas II Fishing Shoe
  2. Compass 360 Stillwater Fishing Shoes 
  3. HUK Mens Rogue Rubber Water Wave Mid Boot 
  4. KEEZMZ Fishing Shoes 
  5. SoftScience Men’s the Fin Athletic Boating Shoes 


Best Fishing Shoes Reviews

The best fishing shoes as rated by fisherman go as follows.

1. Aransas II Fishing Shoe

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Perfect for life on the coast, the Aransas II Fishing Shoe features an athletic and cleated outsole that gives you great traction on mud and sand. Perfect for any outside surface, these shoes feature heavy-duty zipper closure that includes a full gusset that will keep the sand off of your feet. With the heel cap and reinforced toe, you get additional protection and also extra support from the adjustable hook-and-loop ankle strap

Made of Neoprene, these awesome wading booties feature a five-millimeter body and an EVA midsole. This is some solid protection for those that are on their feet for long periods of time. Allowing you to walk around in confidence, you don’t have to work about jagged coral or rocks with the touch soles on these shoes.

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You can easily wear the Aransas II barefoot the effective closure system on the front zipper. The tension strap on the upper ankle allows you to custom fit these boots making them comfortable to wear. The solid protection that these fish shoes offer is great if you wade in environments that aren’t safe when you are barefoot.


  • These are very affordable shoes for the quality
  • They feature a lot of protection for your feet, so you can wade pretty much anywhere
  • You get a lot of traction with the cleats on these shoes


  • They tend to run a bit big
  • The zipper can get jammed with sand if you don’t rinse it enough


2. Compass 360 Stillwater Fishing Shoes

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A great value for the money, the Compass 360™ Stillwater Fishing Shoe gives you functionality and stability when you are out in the water. Created around a wide, wading style boot, the Compass 360 provides good stability as your fish while protecting your feet. Using durable and tough non-shrinking nylon uppers, these boots also have collars that are double padded giving you a nice and comfortable fit.

With a reinforced heel kicker and toe cap, you get extra protection from any hazards you encounter underwater. Created to be used without or with steel stud cleats that are screwed-in, the Compass 360 comes with a D-ring speed lace system and non-slip rubber outsoles.


  • These boots work really well as stocking foot waders
  • They are a really good deal for the money, especially for beginners
  • They take a lot of abuse and dry very fast


  • These boots run a little large
  • The studs don’t give you good traction on slippery rocks


3. HUK Mens Rogue Rubber Water Wave Mid Boot

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Created for any type of nasty weather condition, the Huk Rogue Wave Shoe features rubber and neoprene construction. Comfortable and durable, these rugged water boots come with a non-slip outsole that features a tread pattern with a lockdown grip that works well on slippery and wet surfaces. With a unique design that is perfect for bad weather, the HUK water shoes will keep you comfortable and relaxed no matter what the weather is like outside.

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Durable and waterproof, the Huk Water Boots are made of rubber and Neoprene that stops water from getting inside the shoe and allows the water to get out. With a comfortable fit on any foot, these boots easy to find the right size and fit.


  • These are great looking shoes that are also functional
  • These boots are comfortable and keep your feet warm
  • They do a great job of keeping water out


  • This is not a good shoe if you have wide feet
  • The inner sole is too thin


4. KEEZMZ Fishing Shoes (Best Light Weight Fishing Shoe)

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Quick-drying and comfortable, the KEEZMZ Water Shoes give your feet full support. With a special design, the outsole of this shoe is light and hugs your foot for a great fit. These are breathable and comfortable gym shoes that you can wear in the water.

With an anti-slip rubber sole, this low-top sneaker features a lace-up closure that is to pull off and put on. The breathable mesh upper is stretchy and soft giving you great flexibility. It ensures a great fit and more freedom allowing you to move the way that you want.

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The KEEZMZ Water Shoes give you lightweight support and breathability for the quick drying of the mesh upper surface. You can use these shoes for any occasion including working out, exercising, traveling, outdoor adventures, sports, training, running, and walking. These water shoes are great shoes for both men and women.


  • These are sturdy shoes with a nice build
  • These shoes are great for the summer and are comparable to big-name brands
  • They dry fast and are very comfortable


  • They are not meant for use in the cold or long hikes
  • They do not come with a manual


5. SoftScience Men’s the Fin Athletic Boating Shoes

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Adding a twist to the popular Fin 2.0 Boating Shoe, the SoftScience Fin 3.0 comes with a four-eye shoe lacing system. The Fin 3.0 also comes with a roomy, relaxed, and more customized fit. You get a more secure heel and a reinforced ankle, forefoot, and toe with this non-marking boating shoe.

