The Best Bodyboards Full Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Bodyboarding (or boogie boarding)is one of the most widely utilized water sports by people all around the world. People tend to love it because it’s similar to surfing, but it doesn’t require as much skill while still being extremely fun. Bodyboarding is similar to surfing in that you have a board to ride on in the water. But riding a bodyboard is different than surfing because instead of standing on a soft top surf board in the water, you can lay down on it and paddle with your arms.

Since you’re usually either laying down on the board or sitting on it, there is less of a chance of you falling off of it. That being said, it’s great for people of all ages. Even kids love playing with bodyboards. But how do you know what type of boogie board would be the best for you? If you go to the store or search for them online, then you’ll notice that there is a wide variety of different boards on the market. They’ll range in the material that they’re produced with, the size and shape they present as well as the overall design that’s displayed on them.

Given that there are so many different things to consider when searching for the best bodyboard for you, the buying process can be difficult and time-consuming. We have compiled together not only the best bodyboards currently available on the market but also information that can be helpful to refer to when you’re browsing the market.

The 10 Best Bodyboards Reviewed and Compared

Bodyboard Sizes Construction Price
1. Morey Mach 10
41" X-Flex Polypro
TC8 Deck
Single Power Rod Stringer
2. BPS 'Shaka' Bodyboard
33",37",41" EPS foam Core,
Slick Bottom
3. Own the Wave 'Beach Attack Pack'
33",37",41" EPS Core,
HDPE Slick bottom
4. Black Marlin Bodyboard
37",41" EPS Core
IXPE deck Slick Bottom
5. Wave Rebel Vector Body Board
42" Upgraded E-Cor
XEPE deck
FRP Stringer
6. Wave Rebel Pro Bodyboard
42" EPS interior
XEPE deck
1 FRP Stringer
7. Empire Kids Mini Kick Bodyboard
21" EPS Core Foam
IXPE Deck material
HPDE Slick bottom
8. South Bay Board Inflatable Bodyboard
48" Military Grade PVC $$$
9. GYN Pro X Bodyboard
45" Heat Sealed
10. Ultimate Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard
44" EPS core
IXPE top skin
HPDE bottom

1. Morey Mach 10 Bodyboards (Top Pick)

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The Morey Mach 10 Bodyboards are labeled as our top pick because of its high-performance qualities and its durable construction. The board has a weight capacity of between 200 to 240 pounds, so it’s suitable for individuals of all sizes and ages. It can even accommodate for people of a range of heights, since the board measures 41 inches in length and features a crescent tail for maneuverability. The Morey Mach line of boogie boards are one of the most trusted bodyboard brands on the market that’s known for producing some of the best bodyboards to individuals of all age groups, genders, sizes and experience levels. Infact they were the company that started the sport of bodyboarding.


  • Morey Mach 10 Comes with a coiled leash to prevent you from losing the board in the water if you fall in
  • Rates as the best bodyboard
  • Measures 42.4in, so it’s a perfect size for individuals of various heights
  • Morey is one of the top bodyboard brands out there
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 240lbs, making it suitable for people of all sizes


  • Previous customers say that the leash is sometimes uncomfortable to wear


2. BPS ‘Shaka’ Bodyboards with Wrist Leash (Best Top Speed)

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If you’re looking for bodyboards that are capable of traveling at faster speeds throughout the water, then you may want to consider purchasing the BPS ‘Shaka’ Bodyboard as it is the bets bodyboard for speed demons. Not only does this board have a super lightweight design and an Expanded Polystyrene core for higher buoyancy, but it also features a high-speed smooth bottom surface that’s specifically catered to those that want to speed throughout the waves in the water.

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The HDPE bottom not only adds strength to the board’s construction, but it also makes the board easier to maneuver throughout the water. The board also features a crescent tail that can improve the overall performance as well. Lastly, this board includes a coiled leash that you can wear while you’re riding the board in the water to prevent losing it when you get off. The leash even has a neoprene cuff that’s comfortable for you to wear for long periods.


