Xterra Touring iSUP Package Review

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About the Company

Xterra Touring iSUP Package Review

Xterra Boards are a family company that recognises the need for portable inflatable paddle boards. The company started off as a family who loved Paddle Boards, swimming and anything in the water but recognised that with the growing restraints of travel plans and a growing family that it was hard to juggle and carry a big epoxy board with them. In comes quality inflatable paddle boards and a company who recognised a key niche was born.

Their mission is simple, Xterra wants to produce a product that paddle boarders of every age and skill level can have fun exercise on and enjoy by simply unpacking and inflating them. The Xterra Touring iSUP package is no stranger to this philosophy.

What is the Xterra Touring iSup used for?

The Xterra Touring iSup package is used for.. You guessed it touring! In case you are new to paddle boarding touring paddle boards are skinnier boards that are used for going further distances than normal SUP’s. This is because of the pointy nose and more aerodynamic shape that allows the board to cut through the water to provide a quicker ride and therefore allows you to travel a further distance than a more rounded paddle board.

The Xterra Touring iSUP is an ideal board for you if you want to do some day touring without worrying about space restrictions that may be presented to you. This is one of the faster inflatable paddle boards due to its sleek shape allowing for longer excursions with less paddling effort!

The Xterra Touring iSUP can be used by just about anybody. A word of caution though, because it is a skinnier touring board it may be a bit wobbly if you are a first time paddler. So I would recommend going out and renting a paddle board a time or two to get used to the dynamics of one. This Paddle board can handle a variety of different conditions and is adapted to coastal conditions to calmer lake waters.

Inflatable Paddle Boards are becoming more and more popular, so as a result more companies are in the inflatable board space meaning more competition which breeds better quality at a more affordable price. It just so happens that the Xterra Touring iSUP package was rated as the best touring package of 2016 due to these qualities.

Xterra Touring iSup Package Features

  • Deck Pad
  • BackPack
  • Repair Kit
  • Travel Paddle
  • Six D Rings
  • Bungee Deck Lacing
  • Large Center Fin
  • Coiled Leash
  • Go Pro Mount
  • Pump

Features Analysis

Deck Pad

Touring Paddle Boarders are generally on their feet longer than recreational paddle boarders so as a result your feet tend to get sore. I know when I first started using epoxy paddle boards after a few hours my feet would be aching! Thankfully the deck pad on the Xterra Touring iSUP is made for comfort on those long trips. This is thanks to It’s EVA foam which is rated for surfing which provides superior comfort and grip.

Included Accessories

One of the things that really won me over with this inflatable paddle board is the fact that it has everything you need to get started! Included with this package is a backpack, repair kit, pump,Large Center Tracking Fin, Travel Paddle, Coiled Leash and a Go Pro Mount! Most Inflatable Paddle Boards include a backpack, repair kit, pump and a tracking fin but less include the Paddle and Leash and even less include a go pro camera mount! I have a feeling that these features are some of the biggest reasons why this was the best selling inflatable touring SUP of 2016.

All of these mentioned features allows you to get into the water anywhere in the world as soon as you get the package. Some features we will touch on is the six D rings and the Center Tracking Fin. The Four D rings located just below the nose of the Xterra Touring iSUP is laced with bungee deck lacing so that you can bring a backpack or simply have a place to rest your paddle.

This is standard on most paddle boards but it is none the less handy because you don’t have to worry about any gear going over board! There is also a D ring on the nose of the Paddle Board for towing and on the rear for the coiled leash. A leash is always a good idea to take with you because there is always that chance you fall into the drink! If you have your leash attached to you ankle you will never be far from your paddle board. This prevents you from A) Losing your board and B) Safety reasons especially if you are in the ocean and there are currents present.

I mentioned that this paddle board was quick but its tracking ability is also better than recreational paddle boards because of its pointed nose and sleek design. You can further the tracking performance of this board by attaching the tracking fin to the bottom to allow the board to have a straighter path to follow. Just be mindful of how shallow the water is. If you are paddling in the shallows then I recommend you take the fin off to prevent damage to it.