Featuring a brilliant self-draining water flow system in the mesh uppers, the Fin 3.0 guarantees a fast-drying shoe. The insole and outsole use SoftScience’s patented Trileon technology to create an incredibly lightweight but sturdy shoe. It is also shock-absorbing preventing your joints and body from feeling pain after your adventure.

Weighing up to ten ounces, this Fin 3.0 is stable, high-impact resistant, and comfortable. By using a closed-cell copolymer, the Trileon technology can grip both dry and wet surfaces and not leave a mark. It also stops moisture absorption for simple cleaning while preventing odors.

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With the forefront water flow system, you can walk through the water quickly while the Universal Comfort Platform gets rid of high-pressure areas to provide great arch support. These are great shoes to use when standing in a boat in rough-seas that support incredible cushioning and support. These Moccasin-style shoes are quick-drying and perfect for the beach or lounging by the pool.


  • These lightweight and stable shoes have great cushioning
  • They have a relaxed and roomy fit
  • The insole can be taken out and washed


  • They don’t breathe well
  • The laces are a little bulky


Best Fishing Shoes Buying Guide

person standing in puddle with fishing shoes

Considerations When Choosing a Fishing Shoe

It can be easy to be overwhelmed when buying a fishing shoe with all the style, model, and brand options on the market these days. If you are wearing these shoes when you fish, there are specific features that you want to look for.

Make sure to keep an eye on the features of the fishing shoes as you make your choice. You want a pair of fishing shoes that will give you the best fishing experience for the conditions that you fish in as well as the best bang for your buck.


You will find that fishing shoes aren’t particularly cheap since they are considered specialty footwear. If you are making a significant investment in your fishing shoes, you want to make sure that they will last you a few years and are worth the money that you are spending. Nothing is worse than buying an expensive pair of shoes that ends up lasting only a few months and falls apart quickly.

If you will be wearing them for long periods of time while standing in the water, or they will be exposed to harsh weather, you will understand that even the best-made shoes aren’t going to last you forever. However, you still want shoes that will stand up to harsh conditions and last a reasonable amount of time. With that in mind, make sure you always check out the construction quality on the fishing shoes you are considering to make sure they will be a durable pair.

Look for stitched soles since they will last you longer than soles that are glued. You want the tongue of the shoe to be attached well to the side of the shoe to guarantee that sand and debris won’t get inside the shoe. Top-notch stitching is also important to prevent the stitching from falling apart right after you buy the shoes. You also want the toe area of the shoes to be rugged and tough allowing them to resist impacts. You will find that some marine shoes have a rugged design that was created to withstand a harsh marine environment making them a durable choice for use as saltwater fishing boat shoes.

Researching the brand can also be helpful to find out the reputation of the product as well as the brand. Reading customer reviews online will also give you an idea of how well a pair of fishing shoes will hold up after some use. Just remember that after you find the right pair of fishing shoes for your fishing style, take the right care and maintenance of them to help increase their lifespan.


An important feature of a fishing shoe, traction will keep you from falling when you are walking on slippery rocks or wading in muddy water. When you fish, you can walk on wet deck surfaces, and on rocky, sandy, and slippery areas on land. You want to find a pair of fishing shoes that has the traction to provide a stable and strong grip, so you won’t slip and fall.

When you find a pair of fishing shoes, make sure the area of the outsole that has contact with the ground has a design that gives you stability and good traction. A non-slip grip is really what you want for the kinds of surfaces you walk on as you fish.

Look for fishing shoes that use rubber in their outsoles since it can grip most surfaces. With a sturdy rubber sole, you can even walk or hike to your favorite fishing spot. If the exterior part of the sole is patterned or textured, you will get even more traction. For the best traction on wet surfaces, look for studded or cleated soles that are built into the sole to give you great grip and stop injuries that occur from falling and slipping.


When it comes to fishing shoes, you want something lightweight. Along with good protection, comfort, traction, construction, and durability, lightweight is pretty important when you are walking a lot or even standing. Your feet will be less tired with a lighter shoe just from wearing it. And then you can also fish for as long as you want without having to worry about discomfort or fatigue. And, if you get drenched while standing in the water, you won’t have to worry about lightweight shoes getting too heavy and making it hard to walk out of the water.

Comfortillustration of man in fishing boots

Comfort is the most important consideration. Your comfort level in the shoes will determine how much you will enjoy your fishing trip and how long you will end up fishing. Remember that a good pair of fishing shoes will keep your feet dry most of all to keep you comfortable on the water.

For a comfortable fit, you obviously need the right size. If you fish in cold weather, look for a size the is a half size larger than what you wear with shoes and socks.

