Best Pool Lights of 2020 – Get the Best Set up for your Pool

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If you are looking for the best Pool Light it’s the Pentair IntelliBrite 5G White Underwater LED Spa Lights

The Best Floating Pool Light is the LOFTEK 12-Inch LED Light Ball 

Who said you had to limit your pool time to the daytime hours?

Pool lights provide safe mood-enhancing illumination for evening adventures in the water. Whether you’re planning on entertaining guests or simply want to indulge in some moonlit H2O, we’ve six fabulous lights that will help you safely navigate the water and maybe even enjoy some visual entertainment.

Read along to discover the top floating and wall-mounted pool lights and find out which ones are right for you.

The Best Pool Lights are as follows

  1. Pentair IntelliBrite 5G White Light Underwater LED Spa Lights
  2. Pentair 78448100 AmerLite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light with Stainless Steel Face Ring 
  3. Intex LED Pool Wall Light

The Best Floating Pool Lights are

  1. LOFTEK 12-Inch LED Light Ball
  2. Set Of 12 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls
  3. Ocean Blue Aqua Light Floating Pool Light


Best Pool Lights Reviews


1. Pentair 640141 IntelliBrite 5G White Light Underwater LED Underwater Pool Lights Review

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Pentair has laid claim to being the brightest and most energy efficient LED pool lights and spa lights on the market and is rated as the best pool lighting system. According to the manufacturer, it consumes 50 percent less energy than competitors and 89 percent less energy than incandescent lights. It is also incredibly easy to install and designed to work with the IntelliTouch and EasyTouch Control Systems. The 50-foot string is available in 120 and 12-volt versions.

Customers are obsessed with the Pentair’s color-changing pool light capabilities and pre programmed light shows. It offers five different individual colors. It also boasts several preset color sequences with adjustable changeover speeds. Apart from that, the Pentair lights have high-quality of light, with uniform intensity, no glare, and no hot spots. It even boasts a 180-degree rotating lens that provides wide and narrow beam patterns.

The IntelliBrite lights are available in 100 and 120-watt incandescent equivalencies. They also come with a custom reflector that helps to eliminate blinding hot spots. Finally, the lens features an impressive geometric design that broadcasts all five colors wonderfully. It also features a durable stainless steel face ring embossed in a decorative Greek key pattern.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers seem deeply satisfied with the Pentair 5G lights. First off, the 120 VAC light is easy to install. After all, it can be connected to any preexisting 120 VAC line with GFCI protection. What’s more, many customers who used these to replace older incandescent lights noticed a significant decrease in their electrical bills. Beyond that, countless customers have remarked on the Pentair’s bright and widely distributed white light.


  • Rotate 180-degrees to adjust beam size
  • 50-foot cord
  • Works with IntelliTouch and EasyTouch systems
  • Five color settings and seven preset light show settings
  • Reflectors reduce glare
  • Affordable


  • Recommended installation by certified electrician

2. Pentair 78448100 AmerLite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light with Stainless Steel Face Ring

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The first thing we noticed about the Pentair AmerLite Incandescent lights is their attractive stainless-steel face ring that is embossed with Greek key. The lights also have an 8 3/8-inch prismatic tempered glass lens that’s held securely with a uni-tension clamp. If you are looking to get funky, AmerLite sells snap-on lens covers that are available in blue, red, green, and amber. Plastic snap-on face rings are also available for the stainless steel rings. These color-changing accessories are great for creating personalized mood lighting.

One of the coolest features of the Pentair AmerLites is that you can change the bulbs without lowering the water level. Not to mention, they have heat-sensing cutoffs for low-water protection. These lights are also extremely versatile and can be installed in any full-size Pentair Pool Products, American, PacFab, and Purex Niches. While you will need to replace the bulbs on occasion, the fixtures should be set for life.

Customers love the AmerLite’s bulb changeout feature, as it’s far cheaper than replacing spent LED lights. They also rave about the AmerLite’s ability to light up an entire pool without using an excess of electricity. What’s more, they remark on the AmerLite’s ease of installation.