  • Features a HPDE Slick bottom for high-speed performance
  • Comes with a coiled leash that has a comfortable neoprene cuff
  • Crescent tail makes for easier maneuverability
  • One of the best for speed


  • The board’s largest length measures 41in, making it not as suitable for taller individuals


3. Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack’ Wave Weapon Bodyboards (Best Accessories)

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Available with various accessories to make your experience more convenient, this Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack’ is especially great for beginners that don’t have much experience with bodyboarding. Given that it comes with various accessories for your bodyboarding experience, you don’t have to worry about purchasing these elements separately.

The ‘Beach Attack Pack’ comes with one bodyboard, one leash, and two fin savers. The fin savers are convenient because many riders claim that they often lose their fin tethers while they’re riding throughout the water. This boogie board pack accommodates for those instances since it comes with fin savers.

>>What Customers Think<<

Furthermore, these boogie boards are constructed with an HDPE smooth bottom that can help to intensify your overall performance as well as add strength to the board, making it more stable to ride on. Lastly, this board is available in a range of sizes and colors, making it customizable for you.


  • Available as a pack with a leash and 2 fin savers
  • Features an HDPE Slick bottom for strength and durability
  • Offers you a range of colors and sizes to choose from


  • The board is constructed with a softer material than most, making it less durable if left in the sun


4. BLACK MARLIN New Bodyboards Sports (Best Lightweight Option)

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Specifically designed for beginners, the Black Martin  Sports bodyboards are highly recommended for you if you have limited experience with bodyboarding. The board itself features a dynamic design that is designed to withstand various types of wave conditions, so it’s great for those of you wanting a more versatile option for various types of bodies of water.

>>What Customers Think<<

In addition to the dynamic design, this bodyboard features a high-speed bottom surface that’s designed to allow water to freely glide past it while you’re riding it. This smooth bottom makes for a smooth performance. There is even a leash that you can conveniently attach to your wrist or your ankle to help prevent you from losing track of your bodyboard.


  • One of the best light weight options for bodyboarding
  • Suitable for all bodies of water and wave conditions
  • Comes with a versatile leash that can be placed on your list or your ankle


  • The material on the side of the board’s construction isn’t as durable as expected


5. Wave Rebel Vector Bodyboards (Best Advanced Pick)

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Presenting a premium-quality construction, this Wave Rebel Vector Bodyboards have features that are accommodating for more advanced bodyboarders. More specifically, this Wave Rebel boogie board comes with an upgrade E-Core along with a XEPE deck. This, in addition to the FRP Stringer, gives this board a contoured control top that can increase your grip while riding with the board.

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Additionally, these bodyboards from Wave Rebel has reinforced mesh material on the bottom of its construction as well as channels that can help water glide past the board. This reinforced mesh material gives the board the ability to offer smooth performance, allowing for high-speed traveling and easy maneuverability.

As for the size of the bodyboard, it’s perfect for riders of various sizes and in various age groups because it measures 42 inches long and 21.5 inches at its widest point. It also measures 5.4 centimeters thick, giving it the ability to tackle large waves in various types of bodies of water. This is the best bodyboard for riders who have had a few years out in the waves with bodyboards.


  • Designed specifically for riders with more bodyboarding experience
  • Capable of supporting up to 200lbs
  • Made with a contoured control top that can increase your grip and control through the water and larger waves


  • Only available in one size, measuring 42in long and 21.5in wide


6. Wave Rebel Pro Classic Bodyboards (Best High-Quality Option)

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Wave Rebel bodyboards are one of the most high-quality and trustworthy brands on the market known for producing premium surfing boards and equipment. This Pro Classic Bodyboard is specifically recommended for you because it features a XEPE deck that can increase the amount of control and grip that you have on the board. The increased grip can increase your overall performance with the board as well, so it’s great for competing.