Materials and Installation

This paddle board is made of rigid dropstitch material and features double sided reinforced stitching. The board is also 6” thick. The 6 inches allow the board to keep shape and keep your feet mostly dry when paddling. The combination of these two factors help insure that the board does not warp under pressure. On top of this the bottom and sides of the board are reinforced with military industrial – grade material.

Installation is pretty simple. You simply take out your pump and inflate to an optimum amount of 15 PSI. This usually takes about 5 minutes to do. Insert the center fin and Coil Leash to the Rear D ring and you are ready to go! If you have a Go Pro then don’t forget to bring it as this package includes a Go Pro mount! This board can stay inflated for months as it does not seem to lose very much air over an extended time period. Keep it out of the sun for extended periods of time as heat can change the composition of the air and slowly start to wear out the material as well as full the colour.


  • Has everything needed to get started including the pump, paddle, leash as well as a repair kit, as well as the back pack and tracking fin
  • Weighs in at 31 lbs which is light weight for a board of it’s size
  • Can be used in a variety of different conditions
  • Good all around touring board
  • More stable than many different touring boards
  • Has a 30 day Guarantee and a One year Manufacturer’s warranty attached to the board
  • Simple and Quick set up time


  • Some complaints about the quality of the paddle


Bodies of Water

The Xterra Touring iSUP Package is a great Jack of all trades board that is equally at home in coastal ocean waters as it is in lakes and freshwater just like it’s cousin the Xterra 10′ . The sleek design and Center fin keeps the board tracking while providing sufficient speed to allow you to glide through the water. Keep the tracking fin in mind if you are paddling shallower waters as it could get damaged! While this board can be used for surfing it does not particularly excel in this area due to its shape. The pointed nose is used to cut through water not glide on top of it making it less maneuverable than rounder nosed boards.

Customer Feedback

>>What Customers Say<<

The Positive

Overall the experience of this board has been overwhelmingly positive in fact as of the beginning of May 2017 it has a perfect customer rating on Amazon. The most common things said about this board is the fact that it is very straightforward to assemble and deflate. A lot of people have complimented the EVA foam deck pad as being comfortable on their feet. Some other points people have mentioned include.

  • Likes the 6 inch thickness that allows your feet to stay dr
  • Very Tough Board
  • The Board tracks very straight
  • One of the best touring boards to have paddled on
  • Great fitness board for hard paddling
  • Breaks through waves with relative ease

The Negative

Customers have has very few negative things to say and there is no real overwhelming issue with this board but more a few isolated inconveniences. Some Notes included

  • Paddle breaking after moderate amounts of use
  • Fades when in the sun


The Xterra Touring iSUP is a great inflatable board for both intermediate and beginner paddlers alike. It’s streamlined shape allows it to glide in the water faster than many inflatable paddle boards on the market. Meaning this is an ideal touring board for those longer day trips. The Center tracking fin also allows the board to paddle straight without too much disturbance from choppier waves. The Xterra Touring iSUP is also great with a number of different conditions and can tackle a variety of different water terrains from choppier coastal waters to calm lakes and rivers.

One of the biggest advantages of inflatable paddle boards is their portability and this board is no different. I rated this as the best inflatable paddle board of 2017 due to a variety of different reasons, one of them being the accessories that comes with it. The package includes the board, a paddle, Go Pro Mount, a coiled leash, a large center fin as well as a backpack, repair kit and a pump. Many Paddle Board manufacturers include minimal accessories to go with their boards but Xterra goes above and beyond this. The quality of the board is not compensated either thanks to its rigid drop stitch and double sided reinforced stitching. I have yet to read a complaint about the quality of the board. In Fact the company proudly displays a truck sitting on top of the board while it is inflated.

The only complaints that I have come across are usually with the accessories. However their customer service team is usually helpful when it comes to getting things replaced.

The Good far outweighs the bad for this nifty inflatable paddle board so it receives a high score from me!

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