>>What Customers Think<<

The Pentair AmerLites are UL Listed underwater lights. They boast 120-volt connections that must be attached to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). These lights are certified for use in freshwater with salinity as high as 6,000 ppm.

While it may seem like incandescent fixtures are the pool lights of the past, the Amerlites give many modern pool lights a run for their money. Not to mention, Pentair has already produced an LED line that is fit to replace the AmerLite incandescent series. As a matter of fact, AmerBrite LED replacement lights are actually engineered to fit into AmerLite light fixtures.


  • Decorative stainless-steel outer ring with Greek pattern
  • Uni-tension clamp
  • 8 3.8-inch prismatic tempered class lens
  • UL listed when installed with Pentair Niches
  • Heat-sensing cutoff for low water protection
  • No-duss bulb changes
  • Interchangable snap-on colored lenses
  • Optional white plastic face ring
  • AmerBrite LED replacements fit in the AmerLite fixtures


  • A leak will trip the breaker
  • Incandecent bulbs require intermitent replacement
  • Utilizes more power than LEDs

3. Intex LED Pool Wall Light

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If you’re looking for a solid light for an above-ground swimming pool, be sure to check out the 110 to 1,120-volt Intex pool wall light. This vibrant illuminator attaches to the wall of the pool via a unique magnetic attachment. It efficiently utilizes electric power to provide smooth, bright underwater light for an evening full of fun.

The Intex’s magnetic attachment is super reliable, but the light still boasts a built-in floatation feature to protect the unit in the case that it gets dislocated from the side of the pool. As such, you can safely attach this light anywhere along the side of your pool. It’s got a unique kidney-shaped lens that is supposed to maximize the distance and power of the light.

It also boasts 50-watt halogen bulb that’s strong enough to safely illuminate the walls and floor of a standard above-ground swimming pool. Some of the light even appears to stretch over the top of the pool and extend to nearby surroundings. While Intex does not specify how many lumens this translates to, we’d say its a bit brighter than traditional 50-watt halogen lights.

It’s also safe to say that these pool lights are easy to install. They come with a standard 120-volt plug, a 12-volt transformer, and 23-foot power cord. Keep in mind that the light is not compatible with metal-sided pools. It is compatible with PVC-walled pools with a thickness no greater than 1 millimeter.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers have raved about the Intex’s ability to attach to their pool walls without damaging the liner or slipping down. Not to mention, customers have had astounding success pairing these lights with large pools, usually remarking on their bright, far-reaching, and evenly distributed rays. Not to mention, customers seem to love the no-brainer plug-in installation. After all, who wants to hire an electrician just to get the pool lights up and running?

A single Intex above-ground pool light can efficiently illuminate a 24-foot pool. In fact, it doesn’t matter if your pool is rectangular or round. What’s more, each Intex LED pool light offers around 50,00 of light, ensuring that the products last for years.


  • Magnet feature to connect to side of non-metal above-ground pool
  • Powerful LED light lasts 50,000 hours
  • Built-in floatation feature
  • Energy efficient
  • More lumens than a standard halogen light
  • Just plug it into a stanard wall outlet
  • Floats


  • Cannot be used with metal-sided pools
  • Does not light corners well

Best Floating Pool Lights

1. LOFTEK 12-Inch LED Light Ball

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If you’re looking to add light, color, and energy to your pool, be sure to check out the LOFTEK floating LED orb. This spherical light is 12 inches in diameter and boasts an eco-friendly acrylic housing. It has 16 RBG colors, five levels of dimness, and four unique transition modes. Not to mention, it comes with a battery-powered remote control with easy-to-navigate color changing controls.

The LOFTEK’s eco-friendly housing is free from a long list of toxic additives, including UV, IR, lead, and mercury. As such, it poses no risk to swimmers. It also boasts an IP rating of 65, meaning it is dust and water resistant. While the LOFTEK is designed for use outdoors, its versatile wireless design and flat bottom make it well-suited for indoor use too. In fact, we enjoy using the orbs as lawn ornaments long after pool season was over.

