Best Kayak Scupper Plugs

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If you are in a rush the best kayak scupper plugs are the XtremeAmazing  Scupper Plugs.

If you’ve ever been kayaking, then you’re probably aware of the fact that water sometimes seeps into the cabin of the kayak. Sometimes a small amount of water isn’t a problem, but water in larger amounts can not only be annoying, but it can get your gear wet. That being said, many kayakers decide to invest in a scupper plug. Scupper plugs are essentially small plugs that fit inside of the scupper drain holes in the kayak, preventing any water from getting inside.

Not many people think about getting a good scupper plug, since scupper drain holes are on the kayak for a reason. But having a high quality scupper plug can offer many benefits. Here is a guide that can help you choose the best scupper plugs for your convenience by giving you factors to consider as well as reviews of the best plugs on the market.

The Best Kayak Scupper Plugs go as follows:

  1. XtremeAmazing 10 Pack Marine Kayak Scupper Plugs – (Best Overall)
  2. Pelican Boats Sit-On-Top Kayak 4-Pack Scupper Plugs – (Best Value)
  3. Essential Marine Products Neon Green Kayak Scupper Plug – (Easiest to See)
  4. Seattle Sports Kayak Scupper Plugs – (Budget Option)
  5. Essential Marine Products Kayak Scupper Plug Kit – (Most Versatile)

What is a Kayak Scupper Plug?

Just as the name suggests, scupper plugs are classified as plugs that are used to close up the drain holes that come in kayaks. Drain holes are initially present in kayaks in order to help drain out some of the water that may get inside of your boat. But if you’re in choppy water or you have a large amount of water in your boat for whatever reason, then plugging up these scupper holes can help you to drain out the water with a pump or a sponge.

Scupper plugs present rubber, foam or silicone constructions that can easily be plugged into the hole on the bottom of the kayak by retaining its shape once it’s pushed through the hole. Water can collect. Not only do scupper plugs block out the water from coming into your boat while you’re using it, but they’re also capable of draining out water from the kayak after you’ve already used it. They feature different levels within the plug’s construction, so you can gradually release water from your kayak without any other water seeping in .

Pros of Using Scupper Plugs

Obviously it’s beneficial to have a scupper plug to gradually reduce the amount of any water that comes into the kayak. But there are other benefits as well, including the fact that they have a short cable attached to them so you don’t lose them. They also help to diminish the overall amount of water that will come into the boat when you don’t have any plug over the scupper holes in general.

Lastly, scupper plugs keep the water out enough so that you can use a bilge pump if you have a sit-inside kayak that has accumulated too much water for your liking. You’re even recommended to have a bilge pump or a sponge on the boat with you if you have your scupper holes plugged, since the risks of your kayak drowning are higher.

Cons of Using Scupper Plugs

Scupper plugs tend to be smaller in size, so you do risk losing the plug while you’re out and about. Not only that, but these plugs also wear down over time. Since you’re constantly pushing the plug through the hole, the rubber material on the outer portion of the plug tends to wear down as you’re using it. Because of that, you may have to replace the plug after a few months or years of using them.

Lastly, scupper plugs aren’t beneficial for more calmer waters. The drain holes in boats are initially made to let accumulated water seep out, and they help you to more easily flip your kayak if you ever capsize. That being said, they can make flipping the kayak back over more difficult when you’re in calm waters due to the pressure .


Kayak Scupper Plug Reviews


1. XtremeAmazing 10 Pack Marine Kayak Scupper Plugs (Best Overall)

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  • Rubber material
  • 10 Pack
  • Fits holes less than 3 cm

Classified as the best scupper plugs overall, the XtremeAmazing scupper plugs come in a pack of 10 that allows you to easily plug all of the drain holes that your kayak may have. These plugs feature a tiered design that helps to both prevent water from coming in and also remove any water that’s already in the boat.

Furthermore, these plugs can be used for various different types of boats, including kayaks, canoes, larger fishing boats and even inflatable boats. They even have a small hook design at the top of the plug that helps you to easily remove the plug when you’re done kayaking.


  • Rubber material makes them easy to put into the hole
  • Works in practically any boat
  • Hooked design for easy removal


  • Black color makes them difficult to find


2. Pelican Boats Sit-On-Top Kayak 4-Pack Scupper Plugs (Best Value)

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  • EVA foam material
  • 4 pack
  • Fits into holes less than 1.25”
  • Attached cord

Offering the best value on the market, these scupper plugs from pelican boats are most beneficial for sit-on-top kayaks that have scupper holes less than 1.25 inches. They’re made with a durable EVA foam material, so they’re able to withstand for long periods of time without requiring you to replace them.

Not only that, but these Pelican scupper plugs feature a cord attached to the tops of them that reduce the risk of you losing them over time. You also get four plugs when you purchase this product, so you can plug all of the scupper holes that are in your kayak.

Customers that have previously purchased these plugs love the overall design of them, since they feature a style that makes the plug easy to push through the scupper holes. Not only that, but they love the cord attached to the top, since it helps you more easily remove the plug when you don’t need it anymore.


