The Best Pool Floats for Adults Full Reviews

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Who said kids are the only ones that can have some fun? It’s a warm summer day and you are in the office with (hopefully) the AC on. you are dreaming of going out on the water and enjoying some quality time in the swimming pool or lake. Swimming is great and everything but it gets tiring after a while and not to mention cold. The best thing you can do is get a pool float! We have listed a few different ones with a variety of different budgets in mind. If you are looking for Inner Tube Specific item we have a page for that.

Why do Adults need Pool Floats?

  • They are relaxing
  • They are funny (Anytime I see a Giant Flamingo float you always know they have a sense of humor)
  • Adults like to have fun too!
  • Great way to spend time with friends
  • Great way of getting in some Vitamin D
  • They are reasonably priced
  • Great way to make friends! (let’s face it, anytime there’s a giant flamingo/ unicorn/peacock at the beach people flock to it)

If you have a whole group of friends inflatable islands are the way to go

The Best Relaxing Single Pool Floats

GoFloats Unicorn Inflatable Float

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  • Unique look and design
  • Carries weight of up to 500 pounds
  • Very comfortable for an adult
  • Premium vinyl raft material
  • Unique rapid-inflate valve

If you are looking for a great inflatable float that also catches the eye, it doesn’t get better than the Unicorn Party Tube. It is stylish, eye-catching and looks great in the water. It is huge so even a tall person can sit comfortably on it.  It has the capacity to carry the weight of over 500 pounds so it is more than enough for even the heaviest person around. The unicorn look makes it stand out at pool parties.

The Unicorn inflatable float is made of is made of premium vinyl raft material. This makes it very safe and durable. It is more than 25% thicker than most of the other inflatable floats in the market. You can use it in a variety of water bodies like pools, rivers, lakes, the beach and even the ocean.

It has a rapid-inflate valve. This allows you to inflate the float five times faster than other floats. Even the deflation is fast.  The customer service of Go Floats is based in Orange County, CA and is quick and responsive.

>>What customers think<<

Online reviewers, especially women, loved the float. The unicorn look stands out in the swimming pool. Many reviewers who were plus sized and heavyweight really liked the float and commented that it held their weight well. The ease with which you can inflate the float and its light weight were other points that reviewers commented on. The strength and durability of the float were points that people spoke about too. A few people took it in rivers and even in rapids over rocks and branches but it still didn’t tear.

There are a few reviews online which mentioned that they had an issue of tears in the fabric due to which the float would deflate within an hour.

What We Liked

  • Very durable
  • Unique design and stylish
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Great weight carrying capacity
  • U.S. based company

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a tube rather than a recliner or a lounge
  • Does not Have Cup Holders

Swimways SpringFloat Recliner XL Review

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  • Headrest and Backrest keeps you upright
  • Integrated ottoman
  • Built-in Cup Holders
  • Secure Handles
  • Increased stability due to patented Inner Spring Technology

The Swimways SpringFloat Recliner is a pool float that is fabric covered and has an extra spacious seat and is long. This makes it a great float for tall and large people. It has an inner spring which is patented. This spring is stitched to the outer edge of the float so that you get more comfort and stability when you are in the pool.

The seat is made of mesh so your lower body will be just below the surface of the water. This ensures that your body is cool even on hot days. It has an integrated ottoman, backrest, and headrest. It also has a cup holder. It is very compact and can be packed for storage during the months you don’t need the pool float.

The price of the Swimways SpringFloat Recliner XL is very reasonable given its features and the comfort that you get due to the backrest, headrest and inner springs.

>>What Customers Think<<

Most of the reviews online mentioned that it is very comfortable and great for large people. There were many comments about how easy it is to use and that it is very compact when you need to store it after you are done with it and during winter when you may not use it.

There were a few comments about the quality of the material used due to which the pool float is not very durable. They mentioned that it punctures easily.  

What We Liked

  • Has the capacity to carry heavy weight
  • Comfortable for tall people
  • Doesn’t bend even with weight
  • Reasonable price
  • No need for a pump

What We Didin’t Like

  • Material may puncture
  • Some items came defective
  • Not very durable
  • Not suitable for tanning

Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge Review

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  • Comfortable armrests which are at a height
  • Comfortable backrest
  • The cup holder is inbuilt in the right-hand side
  • Comes in 1, 2 and 4 pack options
  • 2 assorted colors of a clear top and blue or gold vinyl at the bottom

The Intex King Kool is the best budget pool float for adults in the market. It is transparent and comes with beams of many colors that give it an attractive look.

It comes with a backrest, an armrest and a drink holder which is on the right side. The price of the King Kool is very attractive so even though the material is not great, it is an excellent deal for the price. It is made by Intex which is a very famous brand. Since the backrest has a separate inflating valve, you can also use this float for tanning by inflating only the float.

>>What customers think<<

Customers found it very comfortable and extremely cheap for the value that you get. It can easily carry big and heavy people. You can also use it to carry your dog.

Some people had an issue with the durability but it is worth it for its price. Even though there were reviews online about durability, there are many reviews from people who have used it for years. There were a few comments about the difficulty in inflating it, but you can pinch the valve stem until you can directly blow air into the valve and you will be able to inflate it easily.

What We Like

  • Excellent price
  • Intex is a world-class brand
  • Comfortable in the pool
  • Complimentary repair patch
  • Separate inflation valves for the backrest and the float

What We Didn’t Like

  • Quality is not great
  • Average design

Best Giant Pool Floats for Adults

You may remember these floats from instagram. Lets face it, if you are following some Instagram influencer you will at one point or another find a picture of them accompanied by these giant floats. These best giant pool floats can usually fit at least two people and have multiple inflation areas so you won’t be out of breath trying to blow one up!

