Best Tech Suits for Swimming

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If you are in a hurry and want to see the best tech suits it’s the Arena Carbon Air 2 Knee Skin Open Back Swimsuit that is rated best overall. 

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or you’re simply looking to swim fast, the type of swimsuit that you wear makes a whole world of difference. Different swim suits have the ability to offer different results, depending on their certain material, brand and their overall design.

The market for swimsuits is extremely diverse, making the buying process difficult for choosing certain suits over others. That’s why you’re most recommended to try out tech suits. Tech suits are specifically designed in order to fit tightly onto your body. Given their tight fit, they help you swim at your ultimate best along with maybe listening to some of your favorite tunes on a waterproof mp3 player.

Even though tech suits narrows down your search when looking for high quality swimsuits, the market for tech suits is still diverse in itself.

The Best Tech Suits go as Follows:

  1. Arena Carbon Air 2 Knee Skin
  2. Speedo Men’s LZR Elite 2 Jammer
  3. Speedo Male Jammer Aquablade Swimsuit
  4. ARENA Powerskin Men’s Jammers Racing Swimsuit
  5. Arena Women’s Powerskin Carbon Air One Piece Swimsuit


Tech Suit Reviews

The best rated tech suits as chosen by customers go as follows.

1. Arena Carbon Air 2 Knee Skin Open Back Swimsuit – Best Overall

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  • Single fabric on outer surface
  • 3-piece fabric lining on interior
  • Carbon bands allow for optimal compression
  • Available in size 22, 26, 30 and 34

If you’re looking for a product that’s able to deliver unified hydrodynamics for your racing swimming, then this suit may be beneficial for you. It features an exterior design that’s produced with a single fabric. The single fabric on the exterior design is a beneficial style, especially for racing, because the thin fabric can compress to your skin more effectively than other brands that have multiple fabrics knitted together for less breathability.

Moreover, the interior design of this swimsuit is equipped with three pieces of lining that’s able to provide your body with the compression that it needs for support and flexibility. The compression is ensured through the carbon bands that are located on the inside of the suit for your convenience.

>>What Customers Think<<

The customers’ reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this product, making it the best overall swimsuit that you can purchase on the market. Previous customers love the overall design and style of the suit, since it’s constructed with a lightweight material that’s supportive at the same time.

More specifically, they love the carbon bands and three-fabric lining that’s located on the interior design, since it helps to provide your body with the support and strength that’s needed to glide through the water at fast rates of speed. The single fabric material on the outside of the suit is also a popular feature that the customers seemed to like as well, since it’s breathable and offers optimal airflow to ensure comfort.


  • Breathable with optimal air flow, given the single fabric on the outer design
  • Features drag-free speed
  • 3-piece lining on interior allows for compression and support


  • Only available in a few colors


2. Speedo Men’s LZR Elite 2 Jammer Swimsuit – Best Extra Features

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  • 65% nylon/35% spandex
  • Silicone leg grippers
  • Fully bonded
  • FINA approved
  • Speedo branded seam tape

This swimsuit from Speedo is recommended for you if you’re looking for extra features, since it comes available in a wide variety of different colors and sizes. Because of that, you have the ability to fully customize this tech suit in order to accommodate your specific circumstances. In addition to the range of sizes and colors, this tech suit features a variety of different fabrics that are responsible for working together in order to provide you with a positive experience while swimming with them.

For instance, this tech suit is composed of 65% nylon material as well as 35% LYRCA spandex material. Given that, you can be sure to have the maximum amount of compression that you need in order to efficiently race competitively while wearing this suit. This blend of fabrics is also able to repel any water that it comes into contact with, so this helps to eliminate any friction between the suit and the water you’re in.

>>What Customers Think<<

People that have previously bought this product seem to like its overall construction, considering the fabric is extremely comfortable, breathable and it also offers the compression needed for optimal support. They like that the suit comes fully bonded with a smooth surface, since they claim to feel the water gliding along their bodies in the suit.

Not only that, but customers also seem to like this product because it features silicone grippers that help to make sure your body is snug and fits perfectly inside. By having the silicone leg grippers, they claim that this feature can prevent the bottoms of the legs from gliding up their leg and producing friction against the water.