  • Durable foam material
  • Cylindrical design for easy operation
  • Fits all major brands of kayaks


  • Present a black color, possibly making it difficult to find them at nighttime


3. Essential Marine Products Neon Green Kayak Scupper Plug (Easiest to See)

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  • Rubber material
  • 4 Pack
  • Fits holes less than 1.5”
  • Comes with attached cords on each
  • Neon green color

For easy to see and hard to lose plugs, these Essential Marine Products scupper plugs are formulated with a durable rubber construction that’s presented as a neon green color. Scupper plugs are small and easy to lose, so by having neon green plugs, you can easily spot them when needed.

Customers admire their overall construction, since they feature a cylindrical structure that looks like a cone. Given the cone structure, the pressure of the plug is tight when it’s plugged into the drain hole, preventing water from coming in and allowing you to drain water when there’s too much in the boat.


  • Easy-to-spot neon green color
  • Suitable for practically all kayak brands
  • Long attached cord for easy usability


  • Smaller in size than other plugs


4. Seattle Sports Kayak Scupper Plugs (Budget Option)

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  • Solid silicone material
  • 2 Pack
  • Glow in the dark/Neon Green

The Universal Kayak Scupper Plugs from Seattle Sports are a great option for you to use when plugging your scupper holes because they’re formulated with a neon green color that not only shines bright during the day, but it’s also capable of shining at nighttime as well. These scupper plugs feature a tiered design that helps you to fit a wider variety of different drain hole plugs.

Furthermore, these scupper plugs are produced with a solid silicone material that can last for longer lifespans than other products that are known to wear off over time. Even though you only get two plugs in a pack, customers love that the overall design is universal and user-friendly.


  • Neon green, glow-in-the-dark color
  • Tiered design fits basically all drain sizes
  • Solid silicone elongates lifespan of plugs


  • Only comes with 2, rather than at least 4 like other products


5. Essential Marine Products Kayak Scupper Plug Kit (Most Versatile)

>>Check Price on Amazon<<



  • Rubber material
  • 4 Pack
  • Fits holes less than 1.5”
  • Comes with attached cords
  • Royal Blue color

If you’re looking for scupper plugs the work for boats of all different types, then these Royal Blue universal plugs from Essential Marine Products can benefit your specific preferences. For instance, these plugs are suitable for Hobies, Ocean Kayaks, Native Kayaks, Old Town Kayaks as well as various other brands.

Available in a group of four, these plugs are produced with a durable rubber material that can easily be pushed through the drain holes of any kayak. They also have a cylindrical design that’s smaller in diameter near the bottom of the plug, making them easier to operate and stronger when installed.


  • Act as universal plugs
  • Cylindrical design keeps hole completely plugged
  • Easy to pull out with the attached cord


  • More expensive than some of the other plugs on this list


Kinds of Plugs Available

There are various different kinds of scupper plugs available on the market, each ranging in the size, brand and the material that they’re made with. Some plugs are larger and others are smaller, depending on the certain size of your kayak.

Additionally, some scupper plug brands are higher quality than others on the market. Lastly, they can differ in the type of material that they’re produced with, including rubber, silicone or even foam. Most are produced with rubber in order to help the plugs more easily fit through the scupper hole.

Given that there are so many different sized plugs and ones formulated with different materials, the type of plug that you choose depends on personal preference. You should just make sure that the certain type you have can fit inside your specific kayak.

How to Get Rid of Waterkayak scupper plugs

Scupper plugs are responsible for plugging up the holes to prevent water from coming into the kayak. They’re commonly used to plug the holes when you have a large amount of water within the kayak. After you plug the holes, you can drain the water out of your kayak in various different ways, ranging from sponges to bilge pumps.

Sponges are more for kayaks with less amounts of water in them, and they feature a sponge material that can be used to soak up the water. They’re small and easy to use, so you should at least carry one in your kayak with you.

On the other hand, bilge pumps can remove the water through using a pump that’s either man-powered or electronically powered. The man-powered one usually has a handle that you can pump the water out with, and electronically-powered ones can pump the water out with batteries.

Regardless of whichever type of method you use, it’s important that you at least carry one of them with you in order to remove larger amounts of water in severe cases.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each of these scupper plugs are able to offer you various benefits, including the ability to plug multiple drain holes at once. More specifically, each of these products includes plugs that come with multiple pieces at once, so you have the ability to kayak in a completely dry boat.

Even though each of these plugs is both beneficial and recommended for you, the best overall scupper plugs are product #2: XtremeAmazing 10 Pack of Scupper Plugs. Not only do they have a durable, rubber and tiered construction, but you also get 10 of them for the price that many other products charge for only four of them.

Furthermore, these plugs have a hook-shaded design on the top of the plug that allow you to easily install and remove the plugs from the drain holes of your kayak. Given each of these beneficial features, you should purchase the XtremeAmazing 10 Pack Scupper Plugs.

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