The Hobie Pro Angler 12 Review

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The Hobie Pro Angler 12 Review

Kayak Fishing is not always the easiest thing to get into, especially when you do not have the right kayak for it. Often times the kayak is either not designed for the needs of a fisherman or it is simply not stable enough on the water to do activities such as fly fish or even stand up kayak fishing.  Worse yet there is absolutely no room to store the gear that you want to bring with you without it sliding around everywhere, especially if you are in a canoe.

Many Fishing Kayaks/ Canoes are also limited to certain environments meaning you need another type of fishing vessel to do some ocean fishing which can get even more expensive than previously thought. Wouldn’t it be better if you had an all in one vessel that can take you to where you needed to go and fulfill all of your fishing needs?

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The Hobie Pro Angler 12 may be the answer you are looking for.

Who is the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 For?

  • The Hobie Mirage Pro 12 is for serious Kayak Fisherman
  • The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 is for fisherman who want lots of room and Storage options to accommodate their gear
  • Fisherman who want the ability to install extra horizontal rod holders, fish finders
  • Paddlers who want a hands free Pedal Kayak
  • The Hobie Mirage Pro 12 is a stable Kayak that you can confidently stand and fish off of
  • A Kayak that can handle different Conditions from Wavey Coastal Waters to Calm Lakes
  • A Kayak that you can spend the entire day on without getting a sore back
  • Paddlers who want a fully adjustable seat for different seating positions for lumbar support.
  • Fisherman who want a wide array of fully rigged options

Who is the Hobie Pro Angler 12 not for?

  • The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 is not for Minimalist Fisherman that just need simple items with them
  • Kayak Fisherman on a Budget
  • People who fish casually

What is the Pro Angler 12 used for?

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 is meant for customers who want the best possible kayak fishing experience. As mentioned above the Pro Angler 12 is fully customisable with a variety of add-ons that can be added to enhance your fishing experience. Some of these include, additional add-ons to the H-Rail system, or a Lowrance Ready System that has proper all the inserts needed for installation.

The Hobie pro Angler can be used for a casual paddle as well, although this is more specially designed for the serious fisherman who wants a vehicle that can handle a variety of different water conditions. The Hobie Pro Angler 12 is ideally meant for calmer waters like lake fishing and can turn on a dime making it a great kayak for tighter river ways as well. Having said all this the kayak can handle coastal oceans as seen below in the following clip.


  • The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 features Mirage Drive system with Glide technology
  • Vantage Seating System
  • Two Horizontal Rod Holders
  • The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 includes a H Rail Mounting System and Drillable Mounting Plates
  • Lowrance ready Installation system for fish finders
  • Two Dry Rectangular Hatches (Front hatch and a rear hatch
  • The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 has an Adjustable Skeg
  • Two Tackle Boxes that pop out of cockpit hatch
  • Retractable Rudder
  • Maximum Capacity is 500 Lbs on the Hobie Pro Angler 12

Features Analysis:

Mirage Drive with Glide TechnologyHobie Pro Angler 12 Mirage Drive

The Hobie Pro Angler Mirage Drive sytem allows you to go kayak fishing in a hands free manner which allows you to put your hands to good use with that fishing rod! This is huge because you don’t need a paddle to propel the Pro Angler forward meaning you don’t have to worry about placing a paddle down and potentially losing it. The science behind the Pro Angler 12 Mirage Drive system is quite smart, it allows you to use your most powerful muscles (your legs) to propel the boat forward as opposed to your arms which are weaker in comparison. How it works is that it is powered by fully adjustable pedals which propels the fins in the water making a criss cross motion.

When in shallower water it is better to do smaller peddle movements allow the fins to not hit the bottom of the shore. The Hobie Mirage Drive system features Glide technology which includes the addition of roller bearings at key friction points reduces resistance for a hassle free ride. The Hobie Pro Angler 12 features the upgraded ST Turbo Fins which is an increased fin surface area and length to provide more power with each stroke you take. This was implemented a few years ago and is now included on all Pro Angler 12 kayaks. 

