The Best Fly Tying Kits

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If you are in a rush the best fly tying kit is the Zephr Travel Fly Tying Kit which is rated the best overall kit. 

Fly fishing is one of the most common types of fishing, but it requires a certain amount of both skill and patience. It isn’t represented as your typical way of fishing that involves casting and returning the reel. Instead, fly fishing involves floating lures that you can use in order to catch fish, since the floating lures essentially act as flies on the water.

But in order to make your floating lure accurately resemble a fly resting on the top of the water, you have to know how to tie a fly. Tying a fly seems difficult at first, but the process becomes easier the more you practice. And when you have the right resources to practice, then your fly fishing adventures will become more successful.

It can be a time-consuming process to make sure that you have all of the equipment required for tying a fly, especially if you aren’t experienced or you don’t have knowledge about the types of equipment needed. That’s why this guide can help you find the right kind of fly tying kits on the market for your specific needs. More specifically, here is some of the most vital information to consider when browsing the web for the right kit, and there are even some of the best fly tying kits on the market included as well.

The Best Fly Tying Kits go as Follows:

  1. Zephr Travel Fly Tying Kit – Best Overall
  2. Scientific Anglers Deluxe Fly Tying Kit – Best Value
  3. TravAid Fly Fishing Gear Kit – Most Compact
  4. Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit – Best Extra Features
  5. DDF Beginner Fly Tying Kits for Trout – Budget Option


Fly Tying Kit Reviews

The top rated online fly tying kits as rated by customers go as follows.

1. Zephr Travel Fly Tying Kit – Best Overall

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  • Travel bag
  • 12 assorted tools
  • EZ Rotary vise

This Creative Angler Zeohr Travel Fly Tying Kit is named the best overall product because it features all of the tools needed to produce fly ties as well as some of the accessories used for customization. Not only that, but this kit includes all of its components within a travel bag that can be easily transported for your convenience.

Because of that, you can easily carry all of your fly tying tools with you so that you can easily make fly ties while traveling. Within the kit, altogether there are 12 tools needed for tying. And the vise included even has an interchangeable base and clamp.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers seem to really enjoy this product, since it comes with more than what they need. More specifically, this product includes an assortment of each tool needed in order to complete a fly, and it even comes in a transportable case.

Consequently, customers that have purchased and used this product are happy to take the kit with them wherever they go.


    • Travel Bag for Easy Convenience
    • Good Traveling Bag
    • EZ Rotary Vice makes tying easy


  • More expensive than some of the other fly tying kits on the market


2. Scientific Anglers Deluxe Fly Tying Kit – Best Value

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  • Hooks included: size 8, 12 and 14
  • Vise has C-clamp base
  • Instructional DVD

If you’re looking for the fly tying kit that offers the best value, then this Scientific Anglers product may be suitable for you. This kit includes all of the tools needed in order to make a fly conveniently wherever you are. The vise even features a clamp base that offers optimal versatility, since it can be clamped wherever you need while on-the-go.

The kit even comes with a DVD that you can utilize in order to watch how to use every tool in this kit specifically. You can easily transport this kit wherever you need, since the tools are stored in the case that has a handle.

>>What Customers Think<<

People that have used this kit find it to be one of the best kits that they’ve come across, since all of the materials are included and there is even an instructional DVD included within your purchase. Not only that, but customers also seem to like that the kit comes with various different accessories for assembling the fly, such as natural elk fur and dyed rabbit fur.


  • Includes an instructional DVD
  • Comes with various accessories for assembly
  • Case is durable and equipped with a handle


  • Case is larger than others, so it’s difficult to fit in your tackle box


3. TravAid Fly Fishing Gear Kit – Most Compact

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  • 168 wet and dry nymph flies
  • 100 fishing accessories
  • Quick knot tying tool

Many fly fishermen like to put their fly fishing tools in their tackle box, but they don’t have the room to do so. If this is you, then you may benefit from using this fly fishing kit because of its compact construction. More specifically, this fly fishing kit comes with 168 pieces of of flies in addition to 100 accessories and a quick knot tying tool.