How much cushioning is built inside the fishing shoes or if there is an insole will also affect your comfort level. Fishing shoes need to have enough padding to give support as well as cushioning for your comfort

Those with wide feet need to look for a pair of fishing shoes that have a spacious design and toe area. If the shoe has arch support, it will give you more comfort for those with higher arches.

During the summer, having a pair of shoes that are well-ventilated is important for your comfort. When fishing in cold water, shoes that are insulated and waterproof will keep you comfortable, warm, and dry.

A very important aspect of the shoe that determines the comfort level you will experience is the insole. The outsole is also important as you want to make sure it’s made of materials that allow ventilation for the most breathability. And, vents will help the shoe and your foot dry faster and stop sogginess, which is definitely uncomfortable.

Above all else, you want to be comfortable in your fishing shoes. Most of the time you will be wearing them for many hours, if not all day. So, you want to be as comfortable as possible, which means you need to consider the general fit, water draining, and breathability as you shop.


You will find different fishing shoes for specific purposes. For those that like to do a specific type of fishing, you will want shoes that work for that activity the best. For example, fly fishing requires chest-high waders or wading boots. If you are surf fishing, you will need breathable and lightweight shoes.

If you are fishing on a float tube, canoe, kayak, or boat, you need fishing shoes that drain easily, are lightweight, and give you a good grip on slippery or wet deck surfaces. Having a non-marking sole is also a great feature for those fishing on deck surfaces so you don’t leave any scuffs. Coldwater fishing requires insulated fishing shoes should keep cold water out, prevent frostbite, and keep your feet warm and dry.


There are kinds of styles to choose from when looking at fishing shoes. You will find sandals, athletic shoes, slip ons, and boots. Whatever style is most comfortable for you and is appropriate for the type of fishing you do will definitely be the best choice. Keep in mind that it also needs to provide performance, protection, and comfort as well as have that stylish look you like. Great looking fishing shoes are awesome as long as they are protective and comfortable.

Ankle Support

You also want your fishing shoes to provide enough ankle support, which will help when you are on slippery and wet surfaces. Giving you more stability and balance, ankle support comes in handy on unstable fishing terrain where you can easily sprain an ankle with just a little twist. This is also important when you wade in the water or walk on slippery and muddy surfaces.


What material fishing shoes are constructed of is another important consideration. When you are wearing shoes that are exposed to harsh and wet conditions, you want something pretty durable. You also need shoes that can stand up to the unstable and slippery terrain without falling apart.

You will find that the most common footwear materials are neoprene, leather, canvas, and mesh. Depending on the conditions you fish in will dictate the type of material you need for your shoes.

A lot of boating shoes are made of leather that keeps your feet stay dry by repelling water. Mesh shoes are perfect for warm weather use, wading, and kayak and boat fishing since it lets water drain out easily and they dry quickly. They are also pretty breathable and lightweight making them super comfortable. Canvas will keep your feet protected from sunlight and outdoor elements, plus it will dry quickly and is pretty rugged for outdoor use. Neoprene is good for winter wear since it’s insulated and waterproof keeping your feet warm and dry.

Rubber for your outsoles will give you a secure grip and good traction on most surfaces. Polypropylene and nylon are perfect materials for shoelaces since they are strong, water-resistant, and able to deal with a lot of pressure.

Water Draining System

When you go fishing, getting wet is part of the game. Water is definitely going to get inside your fishing shoes. If you have a good pair, then the fishing shoes will let the water easily drain out allowing the shoes to quickly dry. This guarantees that at the end of the day your shoes will be soggy and hard to walk in. Look for fishing shoes with an upper construction made of mesh and soles that have vents that allow the water to flow out easily.

Gripfishing shoes on pebbels

Not only should your shoes fit you securely, but it should also have a sole with a good grip. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing from a float tube, kayak, canoe, boat, or wading in the water, you will be encountering slippery and unstable surfaces. You will find rubber outsoles on most fishing shoes that have a non-slip grip pattern that works well on wet decks, rocks, sand, mud, and water.


And, you want to find out what maintenance is needed for the fishing shoes you are considering. You want to keep them in good condition to extend their lifespan as well as stop bad odors from developing. If your shoes have a complicated cleaning requirement, you may not be as interested as a pair that is easier to care for.

A basic cleaning routine is enough for most pairs of fishing shoes. Just shaking the shoes to get rid of dirt, debris, and sand and then washing them off with liquid detergent or soap and warm water should be enough to get rid of loose dirt and anything stubborn that might hang on.

After a quick rinse with fresh water, you will want to hang them to dry. First, remove the insoles so they can dry separately, or you can even throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Make sure to avoid really hot water, heat drying, or strong detergents that can ruin your fishing shoes and cause them not to last as long.