Vantage Seating System

The Vantage St Seat System is one of the better seating systems in the kayak world because of it’s adjustability and Boa Seat-back technology. The adjustability comes from three different points, the seat bottom, the seat back and the lumbar support. The seat bottom and seat back can be adjusted using the arm rests while the lumbar support can be adjusted behind the seat by simply twisting a wheel to fit your back size. You can also change the seat to a different position which allows you to be more upright for fish spotting or when you are about to confidently stand up and cast.

H- Rail Mounting system and drill-able Mounting Plates

The-Rail Mounting system features on the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 allows you to add a wide variety of different devices to the edge of your kayak including molded-in rod holders, Mounting Plates, Cup Holders, Tackle Bins, Ram Ball’s, Starport HD Mount, Mighty Mounts and Gearhead Mounts. A lot of these additional fishing accessories can be moved simply by opening the lever located on any of the accessories and sliding them. The drillable mounting plates are located towards the front of the kayak at the beginning of the H- Rail system. If you are not interested in putting anything on the H Rail system you can always mount accessories like fish finders, cameras, molded-in rod holders as well has the H Bar.

Lowrance Ready System (Transducer Mount)

While the package does not come with a Lowrance fish finder the kayak does include a built in cavity to place the transducer and drilled all the holes and included the waterproof plugs to accommodate this system.


The Hobie Pro Angler 12 is well thought out when it comes to storage with Four storage areas all with different purposes in mind. Starting from the front of the Pro Angler 12, the front hatch features ample storage space for storing fish ice or other larger items in mind. It can also be removed for cleaning purposes. The Twist and Seal Rectangular Hatch features a pop up tackle box system which allows you to easily grab lures and other tackle needed to fish.

There is also a net on the Lid of the hatch for any easily accessible lose tackle. Towards the back there is a Live Well- Ready Cargo area accompanied by a 8” Twist and Seal Hatch which is anchored down using a corkscrew mechanism. The Rectangular Hatch is water proof and the lid is permanently attached to the base so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting it!

Adjustable Skeg and Retractable Rudder

Both the Skeg and the Rudder systems are retractable allowing you to adjust to the conditions you are paddling in. To retract the rudder you simply pull a cord and a rudder will drop down to steer you  instal a rudder handle that goes on the right or left side of the boat allowing you to steer right or left. You can also adjust how much play is in the handle with the boa knob located just ahead of the steering handle. Deployment of the skeg happens when you uncleat the sked deployment cord  into the Hull. The retractability of the Rudder and Skeg are important things to remember when heading back to shore.


  • Well Built and thought out Kayak
  • Hobie Pedal Drive is reliable and powerful enough to get to the best fishing spots
  • Ample Storage Room
  • Retractable Skeg and Rudder system
  • H- Rail Mounting Bar that allows you to decorate your kayak with a wide range of fishing accessories.
  • The Hobie Vantage St Seat system allows you to be out on the water for a long period of time by providing lumbar support.
  • Overall a very fast kayak
  • Built for Stability


  • It’s price is pretty expensive
  • This is a heavy Kayak get a kayak cart/ trolly or have someone help you carry it

Customer Feedback

The Positive

I use this boat for all sorts of fishing from protected bays to jigging for yellowtail/white sea bass. The Pro Angler 12 is a really good kayak for larger paddlers, I weight about 230 lbs and I feel very safe even in more sketchy conditions. The Hobie livewell carries up to 5 different set ups, so I can take a lot of gear with me. The Pro Angler 12 isn’t as fast as my Revolution 13, but the mazimum capacity and comfort of the seat make up for it.”
-Carlos Source 

After having spent several months researching kayaks, it has been my privilege to own the Pro Angler 12.

I fish a lake in Northern Alberta called Wabamun. Indian for “mirror”. This lake is a world class fishery. Monster pike, that of 5 feet and 40 pounds have been caught. Three feet plus and 20 pounds, very common. A home for the “gators” of Alberta.

This kayak is amazingly stable in winds of 40 km plus. Great storage for every weather and fishing need. I have a 2013 model with the turbo fins. You should be 6 feet tall to use the Mirage system with ease. Easy to load and unload in the back of my pick up. One final note, I have caught trophy pike with this kayak with ease and confidence.