The bodyboards overall construction is premium-quality and great for people of various sizes. For instance, the board has an Expanded Polystyrene core that allows ultimate buoyancy qualities as well as a 1FRP Stringer. The bottom has a Pro-Slick bottom that lets the water slide past the board and offers a smooth performance. Unlike the majoriy of the other bodyboards on this list, this board features a bat tail instead of a crescent tail. This makes for looser perfomance in the waves which is why this is rated as the high quality pick.

>>What Customers Think<<

As for the size, this board features a length measuring 42 inches as well as a wide point of 22.5 and a tail width of 18.5 inches. The nose width is 12 inches, and it’s 5.4 centimeters thick. Lastly, there’s a straight fabric leash that can prevent your board from escaping you while you’re riding through the waves.


  • Bat tail design gives the board exceptional maneuverability
  • Wider design makes this board suitable for combating larger waves
  • Expanded Polystyrene core allows for optimal buoyancy


  • More recommended for those of you with advanced skills, given the bat tail design that’s difficult to control for beginners


7. Empire All in One Mini Kick Bodyboards (Best Kids Pick)

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This mini kick boogie board from Empire is perfect for children of all sizes because of its smaller, more compact design as well as its affordability. Aside from its smaller size, these bodyboards are great for children because of its higher quality construction. More specifically, this board is made with an extremely high-grade EPS foam material that can withstand virtually any debris.

The deck is made with an IXPE material that’s designed to offer anti-abrasive properties. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about your children tearing through the board’s top material and causing damage. Additionally, the bottom of the board features an HPDE slick material that can not only present a higher performance, but it can also make the board travel smoother throughout the water.

>>What Customers Think<<

Overall, this mini kick boogie board may be smaller than the other types of bodyboards commonly found on the market, but it’s still built like a full-size bodyboard regarding its overall high-quality construction and durability.


  • Produced with high-grade Expanded Polystyrene core foam
  • Features an IXPE deck material for anti-abrasive properties
  • Best bodyboard for kids
  • Contains a construction that’s similar in quality and construction with full size boards


  • Only measures 21in, so it’s really only suitable for shorter riders or children first learning to bodyboards


8. South Bay Board Co. Inflatable Bodyboards (Best Inflatable Option)

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If you’re looking for a bodyboard that’s easier to carry around and manage, then this inflatable bodyboard from South Bay is the most recommended for you. Its overall construction makes for easy handling as well as convenient carrying in your backpack or your bag. When you arrive at the water, then you can simply use the hand pump included to inflate the board. And when you’re done using it and ready to go home, all you have to do is deflate the board by opening the valve.

To prevent the board from unraveling while it’s in your bag and you’re traveling around, this product comes with a roll-up strap to keep it compact and neat. Also, this inflatable bodyboard accommodates for any damages in the overall outer material of the board, since it comes with a quick repair kit. This is the best bodyboard in terms of durability but may not be the best of perfomance because of it’s inflatable build.

>>What Customers Think<<

Furthermore, the South Bay Inflatable Body Board includes an IBB package-carrying case that you can place the deflated board in before you put it in your bag. This helps to prevent your other belongings in your bag from getting wet or other debris being spilled throughout.

As for its performance, this bodyboard features rounded rails to offer optimal buoyancy. And there are also three holding handles that you can securely grip onto while you’re riding throughout the waves.


  • Offers features for convenient portability, since there is a roll up strap and an IBB package-carrying case
  • Comes with a hand pump so you don’t have to purchase one separately
  • Includes a quick repair kit to fix any damages
  • Crescent tail for good maneverability in medium sized waves


  • The inflatable design doesn’t have features for those with more experience, so it’s more suitable for beginner riders


9. GYN Legendary Pro X Bodyboards Hard Slick (Best Budget)

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Offering a heat-sealed and sturdy construction, this GYN Trade Legendary Pro X Bodyboards are our top durable pick as well as the most affordable option on this list. Most other companies produce their bodyboards by gluing the materials together to create the board. But this bodyboard from GYN Trade is heat-sealed, giving it more high-quality and long-lasting features.

