The Best Rain Gear for Fishing Full Buyers Guide

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If you are looking for the best rain gear for fishing it’s the Navis Marine Coastal Sailing Jacket with Bib Pants

If you enjoy fishing, you can have fun doing it at any time of the day throughout the year. Of course, the ideal fishing situation would be warm, dry weather, but are you going to let a few raindrops ruin your day? Since the weather can be unpredictable, it is best to have a set of rain gear that will keep you dry. So, what is the best rain gear for fishing? In this guide, we will take a look at five different options, but first, let’s talk a little bit about the gear that you will need to stay dry.

The Best Rain Gear for Fishing Goes as Follows:

  1. Navis Marine Coastal Sailing Jacket with Bib Pants  (Top Pick)
  2. Navis Marine PRO Foul Weather Gear Fishing Rain Suits
  3. Navis Marine Coastal Sailing Jacket with Bib Pants
  4. Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit 
  5. Navis Marine Offshore Sailing Jacket Bib Pants


Best Fishing Rain Gear Reviews


1. Navis Marine Coastal Sailing Jacket with Bib Pants for Men

The best fishing rain jacket and bib pants that we are going to explore is a coastal sailing set from Navis Marine that comes in both red and yellow color options. This is attractive gear that will keep you cool and dry while looking stylish on the water. The set is comprised of a pair of bib overall pants and a jacket with a hood.

The fabric that is used to make the gear is nylon, which is a waterproof option that will help protect you from the wind as well. All of the zippers on both the pants and the jacket are YKK zippers, which means that they are durable options that have a pull tag on them to make them easier to use. The main zipper on the jacket is a two-way zipper that is covered by a double storm flap that will keep the rain from entering the zipper.

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The pants, which are designed with elastic shoulder straps to help keep your pants in place, are adjustable to give them a more comfortable fit. The elastic around the waist of the pants is also adjustable. The jacket is also designed with a fleece interior that will help keep your hands warm when you put them in the pockets.

The hood is stored in the neck of the jacket, but it can easily be removed when needed. It is a reflective yellow, which will make it easier for you when the weather is bad outside. There is also reflective material on the sleeves that can help improve visibility as well. To help keep your personal belongings dry, there is an interior pocket on the jacket that is 7 inches deep with a zipper closure.


  • The best rain jacket for fishing.
  • These pants have a high-quality design.
  • The pants can easily be adjusted on the shoulder straps and at the waist.
  • This set of gear is great for fishing on a windy day.


  • The hood is not made to be as durable as the rest of the gear.
  • The pockets on the jacket are a bit on the small side.


2. Navis Marine PRO Foul Weather Gear Fishing Rain Suits for Men

The next rain gear that we are going to be looking at in this guide is another one that was manufactured by Navis Marine. It is a bit heavier than the first option that we looked at in this guide, but that only means that it will be an excellent option for colder days where there is a bit of a breeze. This is a two-piece suit that has both bib overalls and a jacket to keep you protected. The outer layer of both are constructed with SERA-TEX, which is a protection system that is designed to be breathable as well as wind and waterproof.

There is also a thermal layer in the rain gear that is designed to keep you warm. It is made of fleece material, but it is also very lightweight so that you can still move easily when you need to. Thermal layers are designed to dry quickly, and if you need more warmth on the water, you can always add more layers to this fishing gear. The pants are designed with a waistband that can be adjusted to accommodate your specific size better, and there are also adjustable Velcro straps around the ankles of them that you can tighten when you need to keep the water out.

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On the front of the pants, you will notice a large pocket where you can store things that you need to keep dry, and there are also patches on the knees that are designed to be more durable, which means that you will be able to kneel in the dirt at any time, even when it is muddy. All of the zippers on the gear are YKK zippers, which means that they are durable options that are all covered with a flap to help protect them from the rain. The main pockets on the jacket are also zippers so that you have a place to store things like your cell phone while you are fishing.


  • The hood that comes on this jacket is great for weather protection.
  • The outer cuffs on the sleeves can be adjusted.
  • You can always add more fleece material when you are cold.
  • Great bass fishing rain gear


  • The sizing seems a bit small on the jacket.


3. Navis Marine Coastal Sailing Jacket with Bib Pants

The Navis Marine coastal sailing jacket and pants are a great option to consider, especially if you do a lot of fishing in rainy conditions. It is available in two colors, which are black and navy blue, and the gear is a combination of a jacket and a pair of bib overalls. The entire suit is designed to be waterproof and windproof, which makes it a durable option that will keep you warm and dry while you are fishing.

The pants have a snap on the side that will allow you to adjust them to your waist, and there is even a waistband that can be adjusted as well. To make sure that the water stays out of the suit, there are Velcro cuffs on the bottom of the pant legs. The bands that are designed to go over your shoulders and hold the pants in place will also be easily adjusted. The front of the pants zips up so that they are easier to get on, and they even have a flap to cover the zipper so that it is protected from inclement weather.

