Best SUP Electric Pumps for Your Inflatable Board

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If you own an inflatable SUP, there’s no better accessory than an inflatable SUP pump. SUPs serve as the launchpads for unmatched water-based recreation. However, transporting an inflated SUP can be a logistical nightmare. An electric SUP pump will help you inflate and deflate your SUP, making it easier for you to travel to near and far waterways. Take it from me, an inflatable paddle boarder when I say that using a normal pump can be a huge pain in the behind and be slightly draining on your energy.

A quality pump will fill an inflatable SUP in just a few minutes. In other words, you don’t have to use all your paddling energy just to inflate your paddleboard. We’ve taken the time to review the top five electric SUP pumps. We’re confident that these air compressors will dramatically improve and expand your time on the water.

There are plenty of healthy energy-sapping water activities. Basic paddling will help you work up a sweat. Why spend all your precious energy before leaving the beach? There’s no stigma associated with owning an electric SUP pump. This essential paddleboard accessory may even serve as a valuable piece of social currency.

Best Budget Choice

#2 MantaGlider Pump


Best Pick

#1 SereneLife Air Pump


Best Premium Choice

#2 SereneLife SLPUMP


The Best Sup Pumps go as Follows:

  1. SereneLife Electric SUP Air Pump Compressor– Best Overall
  2. MantaGlider Electric Air Pump Compressor– Most Compact Electric Air Pump
  3. SereneLife Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor– Highest PSI Option
  4. SereneLife Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor– Best Budget Option
  5. Tower Premium SUP Inflator– Fastest Electric Air Pump


Top Five Electric SUP Pumps

The to 5 best electric sup pumps as rated by verified customers are.

1. SereneLife Electric SUP Air Pump Compressor – Best Overall

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  • Power: 12 volts
  • Max PSI: 16
  • Power Source: Rechargeable 6,000mAh battery
  • Modes: inflate/deflate

The SereneLife Electric SUP will help you spend more time on your paddleboard while minimizing the time you spend pumping it full off hot air. This 12-volt air compressor comes with a 3.3-foot flexible air hose. The hose enables you to fill your SUP and other inflatables without having to lug your compressor from one valve to another.

The compressor houses a rechargeable 12-volt lithium-ion battery. The device can be charged with a standard wall plug or cigarette plug adapter. Both of the power cords are included with the inflator. There pump even has a built-in power storage compartment for the cords. SereneLife also provides customers with a small black storage bag. The bag zips shut and features a removable handle.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers expressed satisfaction in the SereneLife pump’s digital LCD screen and push-button control panel. The inflator even comes with LED headlight for more manageable post-sunset inflations. You can set your target PSI using the buttons. The dash features light, “PSI Bar,” “+,” “-,” and power buttons. The LCD screen displays your target PSI, the percent of progress, and the battery level.

The SereneLife pump’s user-friendly control panel makes it easy to avoid overinflation. The pump is also compact and easy to disassemble. Not to mention, it is capable of inflating everything from inflatable SUPs to air mattresses.


  • This compact air compressor is easy to assemble/disassemble for travel and storage
  • Set your target PSI between 0 and 16 to avoid overinflation
  • Digital dashboard, push buttons, and flashlight
  • 3-foot air hose for enhanced mobility
  • Wall and cigarette power adapters for enhanced power availability


2. MantaGlider Electric Air Pump Compressor – Most Compact Electric Air Pump

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  • Power: 12 volts
  • Max PSI: 16
  • Power Source: 12-volt cigarette lighter power adapter
  • Modes: Inflate

Toss your tiresome manual air pump to make way for this incredible electric air pump. The MantaGlider pushes 12 volts of power through a small turtle-shaped housing. The MantaGlider is capable of generating up to 16 PSI. It also comes with an impressive 9.5-foot power cord as well as a 3.5-foot removable air hose. These lengthy add-ons make it easier for you to fill multiple air chambers without repositioning your air pump.

This incredible air compressor comes with four different nozzles. The wide variety of attachments enables you to inflate even more water toys. You can use the pump’s digital dashboard to establish a target PSI. The compressor will automatically shut off when your SUP is pumped to capacity. You’ll never have to fret about overinflating your paddleboard.

Customers have expressed that the MantaGlider is easy on the wallet. The MantaGlider is also small enough to squeeze into most SUP bags. Not to mention, it is one of the few paddleboard pumps that come with a variety of nozzles and gaskets.

>>What Customers Think<<

The MantaGlider is shaped like a household steam iron. The overhead handle houses a small LCD screen and several buttons. The pump sits on top of rubber-coated feet. The slip-resistant base can be placed on a variety of surfaces, including wet SUPs and sandy beaches.

Let the MantaGlider help you conserve your energy for paddling. This 12-volt pump is just a few dollars more than a manual pump. Still, it is capable of rapidly inflating SUPs and other inflatables. If you’re accustomed to manual fills, you may even notice a difference in your board’s responsiveness. In most cases, the pump’s incredible air pressure will have you on the water in less than 10 minutes. With the MantaGlider, you’ll be able to revive nearly any inflatable.