Sealing the bodyboard’s materials with heat is a more effective process for long-lasting use because it helps to bond the layers of material together, essentially making the board stronger and stiffer. This heat sealing process also helps to prevent the board’s surface from bubbling up, which is what many other boards do when they’re left in the direct sunlight for too long.

>>What Customers Think<<

Moreover, this GYN Trade Legendary Pro X Bodyboard is specifically designed so that it can accommodate a range of individuals, taking into account your experience level and your age. The design of this board features a crescent tail in addition to a slick hard bottom that can withstand waves of all strengths.


  • Heat sealed process makes this bodyboard’s construction more durable and long-lasting
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colorful designs
  • Designed to accommodate for people with a range of experience levels


  • Previous customers say that the wrist strap sometimes falls off and doesn’t get tight enough


10. BeachMall Bodyboards Ultimate Wavemaster Pro (Best Pro Design)

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Made with a strong and dense Expanded Polystyrene core, the BeachMall Bodyboards Ultimate Wavemaster Pro is one of the most recommended for riders that particularly want to perform either prone riding or drop knee techniques. In addition to the strong Expanded Polystyrene core, this bodyboard features a closed-cell foam material that’s produced with strong polymeric chains. That being said, it’s suitable for either warm or colder water temperatures.

Additionally, these bodyboards have a high-density IXPE upper surface that’s made with a heat sealing process to help prevent any bubbles from developing if the board is left in direct sunlight. The lightweight construction and impact-strength durability make this board perfect for people with all types of experience levels.

>>What Customers Think<<

Furthermore, the board gives off compact and water-resistant feelings to the rider, making it even easier to use. Lastly, the grip rails, narrow tail and the stiffness of the board give it perfect controllability. Not only can you more easily negative through waves in various bodies of water, but you can firmly grip onto the rails for more confident maneuverability.


  • Features a weight capacity of up to 250lbs, which is more than what many other boards offer
  • Has grooved slots on the bottom to make for a smoother performance
  • Best bodyboard for trick riding
  • Comes with a padded wrist-band and a flexible leash for comfort and safety


  • More expensive than some of the other bodyboards on the market


bodyboarding in the ocean

How to Choose a Bodyboard

Since there are various types of skim boards and bodyboards on the market, you have the ability to choose the best one for your specific purposes. They come in a range of different sizes, styles, and designs that allow you to find one that fits your body, your skill level as well as the types of activities that you’ll be doing with the board. In order to choose the best one for your specific uses, you’ll have to consider the overall construction, the size of the waves in the water you’ll be using the board in, what types of boarding you’ll be doing and much more to choose the best bodyboard for you.



Perhaps the most important factor to consider when you’re searching for bodyboards on the market is the size. The size of the board directly affects its performance capabilities as well as your comfortability in using that specific bodyboard. The size of the board generally encompasses its length, width, thickness and overall shape.

All of these components should be related to your height, weight, and your level of experience. Regarding height, the bodyboard should reach at least upwards from your waistline when it’s placed on the ground standing in front of you. And it should be wide enough so that the whole width of your body can fit on the board. Lastly, your experience level is important to consider when you’re looking for a bodyboard because some boards are catered more for people with less or more experience.


It’s important that you consider the overall amount of thickness that bodyboards have because this directly affects not only the board’s performance, but it can also drastically affect its usability. For instance, bodyboards with a thinner construction tend to have the ability to travel at slower speeds throughout the water while having easier maneuverability. And surprisingly, thinner body boards also tend to have less buoyancy because of the difficultly they have in holding up more weight while in the water .

