Best Scuba Mask Buyers Guide and Reviews

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If You In a Rush and are Looking for the Best Scuba Mask It’s the Scubapro Solo One-Window Mask

Scuba diving can be an incredibly fun hobby.

Being able to explore deep beneath the surface of the water and gaze upon a part of the world that has mostly remain hidden is a thrilling experience.

To get the most enjoyment out of scuba diving though, you will need the right equipment, especially if you have a dive watch with you

In this article, you can learn more about an essential piece of diving equipment, with that being the scuba mask.

You will also find out more about the factors that matter when shopping for a dive mask and also see some of the top options that are currently available.

The Best Scuba Masks Go As Follows:

  1. Scubapro Solo One-Window Mask 
  2. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask 
  3. Oceanic Cyanea Two-Window Mask 
  4. Aqua Lung Linea Mask
  5. TUSA Tina Mask 

The Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Scuba Mask

Several factors need to be considered before buying a scuba mask. If you fail to take the following factors into consideration, you could end up feeling uncomfortable underwater. The worst case scenario is that your mask may break while you’re underneath the waves.

To prevent any kind of unfortunate incident, check your mask against the following considerations that are listed below.

best scuba mask

How the Scuba Mask Fits

Before you even look at the features of the mask, you will first have to see if it fits you properly. The good news here is that you can check how the mask fits pretty easily.

Leisure Pro has outlined the steps you need to take to check the mask’s fit.

  1. You can start by putting the mask on your face. Do this without securing the strap on your head.
  2. Next up, you need to inhale lightly and tilt your head forward.
  3. Check for any leaks while inhaling. If the mask clings to your face while not presenting any leaks, that’s a sign that it fits you well.
  4. Also see if the inner ridge of the scuba mask is securely pressed up against your face. The mask pressing up against your face is another sign that it fits properly.
  5. If the diving mask you’re checking out passes both tests, you can consider it compatible with your face.

Choosing a Mask or Window Style

Scuba masks don’t feature a universal design. Similar to your eyeglasses, the lenses of the scuba mask can be installed in a variety of ways.

The way the lenses are installed in the mask is referred to as the window style. Others may refer to it as the mask style.

There is no one superior design, because they all have their strengths. Listed below are the different mask/window styles you can choose from.

1. Single-Window Mask

In a single-window design, you will see that the glass spans the entirety of front of the mask. The benefit of wearing a single-window mask is that you see through almost all of it. That’s going to come in handy when you’re trying to navigate the dark waters.

2. Two-Window Mask

Two-window masks have lenses that are separated. They resemble glasses even more. You will have a smaller combined area to see through. A two-window mask often features lower volume compared to a single-window mask.

3. Three-Window Mask

At first glance, a three-window mask will look remarkably similar to a single-window variant. It’s only when you check at the sides that you will see two additional lenses, according to SportDiver. The additional lenses will make it easier for you to see underwater.

4. Side-Window Mask

Side-window masks – also known as Pano-vision masks, according to Divers Supply – are similar in form to the two-window masks. The biggest difference is that two additional panes of glass are present in the side-window masks. Those extra lenses also effectively increase your field of view. They also increase volume.

Notably, some masks may feature even more than four glass panes. Those masks offer greater visibility but they can also be tougher to secure because they usually sit higher on your face when worn. Masks with more than four panes are also harder to find.

What You Need to Know about the Lens Types

The vast majority of scuba masks will feature lenses made out of tempered glass. Tempered glass is the standard because it doesn’t break easily and also experiences fewer fogging issues.

You may also see scuba masks that feature glass composites. Those masks are easier to see through.

Some manufacturers may do something extra to the lenses to improve their capabilities. Color-correcting lenses allow you to see certain hues better underwater.

For prospective scuba divers who use glasses or contact lenses in daily life, they may need corrective lenses to see clearly. You can order a scuba mask already equipped with corrective lenses directly from a manufacturer. Alternatively, you can also purchase a mask with removable panes and simply replace the ones included with the prescription lenses.

In certain masks, the lens panel is designed in such a way that users will be able to enjoy a wider view.

The Materials Used

As noted above, tempered glass has to be present in your scuba mask. You can’t settle for anything less.

Once you’ve confirmed that tempered glass or something better is indeed used in the scuba mask, you can turn your attention to the other materials present.

Generally speaking, scuba masks are made out of either rubber or silicone. Silicone is the better choice because it’s more flexible and durable. You can expect a mask fashioned out of the aforementioned material to last longer in your care.

