Best Heated Gloves for the Cold

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If you are in a hurry the best heated gloves are the Velazzio Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves.

As winter draws closer, it’s important to start thinking about how you’ll keep warm this season. It seems that, every year, we collectively forget about keeping on the most important parts of our body warm: our hands. As the old saying goes, “there’s no bad weather, only poor preparation”.

Thankfully, there’s now a huge line of power efficient and cost effective battery-powered gloves. Unlike traditional gloves, electric gloves provide consistent, whole-hand heat in even the most chilly conditions.

The right pair will keep you warm for the duration of any task, whether it’s hands-free skiing or hands-on fishing.

If you are looking for the best heated gloves the options go as follows:

  1. Velazzio Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves
  2. Snow Deer Heated Gloves for Men and Women
  3. Greensha Electric Heated Gloves
  4. Savior Heated Gloves for Men and Women
  5. Volt Avalanche X Heated Gloves

Reviews of the Best Heated Gloves

Luckily for you, I’ve compiled some of the most customer-approved heated electric glove brands currently on the market. When making the selection, I’ve made sure to consider materials, water resistance, warmth, and convenience for different tasks.


1. Velazzio Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves

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  • Provides best range of motion and convenience for intricate outdoors activities
  • Very breathable fabric allows sweat to escape while keeping weather out
  • Unique carbon fiber heating panel ensures warmth in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit

Primarily crafted from polyester, the Velazzio gloves provide warmth while remaining highly breathable. With a standard 7.4V rechargeable battery, you’re guaranteed to remain consistently warm for at least four hours on the highest heat setting. Unlike other gloves, this Velazzio pair is constructed with a built-in carbon fiber heating panel that stretches from the back of the hand to the fingers. In temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit, this highly effective yet thin insulation will keep the chill at bay.

Moreover, the gloves employ patented 3 millimeter Thinsulate insulation material that provide maximum heat retention while retaining the highest degree of motion. Lightweight and comfortable, the Velazzio gloves remain surprisingly warm. In line with its lightweight feeling, the gloves feature touchscreen compatible fingertips and grippy rubber-dot palms for the ultimate convenience. These little features make them appropriate for intricate tasks like fishing, hunting, and working outdoors.

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Like most other pairs, users have three heating levels: high, medium, and low that can be independently customized for each glove. The gloves use a power-saving design that preheats the glove at full charge for five minutes, before automatically switching to the medium setting — this little feature doubles the warmth time of your gloves. Of course, depending on your particular preference, you can simply switch back to the highest setting manually.

Featuring a completely water-repellant shell, the moisture wicking fleece lining and Fan-tex membrane keeps all forms of weather out. Interestingly, the interior of the glove allows sweat vapor to escape, ensuring a completely warm and dry experience all day long. The entire kit come with one pair of heating gloves, two rechargeable batteries, one carrying case, and one recharging cable. The only drawback that some customers have mentioned is the battery zipper. Unfortunately, the zipper itself doesn’t include an inline-seam pocket, meaning that it’s prone to unzipping during heavy outdoors activity.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with the Velazzio pair, which guarantees consistent warmth, thin insulation, high range of movement, and complete weather resistance.


  • Made from patented carbon fiber and Thinsulate material that maximizes both range of motion and warmth
  • Intelligent power-saving design keeps hands warm for much longer than traditional heated gloves
  • Excellent water resistance


  • Battery zipper may slip occasionally since it’s not in seam


2. Heated Gloves for Men and Women

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  • Provides warmth through infrared technology
  • Ideal for those with poor circulation, arthritis, raynaud’s, and stiff joints
  • Warmest gloves for skiing, hiking, and other hands-free outdoors activities

The heated gloves are professionally made with sheep leather and a high power, 7.4V 2200 mAh battery for the ultimate warmth. Within just three hours, this pair is fully charged and ready to provide up to six hours of consistent heat.

Depending on your preference, there are three different heat settings to adjust the temperature. The heating element covers the back of your hand, whole fingers, and finger tips without any direct palm contact. In this way, the most cold-prone areas of your hand are kept warm without causing overheating.

The heating element consists of two rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. These gloves stimulate blood circulation through patented far infrared technology, making them ideal for those with stiff joints. Specifically, these gloves are recommended for conditions like Arthritis, Raynaud’s, and poor circulation caused by diabetes.

Made specifically for skiing, these mitts are crafted from insulated cotton, water resistant polyester, and a breathable fleece liner. Customers appreciate the anti-slip, quick drying fabric that’s able to withstand most weather conditions.

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With a velcro adjustable wrist strap, these gloves are guaranteed to stay on for full weatherproof protection. For an even more specific fit, the gloves feature a wrist buckle to further trap in warmth.