It’s not possible to find a shoe that is perfect for everything you want to do in life. But, if you fish, finding a fishing shoe will give you the best functionality for the activity or other watersports. Fishing shoes that are also versatile is a good choice, so if you plan to use them for any other water type of activities, make sure that the shoes will also work for it.


Fish with Fishing Shoes

Q: What Are Fishing Shoes?

A: Designed to be worn while you fish, fishing shoes are specialized water shoes that offer better grip and traction on wet and slippery surfaces. More ventilated than regular shoes, they allow for easy water drainage and fast drying. These specially designed fishing shoes are also made for specific fishing activities like fly fishing.

Q: Do I Need Fishing Shoes?

A: If you are looking for basic protection as well as the best performance for your chosen activity, it is important to wear the right footwear for that particular pastime. If you do a lot of fishing, having a pair of fishing shoes will help you spend a long amount of time in the water. Even though you may not want to spend the money when you could easily wear athletic or outdoor shoes, keep in mind that those other types of shoes won’t give you the protection and comfort that you would get from a pair of fishing shoes.

Often when you fish, you are active for a long period of time wading and walking on slippery and unstable surfaces. This isn’t the time for regular shoes that aren’t comfortable and even can be risky to wear on those types of surfaces. You need shoes that have a stable grip on slippery surfaces. Fishing shoes have the right type of rugged outsole that can handle water and that were created to be comfortable and lightweight when you wear them for hours and hours of fishing. Fishing boots are also designed for cold water keeping cold water away from your feet while also providing thermal protection that is important when you are standing motionless in the water for a long period of time.

Basically, anyone that fishes should wear a solid pair of fishing shoes that will give you a safe time when you are out fishing. They will help to prevent accidents from falling and slipping while also helping you fish longer. Not only will you catch more fish, but you will also enjoy your fishing experience making fishing shoes a worthy investment.

Q: What Is the Best Material For Fishing Shoes?

A: The best outsole material is rubber for fishing shoes since it can give you a good grip on unstable surfaces that you can step on while you are fishing. If you are fishing when it’s hot or on a kayak or boat, the best material is mesh since it lets water drain out fast, and it is breathable and lightweight. If you are fishing when it is cold, neoprene has thermal protection and is waterproof to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

Q:What type of fishing shoes should I buy?

A: This depends entirely on what type of fishing you plan to do, where you plan to fish, and what time of the year you will be fishing in. If you sit on dry land by a lake while you fish and wait for the fish to bite, you probably can wear any type of fishing shoe including sandals that drain or more heavy-duty shoes.

But, if you plan to fish in the water or somewhere boggy, you will want long, waterproof boots that are not only comfortable but effective. And, if you are going to fish in the open ocean, you will want fishing shoes that have a sandal design, so that water can drain out of them as soon as possible. If you fish in the winter it’s best to wear ice fishing boots. You will find that some fishing shoes also include a slope insole that encourages water to flush its way out keeping your feet dry.

Q: What should the bottom part of the fishing shoes be made of?

A: The outsole, or the bottom part of the shoe, should be made of a durable material that gives you traction and stability on slippery surfaces like rocks, river bottoms, and boat decks. A lot of fishing shoes are made with molded rubber and non-slip materials that guarantee safety from dangerous surfaces that slippery, muddy, or rocky. Even if these surfaces look safe at a distance, they can crumble up under you when you start to walk on them. Don’t bother buying fishing shoes without a traction grip or rubber sole since it there is a good probability you will slip wearing them and possibly get injured.

Q: Can fishing shoes be used outside of the water or the boat?

A: Versatile and comfortable, you can easily wear fishing shoes when you aren’t fishing, in the water, or on a boat. You can also wear them for low-impact activities or water sports, but they are not recommended for activities like hiking or running. You also don’t want to wear them on terrains that can damage the sole’s traction that can later affect your safety when you are walking on a slippery surface while you fish.

Since fishing shoes are designed to be very lightweight and not bulky, so you can take them with you when you go on a hike and plan to fish when you get there. They also won’t take up a lot of room in a fishing backpack or with your camping equipment, so they won’t weigh you down.

Final Thoughts

The winner of the best fishing shoe roundup is the Aransas II Fishing Shoe. This is an athletic shoe with a cleated outsole providing great traction on any outside surface. With a heavy-duty zipper closure, these fishing shoes also have a full gusset that will keep the sand off of your feet.

The heel cap and reinforced toe gives you additional protection, and you also get support from the adjustable hook-and-loop ankle strap. These durable wading boots are made of Neoprene with an EVA midsole. The solid protection that these fish shoes offer is great if you wade in environments that aren’t safe when you are barefoot. The definite winner of the best fishing shoe roundup is the Aransas II Fishing Shoe hands down.

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