Silicone masks tend to be expensive though. One may be a tougher purchase if you’re sticking to a strict budget.

Rubber masks lack the durability possessed by their silicone counterparts, but they are more affordable.

You should also pay attention to what kind of skirt is present on the scuba mask. The skirt is that bit of material that comes into contact with your face. Its job is to create a tight seal between the mask and your face.

Check if the skirt on the scuba mask is made out of hypo-allergenic silicone. That material is more durable and it will also not react with any allergies.

The scuba mask’s skirt can also impact your underwater vision. A lighter-colored skirt will improve your peripheral vision during the dive.

Other masks feature a double skirt that will create an even tighter seal.

Do You Need a Low Volume or High Volume Mask?

While shopping for a scuba mask, you are bound to encounter items regarded as low volume and other options designated as high volume.

So, what’s the difference?

The volume is directly related to how much air space is present inside the scuba mask.

High volume masks tend to remain filled with water a bit longer. That is not a big issue. High volume masks can still offer you a large field of view.

If you’re just starting out as a scuba diver and have zero intentions of plunging into the deep water immediately, a high volume mask should work fine for you.

Low volume masks can be cleared of water much faster. They can also stick to your eyes better and effectively create a wider field of vision. You will definitely want a low volume mask if you are planning to go freediving.

The low volume mask is typically the better choice in most circumstances, but high volume masks should still provide adequate protection and clarity.

Is a Purge Valve Necessary?

The purge valve is a common scuba mask addition. Its job is to clear the water from inside the scuba mask in a more efficient manner. It pairs well with high volume masks because of that.

Here’s the thing though: Purge valves are not essential components of high volume masks. While a purge valve can certainly help clear out water, you can also accomplish that without its help.

The bottom line here is that you shouldn’t let the presence or absence of the purge valve be a deciding factor in whether or not you get a particular scuba mask.

How the Scuba Mask Clings to Your Face

Comfort is crucial when you’re scuba diving. If you want a mask that will not add any unnecessary amount of discomfort, make sure that its strap is mounted on the skirt as opposed to the frame.

Thankfully, most of the newer scuba masks are designed that way. You won’t have to worry about those buckles and straps getting in the way.

Are There Any Essential Scuba Mask Accessories?

You can’t just get a scuba mask on its own if you’re planning to use it for a long time. It needs to be protected properly and you can do that with the aid of a mask case or box. A case is usually included with the mask itself. If it isn’t, make the time to get one because your scuba mask can get damaged easily without it.

Strap covers will also significantly improve your scuba mask by making them more comfortable. Invest in some strap covers if you want to reduce the number of things you’re worrying about while underwater.

Acquiring some replacement straps is not a bad idea, but you can still go scuba diving without them especially if you just recently bought your mask.

Scuba Mask Reviews

Now that we all know more about the scuba mask, let’s proceed to the reviews. Included below are some of the top scuba masks that are currently available. The one you’re looking for may very well be among them.

1. Scubapro Solo One-Window Mask


>>Check Price on Leisure Pro<<

Having a wide field of view is essential when you go scuba diving. Without it, you will have a hard time seeing any of the underwater wonders surrounding you. If you can’t see those gorgeous underwater sights, then why even bother with scuba diving in the first place?

The Solo One-Window Mask from Scubapro is specifically designed to give you an expansive field of view whenever you go scuba diving.

Designers have implemented a frameless design in this scuba mask. Because of that specific design concept, you will be able to look in almost any direction without anything getting in the way.

The frameless design also alleviates additional weight that would have otherwise been placed on your face by the mask.

Along with the frameless design, the one-window styling of the mask also helps with increasing your field of view.

I also want to draw attention to the dynamic form of this scuba mask. Not everyone will be able to benefit from it, but if you do want to swim faster through the water, this mask will help you do exactly that.

The manufacturers have also installed the double skirt on to this scuba mask. It’s supposed to prevent leaks from happening, but the reality is that you may still experience leaking while using this Scubapro item.

The larger issue stems from the wider shape of this mask. Its designed that way to enhance your field of vision, but that also works to allow more leakage if the user’s face is on the narrower side.

>>What Customers Think<<

Most people will still find this scuba mask usable, but others may have a tougher time with it during their dives.

Aside from the leaking issue, the mask is suitably comfortable. The straps usually do not press down too tightly and even if they do, you can address that issue by adjusting the buckles.