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Both the pants and the jacket have large pockets that are designed to carry your things. The jacket pockets are even designed to be warm, so the interior is lined with fleece. The sleeves of the jacket are also designed with a double cuff so that the air stays outside of the jacket when you need to stay warm. Inside, there is also a pocket that you can use to protect your phone on a rainy day.

The hood is designed to fold into the back of the jacket, so when it is not raining, it does not need to be out if you do not want it. All along the jacket, there is reflective piping and tape that will make you more visible to others while you are fishing. The jacket has a breathable outer layer and a warm, mesh interior that is ideal for cold, windy days.


  • It has a very economical price point.
  • It is a very comfortable suit to wear.
  • This rain gear does a great job of keeping you warm.


  • The reflective tape wears off quickly.


4. Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for rain gear that you can use while you are fishing, then this option, which is manufactured by Coleman, is well worth considering. The suit is made using PVC and nylon material that will do great at keeping you dry when you are caught in a rainstorm. It is a suit that is designed with two pieces, and it can easily be folded up and stored in your backpack or carry bag until you need it.

The suit is available in two different color options, which are tan and black and tan. The PVC provides a very durable exterior to the jacket and the pants, while the nylon lining will help to keep you warm when you feel a chill. There are also adjustable cuffs on the jacket that you can tighten to help keep you warm as well.

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The pants are a traditional pull-up style of pants that have an elastic waist. There is a drawstring at the waist of the pants that you can adjust, and the pant legs also have an opening that can be adjusted so that they fit snugly around your boots. The hood of the jacket is designed with a drawstring that allows you to tighten the hood around your face, but there is also a snap that is positioned under your chin to help protect you and keep you dry.

When it comes to storage options, this is a rain gear option that gives you plenty of pockets. The jacket has two pockets that will come in handy, but the pants also have two. There are even slits in the jacket pockets that will give you easy access to the pants.


  • Rated the best fishing rain gear for the money
  • It is a great set of rain gear for the price.
  • The jacket and the pants have a very durable design.
  • The zippers on the legs are ideal for gearing up quickly.


  • The pants only have a drawstring, so they do not stay up that well without being adjusted.


5. Navis Marine Offshore Sailing Jacket Bib Pants for Men

The final product that we are going to look at when it comes to this guide for fisherman rain gear is another product from Navis Marine. This option is made with fabric that has two layers. The outer layer shell is a layer that is designed to keep the water and the rain out while keeping you dry. The interior layer is designed to keep you warm while you are fishing and can actually absorb sweat as it falls from your body.

The suit is designed with a pair of overall pants and a jacket. The pants are designed to be highly adjustable, so there is a waistband, shoulder straps, and even the bottom of the pant legs can be adjusted to fit you better. There is a large YKK zipper on the front of the pants that will make it easier to get into. There are large pockets on the legs of the suit, and there are even smaller options right above the waist of the pants.

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The jacket is made of very breathable nylon, which will help to keep you comfortable as you are fishing. There is a hood that can be hidden in the collar of the jacket, but it is also a bright yellow, which will make you more visible. There is also reflective tape on the shoulders of the jacket. To help keep your arms dry and warm, the sleeves are designed with double cuffs, and the inner cuff has a neoprene closure that is simple to adjust. The pockets on the side of the jacket are also lined with fleece, which adds some warmth to your fishing trips.


  • The zippers are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your phone getting wet.
  • The color options look sleek.
  • This suit is easy to adjust.


  • The hood is very small, and it may not cover you when it is raining.

Rain Gear that’s Needed for Fishing

Before you start looking into rain gear to purchase for your next fishing trip, you are going to need to figure out which item you need to get and which ones are not as imperative. There are rain suits that are one piece that you can consider, and these are cheaper alternatives that will work well for fishing. However, if you are purchasing the pieces individually, you will need to find the following pieces of gear to complete your set of rain gear for fishing.

Rain Boots

Even though you most likely are not planning to stand directly in the water while you are fishing, the ground where you are going to be standing is likely to soften quite a bit if it starts to rain. This can cause the dirt to become muddy and puddles can form, so having waterproof boots that will protect your feet from the rain will be required. If you already have a good pair of boots, but they are not 100 percent waterproof, they can still be used; you will just have to take the time to spray the boots with a waterproof water repellant that will add some protection to them.


When you look for pants, you are going to want to find a pair that is designed to be waterproof. The pants should be comfortable to wear for a long period of time, and to add more protection to them, you can always wear them over another well-insulated layer of pants. In general, you are going to want a pair of pants that has suspenders that go over your shoulders. These will help keep your trousers in position so that they do not need to be continuously readjusted like a pair with a drawstring may.

A Jacket

No matter where you are fishing, the upper part of your body is going to be exposed to the weather first when it starts to rain. You can either get a jacket that is made out of PVC or Gore-Tex. Both are great options to choose as an angler, but PVC material is a little more budget-friendly. Both are designed to be water resistant, but Gore-Tex is going to be the more breathable option that will keep you from sweating, which is excellent, especially if you are fly fishing.


