Paddle Boards

best cheap inflatable paddle boards

Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards

Categorised as the best inflatable paddle boards under $700 and $500. Learn about the differences and how to tell between a good quality and a cheap quality ISUP.

best Fishing SUP

Best Fishing SUP

The Ultimate Guide on the Best Fishing SUP's including both Hardboard and Inflatables. Buyers Guide and Reviews Included

Best Paddle Boards for Dogs

Includes the top inflatable and hard boards for dogs along with a detailed how to guide on how to actually get your pooch on the board!

How to use an inflatable paddle board

How to use a Stand Up Paddle Board

Learn how to get onto and stay onto a stand up paddle board with this simple tricks!

best sup paddles

The Best SUP Paddles

We review SUP Paddles for all price ranges that range from Carbon for intermediate paddlers to budget for beginners. Full informal guide included!

best pfd for paddle boarding

The Best PFD's for Paddle Boarding

Whats better? Belt/ Suspender style Inflatable PFD's or Life Vest Style PFDS and which ones are best for Paddle Boarding? Find Out here

Best Paddle Boards

Best Paddle Boards

Includes a top 5 of the best paddle boards for fishing, inflatable, surfing, yoga and recreational. These are Paddle Boards that have high customer ratings and satisfaction.

how to use a stand up paddle board, best camera for paddle board

The Best Camera for Paddle Boarding

Ever wanted to catch photos and videos of your latest paddling journey on camera but didn't want to risk sacrificing the digital camera? Read on!

Inflatable Paddle Board vs Hard Board

Whats the difference between and inflatable paddle board and a hard (fibreglass) paddle board?

The Best SUP Boards for Yoga

Future Paddling Yogi's take a look! We show the 3 best inflatable SUP's and Hard Paddle Boards for Yoga.

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