Conversely, thicker bodyboards have higher levels of buoyancy due to their ability to hold up higher amounts of weight. Additionally, they can travel faster throughout the water than thinner bodyboards. They also perform larger carves in the water, making it more difficult to maneuver on the waves.


The stringer is essentially the spine of the board. It’s a composite construction that’s located in the middle of the board, giving the board more strength and the ability to withstand hardshell water conditions. The higher-quality the stringer of the board, the more instant the recoil effects are, making for higher performance while you’re projecting the board in the water.

Person Bodyboarding in Ocean


A bodyboards rocker refers to the overall amount of curve that the board has. The curve can either be weak or strong, weak meaning that the board is flatter and strong meaning that the board has a more pronounced curve. Generally, bodyboards should only have a slight curve, especially compared to surfboards simply because of their shorter and wider length. But the rockers in bodyboards can vary, requiring that you consider your skill level and the types of water you’re using the board in.

Bodyboards that have a weaker rocker tend to travel faster throughout the water and they will be more difficult to maneuver. On the other hand, bodyboards with stronger rockers are easier to maneuver throughout the water while also having a more loose performance. That being said, you should aim to find a flatter bodyboard with a weaker rocker if you’re a beginner. And you’ll probably want a more curved board with a stronger rocker if you have more advanced skills.

It’s also important to note that bodyboards will technically develop a curve naturally over time, so you should refrain from getting a board whose rocker is too pronounced, as this will drastically affect your overall performance. They develop a curve over time usually because of their constant exposure to heat from being in the sun. The type of materials that the board is made out of also has an effect on the level of a curve that appears over time.

best bodyboards


The tail of the bodyboard refers to the shape of the board at its bottom part. The shape of the bottom part of the board’s construction is important in giving the board different performance effects since the water will act differently with the various types of shapes and constructions. In this case, the majority of the bodyboards on this list have a Crescent tail shape.

Usually, the wider tails of the bodyboards give the rider a more stable and secure performance, and they also tend to move faster throughout the water. On the other hand, bodyboards with tails that are narrower tend to provide easier maneuverability through the water and slower speeds. The length of the tail is only one of the aspects of shape to consider when evaluating the board’s tail since there are generally four main shape types of bodyboards. The other two shapes are considered the bat shape or the crescent tail.

Bodyboards with tails that present a crescent tail shape can either have a clipped crescent or a full crescent, both increasing the rider’s control and attraction to the waves. On the other hand, the bat tail shape of bodyboards presents a much looser performance, requiring that the rider use more skill and direction to maneuver throughout the waves.

Wave Size

Lastly, you should think about the size of the waves that you’ll be using the bodyboard on. Some bodyboards are constructed in order to withstand waves that are harsher than others. Generally, wider boards can tackle larger waves than smaller ones. But narrower bodyboards can maneuver throughout the water more easily, so they can speed past the larger waves.

Common Types of Bodyboarding

There are many different types of riding techniques that bodyboards can perform, ranging from tricks and crushing skills. Although bodyboards have the ability to stand up on the board, it can be more difficult to do so while easily controlling the board throughout the water, especially when waves are present. Aside from standing up on the board, there are two main types of bodyboarding techniques, indulging drop knee riding and prone riding.

Drop Knee

Drop knee bodyboarding tends to be more difficult than prone riding because of the balance and higher level of skill required to accurately perform. Drop knee riding involves the rider using their leg to maneuver throughout the water. Rather than lying down on the bodyboard, the rider is instead placed in a kneeling position on the board with one foot placed near the front of the board and the opposing knee resting on the tail end of the board, hense why its called drop knee.


Prone bodyboarding is one of the more common types of riding because it’s easier to perform than other styles. Riders tend to feel more comfortable doing prone bodyboarding because it involves the rider lying on their stomach on the bodyboard. In order to maneuver throughout the water, the rider can use their arms to steer whether the board goes left or right in the water. Because you’re lying down, you will be more comfortable and feel more secure and stable in the waves.

