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Paddle BoardBoard ShapeStrengthsWeaknessesFind Our More
Fishing Rounded Shape, Flat, Made of Epoxy or PVC Stability, Onboard Storage Speed and Touring Ability Read Full Reviews
Inflatable Rounded, Pointed Shape, Flat or have a Degree of Rocker,, Made of PVC Portability, Easy to Store, Maneuverability, Most Variety Not Very Fast in Many Cases Read Full Reviews
All-Around Rounded Shape , Flat , May have some degree of Rocker Stability, Great for Beginners Depends on Each Board, not Very Fast Typically Read Full Reviews
Touring Pointed Shape, Mostly Flat Great for Long Distance Paddles, Quick Maneuverability and Stability Read Full Reviews
Yoga Rounded Shape and Flat Stability, Board Grip Not The Best for Touring Read Full Reviews
Surfing Rounded Shape but has the highest degree of Rocker Maneuverable, Not Great for Touring Read Full Reviews

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