The tool that’s included within this kit is able to take care of all of the tying required for your fly fishing assembly. Additionally, there is a wide selection of patterns that you can choose from for your convenience.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers love that this kit comes in a compact design, since they’re able to store this fly fishing kit into their tackle box with all of their other fishing equipment. Not only that, but they also seem to love the various selections of colors and sizes of the accessories.


  • Compact design
  • Includes an all-in-one tool for all tying procedures
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t include all of the tools needed for assembly


4. Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit – Best Extra Features

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  • Clear carrying case
  • 48 materials
  • Instruction book

Considering this Hareline Dubbin Inc kit may be beneficial for you if you’re looking for a wide range of accessories and features, since it comes with 48 different materials that you can use in order to produce flies that are unique to you and your personal preferences.

More specifically, this fly tying kit from Hareline includes two different types of beads, six types of hooks, and six types of thread. Additionally, there is tinsel, chenille, dubbing, fur and feathers to use as well.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers enjoy the fact that there are various forms of accessories to place onto their flies. And they like that there is such a variety of different materials overall. But the fact that this kit doesn’t include the tools needed for assembly seems problematic.


  • Includes 48 materials
  • Comes with multiple hooks to make various flies
  • Equipped with a case to carry everything


  • No tools included


5. DDF Beginner Fly Tying Kits for Trout – Budget Option

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  • 6 assorted tools
  • Assorted hooks
  • Neck hackle
  • Instructions for tying

For those of you that are concerned about the budget of the flying kit, this DDF kit may be for you. Available at the most affordable price on the market, this fly tying kit comes with tying instructions that you can utilize when working on flies. Not only that, but this kit includes various different accessories that you can utilize for personalizing your fly, such as strip foam, cactus chenille, weed guard, and more.

>>What Customers Think<<

The customers that have used this product enjoy the amount of customization that this product offers, since it prevents them from having to go purchase their own accessories. Not only that, but they love the number of assorted hook sizes that are included within this product.

It seems inconvenient that the product doesn’t come with a case or any bag to put the tools in, so there were a few complaints about that. But overall, the reviews are positive.


  • Includes instructions for tying
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t come with a storage container


fly fishing kit

Why use a Fly Tying Kit?

Fly tying kits are highly beneficial for you, especially if you’re a beginner, because they come already equipped with all of the tools that you need in order to tie flies and go fishing. Not only do they already have the tools ready for you, but they often have them organized in a certain way as well. This helps to prevent you from having to go purchase any needed tools separately, and it also helps you keep organized.

Additionally, fly tying kits are beneficial because they’re portable. Most of them come in a certain type of packaging that you can use in order to help you transport all of the fly tying tools anywhere that you need to go. Some of them are even compact enough that you can simply store them within your tackle box with all of your other fishing equipment.

Fly Tying Kit Criteria

If you’re not familiar with fly fishing, then it can be difficult to keep track of the different sets of criteria that you need to distinguish a good fly tying kit from a bad one. In order to distinguish between the two, you should consider what comes in the kit, the type of packaging that it comes in as well as the price that each kit is listed for.

Common Things Included



The vice is classified as the tool that can hold your hook still while you’re tying around it. Given that, it’s one of the most essential tools to fly fishing. Without having a high quality and sturdy vice, then your fly may not be as durable as other ones, and it may be rendered useless. Because of that, you’ll want to find a vice that’s sturdy and durable enough that you can effectively tie around the hook without it moving around too much.

Not only that, but tying a fly takes precision work and patience. So when you have the hook constantly moving and jiggling around because of an unstable vice, then you’ll get irritated and your work won’t be as precise as a fly that’s produced with a stable vice.

Grip Dubbing Spinner

In order to produce a strong and durable fly, it’s important that you have consistent and specifically placed dubbing threads. But this can be difficult to produce. Because of that, having a grip dubbing spinner may be essential for you. This tool helps to make sure that your dubbing is tied around the hook consistently and in strong ties, which prevents the fly from coming apart when you continuously throw it into the air and onto the water.

Grip Head

Regarding the whole setup of your fly fishing equipment, the rod contains a handle that you can hold for the entire time that you’re fishing. More specifically, the grip head is classified as part of the handle that you can grip while you’re fishing with the fly at the end of the line. You’ll want a grip head that’s not only durable but also comfortable, since you’ll be holding that certain spot for long periods of time on end.