The LOFTEK orbs boast plenty of long-lasting power too. In fact, it offers 2.5 watts of continuous LED light. The orb’s battery is rechargeable and offers 6 to 12 hours of light depending on the brightness and color settings you’ve selected. The orb comes with a 4.2-volt adapter for charging its 850 mAh battery. It’s worth noting that it takes a mere 4 hours to fully charge from empty. What’s more, the charger input has a watertight fitted flap that preserves the integrity of the orb’s electrical components.

Customers are super satisfied with this light-up LED orb. Most have reported that the LOFTEK offers soft, even illumination that lasts for several hours at a time. Meanwhile, many customers recommend using multiple orbs in larger pools. In fact, we enjoyed using two or three orbs and setting them to alternative colors. Keep in mind that the orbs are light and reasonably soft to touch. They skirt along the surface of the water and do not hinder swimmers. If you choose to pair the lights together, you can use one remote to simultaneously control them all.

This LOFTEK orb is affordably priced and built to last. Each one is even backed by LOFTEK’s 12-month guarantee. While the LED offers seemingly limitless illumination, LOFTEK sells replacement bulbs.

Keep in mind that users have a lot of control over the LOFTEK’s output. Still, we would consider this a mood light rather than an illuminator. Still, it’s a great accessory for evening pool parties, intimate gatherings, and solo swims.


  • IP rating of 65: dust and water-resistant
  • Floats on surface of the water
  • Has a flat base for standing up on solid surfaces
  • Ecofriendly acrylic shell
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • 16 RBG color changing lights
  • Four unique lighting modes
  • 6 to 12 hours of battery life
  • Remote contro
  • Rapid Rechargable battery


  • Provides mood lighting
  • Not adequate for safety purposes

2. Set Of 12 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls

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This luxurious set of LED floating orbs is a perfect way to decadently illuminate your backyard pool. The set comes with 12 3-inch light-up water-resistant LED orbs that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each ball boasts nine light show settings and seven steady glowing color options. What’s more, each light features a variety of transition settings.

These subtle pastel-colored orbs offer ambient mood lighting. With that said, they are not an adequate replacement for underwater fixtures nor deckside floodlights. While the lights are designed to float on the surface of the water, they should not be submerged nor left in water for an extended period of time. While the manufacturer does not list an IP rating, we assume these are splash and dust resistant.

The orbs run on batteries that offer surprisingly long runtimes. The kit even comes with two five-packs of battery replacements. Most customers report that they were able to use the orbs for several hours before noticing that the lights were beginning to fade. Some customers had a difficult time replacing the batteries. Although, most felt it was well worth it considering the lustrous and long-lasting beauty of the orbs.

The manufacturer offers unmatched customer service. In fact, the company has developed an outstanding reputation with its customers. We are pretty sure their lifetime guarantee and warranty has something to do with it. After all, their customer care team will ship you replacement orbs at no cost. You aren’t even expected to ship them back your old ones.

A set of 12 Garden Deco Balls cost roughly $80. That means that each orb costs less than $7. Not to mention, they come with complimentary replacement batteries. As such, we are willing to guess this is one of the best deals on the market.


  • Lifetime guarentee with free replacements
  • Comes with 10 replacement batteries
  • Floats on top of water
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Seven steady glowing colors
  • Two color transition modes
  • 12 3-inch diameter color-changing orbs


  • Batteries are difficult to replace
  • Dim mood lighting only

3. Ocean Blue Aqua Light Floating Pool Light


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Our last floating pool light pick is a unique disc-shaped device that offers whole-pool illumination. It boasts a powerful LED light that offers an impressive 100,000 hours of light. What’s more, it boasts an integrated rechargeable battery for continuous use. The light has a mushroom-like shape, with a blue top and a clear plastic bottom.

The device measure 11 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep. It provides 360 degrees of warm ambient light. A full charge offers an impressive 12 hours of illumination. On top of that, according to the manufacturer, the AquaLight can brighten a 20 by 40-foot pool. It is housed in a durable outer casing that can be left in the sun and heat without showing signs of wear and tear.

The AquaLight comes with a rechargeable battery and wall charger. Customers say the battery charges quickly and the light stay lit for hours. They also suggest that the AquaLite is capable of lighting large areas, including the deep end, shallow end, and pool corners.

