Best Prescription Snorkel Mask 2020 : See your Underwater World

If you are in a rush, the best prescription snorkel mask is the ProMate Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Snorkeling Scuba Diving Combination Set 

So you have glasses and you want to see your underwater world. A frequently ask question we get asked frequently from our best snorkel gear and best full face snorkel mask pages is “what if you have glasses”? There are a few ways you can get around this problem:

  • You can wear Glasses
  • You can use prescription dive mask inserts
  • You can use Contact Lenses
  • You can have laser eye surgery

I’ll tell you right now that the easiest option out of these four is putting in contact lenses.  Before using that option though, I would see your optometrist first.

There is another option, and that is to wear prescription snorkel goggles! Back in the day if you had a vision problem you would have to place you glasses correctly inside the snorkel mask to be able to see correctly underwater.

There is a problem with that though. Things get foggy after a certain period of time so what you would have to do is get to the surface, take off the mask, clean it with anti fog solution (or tooth paste) and and then clean your glasses as well then re-assemble them.  

This is less than ideal especially if you are floating on the surface and you have to do this every 15 minutes or so. It kind of takes the fun away from snorkelling. Not only that but if you are taking pictures with an underwater snorkeling camera you actually want to see what you are taking a picture of! 

What you have now is prescription masks for snorkeling that can be custom fitted with the lenses you need after ordering them and giving the specifications.

Best Prescription Snorkel Mask sets are:

  1. ProMate Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Snorkeling Scuba Diving Combination Set
  2. ProMate Optical Corrective Scuba Mask Prescription Lenses
  3. Scuba Choice Blue Diving Dive Snorkel Mask Nearsighted Prescription RX Optical Corrective Lenses 

Best Prescription Dive Mask Reviews

Getting a prescription mask is the best way to go forward if you plan on having your own mask to use while exploring new snorkeling locations. Gone are the days of having to wear glasses in your snorkel mask only to come up every few minutes to defog both your snorkel mask and glasses.

Now you have one snorkel mask that you can use to see all that your underwater world has to offer.


1. ProMate Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Snorkeling Scuba Diving Combination Set

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  •    Offers prescription lenses for both nearsighted and farsighted
  •    Has a snug fit
  •    For Near Sighted and Far Sighted

The ProMate Prescription Purge RX Snorkel Mask is a sleek snorkeling mask that has an inbuilt purge. It has a channel at the underside of the facial skirt that steers the bubbles from view. The buckle design is to enable easy adjustment as per the user’s face shape and size. There are soft dimpled depressions on each side of the nose pocket to facilitate easy equalization.

The lenses are made of tempered glass which provides greater endurance under water. ProMate Prescription Purge Mask comes with a snorkel that has a unilateral purge valve. Attached to the snorkel is a whistle that allows you to draw attention while underwater.

>>What Customers Think<<

Online reviewers said the Pro Mate Prescription Purge Mask offers great prescription lenses that make visibility crystal clear. Reviewers said this mask works wonderfully after being treated with an anti-fog liquid of and anti-fog gel. Some users with less than perfect vision have said that they have been able to rekindle their passion for diving and snorkeling because of ProMate Prescription Purge Mask.

Placing of the valve under the nose to release the air works great for some as the bubbles don’t obstruct the view. This mask is priced at a fairly affordable rate. It provides a snug fit for various face shapes and sizes. Reviewers are happy that they are able to customise each lens as per their requirement.

Some users have mentioned that the lack of Bifocal Optical Lenses is a hindrance in using this mask.

What we Liked

  •    Works beautifully after being treated with an anti-fog liquid and anti-fog gel
  •    Snorkel is sturdy
  •    Comes with a whistle making it easy to draw attention

What we Didn’t Like

  •    Doesn’t offer prescription lenses for Bifocal Optical Lens users

2. ProMate Optical Corrective Snorkel Mask Prescription Lenses

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  •    Offers a wide correction lenses range for nearsightedness
  •     Correction lenses range for farsightedness as well
  •    Offers correction for Bifocal Optical Lenses
  •    Light in weight

The ProMate Scope Snorkel Mask is best suited for medium-sized faces. This mask is very light in weight. The facial skirt and the mask strap are injected with liquid silicone, ensuring you get a perfect grip. Also, it prevents water from seeping into the mask. This snorkel swim mask is made with tempered glass that is processed by chemical or thermal treatments, which has greater endurance under water.