If your looking to draw some attention at the beach these floats are your best bet! After All everyone loves a giant animal themed float!

Pink Flamingo Pool Float & Tube

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  • Very durable with high-quality vinyl
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Strong handles
  • Multiple air valves for easy inflation
  • Stay Cool Technology for less heat absorption
  • Flat surface float

The pink color of the Pink Flamingo Pool Float & Tube stands out immediately in a pool or on the beach. The Pink Flamingo pool float is very soft so it is very comfortable. It is made of very high-quality vinyl so the durability of the float is great. It is 80 inches you can comfortably sit on it without getting wet.

Since the size of the float is large you can easily use it in the sea or in a lake. It is in fact so big that you will feel that you are floating in a cloud.  Since the float is made of high-quality material, you can use it on any type of water body.

The look of the pink flamingo is very unique and you can inflate it very fast. The float has multiple valves so that it is easy for you to inflate the float.

>>What Customers Think<<

Most customers said that it was very large and could easily carry multiple people. It is strong and long-lasting. The look is very unique and inflates quickly. It is very sturdy and comfortable. It looks great and is a perfect gift.

There are a few reviews online where they mentioned that it started leaking in the first hour of use, but if you contact the customer support, you can get the issue resolved. It is also very bulky due to its size so difficult to carry.

What We Like

  • Extra valves so you can inflate faster
  • High-quality material
  • Good design and very comfortable
  • High weight carrying capacity

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not very portable
  • No patch repair kit

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

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  • Premium non-phthalates raft-grade material
  • Rapid valves
  • Weight carrying capacity

The Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float at 9.5 feet can easily carry two adults with a total weight of 400 pounds. The Unicorn looks great and it has a nice new matt finish. The material used is thick, durable and soft. The Jasonwell Company has used premium non-phthalates raft-grade material which is very durable.

The Jasonwell pool float can be inflated very fast as it has rapid valves which help you to inflate the float five times faster than normal floats. You can use your hair dryer, a compressor or a toy foot pump for inflation.

Since the float is inflatable, it is easy to carry to the beach or to a lake. It is a bit bulky and heavy when you compare it with other floats since it is made of high-quality material and is large in size.

>>What Customers Think<<

Most of the reviewers online loved the look of the Unicorn. It looks great and is very sturdy. It is very spacious and an adult can easily sleep on it. You can use a hair dryer or a pump to inflate the float. It comes with a nice backpack for transporting.

The float is a bit difficult to mount in the water. A few reviewers online had an issue with the unicorn being leaky so it would be good to immediately inflate it when you get it to check for issues and contact the Company if there are any leaks.

What We Liked

  • Fast inflation
  • Great weight carrying capacity of up to 400 pounds
  • Very large with a length of 9.5 feet when inflated
  • Patch kit
  • Rainbow hair
  • Great look

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy at 5.45 pounds
  • Bulky when deflated
  • Requires an electric pump
  • No cup holders

Intex Mega Yellow Duck, Inflatable Island Review

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  • 2 rider capacity
  • 2 handles for gliding on the pool
  • Can be used to ride, play or lounge
  • 2 air chambers
  • Lightweight and easy to inflate
  • Heavy-duty vinyl

The Intex Mega Yellow Duck, Inflatable Island is one of the best giant pool floats in the market. The mega yellow duck island pool float from the Intex brand stands out in terms of quality and appearance.  It is very comfortable and you can literally sleep on it if you are in a pool or lake.

The duck is great as a gift too. The float is heavier than other floats in the market of its size but that would be because of the heavy-duty vinyl material used. This makes it difficult to carry. Also, the air valves are normal and though the float inflates fast, you need an air pump to inflate it.

The Intex mega yellow duck inflatable is reasonably priced given its size, quality and weight carrying capacity. It looks great and stands out at a pool party. The Duck has 2 built-in handles on either side which will help you to keep your balance when you are on the float. It also makes it easy to climb on top of the float. You can hang on to the duck safely especially if you are out on a lake or the sea. You can ride on it or just lounge on the flamingo.

The diameter of the duck is a little over seven feet. The size is less when compared to the other two giant pool floats that we reviewed but it is long and wide enough for two tall adults.

>>What Customers Think<<

Most of the reviewers online praised its size and look. The float is easy to inflate and most didn’t have any issue with leaks. The colors didn’t fade even though it was kept in the sun and rain for weeks. Since the handles are on the body rather than around the neck, you can mount the yellow duck easily.

Some reviewers mentioned that their floats were leaky.


  • Intex Brand
  • High-quality material
  • Doesn’t tear easily
  • Carries two adults
  • 2 air chambers making it easy to inflate


  • Heavy at 10 pounds
  • Not as large as the other giant pool floats reviewed
  • Not very portable
  • Needs a foot pump

What to Look for in Pool Floats


What are the quality materials used? To see if the pool float is truly durable enough look at customer reviews, that will be the tell tale sign as to how durable the float is. Of course there are bound to be the odd manufacturing defect in almost anything so make sure if there is a problem that the seller/ manufacturer has good customer service

Styles and Use

Everyone’s preferences are a little different. I personally like pool floats that have room to hold at least one drink while others don’t hold that in such high regard but instead want room to lie down. Think of what you desire from a pool float and look for something that is close to that style.

Accessories that Help

Drink Holders

If your pool float  does not have a drink holder fear not! there are lots of floating accessories that you can get to hold your drink like..

Individual cup holders

Floating Coolers

Electric Pumps

I’ve floated on the lake more than a few times so trust me when I say this, get an electric pump! This will save a lot of effort and time, especially if you have a bigger pool float. I’ve found any of these works well

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