best snorkel gear

The Best Snorkel Gear of 2018

We review Snorkel Gear Sets as well as Masks, Snorkels and Fins Separately so that you can combine the best of each.

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Best Full Face Snorkel of 2018

We review what the Best Full Face Snorkels are with full information on sizing, concerns and more.

best underwater cameras fro snorkeling

The Best Underwater Snorkeling Camera

There's not better way to recount your memories underwater than looking at a Snorkeling Camera!

best prescription snorkel mask

The Best Prescription Snorkel Mask

If you have glasses this is a good read as we talk about how to use prescription snorkel masks.

best freediving watch

The Best Freediving Watch

Having a Dive Computer Watch can act as the external brain for your under water excursions, we show you what to look for and which are the best dive watches

The Best Underwater Scooter

Finding the Bets Underwater Scooter can make or break your diving excursion. Learn more here!

best snorkel vest

The Best Snorkel Vests

Snorkel Vests are on of those items that you never appreciate until you get in a situation where you do need one. We review the best snorkel vests above.

best dive knives

The Best Dive Knives

Before jumping into the water you need to consider arming yourself with the best dive knife for a variety of different reasons. We go through them above.

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