Scissors are a useful tool to have in your fly tying kit because you’ll need to perform small and precise cuts when you’re tying your fly. Because of that, the most high quality fly tying kits will typically have a variety of scissors, all ranging in from smaller to larger sizes. The types of blades that are on each set of scissors is important to consider as well, since different blades will essentially deliver different types of cuts.

For instance, Tungsten blades are the most recommended to look out for, since they are the most common and they deliver the most accurate cuts, given their extremely sharp blades. Some other scissors included in your fly tying kit may vary in their shape in addition to the certain type of blade that they use. For example, some kits may have scissors that a straight design, while others have a curved or serrated texture to them.

Regardless, you should at least have two pairs of scissors in your fly tying kit. One pair is essentially to cut through tougher materials, while the other is responsible for performing smaller and more precise cuts. You may even find it helpful to have a razor blade in your kit as well, since they offer you more control when you’re cutting .


fly fishing fly

Bobbins are another essential tool to have in your fly tying kit because they are responsible for holding your thread spool in order to maintain the tension that you put on the thread. Since they hold the thread spool, you’re able to create a more durable fly by tying more accurately and tightly.

Bobbins are available in a range of designs and styles, so you can pick and choose which design would be best for your skill level. But the most common version is defined as the spring bobbin, which functions by squeezing the spring arms together in order to increase the amount of tension. Other than the spring bobbin, another common type of classified as the chase bobbin, which operates by using a screw in order to alter the amount of tension that the thread experiences.

Hackle Pliers

Hackle pliers are classified as a pair of pliers that can accurately and efficiently hold the hackle tip tightly, eliminating the risk of the tip slipping out. These pliers are different than the standard pair of pliers because they’re smaller and they have smooth jaws and rough surfaces.

With some pliers, the rough surfaces are too sharp, and they may cut the hackle tips continuously. In that case, then you may want to consider dulling down the sharp edges, and you can do so by using an honor or a file of some sort.

Similarly to many of the other tools needed for fly tying, hackle pliers are available in a variety of different designs, styles and produced with various different materials. Because of that, you have the ability to choose which pair of pliers will work for making your specific fly. And since they fit inside of your hands, they come available in different sizes as well, which can help you choose the best size that will fit in your hand comfortably.

Bodkin Needle

Your fly will fall apart if it doesn’t have the strong and sturdy connections that are needed to cement the lure together. That being said, it’s important that you’re able to apply the cement to the exact places in order to keep the fly durable. The cement or glue helps to essentially keep the fly together, which is important when it’s flying through the air and going through the water.

A bodkin needle is essentially a needle that’s attached to a handle that you hold and use to apply cement or glue to the exact places where it’s needed. Not only does the bodkin help to make sure that the glue is being applied to the right area on the fly, but the small point of the needle also helps to ensure that the correct amount of glue or cement is applied to the contraption.

Teased Dubbing

Dubbing material is essentially the synthetic fibers that you use in order to tie around your hook and other accessories applied to the fly. More specifically, teased dubbing is the type of material that is more coarse and textured than other types, and it’s presented this way so that the accessories can stay attached to the hook more securely.

The amount of dubbing that you use to construct your fly is important because the thicknesses of the different types can vary.

Because of that, if you use a thicker dubbing on your fly, then you’ll most likely need less to do the job. If you use thicker dubbing, you should also keep in mind that less will do the trick, and using too much may increase the overall weight of the fly. On the other hand, if you use a dubbing that is thinner, then you may need to use more in order to fully secure the fly altogether.

Additionally, thinner dubbing will essentially make the fly more lightweight. As a result, if you want your fly to float on top of the water The whole time, then thinner teased dubbing can allow the fly to float. Comparatively, if you want the fly to sink under the surface of the water so that larger fish may notice it, then using a thicker teased dubbing can be sufficient.

Whip Finisher

When your fly is all done, you’ll want to make sure that the lure is complete and tied off correctly in order to prevent it from unwrapping and falling apart when flying through the air during casting. That being said, the human fingers simply aren’t small, precise or strong enough to make sure that the last tie is complete enough.

