Best Fishing Sunglasses to Fight the Glare and Fishing Longer

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If you are in a rush and want to choose the best fishing sunglasses they are the Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses.

If you’ve ever been fishing on a certain day when the sun’s rays are directly shining on the water, then you’re probably fully aware of the blinding effects that this type of weather can have on your eyes. Not only that, but the sun’s direct rays can prevent your ability to see into the water for the fish as well as while you’re setting up the equipment and fishing rod, since it’s so bright that you have to squint in order to see. 

This can be inconvenient and even painful if you’re fishing for long period of time. Because of that, you’ll want a pair of sunglasses while you’re fishing. I know when I want to fish for the entire day fishing sunglasses are a must! But finding the right pair to take with you can be difficult. You’ll want ones that are able to comfortably fit on your face without being too tight, and you want ones that offer the proper amount of protection that your eyes need in order to avoid experiencing damage.

But it can be difficult to find the best pair of sunglasses, especially for the purpose of using while you’re fishing and the water reflects the sun’s rays onto you. This complete guide can help you during your buying processes, since it gives you information to reference to during the browsing process. Not only that, but this guide contains reviews about five of the best fishing sunglasses on the market.

The Best Fishing Sunglasses go as follows:

  1. Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses  
  2. Oakley Gascan Sunglasses
  3. Spy Optic Copper Wrap Sunglasses
  4. Oakley Holbrook Iridium Sport Sunglasses
  5. Flying Fisherman Cove Polarized Sunglasses  


Best Fishing Sunglasses

The best fishing sunglasses as rated by fisherman go as follows.

1. Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses in Blackout Green

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These Costa del Mar Fantail sunglasses are highly recommended for you to check out because they are available in a universal size that’s able to offer comfort for practically anyone of any age or size. They are produced with a composite frame that’s capable of offering maximized durability. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about the glasses breaking if you accidentally drop them or damage them in any other way.

In addition to that, these Costa de Mar sunglasses are recommended for you to check out because they come equipped with plastic and polarized lenses, which are beneficial for you because they have the capability to eliminate any glare that might come through your glasses. Given that, these glasses are able to help you see clearly through them. Not only does the polarization help you to see clearly through the glasses, but the width of the lenses also helps you to see through them beautifully, since the lenses only measure one millimeter thick.

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Furthermore, these glasses are composed with a polycarbonate and trivex material that are able to offer lightweight and durable features. Given their lightweight, they offer optimal comfort, since you can barely feel them on your face. Additionally, they also feature a C-wall, which is composed of a molecular bond that’s not only extremely durable but also scratch-resistant. By having scratch-resistant lenses, you aren’t forced to replace them after a few months due to unclear lenses.

Finally, these sunglasses features 100% polarization as well as UV blockage. The polarization help to ensure that there isn’t any glare that’s able to come through the lenses, and the UV blockage helps to provide maximized protection for your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is especially beneficial while you’re fishing on a boat, since the sun’s rays can reflect off of the water and potentially damage your eyes. But these glasses help to prevent any damage or discomfort from occurring, so they’re beneficial especially for fishing on boats.


  • Offers 100% polarization for optimal protection from the sun’s glare
  • Equipped with thin lenses that measure 1 millimeter
  • Produced with a durable composure frame
  • Includes polycarbonate and trivex materials for lightweight properties
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Universal sizing


  • More expensive than some other sunglasses on the market


2. Oakley Gascan Sunglasses for Men with Accessory Leash Kit

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You are highly recommended to check out these Oakley Gascan Sunglasses because you have the ability to choose between a wide range of colors in order for them to match your personal preferences. For instance, you can choose between Cerakote Cobalt, Black Iridium, Desert Tan, Matte Black, Polished Black, Raceworn Blue, or a Steel color.

Regardless of which color you choose, each of these pairs of Oakley glasses feature a plastic frame as well as plastic lenses. Given the plastic material, they’re able to offer lightweight properties, so they’re comfortable when you wear them while fishing. Regarding the lenses specifically, they measure 60 millimeters and they’re not polarized.