If you’re not satisfied, the manufacturers offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. Most inquiries and returns are resolved within twenty four hours of a request. Since the sizing of these gloves are fairly specific, this makes it simple to find the perfect pair.

The entire kit comes with a US standard dual charger, two 2200 mAh batteries, one carrying bag, a gift box, and one user manual. Although they’re fairly bulky like most mittens, there’s no beating the consistent warmth provided by these electric gloves.


  • Provides whole hand warmth through infrared tech, making it appropriate for stiffness and arthritic conditions
  • Crafted from waterproof and breathable polyester shell
  • Features inner wrist pocket that’s perfect for carrying cash, keys, and credit cards


  • May not be appropriate for fishing and hunting since mitts are hard to move hands around in for more intricate tasks


3. Greenshaw Electric Heated Gloves

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  • Most customizable wrist and hand size adjustment
  • Very form fitting with touchscreen-friendly conducive material for optimal comfort and utility
  • Can reach consistent temperatures of up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit

Made of fully conductive material, this electric heated glove provides comfort all day long while remaining warm. The glove is constructed from a dense cotton palm and leather exterior that keeps hands cozy and weatherproof.

Users appreciate the accurate in-seam stitching. Unlike other gloves, this pair features dual stitching along the sensitive finger seams and knuckles. The gloves are very form fitting and three adjustment wrist straps ensure an accurate fit on most hand shapes and sizes.

The gloves feature three different settings for customizable temperature: high, medium, and low. The high heat reaches temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, while low heat provides 113 degrees of whole hand warmth. On high heat, the gloves ensure persistent warmth for approximately two and a half hours. Additionally, the heat light indicator is dim and non-intrusive. Since it’s a red light indicator, it shouldn’t drain battery and will not mess with your night vision.

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It’s recommended that users pre-heat the glove on high for a few minutes before switching to low heat. Due to the tight construction of the glove, residual warmth can circulate comfortably for hours with minimal loss.

Although they require frequent recharges, this affordable pair is perfectly appropriate for any number of outdoors activities. The electric gloves work for both intricate tasks and hands-free skiing, cycling, and hiking.

If you have any problems with these gloves, rest assured that the manufacturer provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This cost effective pair makes a great gift for any outdoorsman and can be returned for a full refund within sixty days.


  • Offers three velcro adjustment points to fit any size of hand
  • Made from fully waterproof and double-lined, accurate stitching around the fingers
  • Intuitive heating light indicator stays out of the way


  • Requires more frequent recharge than other heated gloves


4. Savior Heated Electric Gloves

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  • Provides warmth for the longest time of up to seven hours
  • Adheres to hand shape easily due to pre-curved palm design
  • Offers comparatively very short recharge cycles

Meant to keep you warm during even the most chilly activities, the Savior Heated gloves are made from soft sheep leather on the whole palm and finger tips.

These gloves are powered by a 7.4 V 2200mAh battery that can keep your hands warm for up to six hours at a time. On high heat, the gloves should operate for at least two hours while low heat boasts nearly seven hours of continuous warmth.

Though they’re not the most high power gloves, most users appreciate the small recharge cycle of three hours. With three heated controllers, it’s easy to personally customize the temperature however is needed. Interestingly, this pair is crafted from infrared heating elements that also help to gently encourage blood circulation and relieve the cold naturally.

In terms of convenience, customers appreciate that this pair is easy to move around in. The index and thumb both feature a conducive tip that allows you to use a touchscreen. Though they may be thick, the material adheres closely to the shape of your hand, which allows for a full range of movement.

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These gloves are recommended for those who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, running, fishing, or skiing. Moreover, they’re rated as IPX-4 waterproof, meaning that they can withstand frequent splashes of water from any direction. Perfect for motorcycling, the sheep leather exterior provides an effective barrier against high pressure wind.

Unlike other waterproof or windproof gloves, the unique blend of sheep leather keeps them breathable: your hands aren’t likely to overheat, sweat, or experience inconsistent warmth inside this pair. The major issue is that the highly specific battery type is difficult to replace; most users have to reach out to the manufacturer to receive replacements. Some users are also bothered by the bright light on the exterior of the gloves that advertises the current power level.

All in all, the Savior gloves are a worthy addition to any outdoorsman’s collection. They provide consistent warmth for a diverse range of activities with a short recharge cycle time.


