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Floating Authority is a website dedicated to creating informal buyer and how to guides on a variety of different outdoor recreational as well as professional outdoor floating devices such as Kayak’s, Paddle Boards, Floaties. We also have recently started doing how to’s and buyer guides on Snorkeling, Scuba, Fishing and Boating Equipment. Pretty much if it floats or has anything to do with the water we’re on it!  We go in depth in a variety of different topics such as individual review guides, best of and free informal guides that help you make an informed decision when buying into your new hobby, or simply adding to your collection of water based devices.

They say the best de-stresser is nature and I could not agree more! From the casual paddling enthusiast to the more extreme and dedicated both share common characteristics of loving the outdoors. This includes being a true explorers of the water and enjoying the time spent in the best playground of them all the water!

About Me


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My Name is Derek and I have been a floating enthusiast since I was 5 years old enjoying riding shotgun in my parents canoe in Ontario’s Provincial parks or getting up at the crack of dawn to head out in our canoe and go fishing for northern pike. Many great stories can be told (like the time we unexpectedly caught a Pike Canoeing in Quebec all while a lightning storm was about to hit the lake!) and I owe a great deal of them to floating on the calm waters of Quebec and Ontario.

Since then I have enjoyed a variety of other watercraft’s such as Kayak’s and Paddle boards which has opted me to create buyer guides to make it easier for you to make an informed choice that works for you, your area and your lifestyle. I have over 20 years experience in paddling canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and really anything else that goes into the water. I use my first hand knowledge and experience to rate and choose what will best suit your needs or educate you in as much depth and detail as possible using cited sources when needed.  I have since been transplanted to the west coast of Vancouver so what applies to the lakes in Ontario doesn’t necessarily apply to the ocean surrounding Vancouver. I feel this experience has really given me some valuable lessons on just how important having the right gear and equipment really is.

What’s in it for You?

Floating Authority

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to make sure the products we reccomend are the right products for the job. Unfortunetly there are a lot of reviewers out there who just want to make a quick buck and choose the most popular product without taking into consideration if the product is safe for it’s condition. Heck I have even seen reviewers reccomend $70 inflatable kayaks for ocean conditions which I know first hand can be dangerous, especially if the tide is coming in. I can tell you it’s darn near impossible to paddle against the tide if you are in a cheap inflatable dinghy.  While it is physcially impossible to test every kayak on the market without having won the lottery I do put my due diligence in research and editing which I will get to below.

The internet has become a blessing and a curse at the same time when it comes to information. There are so many options out there when it comes to finding the ideal solution. Many people get discouraged and put off by the whole process that they end up missing something that could turn into a wonderful hobby or possibly more! Our main goal is to help you the buyer find the most compatible water related product that fits your aim, your purpose, your area and your lifestyle.

Your Aim: What would you like to accomplish in getting one of these products? Are you looking for a casual escape to the outdoors or will it be part of a routine. fitness plan or will you be using it once and a while?

Your Purpose: What are you using your product for? A casual paddle with the family or will you be going on multi-day trips?

Your Area: Where do you live and what bodies of water surround you? Chances are if you have a Recreational Kayak you will be paddling in sheltered areas like bays or lakes but if you had say a Touring Kayak you would be a more prominent paddler paddling along the Coasts with greater speed and and tougher conditions.

Your Lifestyle: Combines the first three conditions and kind of jumbles it into one. How often are you going out in the water? What will you be using your product for? What bodies of water are close to you?

How I Create Content


I have two ways in which I create the content on my site, I write the content myself or I get freelance writers who are knowledgable on the subject to write for me. Everything I post is read and edited by myself to insure that everything is as acurate as possible. Anything cited and sourced will be given due credit.

I try to test as much of the products as humanly possible but with more expensive items such as kayaks and paddle boards, it is not possible to try them all. Products that have not be tried are graded based on customer experience with them through reviews and forums. I feel that the best way to really represent how a product fares is to see what different customers say, both the good and the bad.

For more information or questions you may have feel free to Contact me!

If you subscribe to Floating Authority you will be given monthly promotions and my latest finding in the floating world.

Until then enjoy my website and get out there and explore all of what nature has to offer!

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