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In addition to these features, these Oakley sunglasses are available in a bundle of three items, including the sunglasses as well as the Oakley accessory kit and a Designer iWear care kit. Because of that, you have the ability to care for your glasses properly in order to elongate their life. The care kit comes with lens spray as well as a microfiber cloth that’s specifically designed in order to wipe down the lenses efficiently. Not only that, but you also get a mirror with your purchase, so you can see how your look while wearing the glasses.

The kit also includes a small screw driver as well as a key chain that you can use if you need to tighten the screws or transport the glasses more easily. The care kit included is free of charge, so you’re only required to pay for the glasses themselves in order to receive the Designer iWear Care Kit.


  • Plastic lenses measure 60 millimeters
  • Comes with a care kit that includes a cleaning cloth, spray bottle, mirror, and key chain that also acts as a screwdriver
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comes with an accessory leash that allows you to easily take the glasses with you anywhere
  • Available in a wide range of different colors and shades


  • Non-polarized lenses


3. Spy Optic Copper Wrap Sunglasses

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This pair of Spy Optic Copper Wrap Sunglasses is suggested for you to consider purchasing because they feature a composite frame as well as composite lenses, which are highly recommended because they offer more stability and durability than glasses that only have a plastic lens and a plastic frame. Regarding the lenses, this pair of glasses is equipped with lenses that measure 59 millimeters, and they also offer 100% UV protection.

Because of the maximized protection from the sun’s glare that they offer, this pair of glasses is beneficial because they help to reduce eye fatigue as well as long-term damage from the sun. The lenses are also composed of a polycarbonate material that contains eight bases and are produced using ARC lens technology. Additionally, the lenses are engineered so that they can reduce the overall amount of glare that comes through them, which is great especially while you’re fishing on a boat where the sun will always be around you. Polarized sunglasses are also preferred by most fishermen over non-polarized glasses because they optimize the overall clarity that you have while wearing the glasses.

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Not only do these sunglasses give you the ability to see clearly through the lenses, but they’re also attractive to wear out in public and around other people. More specifically, these glasses feature a matte finish as well as custom gray lenses that offer a classy and attractive design. The frame length altogether measures 127 millimeters.

You can ensure that these glasses are able to live up to your standards, since they have been tested by world class athletes. They feature various different beneficial properties, including the ability to resist scratches. Because of that, they’re able to be used for more than just fishing. Rather, they’re tested and recommended for use while boating in general, snowboarding, hunting, and even off-roading.


  • Composite frame presenting a matte finish
  • Polarized lenses to reduce glare
  • Scratch-resistant and durable
  • Lenses are produced with an 8-base polycarbonate material
  • Tested and recommended by world class athletes from around the world


  • Only available in one color: Matte Black


4. Oakley Holbrook Iridium Sport Sunglasses

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The Oakley Holbrook Iridium Sport Sunglasses are suggested as one of the best pairs of sunglasses because they’re able to offer a diverse array of beneficial features while also being available at an affordable price. For instance, these sunglasses in particular are produced with a polycarbonate material in its frame, which is beneficial because this material is able to offer durable properties as well as lightweight features.

Furthermore, these sunglasses are able to offer 100% protection, since they’re responsible for filtering UVA, UVB, UVC, and other harmful blue lights from entering the lenses and potentially damaging your eyes. The lenses provided in these glasses are produced with a plutonite material that provides lightweight properties as well as comfort, the ability to see clearly through them, and even protection against impact from external items surrounding you.

More specifically, the lenses are classified as Patented High Definition Optics, which is known to offer high quality clarity and sharp vision while looking in practically any direction through the lens. Aside from the high quality lenses that this pair of glasses contains, the frame itself is able to offer lightweight and high quality properties itself, since it’s produced using Oakley’s injection molder thermoplastic O-Matter material. This material is beneficial for use on frames because it improves the strength and flexibility of the glasses over time.

