Best Inflatable Kayaks, best kayaks

The Best Inflatable Kayaks

Find out who takes the title of The Best Inflatable Kayak in this definitive Review, We review the Best Inflatable Kayaks Over and Under $500

best dog life jacket, best kayak for dogs

The Best Kayak for Dogs

Find the top rated kayaks that suit your furry best friends needs. Included how to guide and kayak reviews.

best fishing kayak, best kayaks

The Best Fishing Kayak

What is the Best Fishing Kayak of 2018? We separate them into two different categories, The best and the best kayaks under $600.

best kayaking seat

The Best Kayak Seats

Paddling can be a pain when your back is in pain! Aliviate some of that stress and tension with a proper kayak seat and do you back a favor. Includes Guides and Reviews.

best touring kayaks

The Best Touring Kayaks

Often reffered to as the king of all kayaks, find out which are the best of the best in terms of perfomance and user ratings.

Ultimate Kayak Buying Guide

Finding the right kayak for you can be a very complicated process. It doesn't have to be though! We make it easy for you

The Best PFDs for Kayaking

Wearing a PFD (or life vest) can be the difference between life and death in extreme instances, find out which is the best to protect you and your family.

best kayak roof rack

The Best Kayak Roof Racks

Looking for high quality Kayak Roof Rack but don't know where to start or what will fit your vehicle? Read on over here.

Mental Health Kayak Exercise

20 Health Benefits to Kayak Exercise

Kayaking Provides both Mental and Physical Benefits that can improve our overall health. Find out what they are here.

how to store a kayak

How to Store a Kayak

You've bought a kayak but now what? Where do you put it? Can you store it Outside? We answer all here

what to wear when kayaking

What to Wear When Kayaking

Find out exactly what to wear when kayaking in a wide range of different conditions and environments.

The Best Pedal Kayaks

If you really want to take your fishing to the next level you should consider a pedal kayak! Full Guides and Information

The Best Kayaks for Kids

Why can't the kids have as much fun as the adults? Here are some of the best kayaks for both you and your kids to paddle on.

best kayak cooler

The Kayak Coolers and Bags

Paddling in the hot sun can work up quite a sweat! Here are some fo the best kayak coolers for a variety of different uses with great reviews.

best kayaks for camping

The Best Kayaks for Camping

When looking for a good kayak to take for multi-day camping trips there are a few things to look for. Included is a Packing Guide, How to Guide and Kayak Reviews

best tandem kayak

The Best Tandem Kayaks

Planning a Paddling Trip with a Significant other or friend? take a look at some criteria here.

Best Kayaks

Best Kayaks

If you want to find a brief description of the best kayak in each category read below! Includes best Fishing, Inflatable, Recreational, Sit on top, Tandem and Touring kayaks.

How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks

How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks

Big Clunky motors are a thing of the past as they scare fish, get up to date on how to choose the best trolling motor for you kayak!

Cheap Kayaks

Best Cheap Kayaks

The Best Kayaks for folks on a budget. Not everyone has $1,000 plus to spend on a kayak so we show you great kayaks under this price

Best Kayak Carts

We included all the best kayak carts for all different types of terrains. Included are reviews and helpful how to guides.

The Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak

The Best Kayaks for stand up fishing. Thesekayaks are stable, well received and priced well.

best folding kayak

Best Folding Kayak

Restricted with lack of space but still want a kayak that performs like a hardshell? Folding kayaks may be your best bet!

best kayak paddle

Choosing the Best Kayak Paddle

Learn what to look for when choosing the best kayak paddle and find out which are out top rated models.

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