Scubapro’s is definitely one worth considering for divers who want to see as much of the underwater world as they can.


  • Frameless and single-lens design makes it easier for wearers to enjoy an extra-wide field of view
  • Lightweight nature of the mask allows wearers to move through the water faster
  • Comfortable straps do not press down on the head too much
  • Buckles included can be easily adjusted
  • Scuba mask is offered in a variety of colors to suit the tastes of potential buyers


  • Wide shape of the mask enables water to seep in if wearer has a narrow head


2. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask

>>Check Price on Leisure Pro<<

If you see the Big Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask from Cressi in a store somewhere, the first thing you will probably notice is the price tag attached. Compared to many of the other scuba masks on the market, this Cressi creation is significantly more affordable.

The price is such that you may assume the manufacturers have decided to be more economical with their material choices, but that is not the case.

Used throughout this two-window scuba mask is hypo-allergenic silicone rubber. It’s a hybrid material that features exceptional durability. You can also keep this mask on for an extended period of time and not have it leave any noticeable marks on your face.

The mask is constructed in a specific way to prevent it from applying too much pressure on your face.

Cressi’s designers have also applied some changes that have resulted in the mask frame becoming significantly thinner. Bulky scuba masks have a tendency to make their wearers feel claustrophobic. If you have experienced issues with that in the past, you should be able to feel more comfortable while using this mask.

Speaking of the frame, you can see that the manufacturers have utilized a different type of material in its construction. The material in question is known as silicone crystal. Its inclusion in this specific scuba mask presents some positives and negatives.

On one hand, the silicone crystal is helpful because it’s transparent and not prone to discoloration. You can keep using this scuba mask for a long time and know that it will look good as new whenever you take it out of its case.

>>What Customers Think<<

On the other hand, the silicone crystal has some fogging issues due in part to its seal not being as tight as it can be. You can address the fogging issue by using some anti-fogging solution, mild shampoo, or even saliva on your scuba mask. It would still be better if the fogging problems were not prevalent to begin with.

For the most part though, other users of this scuba mask love how light it is on their face as well as the field of vision it provides. I do feel that those positives ultimately outweigh any troubles with fogging you may encounter.


  • One of the more affordable scuba masks currently being sold
  • Hypo-allergenic silicone rubber used in the strap and skirt provide extra comfort and durability
  • Mask does not leave visible marks on your face after use
  • Silicone crystal material protects the mask from discoloration
  • Silicone crystal also provides wearers with a wider field of vision


  • Incomplete seal allows some water to climb up into the mask
  • Fogging issues emerge because of incomplete seal



3. Oceanic Cyanea Two-Window Mask

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You’re getting a scuba mask because you want to be able to clearly see underwater. To do that, you need high quality lenses present on your scuba mask.

In constructing the Cyanea Two-Window Mask, it’s clear that the folks from Oceanic put an emphasis on crafting the best lenses they could. Included within the two panes of the scuba mask are lenses that are made from “ultra-clear” glasses, according to the manufacturers.

There are no specific characteristics that will determine if the lenses featured in a scuba mask can be considered “ultra-clear,” but I did notice a significant step-up in lens clarity once I started using this item.

These lenses help you see better underwater not because they make your field of vision remarkably wider. Instead, they allow more light to get through and help your eyes.

The world beneath the waves is supposed to be dark. You won’t notice that if you’re using this scuba mask from Oceanic.

Designers have also managed to brighten your view while using this scuba mask by tweaking the traditional placement of the lenses. As you can see, the lenses are slanted. That kind of alignment encourages light to enter the lenses and that in turn will make it possible for you to see better.

Compared to the item listed above, this Oceanic scuba mask features a tighter seal thanks to the double skirt infrastructure. The skirt itself is made out of silicone and it should feel comfortable even when pressed tightly against your skin.

Putting on this scuba mask is not a problem because of the easily workable buckles.

>>What Customers Think<<

Wearing it, especially when you have to do so for an extended period of time, is the bigger issue. The strap is modeled after the kind you would see attached to ski masks. Notably, skiers typically wear thick ski hats together with their masks. The strap doesn’t press down directly on their head because there’s a thick layer of fabric in between.

Because you’re not wearing a ski hat to go scuba diving, you will have no other choice than to deal with the discomfort brought on by the strap if you use this mask.