We love the versatility of this pool light. In fact, it works well in both above-ground and in-ground pools. Its only downfalls are that its need to be charged every day, and it lacks a remote control. Still, it is affordably priced, handles water momentum well, and casts a smooth even light across all angles of the pool. It also has no issue charging.


  • Rechargable battery with up to 100,00 hours of life
  • 360-degree illumination
  • Warm LED light
  • Durable outer casing
  • Floats freely
  • Comes with a rechargable battery and wall charger
  • Capable of illuminating a 20 by 40-foot in-ground or above-ground swimming pool



  • Large pools may require more than one
  • Requires daily charging

What to Consider When Choosing Pool Lights: Buying Guide

With a seemingly endless variety of pool lights on the market, it can be difficult to find one that’s right for you. Before you dive in, familiarize yourself with the available options.

There are three main types of underwater lights on the market. These include incandescent, halogen, and LED:


While incandescent lights are slowly and surely being replaced by longer-lasting LEDs, there are still some magnificent models on the market. Incandescent lights are electrically-powered. They consist of a wire filament that is heated to the point of illumination. The main benefit of incandescent lights is that you can replace the bulbs without installing a completely new unit. They tend to be inexpensive. With that said, they are significantly less energy efficient and dimmer than LEDs alternatives. What’s more, incandescent lights only last for about a year of continuous use.

best pool lights


Halogen pool light bulbs were introduced shortly after incandescents. They utilize halogen gas to create light. They tend to be more affordable and sometimes burn brighter than LED pool lights. They come in a limited assortment of colors but do not have color-changing capabilities like LEDs. Halogen lights last between 1,500 and 5,000 hours, making them significantly less durable than LEDs.


Most LED pool light bulbs offer over 50,000 consecutive hours of bright light. They also come in a variety of colors and settings. Their energy costs are 80 percent more efficient than incandescent lights. With that said, they tend to cost more upfront. In the long run pool lights that are LED will save you money though.


It is important to consider the wattage of your pool lights. Standard incandescent lights utilize 100 to 500 watts of power. Whereas, LEDs use between 30 and 90 watts. With that said, LEDs tend to offer more lumens per watt. For example, an LED light that uses 25 to2 8 watts of power is equivalent to an incandescent light that uses 150 watts, with both boasting a 2,6000-lumen rating.

It is also important to identify the voltage of your pool lights. Pool lights are engineered to operate with 12 or 120-volt lights. However, these lights are far from interchangeable.

Lights that offer the most lumens and lowest wattage are ideal for those looking to safely illuminate their backyard inground pool while keeping energy costs down.


Most underwater swimming pool lights are easy to install. Some attach to the walls of the pool via magnet, while others float freely around the pool and require no installation at all.

The most complicated pool lights to install are the corded variety, and even these are not hard to figure out. If you purchase a corded light fixture for your pool, ensure that it comes with clear installation instructions.

Typically, you will remove these lights from their box and assemble them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, you will work to establish a suitable power source.

If you have a poolside GFCI outlet, use it. While you’re at it, check out Pool Guy’s guide to pool lights and GFCIs.

Keep in mind that GFIs may be located directly on your breaker box.

Otherwise, attach a junction box to your preexisting power supply. Keep in mind that installing a junction box involves exposing, stripping, and reconnecting wires. You’ll need some basic electrical know-how to get yourself through this step.

Once you’ve established a power source, you can install the pool light by inserting it into the niche and attaching the power cord. At this point, you’ll also want to make sure you have enough cord to cover the distance between the niche and power source.

In most cases, you will not need to lower the pool water in order to remove and replace a preexisting light fixture. Check out this underwater video of a light being removed from a niche to see how quickly and easily the final stages of this process can be executed.


If you are installing corded swimming pool lights, you will need to know the distance between your light niche and junction box. Pool lights come with different sized cords. They can range from 15 to 100 feet. It’s better to veer on the long side, as you can always shorten a cord but you can never lengthen it.


An Inground pool contains recessed fixtures designed to hold pool lights. These fixtures are called underwater niches. There are several different types of niches on the market. Therefore, it is important to cross reference the part number on your preexisting niche to ensure it is compatible with the replacement light you have chosen. Part numbers can also be found on the back of your preexisting pool light.