  • Crafted from very soft sheep leather for all day comfort
  • Made with conducive fingertip material for touchscreen use and form-fitting fabrics
  • Two adjustable wrist straps help keep warmth in to reduce the need for highest heat setting


  • Battery may be difficult to properly replace since it’s a very specific Canadian model
  • Easy to turn the gloves on unintentionally, which makes them difficult to pack


5. Volt Avalanche X Heated Gloves

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  • Best water resistance rating due to nylon shell construction
  • Can withstand over five hundred recharge cycles
  • Features inline zippers and wrist tighteners to keep warmth trapped inside glove


Crafted with a patented zero-layer heat system, every square inch of your hands will be kept consistently warm by the Volt Avalanche gloves. Unlike traditional gloves, the Avalanche X is constructed from a triple layer of tricot fleece lining, waterproof membrane, a nylon shell, and a dense leather palm.

No matter the build of your hand, the Avalanche gloves configure to most shapes with the adjustable wrist strap. Additionally, the nylon shell is constructed with a pre-curved design to help them adhere properly to your hands. Most importantly, these heated gloves include two rechargeable 3350mAH batteries and a dual charger for over five hundred recharge cycles.

>>What Customers Think<<

Simply with the push of a button, you’re able to customize the temperature of the gloves to find the perfect warmth. The Avalanche features three power level settings that can be adjusted individually for each hand.Ultimately, it’s the small details that customers believe makes the gloves worthwhile: the inline battery zipper, unobtrusive wrist tightener, thin ski leash, and dual leather inseam might keep this pair comfortable for years to come.

High power should keep the gloves very warm for three hours, medium for five hours, and low for over eight hours of operation.


  • Employs patented zero-layer heat system that ensures consistent warmth across the whole hand
  • Tricot fleece lining and nylon shell ensure waterproof resistance and soft sensation for sensitive, dry hands
  • Features unobtrusive, dimly lit heating indicator for both hands


  • Some unsatisfied users complain that the return policy is needlessly complicated
  • Not available for customers outside the US


gloves in the snow

When Should You Opt For Heated Gloves?


There are many reasons why someone would opt for heated gloves over traditional, yet less expensive, pairs. Although they may seem like overkill, a great pair of heated gloves will last many winter seasons and keep you consistently comfortable all day long.

If you’ve never owned a good pair of electric gloves, you likely don’t know just how comfortable you can be outdoors. To the seasoned outdoorsman, it’s no secret that warm hands can keep your entire body comfortably heat circulated.

Those who spend a significant amount of time outside would best benefit from a more pricey pair of electric gloves. Designed to last for several hours at a time, those who hike, ski, fish, motorcycle, or work outdoors would greatly benefit from a self-heating pair.

Additionally, those who suffer from poor circulation and cold extremities find great relief in heated gloves. Infrared circulatory gloves can even address health problems like rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s, endocrine, and autoimmune conditions.

As we all know, there’s no price that you can put on your own comfort. If you feel that warm hands would consistently improve the quality of your day, they’re absolutely worth saving up for.

Important Criterion for Heated Gloves

What Are You Using the Gloves For?

Before you buy just any pair, you should ask yourself what your primary purpose for the gloves is. The primary distinction between different pairs is whether they’re form-fitting fingered gloves or bulkier mittens.

For skiing and hands free tasks, I’d recommend mittens since they provide consistent, excellent warmth all day long.

For more intricate tasks, you should opt for a form-fitting pair that doesn’t impede your range of motion. Fishing, outdoors works, and using a touchscreen will all require fingered, tight gloves.

Battery Life

Most heated gloves use rechargeable batteries, such as lithium ion units, that can withstand at least a few hundred charges.

Typically, heated gloves offer several different settings that will affect how long the pair lasts on one charge. One recharge should last, at the very least, two hours on high heat. Low and medium settings can often provide consistent warmth for four to eight hours, depending on the battery type.

Nowadays, some gloves feature intelligent heating that dynamically reacts to the temperature of your hands.

Keep in mind that battery life isn’t the end-all-be-all of electric glove design. Many gloves pre-heat for five minutes of high heat, before defaulting to lower heat. After preheating, the warm materials and tight wrist straps will ensure that the pair remains very warm even on low heat for several hours. The well constructed glove can stay warm nearly indefinitely.


Before you buy just any glove, make sure that it has a fit that configures with the type of outdoor work you’ll engage in.

If you need to frequently use your hands for intricate tasks, it’s likely not appropriate for you to get the bulkiest pair you can find. You’ll be much better served by thin, insulated, and form-fitting gloves with an unobtrusive wrist battery pack.

Those who ski or only need gross motor skills should absolutely opt for bulkier pairs. Typically, thicker mitts provide more robust heat guarantees when exposed to cold weather conditions.

Size Guide

Check out this size guide chart for a more accurate idea of glove sizing.