Gloves may not be a traditional part of rain gear that you need for fishing, but it is a great addition that you can have on hand, especially for the colder days of the year. When your hands are wet, they tend to get cold quickly. This can lead to frostbite, and trouble holding the rod with your hands, especially if the wind is blowing. A good pair of gloves can be used to keep your hands safe during your fishing trip.

What to Look for in the Best Rain Gear for Fishing

When you are looking for rain gear that will be great for fishing, there are going to be certain things that you will want to look for to make sure that the gear that you get is adequate for your needs. Some of the features that you will want to consider include:

Lightweight Material

There are different types of material that can be used in the construction of your new rain gear. It is imperative that you find something that is relatively lightweight, which means that it can be made out a few different materials. If you are looking for rain gear that is more budget-friendly for a beginner, then a good waterproof material that you can consider is either polyurethane or PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride. These materials are designed to, in a sense, laminate the material of the suit, which is typically made from either polyester or nylon. Both of these materials are durable fabrics that will not rip easily. Other materials, such as Gore-Tex, may also be used, but this option is much more costly.

Breathable Fabric

When you are looking into new gear, one of the most important things to consider includes how breathable your gear is. No one is going to be able to stand fishing in gear that has no ventilation because it will cause you to sweat and keep you from being comfortable while you are out on the water. Ideally, you will want to optimize the airflow that goes through your suit to your body, which is why ventilation in the front and the back of the jacket is a great idea. Most of the time, the air slots are fitted with zippers so that you can open and close the vent when you need to adjust the airflow.

Weather Resistant Design

One of the most important aspects to look for is a good level of water resistance. Even if you never get caught in the rain while you are fishing, the chances that water will splash you is fairly high, so you will want to find a material that is designed to keep the water out. Another type of weather resistance that you will want to consider is the wind. If you are fishing when it is windy outside, the chances of you getting cold and packing up your fishing gear are much higher, so to keep you fishing for a longer period of time, having fishing gear that has some ability to block the wind can be beneficial.

Seam Construction

With any type of clothing that you purchase, the seam where the fabric is sewn together is going to be the weakest part of it. For this reason, you will need to inspect the seams of the gear that you are looking at to ensure that there are no weak spots present. In addition, double-stitched seams will be best to give the gear the most durability. Stitched seams can leave holes for the water to enter, so you will want to find material that has been covered with an adhesive that is waterproof.

Zipper Construction

Zippers are also a very important part of your rain gear to consider. If a zipper breaks or does not work properly because it’s construction is not up to par, then water and other elements can get inside of your gear. A great way that you can help protect your zipper is to have a storm flap that covers it completely.

Storage Space

When you are fishing, having extra storage space in your gear where you can keep some hooks, sinkers, and other essential items are going to be very important. Good pockets should have a waterproof design that has a method of closure. This is a great place to store your phone as well while you are fishing. Most of these pockets will be in the jacket part of your gear, but there could be some in the pants worth using.

Brands to Consider

Of course, the brand that you choose for your fishing gear is not going to be the determining factor on which one is the best quality, but there are going to be a few brands that stand out where you can begin your search. If you are an angler, you may already be familiar with Helly Hansen, Navis Marine, and Frogg Toggs, but there are also some other brand to consider as well. All of the top brands that offer the best rain gear for fishing are going to have a good track record for returns and exchanges because, when you purchase clothing online, it is more difficult to judge the size of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can rain gear be folded up and packed into a backpack easily?

Yes, most raingear is going to be easy to fold, and even if you have a two-piece set, you will find that it will easily fit into any bag that you bring with you on your fishing excursion.

Are bibbed overalls a better option than standard pants?

Most anglers prefer the bibbed overall design to a pair of standard pants because they have the ability to stay in place more easily. When you wear pants that have an elastic waist, they are likely to become loose at some point, which can make them fall down easily. Instead of adjusting your pants constantly, wear pants with shoulder strap options that will hold them in place. In addition, this design will also keep the water out because you will find less of a need to adjust them.

Do I need to wear gloves while fishing?

Of course not, but wearing gloves can help keep your hands warm and dry. When your hands are wet, you are likely to have to deal with your tools getting wet and slippery, so gloves are a good way to make sure that you have the grip available to use when you need it.

Final Thoughts

When you are fishing, there is a good chance that you will be caught in the rain at some point, so it is best to be prepared. Without the right rain gear, protecting yourself from getting wet can be difficult. If you get too wet or cold, you are likely to get sick, so staying warm and dry are going to be essential when you choose your new rain gear.

In this guide, we have reviewed several options that will work well for you, but if we were to choose one option that stood out above the rest, it would be the Navis Marine Coastal Sailing Jacket with Bib Pants for Men. This is a breathable rain suit that has arm straps, a warm lining, and good storage space. It also comes in multiple colors so that you can choose the option that best fits your style.

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