Because of that, having a whip finish tool can help you with that. More specifically, this tool is structured as a bent wire, and it’s responsible for rotating the thread around the hook in order to tie it off. It’s essentially able to perform a knot that’s called a whip finish. And the whip finish is classified as the last tied off knots that you perform on the fly.

Given that, the whip finish knot is one of the most important aspects to tying a fly, since without it, the fly essentially risks falling apart and is then rendered useless. So the whip finish tool can help you more successfully perform the final whip finish knot at the end of your fly tying process.


It’s important that you find a fly tying kit that comes with everything in one place. That’s why the packaging of the product is important. More specifically, you’ll most likely be carrying this kit with you when you go fishing, and you’re bound to transport the kit with you somewhere at some point. That being said, you should find a kit that comes with all of its included equipment in one place.

This can either involve the equipment in one type of baggage or in one box. Regardless, you’ll want the packaging of the kit to have some type of padded interior to ensure that the individual pieces of equipment don’t develop any damage as you’re transporting it.

Not only that, but the internal compartment of the tying kit should come with either straps, buckles or pockets that each piece of equipment can fit into. This helps to ensure that all of the equipment stays in one place as you’re carrying it around, and it will essentially save you time by having more organized tools.


Fly tying kits come available for a variety of different prices, making it difficult to choose between a certain product that claims to be a higher quality than the other to justify their increase in prices. But this isn’t always the case, and there are plenty of certain manufacturers that are known for having expensive fly tying kits that are produced with simple and lower quality materials.

That being said, you should make sure that you research the different prices of the certain kits, and find out whether the products included within that kit are actually worth the increase in prices.

Overall, it’s cheaper for you to purchase a fly tying kit compared to purchasing all of the different individual tools needed for fly tying, since you’re buying all of them together for a cheaper price. Generally, most kits will range in prices anywhere from $60 to $100. The price variations are ultimately attributed to the certain brand of the fly tying kit, the tools included, the quality of materials as well as certain types of accessories included.

How to Tie a Fly

1. Setup your vice and have all of your equipment handy

2. Put the bent portion of the hook into the vice and clamp it tightly

3. Lay the material for the tail and the wire on the straight portion of the hook

4. Tie your thread around the hook as well as the tail material and wire

5. Put more strands of tail material onto the hook and tie them in place

6. Wrap around 2/3 of the hook in threaded fibers

7. Put the copper wire around the tail material strands

8. Fold the tail strands back over the hook to resemble a tail

9. Go back and forth between adding other accessories to the hook and then tying them into place

10. Wrap the tail strands in place at the end of your accessory application process

11. Hook the whipping tool onto the thread that’s loose at the end and whip the fly with the whipping tool to form a knot and finish off the fly


1. Does the kit include everything I need?

It depends on the specific kind of kit that you have, but most of them contain all of the equipment and tools necessary for at least the assembly of flies. Some kits may contain more or less materials, depending on the specific brand or where you bought it from.

2. What type of fly should I use?

To have the most successful result when fly fishing, you should use the fly that mimics the types of flies and other insects that are in the area. This will increase your chances of catching something, since the animals in that area are used to the way the flies act already.

3. Can I use flies on the end of a standard fishing pole?

It depends. Technically a standard fishing pole features a simple thread, just like the fly fishing rod, meaning that you could use a standard pole for fly fishing. But it’s difficult to mock the movements of a fly accurately with a standard pole.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each of these fly tying kits are able to provide you with the features that you need in order to effectively use, transport and tie your flies. More specifically, each of these kits are able to provide you with the materials that you need to make and customize your flies to your specific liking.

But each kit still comes with its own particular features that can make choosing a certain one difficult. Consequently, you’re most recommended to purchase the best overall kit, is the Zephr Travel Fly Tying Kit.

This Creative Angler fly tying kit is the most recommended because it features an assortment of every tool that’s required in order to tie a fly. Not only that, but it also includes a vise that has the ability to rotate and interchange its base.  Lastly, this Zephr product features all of its tools in a traveling bag that can easily be transported with you or stored in your tackle box.

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