  • 110 watts/ 12 volts of power
  • Can be used with SUPs and other inflatable water toys
  • Super long power cord and air hose for easier setups
  • Digital screen with pressure reasing and push buttons
  • Includes several different nozels so that you can easily fill all your inflatables
  • Automatic shutoff when your board achieves its target PSI
  • Boasts a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


3. SereneLife Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor- Highest PSI Option

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  • Power: 12 volts
  • Max PSI: 20
  • Power Source: DC 12-volt outlet or 12-volt Cigarette lighter adapter
  • Modes: inflate/deflate

Do you have a SUP that needs more than 16 PSI? If so, this SereneLife digital air pump will help you get on the water in no time. This incredible air compressor boasts 100 watts and 12 volts of power. It is capable of producing up to 20 PSI. The air pressure settings can be adjusted with the digital LCD screen and buttons located on the handle. The device will automatically shut off when your inflatable reaches its target capacity.

>>What Customers Think<<

We love the simplicity of this portable air compressor. There are just two ports on the side, including one for inflation and another for deflation. The 3.3-foot flexible air hose can be inserted into either of the holes. The pump will shut off when your inflatable reaches its target air pressure. As such, there is no risk of overinflation.

Customers love that the SereneLife air compressor can be powered with a cigarette lighter adapter. Alternatively, it can be plugged into a standard 12-volt DC power cord. Most paddlers were able to inflate their SUPs in less than 10 minutes. That’s a fraction of the time it takes to inflate a SUP with a manual pump. Many customers also mentioned that SereneLife provides exceptional customer service.


  • Super simple plug-and-go setup
  • Can be used with SUPs, pool toys, air mattresses, and so much more
  • Digital LCD screen and push buttons
  • Set your target air pressure anywhere between 0 and 20 PSI
  • Ergonomic handle for easy on-the-go inflation


4. SereneLife Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor – Best Budget Option

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  • Power: 12 volts
  • Max PSI: 16
  • Power Source: 12 volt DC adapter
  • Modes: inflate/deflate

The SereneLife is yet another impressive electric air pump. This particular model will inflate or deflate your SUP in less than 10 minutes. It is capable of creating up to 16 PSI of air pressure. The detachable 3.3-foot air hose makes it easy to extend the pump from a power source to a paddleboard. The pump uses 12 volts of electricity. It can garner power from a DC wall plug or 12-volt cigarette lighter.

The SereneLife has a digital screen as well as button controls. These elements enable you to set a target PSI. The air pump will turn off when a SUP is fully inflated. As such, there’s no need to risk overinflating.

The pump’s built-in pressure gauge enables users to choose between a wide range of air pressures. As such, the pump can be used to fill several different types of inflatables in addition to stand-up paddleboards.

>>What Customers Think<<

The SereneLife air pump is just 9.1 inches long, 5.5 inches high, and 4.7 inches wide. It weighs just 3 pounds. The compact device can be stored in the cab or truck of nearly any vehicle. The small device resembles a typical household clothing iron. The LCD screen, air pressure toggles, and other buttons are built into the pump’s ergonomic handle.

Customer feedback regarding this SereneLife pump has been overwhelmingly positive. Most consumers said the pump achieved 15 PSI in less than 15 minutes. It’s worth noting that the SereneLife pump only comes with a Halkey Roberts connector. If your paddleboard has an alternative air valve, you may be better off with an alternative air pump. If your SUP has an H3 valve, this SereneLife air pump is one of the most affordable options on the market.


  • 3.3-foot accordian-style air hose locks in place and detaches
  • Digital display and push buttons make for hassle free inflations
  • PSI adjusts from 0 to 16
  • Can be powered with a 12-volt cigarette lighter accessory cord
  • Super compact and portable, making it ideal for on-the-go inflation


  • Takes a while to fill SUPs and large inflatables


5. Tower Premium SUP Inflator – Fastest Electric Air Pump

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  • Power: 12 volts
  • Max PSI: 20
  • Power Source: cigarette lighter adapter or battery attachment
  • Modes: inflate/deflate

The Tower air pump is made specifically for paddleboards. It’s a rugged little pump with a user-friendly PSI dial. The pump comes with a flexible 4.5-foot air hose and a 12-volt cigarette lighter power adapter. The pump also comes with a pair of alligator clamps. The clamps can be connected directly to a car battery. The pump automatically shuts off when your inflatable reaches its target PSI level. This frees you to complete alternative tasks while inflating your paddleboard.

While the exterior of the Tower pump leaves a bit to be desired, the internal workings of this air compressor are excellent. We love that the pump is small enough to store in a vehicle. The cigarette lighter power adapter enables you to take a deflated paddleboard to remote locations. The deflate function also makes for more convenient return trips.

At 6 pounds, the Tower pump is heavier than we would have preferred. It is roughly 7 inches high, 12 inches long, and 4.5 inches wide. We wouldn’t want to lug this thing around for an extended period, but it is perfectly suitable for vehicle-based inflation. The 10-foot power cords give you more than enough wiggle room.