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They also have the ability to fit your face in particular, since they’re flexible and can form-fit your face after you wear them for a while. They have a three-point fit that’s able to keep the glasses in precise alignment with your eyes. They also offer the most comfort for you because they’re stable and only come into contact with your face at the bridge of your nose and behind your temples. The frame itself is also stress-resistant and is able to resist the amount of scratches that develop on the lenses as well as the frame.

Lastly, these Oakley sunglasses are highly advised for you because they come in a variety of different colors of the frames, such as Black, Matte Brown, and even Tortoise. Not only do you have the ability to custom-pick the color of the frames, but you also have the ability to choose between which lenses you want, since you can choose from non-polarized or polarized lenses. Your purchase comes with a microbag that you can store the glasses inside of as well as clean your glasses with.


  • Offer you the ability to customize your pair, since you can choose a frame color and lens type
  • Filters 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light rays
  • Features Patented High Definition Optics material
  • Includes 3-point fit that gives you a stable and comfortable fit
  • Comes with a microbag to clean and store your glasses


  • Previous customers complain that the overall quality of the frame isn’t as high as they’d expected


5. Flying Fisherman Cove Polarized Sunglasses

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You should check out these Flying Fisherman Cove Sunglasses because they are probably the most affordable sunglasses on the market that can still offer you a wide range of benefits. More specifically, these Flying Fisherman glasses are available in a range of colors on the frames, including either Cove, Matte Crystal, Crystal, Matte Navy, or Navy Smoke-Blue Mirror lenses. Given the range of frame colors to choose from, you have the ability to pick ones that match your specific needs and preferences.

Not only are the frames available in various colors, but they’re also produced with a high quality polycarbonate material that’s able to offer both lightweight and durable features. They’re also comfortable to wear for long periods of time, since they’re lightweight and only touch your face on the bridge of your nose as well as on your temples. Consequently, these glasses are able to provide you comfort while you’re going on all-day fishing trips.

Moreover, these sunglasses include lenses that are formulated with a polarized triacetate material that’s capable of improving your visibility and clarity. The lenses are also resistant to scratches, so they can be used for long periods of time while still offering clear viability. The lenses are also able to offer 100% protection from various elements, including UVA and UVB rays.

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Since they’re polarized, you also have the ability to see clearly without having to worry about a glare. Given that, these are beneficial for fishing on a boat, since you can see through the water without being blinded by the sun’s glare on the water. These lenses also have an Acu-Tint coloring system that helps to add color contrast to your vision without distorting the natural colors of things. This tint simply helps you to see more clearly while wearing the glasses.

These glasses are ensured to offer you maximized benefits, since they’re tested in the Florida Keys, which has constant direct contact with the sun’s harmful UV rays. Given their ability to withstand the sun’s direct rays, you can safely use these sunglasses while fishing either on a boat, off of a dock, or simply from land or the shoreline.


  • Most affordable glasses on this list
  • Produced by fishermen for fishermen
  • Frames available in various different colors
  • Tested in the Florida Keys where there’s direct sunlight
  • Lenses contain an Acu-Tint coloring system that increases the color contrast while helping you see clearly


  • Not as comfortable as other types of glasses


Advantages of Using Sunglasses While Fishing

guy wish sunglasses next to lake

Enhances navigation

Wearing sunglasses increases the amount of visibility that you see in general. But polarized glasses help to increase your visibility even more, since they give you the ability to see through the waves and glares that the sun presents onto the water. By having the ability to see through the water, you not only have the ability to potentially see fish, but you also have the ability to see rocks and other obstructions in the water. This can help you avoid getting into a boat accident or getting stuck on the rocks or other vegetation.

Moreover, when you try to look in long distances across the water, it can be difficult to navigate where you are when the sun is shining, since the sun’s glare on the water can make visibility difficult. Polarized sunglasses help to reduce the amount of glare that you experience, so you can more easily navigate where you are within the body of water that you’re fishing or boating in.