Now, there are so many distinct materials that gloves can be constructed from. That said, there’s no “perfect material” that will give you instant insight into the quality of a self-heating pair.

Often, it’s about how materials are combined for their distinct performance benefits. Many gloves are constructed from a combination of both natural fibers and synthetics to provide the best of comfort, warmth, and water resistance.

Personally, I recommend gloves that feature genuine leather, moisture-wicking fleece inner lining or dense cotton, and a composite outer shell for premium weather resistance.

Although genuine leather is somewhat more expensive, its dense and warm characteristics can’t be beat by any other fiber. That said, you should probably avoid bonded leathers and faux leathers, since they provide few warmth guarantees.

Additionally, moisture-wicking composite fleece or cotton are an absolute must have. Fleece is unique since it’s soft, provides a high degree of consistent warmth, and doesn’t allow sweat to build up on the surface of the hand. To put it simply, fleece prevents internal moisture from escaping while keeping heat trapped in.

For water resistance, keep on the lookout for polyester, nylon, or other composite shells. Since leather isn’t waterproof, it’s vital to find a glove that has a thin yet strong outer composite coating.

I recommend that, before you buy a specific pair, you research into the glove’s listed materials. Knowing the distinctive benefits of different materials will give you better insight into the long term performance of the pair.

For your convenience, here’s a short list of materials to look out for:

Materials to Love

  • Genuine leather
  • Thinsulate 3M insulation
  • Dense fleece inner lining
  • Dense cotton
  • Polyester or nylon for outer weather resistant shell

Materials to Avoid

  • Acrylic or composite linens
  • Faux leather
  • Inner fine mesh
  • Thin cotton

Waterproof and Water Resistance Criteria

No matter what outdoor task you participate in, your gloves should provide an excellent waterproof guarantee. After all, if your hands are wet, there’s no amount of electric heating that’ll make you feel warm. In dangerous conditions, dry hands can mean the difference between life and death.

Most glove manufacturers publish the results of third-party, unaffiliated weather resistance testing. Materials are rated on an IPX, or international protection, rating that ranges from scores 0 to 8.

As you can likely guess IPX-0 provides absolutely zero protection against the elements while IPX-8 is completely impenetrable against any external elements.

Most gloves range from IPX-3 to IPX-5. For reference, IPX-3 can withstand rain, light snow, and gentle water sprays from most directions. Personally, I recommend IPX-5 gloves that can withstand sustained, low pressure water jet sprays from any angle.



Are heated gloves safe to use?

The short answer: yes. By and large, all major brands of heated gloves are safe to use in any condition and provide high protective guarantees. In particular, the lithium ion battery units are designed to only reach certain levels of heat that will not cause fires, electrical burns, and will always fail safely. Heated gloves are safe enough to pack in travel carry ons, purses, and other compact spaces.

Of course, this answer largely depends on the particular pair of heated gloves you choose. Make sure you’re not buying a pair that’s “too good to be true”. I’d avoid gloves that are manufactured from a copy-cat brand or are priced extremely low.

Is it okay to get heated gloves wet?

For the most part, your glove should be able to withstand normal sources of heavy water and weather. Most battery pack zippers are internally lined to create a seal against water. That said, I wouldn’t place your gloves directly under a lake or in the sink. If you need to wash them, make sure to first take out the battery pack that’s normally stored on the back of the hand of the wrist.

How do I properly wash a water resistant or leather glove shell?

Depending on your pair, washing the gloves may cause the water resistant shell to disappear. It’s recommended that you apply a light solution of warm water and dish soap to the glove with a soft cloth.After washing, make sure to wipe off the soap with a damp, clean cloth and then dry with a towel. Don’t leave leather and waterproof materials in a pool of water for an extended period of time.

How should I store heated gloves?

In order to maximize the life of your gloves, you should take care to store them properly during the off seasons. Keeping your gloves in a hot car will slowly degrade the performance of the battery.I recommend you store them on a temperate shelf in a dry room, ranging from 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Contrary to popular misconception, your gloves should never be fully discharged before storage, since this could cause the battery to fail.

In case of long term storage, it’s recommended that you recharge the gloves once every four months.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s hard to wrong with the Velazzio heated gloves. Offering the best insulation material and intuitive re-heating system, the Velazzio guarantees persistent warmth in even the chilliest conditions. Moreover, the Velazzio pair is tailor-made for both hands-free and intricate activities in the cold outdoors. There’s no beating the efficient, high capacity 7.4 volt rechargeable battery. With a fully water repellant shell and moisture-wicking fleece lining, the Velazzio provides one of the most comfortable, warm, and convenient experiences.

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