Best Bodyboard, people carrying bodyboard


What size bodyboards should I get?

best bodyboards

Choosing the right size bodyboard is one of the most important factors to think about when you’re browsing on the market. They come in a range of sizes and designs, sometimes making the buying process more difficult. But you have to choose the right size according to your body in order to find a board that can perform the best.

If you use bodyboards that are too small, then you risk traveling slower throughout the water due to your legs trailing off the back of the board in the water. On the other hand, using a bodyboard that’s too big may negatively affect your performance ability. You may not be able to control the board as easily if it’s too large for your body.

To find the best size bodyboard, you should place the board on the ground, standing up in front of you. The length should reach your bellybutton. And the width of the board should cover at least the width of your body along with enough room to comfortably hold the sides of the board for control.

Ultimately, you should consider your weight and your height when looking for the right size bodyboard. For a rider that weighs between 145 to 180 pounds, you should aim to get a board around 42 inches. If you weigh less, then you’ll want a shorter board. If you weigh more, then you’ll want a longer board. Likewise, if you’re less than six feet, then you’ll want a board that’s either 42 inches or less. And if you’re any taller, you’ll want a longer board as well .

Which bodyboards do the pros use?

Professional bodyboarders use more high-quality boards, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they pay more for them. They tend to use boards that have narrower tails and a stronger rocker. And they also usually use boards that are constructed using a heat-sealed process. For example, most professional bodyboarders use either the GYN Trade Heat Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard or the BeachMall Ultimate Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard.

What Factors Make a Good Bodyboard?

Good boards tend to be produced with more high-quality materials overall, and they also have a construction that has more long-lasting results. Typically, the type of core and deck ultimately have the most impact on what sets apart a good board from a bad one.

The type of core is important because it determines the overall performance of the board in the water. The different types of cores differ in the way they perform in certain types of waters, usually affected by the temperature of the water and the types of waves present. Typically the most high-quality boards are made with a PP foam because it’s stiffer and more lightweight. But they are more difficult to control than PE boards. Bodyboards with decks made out of PP also tend to have longer-lasting results.

Also, the shape of the tail on bodyboards is an important factor that differentiates a good board from a bad one because it affects the board’s ability to control the direction it moves in and its maneuverability. Boards with narrow tails are easier to navigate through the water, and wider boards are more stable .

Do I need Swim Fins for Bodyboarding?

It is a good idea to use swim fins when bodyboarding as they will be able to give you more of a head start when trying to ride a wave. As you kick with your swim fins you get extra prupolsion which allows you to catch the wave better.

How Do I Ride These Bodyboards?

Riding waves using a bodyboard tends to be much easier than riding waves using a surfboard, simply because of its easier controllability and the fact that you don’t stand up on the board. So instead of requiring balance, you simply need to understand how waves function and know how to swim.

To start, you’ll want to get on your bodyboard and paddle out towards where the waves are in the water. After this, you’ll need to find your wave, and you should avoid waves that are traveling too fast or too high if you’re a beginner.

Once you’ve found your wave, you’ll want to position yourself around five feet in front of it and face the beach. Once you’re in this position, the wave will start to get under you, and this is when you’ll need to start kicking your feet and positioning your arms to best accommodate for your preferred technique. But there are certain arm positions that you should avoid, and this YouTube video addresses those.

You’ll then want to ride the wave until you reach the shallow part of the water. Then you can either stand and take a break, or you can even go out for more.

Final Thoughts

Overall, bodyboarding can be one of the most exciting ways to cool off on a hot day. Some people even think of it as a stepping stone to learning how to surf. It may seem difficult to catch onto at first, but it’s extremely easy once you get the hang of it. I hope this guide has helped you to better understand the process of bodyboarding and also provides you with the necessary information to learning the best bodyboard on the market. If you found it helpful, then you should share the article so that others around you can gain insight as well.

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