Keeping in mind that some pool lights are compatible with all niches. However, most are only compatible with a select brand or style.


Many people like the option to turn their pool lights on and off with a switch. If you’re replacing preexisting pool lights, you can use an established switch to turn your lights on and off. Otherwise, you will need to install a wall-mounted switch on your own. Alternatively, some pool owners choose to simply plug and unplug their pool lights to power them on an off.

On the other hand, some LED lights for the pool feature remote controls and onboard toggles. This is an especially important feature if the light has several color and light settings. Keep in mind that remotes are not always waterproof. What’s more, some remotes require replacement batteries.


While many pool lights boast sleek integrated designs, there are several features that can affect their durability. Most LED pool light bulbs are designed to last 7 to 15 years, giving them the greatest longevity. Still, these lights feature a mix of housings, rings, transformers, batteries, and other components that could fail at any given moment. To ensure that a fixture is suitable for continuous water exposure, we recommend that you choose one with an Ingress Protection rating no less than IP68.

The first number in the IP rating, or “6,” refers to a product’s ability to withstand dust. Meanwhile, the second number, “or 8,” refers to the product’s ability to withstand the effects of permanent submersion in water. There is no doubt that the wall of a pool is a wet location. As such, proper precautions should be taken when utilizing electric and battery-powered lights.


Maintenance requirements vary greatly depending on the type of pool light you have. Since incandescent lights only last around 1,000 hours, these bulbs will need to be replaced frequently. Light cords also have a short lifespans. Not to mention, face rings and lenses are easily damaged. What’s more, a light’s gasket can weaken over time. The repair job or replacement part needed will depend on the extent of the damage. On occasion, you will need to hire a licensed electrician to complete the job.

If a pool light is not working, it can be difficult to identify the source of the issue. When in doubt, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide or contact customer service. Some parts may be covered under a limited warranty. If you have the option to replace a bulb, this should be the first thing you attempt.


Most pool lights feature a exterior face ring that frames the light. Typical options include stainless steel and plastic rings. Consider what ring matches your pool liner and will be the most durable.

Why Should You Install Pool Lights?

Still not sure if a pool light is worth the investment?

Extended Use:

Pool lights enable users to swim long after the sun goes down. This is ideal for nighttime entertaining and relaxation.

If a school, work, personal or commitments are keeping you from swimming during the day, pool lights may be the answer to your watery wishes.

Improved Safety:

While the night sky is majestic, it isn’t an adequate source of light. Pool lights illuminate potential hazards and help you assess the distance between you and the pool wall. Even if you aren’t indulging in a swim, pool lights can transform your outdoor environment into a safe and entertaining spot. some can even be used to illuminate potentially dangerous landscape elements.


Light can add drama and character to an outdoor pool or spa. If you’re someone who enjoys entertaining guests in the evening like I did in my younger years, there’s nothing more enchanting than an illuminated pool. Some lights are even available in bright colors and cosmic patterns that can help set the tone for a vibrant evening by the water.

Common Pool Light Issues

Faulty electrical installations can result in electrical shock. When pool lighting wires are not properly bonded or grounded, they can send a powerful current through pool water and electrocute swimmers. To avoid this tragedy, consumers must ensure that all electrical components are properly gridded. What’s more, all electrical wires should be connected to a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). GFCIs automatically recognize and shutoff imbalanced electrical currents. To avoid mishaps, ground pool owners should hire a licensed electrician.

Final Thoughts

Swimming pools are an indisputable source of entertainment and relaxation. Whether you use your pool to entertain friends, train for a triathlon, or just float, you probably don’t want to limit your water time to daylight hours. Fortunately, pool lights bring light and ambiance to your backyard oasis and provide you with safe satisfying illumination for hours of moonlit aquatics.

We scoured the internet and scanned through countless customer reviews in hopes of giving you some amazing pool lights. We hope you enjoyed this roundup. It’s our pleasure to bring light into your life, especially light that can handle a good splashing.

As always, happy floating!

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