  • Spandex material provides maximum compression
  • Available in a large range of colors and sizes
  • Comes with silicone leg grips to prevent the leg bottoms from sliding up


  • Can be expensive if a larger size and a certain color is purchased


3. Speedo Male Jammer Aquablade Swimsuit – Budget Option

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  • Internal drawcord
  • 80% polyester/205 spandex
  • FINA approved
  • Aquablade fabric
  • Stripes for channeling water off body

If you’re looking for a tech suit but you’re on a budget, then this product is highly recommended for you. This Speedo product is available at the cheapest price out of all of the previously listed products, and it’s even cheaper than most of the other tech suit products on the market. As for the product itself, this tech suit is composed of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. This blend of fabrics works great together in order to provide your body with the right amount of compression and breathability while you’re actively swimming.

Furthermore, this product features stripes that are able to create a channeling effect, which is beneficial for repelling water away from your body. Unlike certain other products on the market, this tech suit also features long legs that are able to offer more water-repelling properties to the water. The fabric is also chlorine-resistant, which is beneficial when using for longer periods of time because the fabric won’t develop damage from the constant exposure to chlorine.

>>What Customers Think<<

This product is popular among many customers on the market for tech suits because of its affordable price, especially when compared to many other tech suits on the market. Not only that, but many people find the longer leg design of the suit to be helpful when they’re swimming, since it allows for more water-repelling features.

A few previous customers seem to not find this product comfortable, since they claim that the suit compresses their skin too tightly, preventing them from focusing on their performance. But this could most likely be avoided if you purchase a size that ensures a great fit.


  • Features a longer leg style to offer more water-repellent
  • Affordable
  • Stripes help to channel water away from your body


  • Compression may be on tight


4. ARENA Powerskin Men’s Jammers Racing Swimsuit – Best Value

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  • Available from sizes 22 to 34
  • Flatlock seam construction
  • Three hi-tech knitted fabrics
  • New and improved double lining

This swimsuit prepared by ARENA Powerskin is highly recommended for you to check out because it’s produced with three different high-tech knitted fabrics that all work together in order to provide you with improved performance in your body’s functionality as well as resilience. The compression provided by this swimsuit is capable of boosting the support of your core, and that can help you strengthen your swimming techniques, especially when you practice in these jammers.

The fabric provided by these jammers is extra flexible, so you have the ability to move around as much as you need while also having the compression that’s suitable for keeping the suit close to your skin to prevent any resistance to the water while you’re swimming. They’re even constructed with a new lining that can provide for even greater support as well as improved core strength.

>>What Customers Think<<

Previous customers that have bought and used this product seem to enjoy it overall, since the reviews are relatively positive. More specifically, the customers enjoyed the range of colors and sizes to choose from, since the product accommodates for optimal personalization for your specific body type.

Not only that, but they also found the fabric to be very comfortable after using the jammers. Since the product is produced with three different knitted fabrics as well as supportive lining, this swimsuit is able to offer both the compression needed for support as well as the comfort of not feeling suffocated.


  • Constructed with a new and improved double lining
  • Produced with 3 high-tech fabrics for comfort
  • Offers compression needed for no resistance against the water



5. Arena Women’s Powerskin Carbon Air One Piece Swimsuit – Most Comfortable

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  • Lightweight
  • Carbon fiber technology
  • Available in sizes from 22 to 34

You’re recommended to check out this swimsuit for women by Arena because it’s able to combine both innovative design with a lightweight material fabric that’s able to offer both compression and comfort at the same time. More specifically, this swimsuit features carbon bands installed horizontally along the suit in order to provide compression to your body as well as breathing room in between the bands.

The carbon bands are more specifically produced with a carbon fiber material that can reduce drag and improve your performance as you swim through the water at high speeds. Additionally, this swimsuit is easier to put on than other types of swimsuits, since it features a hydrodynamic design that is lightweight and flexible. This flexible design allows the suit to simply be stretched over your body.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers seem to like this product just as well as the first one, since there is a variety of sizes and colors that they can choose from in order to fully customize the suit to fit their specific body type and personal preference. For instance, you have the ability to choose a variety of colors, ranging from an Electric Blue color to a bright Fuchsia color.