A reason why they are expensive is because they are worth every dollar. Ordering a sail for this up coming summer. Thank you Hobie !!”
-Anonymous Source

“My husband and I bought Pro Angler yaks 4 months ago. We have saltwater fished every weekend since purchase. Tons of room! Yak has built in ice chest, 4 rod storage, hidden tackle boxes and most comfy seat ever. The H bar is another major plus.
I can stand and fish even when wind is kicking. We also have the micro power pole. I can anchor and cast in seconds.

The Negative

There were only a few dislikes about the PA 12 so I’ll start off with those.

Weight – I had the same gripe about the Pro Angler 14 and even though Hobie cut out about 20lbs the PA 12 is still very heavy. The one I used with bottom machine, battery and fishing gear felt more like 150lbs. This is fine if you are launching at a ramp with a trailer but any long hauls to the water or portages will be taxing in this boat. I would also be hesitant to car top this boat.

Cost – At $3,099 the PA 12 is only $100 cheaper than the PA 14. This is still above many kayak anglers budgets.

My third dislike was the tracking of the boat I was in. Now in defense of the PA 12 it does have a retractable skeg that greatly improves tracking but unfortunately the skeg in my boat was broken. So I found myself zigzagging across the lake all day. This should be a moot point as almost everyone would have the skeg deployed if they need enhanced tracking.

-Mark Watanabe Source

The Complete Ratings:

Hobie Pro Angler 12

Durability: Made of High Quality Polyethylene

Speed/ Tracking: Pedal Kayaks are Faster than Paddle Kayaks

Stability: Very Stable Platform to Stand on 

Features: The most Feature Rich Kayak on this List

Value: Expensive but worth the Investment if your passion is Fishing

Total Score: 9.4/10

Hobie Mirage Outback

Durability: Made of High Quality Polyethylene

Speed/Tracking: Pedal Kayaks are Faster than Paddle Kayaks

Stability: Very stable Platform to Stand on

Features: Solid amount of features but just misses out on top spot

Value: Expensive but worth it for die hard paddling and Fishing Enthusiasts

Total Score: 9.6/10

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Malibu Stealth 14

Durability:Made of High Quality Polyethylene

Speed/Tracking: Pointed Hull Allows this kayak to go fast, Good Tracking

Stability: Very Stable Surface to Fish on

Features: Has a good amount of features with it

Value: Good Value for what you get

Total Score: 9.4/10

Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Durability: Single Sheet Polyethylene

Speed/Tracking: Tracks Very Well, Has good Overall Speed

Stability:Kayak is Stable but not recommended for standing on

Features:Good amount of Features for the Price

Value: Material could be a bit better but overall Great Value

Total Score: 8.6/10

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Durability: Solid Durability , Will Last for a Good amount of Time

Speed/Tracking:Features a Good amount of Speed, tracking is fair

Stability: Stable for Siting but would not recommend Standing

Features:Good Amount of Features although Some things can be Improved

Value: Good Value Although Things such as Seat can be Improved

Total Score: 8.4/10


pro angler 12

In my humble opinion this is just about as good of a fishing kayak as you can buy. Everything about this kayak is well thought out from it’s extremely stable Hull design to the very comfortable Vantage seating system and it’s H-Rail system. The features that comes with it is very customizable. The Kayak allows you to even have a Lowrance fish finder with a plate mount on the bottom to really take your fishing game to the next level.

A few cons may  be that the price tag is a bit much and the kayak is heavier than many others. Having said that in my opinion it is definitely worth its weight.  With so many built in features associated with it, your life will become much easier while fishing on the lake. If price or weight is not an issue for you this is definitely the kayak to purchase for your fishing destinations. In my mind the price is fully justified with all the additional options that can be equipped with this kayak. Looking at all the customer ratings there are very few negative customer reviews about this boat to boot.

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  1. I had an older PA14 and sold it for the 2019 PA12. What a nice yak for fishing.

    Hobie does it right and the newer paddle drives with reverse are the best I have used.

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