Allow you to see into the water

Polarized glasses are also the most beneficial while you’re fishing because they help to reduce the amount of glare and haze that you experience, so you can see into the water to spot some fish in shallower regions. By having the ability to see the fish more easily, you have a higher chance of catching them, since you can cast out to the location that they’ve been swimming in.

Physical protection

Given that you’re likely surrounded by water, sunglasses should be classified as one of the most vital things to bring with you while you’re on your fishing trip. The sun’s UV rays are harmful and dangerous enough as it is. But when you’re surrounded by water, the sun’s rays can reflect off of the waves and make the lighting conditions even brighter, further increasing the importance of using them while fishing .

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Fishing Sunglasses



One of the most important factors to consider when you’re looking for sunglasses, since their main purpose is to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays. When you’re fishing especially, your eyes have the potential to risk severe damage if they’re not protected, since the UV rays will reflect from the water and make your eyes contact the bright light even more so than when you’re not around the water. By not giving your eyes the protection that they need, you can severely damage your retinas, and it may even result in blindness.

Because of that, you’ll want sunglasses that are able to offer maximized protection. For those of you that are fishing on boats especially, you may want polarized sunglasses, since they’re able to prevent even the sun’s glare from contacting your eyes. Polarized glasses are able to offer even more protection than the standard pair of non-polarized sunglasses.

There are typically two types of UV rays that an ideal pair of sunglasses should provide protection against, including both UVA rays and UVB rays. UVA rays are less intensive than UVB rays, but they’re more prevalent. They are the most capable of contributing to skin cancer, so you should still treat these rays with the same severity as UVB rays.

Unlike UVA rays, UVB rays are extremely intense and they are able to cause sunburn and cancer at higher rates than UVA rays. They’re able to provide various different degrees of intensities throughout the year, and they’re usually strongest during the summer months. Given their ability to cause such severe damage, you should make sure that whatever pair of glasses you have is able to provide protection against UVB rays especially.


You should also consider what size sunglasses you need. If the ones that you have don’t fit and they’re either falling off or they’re too uncomfortable to wear, then having the sunglasses is pointless. Instead, you should find a pair that are able to fit your face in particular, and ones that can offer maximized comfortability. In order to find ones that fit your face, you’ll want to look at their frame size, since the size of the glasses frame should resemble the size of your face.


It’s important to consider what type of material your glasses are produced with, since there are plenty of different materials that can offer varying different effects. More specifically, you should consider what type of material your lenses are as well as the frames.

Your lens material is important to consider because you’ll want lenses that are durable and able to offer maximized protection. Overall, there are four different types of lens materials, including optical glass, polycarbonate, NXT polyurethane, and acrylic lenses.

Optical lenses

Optical glass lenses are polished to prevent your vision from getting distorted. They’re usually the most durable and scratch-resistant, so they’re beneficial for people that are planning on placing their glasses in their purse, backpack, or other location where they’ll come into contact with other items that may scratch them.

Polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are plastic lenses and they’re most beneficial for people that are planning on moving a large amount and risk them falling to the ground or getting impacted. Being produced with a plastic lens, these glasses are virtually indestructible, so they can withstand falling to the ground or even getting hit. Not only that, but these lenses are also lightweight, so they’re able to offer comfort while you’re wearing them for long periods of time.

Polycarbonate is also a naturally scratch-resistant material, so they’re able to offer optimal clarity while you’re using them. Additionally, they’re distortion-free, further contributing to the overall clarity of the lenses.

NXT Polycarbonate lenses

This is technically the most durable and high quality type of lens material, since it’s able to offer practically all of the benefits that someone would expect our of a pair of sunglasses. They’re able to offer scratch-resistant features, lightweight properties, a durable construction, and even high clarity. Even though they’re the most expensive type of lens material, they’re able to offer the most beneficial features for practically any activity that you may be engaging in while using them.