Some customers do complain that the underlining of the suit is compressed to their bodies more than the outer material of the product, making the product more uncomfortable to wear than other products. But this may be avoided if you choose the right size swimsuit for your specific body type.


  • Carbon fiber material is lightweight and breathable
  • Available in a wide range of both sizes and colors for optimal customization
  • Easy to put on, since the fabric is flexible


  • The carbon bands can compress your body more than necessary if you don’t find the right fit


Tech Suits Swimming Breaking Records

Given their overwhelmingly positive ability to repel water from your body as well as compress your core for increased strength, tech suits are highly popular in the competitive swimming industry. More importantly, they have even allowed for many swimmers to break records that they’ve previously set, simply by wearing tech suits and practicing with them.

For instance, in 2009, professional and competitive swimmer Paul Biederman was able to remove a whole four seconds from his 200m freestyle that he previously set the year before. He was able to break this record simply by utilizing a tech suit, so they are shown to improve your swimming performance overall.

Not only that, but many other records other than this one were also broken because of tech suits and their performance enhancing qualities. They are so effective in improving your performance that there are multiple rules and guidelines set in place regarding which tech suits you’re allowed to compete in, and what styles they have to be.

swimming competition

Tech Suit vs Swim Suit

Many people either assume that there isn’t a difference between a tech suit and a standard swim suit or that the differences aren’t easy to spot. Tech suits are classified as suits that are produced with materials and certain fabrics that can offer greater compression that other standard swimsuits. Not only that, but tech suits are also able to offer various other benefits in addition to increased compression.

More specifically, tech suits are able to reduce the amount of drag that occurs when you wear them in the water, and they can improve the overall oxygen economy. They also have positive effects on your stroke rates as well as your stroke lengths. Since tech suits are able to fit tightly against your skin, you have more flexibility when you’re wearing the suit.

By having more flexibility, you can essentially use more of your body in order to move more throughout the water. They have a lower resistance with the water than other swimsuits, and they increase your motion in the water. So having these two factors combined can ultimately increase your overall performance drastically.

Tech Suits and the “Psychological” Effect

Tech suits are also known to deliver psychological effects that can help to improve your overall performance while in the water. More specifically, tech suits are so conveniently designed that they are able to make certain swimmers think that they are faster, which in turn makes them perform faster than swimmers in other swimsuits.

This seems to be because tech suits are able to compress tightly against your body and make you feel like you have a slimmer body. Not only that, but most people are aware of the fact that having any loose clothing or attire on when you’re in the water can resist and create friction against the water. Because of that, any suit that has compression to tightly fit against your body is sufficient in the water.

That being said, when you know that you have a tight suit on that fits snug against your skin, then you’re going to automatically assume that you have a slimmer effect and can then travel faster through the water. Given this fact, regardless of what type of tech suit you have on or its features, you’re going to automatically try harder and perform better when you’re wearing a tech suit for swimming competitions.

How to Choose the Best Tech Suit for Swimming

Tech suits aren’t exactly the cheapest swimsuits, and they are relatively new to the market. Because of that, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your specific purposes. That’s why you should consider a few things before you choose the ultimate suit in the end.

What type of swimming are you doing?

Before you choose a suit, you should consider what type of swimming you need a tech suit for. This can help you choose the best tech suit with the best features for your specific activities. For instance, if you’re planning on using the tech suit for your competitive swimming purposes, then you’ll want the suit that has the ability to travel fastest through the water.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tech suit to practice swimming in, then you may not need one that offers the best overall features. That being said, you can get away with purchasing one of the cheaper tech suits if you’re only practicing with the suit.

Are You Looking to go into Competitions?

If you’ve been swimming for a long time and you’re getting tired of constantly practicing and having nowhere to go with your improving performance, then you may want to consider competing. Competitive swimming can spice up your swimming practices, and it can give you an ultimate goal to reach.