  • Specially made lenses excel at letting light in to improve vision underwater
  • Lenses are aligned in a specific way to also allow for improved passage of light
  • Tight seal forms thanks to the double skirt infrastructure
  • Silicone used in the construction of the skirt feels comfortable against your skin
  • Easily opened nose pocket is useful for quick equalization


  • Strap can exert too much pressure on your head
  • Among the more expensive scuba masks



4. Aqua Lung Linea Mask

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A common issue encountered by women when shopping for scuba masks is simply finding one that fits well. Because most of these masks are designed to accommodate both sexes, getting the fit absolutely right is difficult. More often than not, it’s the women who find masks that are too big for their faces.

For the women who are still struggling to find that super comfortable scuba mask, the folks from Aqua Lung have created a possible solution.

Aqua Lung’s Linea Mask is part of the company’s Women’s Collection. It comes with several features that were clearly implemented with helping women feel more comfortable.

First off, this scuba mask is smaller than many of the alternatives available. It’s right at that sweetspot where women should be able to put it on and not struggle with any unnecessary space present inside. At the same time, the fit of this scuba mask can be described as snug instead of tight.

To put it simply, most adult women will be able to wear this scuba mask and not be bothered by it, which is a real plus.

Along with the comfortable fit, this mask is also easier to use for women because of the Comfort Buckle System. The buckles on this scuba mask are specifically designed to discourage hair tangling. You don’t have to always be mindful of where your hair flows during your dive because it won’t get caught up in the mask and possibly get pulled out.

>>What Customers Think<<

Also, because this scuba mask is on the smaller side, more experienced divers can move about faster through the water should they so desire. The mask features very low volume and imposes minimal drag on you while swimming.

Due in part to how compact this mask is and how it moves up against your face when you pick up speed, it does tend to leave a mark after you’re finished using it. The mark is not a big deal and only slightly uncomfortable, but it is still present.


  • Compact scuba mask that has been specifically designed to be used by women
  • Comfort Buckle System featured prevents hair from getting tangled up in the mask
  • Smaller size of the mask and low volume interior combine to create a speed-friendly item
  • Bands of varying textures form a tighter seal together with the skirt
  • Lenses will not break easily


  • Mask has a tendency to leave a noticeable mark on the face



5. TUSA Tina Mask

>>Check Price on Leisure Pro<<

Last up, we will take a closer look at the Tina Mask from TUSA.

Just like the Cressi creation we talked about earlier, the Tina Mask from TUSA is notable for how inexpensive it is. You can find scuba masks that are being sold at double the price of this TUSA offering.

Once again, the lower price tag is not a warning of some kind. It is not an indicator that this is a far inferior scuba mask. When it comes to comfort, I would even say that this scuba mask has more than a few competitors beat.

It starts with the 3D Mask Strap used by this TUSA scuba mask. Unlike most straps that just stretch over the back of your head, the 3D Strap bends and curves in such a way that it will fit the back of your head better. If you’ve had difficulties trying to find comfortable scuba masks in the past, it’s well worth your time to give this item a try.

In addition to the comfortable strap, the TUSA scuba mask also has a uniquely designed skirt. The rounded edges of the skirt don’t dig into your skin as much. You won’t have to worry about the skirt causing markings if you decide to get this mask.

You can also quickly adjust the buckles to make yourself even more comfortable.

>>What Customers Think<<

The field of vision you’re getting from this scuba mask is nothing special, but it’s more than acceptable.

When it comes to performance, I can’t really lodge any complaints against this scuba mask. Its longevity is the only reason to knock it. Compared to the other masks available, this one shows its age faster.

Still, this scuba mask should be able to serve you well for the time it does remain in working condition.


  • 3D Mask Strap lines up well with the curvature of your head
  • Edges of the skirt are rounded to make it more comfortable when pressed up against your face
  • Buckles included can be easily adjusted to fit you better
  • Lightweight mask that will not leave any kind of imprint on your face after use
  • You can easily equalize your ears by going through the nose pocket


  • Lacks the same durability featured by many other scuba masks

Final Thoughts

Of the scuba diving masks featured in this article, the Solo One-Window Mask from Scubapro is the one that excels the most at giving you a wide field of view. It does that while also remaining remarkably comfortable. For those reasons, I have chosen the aforementioned scuba mask as the best one featured in this article.

Some of the other products featured may be better than Scubapro’s Solo in certain ways. In the end though, the Solo still offers the best combination of form, function, and comfort.

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