Furthermore, NXT polyurethane are made with Trivex, which is a material that’s classified as an advanced polymer material. Because of that, glasses that are produced with a Trivex material are able to withstand some of the most severe impacts. Not only that, but Trivex is also a lightweight and durable material that offer maximized clarity.

Acrylic lenses

These lenses are the most common type of lens material for people that don’t want to spend a large amount of money on their sunglasses. They’re most recommended for more casual use of glasses, since they aren’t able to offer the most durability. They also don’t offer the best clarifying features, so they’re not the most recommended for fishing or other rigorous activities.

Aside from the material of the lenses, it’s almost equally as important to consider what type of material you want your frame to be. Different frame materials are able to offer varying degrees of durability and comfort. You usually have the option of choosing between a metal frame, or one produced from nylon, polycarbonate, plastic, or titanium.

Metal frames

Metal is recommended for sunglasses because of how easy it is to shape and re-shape during production. Metal is also able to resist corrosion and rust, and it’s most easy to shape to your specific face. Because of their heavier weight, metal frames aren’t the most recommended for use during sports. They’re also not the most durable, so that can be a problem while transporting them around with you.

Nylon frames

Nylon material is most recommended for frames that you’ll use while you’re participating in sports. They’re resistant to temperature changes and they’re flexible. Additionally, they’re lightweight and stronger than metal frames.

Polycarbonate frames

This material is most recommended for frame material because it’s classified as a tough plastic. Given that, polycarbonate frames can offer durability as well as flexibility. They’re also lightweight, so they’re able to offer comfort if you’re wearing them for long periods of time, like during fishing season.

Plastic frames

Plastic frames tend to be the least expensive type of frames to purchase, since they offer the most basic features. Even though they don’t offer the most durability, plastic frames are lightweight and can offer optimal comfort.

Titanium frames

Lastly, titanium frames are usually the most expensive types of frames, since they’re the most durable and scratch-resistant. But these frames can also be more expensive than most individuals want to pay for, so they’re not recommended if you’re on a budget.

fisherman with sunglasses casting

Color of the lenses

Another important factor that you should consider before purchasing a pair of sunglasses for fishing purposes is the lens color, since the different colors of the lenses will ultimately help you decide how easy it is to see the fish in the water. Each different color lens offers a varying degree of visibility, so you should consider what type of fishing you’ll engage with to choose the best color lens for your specific needs.


Gray lenses are able to provide the most neutral tone of visibility, and they’re versatile, so they can be used for practically any type of fishing. They help to filter almost all wavelengths of light through the lens without creating any distortion. They’re the most recommended for fishing in the river, freshwater bodies, and still water fishing.


On the other hand, yellow lenses work best in areas that have a large amount of shade, since they don’t offer the most protection during sunlit conditions. They can even make the lighting conditions brighter, depending on the specific shade of yellow that the lenses are.


Given their ability to provide protection as well as provide contrast for your vision, green lenses are appropriate for using in practically any type of fishing condition. Whether it’s a cloudy day or there’s direct sunlight on the water, green lenses are able to provide the most adequate protection needed for safety.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each of these sunglasses included on this list offer you the ability to go fishing while having your eyes fully protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Not only that, but each pair is able to offer durable lenses that can withstand a large amount of wear and tear. Since they’re all able to offer beneficial features, it can be difficult to choose the best pair for your specific needs. Because of that, you’re most recommended to purchase product #1: Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses in Blackout Green.

These sunglasses are the most recommended for you because they’re able to offer you the most beneficial features, including the ability to fit people of all genders and ages, since they’re available in a universal size. Not only that, but these glasses are polarized and have thin lenses, so they offer a clear image when they’re utilized. Not only that, but the frame is produced with a polycarbonate and trivex material that’s able to offer maximized durability.Furthermore, these sunglasses are also lightweight and produced with a C-wall molecular body that’s able to offer scratch-resistant properties. They’re also beneficial for using while fishing in particular because they offer 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Given these wide range of beneficial features, you should purchase these Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses in.

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