If you’re considering competitively swimming, then you’ll want to find the best of the best tech suits, especially for your swimming competitions. You’ll want tech suits of high quality to practice in so that you can more accurately see how you’re going to compete. And you should also break in the tech suit that you’re planning on using for competition, since you don’t want to compete in a brand new suit that you haven’t worn yet.


It’s also important that you consider what size tech suit you need. Usually they come in a variety of different sizes, since everyone has a different body type. But you should find the one size that’s able to fit exactly to your specific body type. If you have a suit that’s too large, then the extra fabric will hang off of your body, which is problematic because this creates friction between the water and your suit.

But if you have one that’s too small, then the suit can be extremely uncomfortable to wear. Having a tech suit that’s too tight can make you focus more on how uncomfortable you are rather than your performance. It’s also important to keep in mind that if the suit fits tightly in general, then this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s too small.

Tech suits are technically supposed to fit tightly abasing your skin, so they should at least feel tight in some way. But if it’s suffocating you or squeezing you in places too much, then you may want to try a larger size.


All tech suits offer at least some form of compression. It’s important that the suit is compressed to your body so that your body can have the perfect amount of support as well as comfort while you’re swimming. Compression can help to improve your body’s circulation, so you have better control over your body’s movements, which essentially makes you perform better.

Because of the increase in circulation, practicing with tech suits before a competition is important. Not only is it healthy for your body to have compression in certain areas to improve your blood movement, but it’s also beneficial to practice with a suit that your body can get used to wearing.


Tech suits range in prices anywhere from under $100 to a few hundred dollars. That being said, it’s important that you keep an eye out for which features are worth spending money on and which ones are simply cosmetic or unimportant to your performance level. There are some manufacturers that are known for their high quality products that can deliver performance enhancing features.

But other companies are known for producing more cost-effective products that you can use at more affordable prices. Because of that, you’ll want to consider what you’re using the suit for, and then figure out whether you should spend a higher budget on a better quality suit or whether a more cost-effective and lower quality suit will be sufficient enough for your specific uses.


FAQ’swoman swimming backstroke with tech suit

What are the FINNA rules against tech suits?

Given their overwhelmingly positive effect on improving your swimming performance, FINNA set up rules that limit the amount of advantage tech suits are against other swimsuits in competitions. More specifically, there are limits on what parts of your body are allowed to be covered by the suit, since the suit helps to channel the water past your body, essentially making your body travel faster.

More specifically, men aren’t allowed to have any tech suit that extends past their naval, and it can’t extend past their knees. On the other hand, women aren’t allowed to have their shoulders covered, and their tech suit cannot cover past their knees either.

Can I wear a tech suit for surfing?

Yes. Tech suits are actually really common in the surfing world, since they help to not only improve surfers’ performances in the water, but they also offer protection against debris that may be in the water.

How old do you have to be to wear a tech suit?

There are technically no age limits for tech suits. Usually the market offers tech suits for individuals that are at least four feet tall, but if the suit is being used for safety purposes while surfing or doing other activities in the water, then there may be suitable products on the market.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each of these tech suits are able to offer you a wide variety of beneficial features, including the ability to swim at high rates of speed while still remaining comfortable the entire time. More specifically, each of these suits offers great compression in order to ensure that your body has the support it needs. The compression also helps to increase muscle strength, and each product can deliver the support and comfort needed either for competitive swimming or fast swimming in general.

Even though each of the products has similar features, they all still offer their own individual features that can make the buying process difficult, since you have to essentially choose between which feathers are more important than others. That being said, you’re most recommended to purchase the best overall product. Product #3: Arena Carbon Air 2 Knee Skin Open Back Swimsuit is labeled the best overall product because of its attention to versatility, comfort, support and even customizability.

For instance, this Arena suit features an open back design that offers comfort and water-repellent properties, and the suit features a single fabric on its outer construction in order to enhance breathability. Not only that, but this tech suit also features three different fabrics in its lining in order to ensure durability and maximum support while you’re wearing it for swimming competitively. Given that, you should purchase the Arena Carbon Air 2 Knee Skin Open Back Swimsuit on the market.

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