You can customize your ProMate Scope Snorkel Mask with prescription lens. There is a wide range of correction lenses available for nearsighted -1.0 to -10.0. The configuration of correction lenses available for far-sighted ranges are from +1.0 to +4.0. The correction is available with an increment of 0.5 for both near-sighted and far-sighted. You can also customize the prescription for each lens based on the correction requirement of each eye. ProMate Scope Snorkel Mask also offers prescription lenses for Bifocal Optical Lenses. The correction ranges from +1.0 to +4.0

ProMate Scope Snorkel Mask is available at an affordable price, making it a good option for beginners in snorkeling who don’t wish to invest much in expensive snorkeling gear.

>>What Customers Think<<

Reviewers said ProMate Scope Snorkel Mask provides superb visibility underwater. Users who have previously snorkeled at the same place with a different snorkel mask have said they experienced a remarkable difference with ProMate Scope Snorkel Mask. They were able to see different varieties of fish that they hadn’t seen earlier. Users find this snorkeling mask to be very comfortable as it has a snug fit on the face. Even users who sport a mustache have had no trouble using it.

What we like

  •    Affordable
  •    Offers a variety of correction lenses including bifocal optical lenses

What we didn’t like

  •    Not suitable for people with small sized face


3. Scuba Choice Blue Diving Dive Snorkel Mask Nearsighted Prescription RX Snorkel Masks

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  •    Lens glass is tempered
  •    Mask strap and facial skirt are made of crystal silicone, providing better grip and preventing water from seeping through
  •    The buckle is designed to allow easy adjustment

The Scuba Choice Blue Diving Dive Snorkel Mask Nearsighted Prescription RxOptical Corrective Lenses are made of tempered glass and silicone. Correction ranges are available from -1.5 to -10.00. The correction is available with an increment of 0.5. And you can customise the prescription on each lens.

You don’t need to expend much effort to adjust the belt on this snorkeling mask, as the strap is adjustable to accommodate various head sizes. Its buckle is designed to facilitate easy adjustment. This snorkel mask is advisable for beginners and even intermediate level snorkelers who don’t wish to spend a lot of money buying equipment.

The mask trap, as well as the facial skirt, is made of crystal silicone. This ensures the mask doesn’t slide down, as it offers a better grip and it seals well thus preventing water from seeping through. The silicone used is suitable for most skin types, so you don’t have to worry about getting a rash later.

>>What Customers Think<<

Online reviewers are thrilled that this corrective snorkel mask allows them to select a different prescription on each lens. This snorkel mask has helped users to discover the beauty of the underwater world, which they would have otherwise been blind to. Scuba Choice snorkel mask eliminated the need for contacts, soon after coming to the surface. Owing to the angular cut of the edges of the lens, users were able to see clearly even when looking through the edge. Users have provided positive feedback for the affordable pricing of Scuba Choice snorkel mask.

Some reviewers have said that the lens fogs up easily if they did treat the lens with an anti-fog gel or an anti-fog liquid.

What we like

  •    Value for money
  •    Excellent vision quality
  •    Suitable for beginners and even intermediate level snorkelers

What we didn’t like

  •    Not sufficiently resistant to fog unless treated with an anti-fog liquid or anti-fog gel.

So before doing anything learn what your prescription is so that you can know whether you are nearsighted or farsighted and what degree of lens you need to best fit your glasses prescription.  If you prescription needs to be changed then it is best to go to a dive shop for them to do it for you. Yes you can do it on your own but it is a learning process and if you are not careful you can potentially start wearing out the clips.

best prescription snorkel mask

Prescription Snorkel Masks Buying Guide

Wearing glasses underneath a mask is certainly a cumberson and frankly, uncomfortable experience. However, if you choose an optical snorkel mask you will be far more comfortable as you explore your watery world. Snorkel masks that offer prescription lenses give you more freedom and allow you to see things clearly without having to always fidget with glasses or bonded corrective lenses.

Nearsighted vs farsighted Prescription masks

This is an important step in understanding what type of lense integration you use for your snorkeling masks prescription. Usually if you are nearsighted (Can only see something if it is close to your eyeballs) you will be using a negative sphere prescription lens.  

Having said this they will not cure your vision if you have extreme nearsightedness that is also known as astigmatism. If you are far-sighted you will be using a positive sphere prescription. The lenses go up by increments of 0.5 so find out what prescription you would need so you have a better idea of what prescription swim masks you will be ordering.

Snorkel Mask with Prescription Lenses

Some manufacturers offer drop in style lenses  that you can insert into your snorkel mask. While you can do this task yourself it’s recommended that you go to a dive shop to do this as they have all the right tools for the job including the prescription lenses.  This is one of the more less expensive ways to go. If you are a do it yourselfer here is a little guide to get you started:

Prescription Snorkel Mask Calculator

Here is a Calculator form Snorkel Mart that will allow you to provide what lenses you need for what. Keep in mind that underwater you see things 25% larger and nearer than you do on land. 


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