>>What Customers Think<<

While most SUPs require a 10 to 15 PSI level, the Tower pump can fill inflatables with up to 20 PSI. With that said, the Tower pump can be used to fill a wide range of inflatable products. According to the manufacturer, it inflates at a rate of 1 PSI per minute and deflates as a rate of 4 PSI per minute. A built-in pressure gauge enables you to keep track of the pump’s progress.

The Tower air pump comes with a standard Halkey Roberts (H3) nozzle. This nozzle is compatible with most SUP valves. However, you may need to purchase additional nozzles if you wish to fill a different type of inflatable.

Tower advises paddleboarders to run their engine whilleinflating their paddleboards. This helps speed things up. In turn, users can enjoy more time on the water. If you’re sensitive to loud sounds, you may want to consider a less powerful pump. The Tower SUP pump purrs pretty loud while it is injecting your SUP with oxygen.


  • Automatic shutoff features enables you to set and forget this air pump
  • The auto shutoff prevents the pump from over-inflating your paddleboard
  • Inflates 1 PSI per minute and deflates in 4 minutes
  • Includes two cables: one for attaching the pump to a cigarette lighter and another for attaching it to a car battery
  • Features standard Halkey Roberts (H3) nozzle adapters


  • Handle dial rather than digital LCD screen and push buttons
  • Weighs 6 pounds and is quite bulky


Do You Really Need an Electric SUP Pump?

Many inflatable paddleboards come with manual air pumps. These pumps require you to spend at least 10 minutes pumping air into your paddleboard. They can deprive you of time, energy, and enthusiasm. Not to mention, they do not even begin to address the issue of deflation. Really, who wants to squeeze the air out of their SUP after spending hours on water? That’s exactly what I did after taking the below picture!

Many people avoid inflatable paddleboards for fear that they will require too much time and effort. An electric air pump will help skeptical boarders focus on the positives surrounding inflatable SUPs, including their unmatched portability and affordability.

If you’ve ever had to strap a watercraft on top of your vehicle, you can imagine the time and effort it takes to transport a hard-shelled SUP or an electric SUP. Inflatable SUPs offer quite the opposite experience. Better yet, an electric air pump alleviates all the hard work. When it’s time to go home, you can simply roll up your deflated paddleboard. Then, toss it in the back of your car!

So, is it worth it to own an electric air pump? Absolutely!

Benefits of an Electric SUP Pumpman looking into horizon on paddle board

Most paddleboarders are fully capable of inflating their SUPs with manual air pumps. However, manual pumps are usually sluggish and inaccurate.

Most people are more than happy to skip their pre-paddle pump workout. Some of the biggest doubters are those that enjoy group paddleboarding excursions. After all, it takes a long time to manually inflate two or more paddleboards. However, an efficient electric pump will help groups expedite their kickoffs.

You can also extend the life of your SUP by keeping it at an ideal PSI level. Not to mention, you can prevent transportation mishaps by inflating and deflating your SUP during each of your paddleboarding adventures.

Criteria for Electric SUP Pumps

Inflatable paddleboards are all about convenience. However, there’s no benefit to owning an inflatable SUP when you don’t have an easy way to inflate and deflate it. While a manual pump will get you on the water, there’s nothing better than an electric air compressor. We’ll help you pick apart the key features of these essential SUP accessories.

Connection/ Power Supply

An electric SUP pump may draw power from a vehicle cigarette lighter, vehicle battery, regular power outlet, or rechargeable battery. Some air pumps even enable users to alternate between different power sources.

Always opt for an air pump with a portable power source. Inflatable SUPs perform best when inflated immediately before launching. If your pump draws power from a car battery, you should be able to harness at least 12 volts of power.

If your car does not have a 12-volt cigarette lighter, you may be able to use cables to connect your pump directly to your car battery. Some electric air pumps come with positive and negative alligator clips. These can be attached to the positive and negative terminals on a car battery. Check out thisvideo for easy instructions for attaching an electric air pump to a car battery.

Keep in mind that air pumps that are powered by vehicle batteries work faster when the vehicle’s engine is running. What’s more, a car battery cannot restore itself when the engine is not running.

How It’s Made

Electric air pumps contain a small motor that pushes air into a holding tank. The air that is in the holding tank is distributed at a high speed. This enables the pump to turn electricity into air pressure. When a SUP is paired with an air pressure regulator, you can preset the target PSI of your inflatable. If a pump has an auto off feature as well as an air pressure regulator, it will shut itself off when an inflatable achieves the preset PSI level.

When an electric pump is on and running, it releases pressurized air through a one-way inlet. The air travels through an air hose. From there, can be pushed through the one-way valve on a SUP. Check out this explainer to find out more about the science behind electric air pumps.


Most SUPs feature Halkey Roberts (H3) air valves. Halkey Roberts valves feature a small pin on its exterior side. The pin appears raised when the valve is closed and appears lowered when the valve is open. You may fill a Halkey Roberts valve when the pin is in the closed position. A closed valve lets air in but not out.

When you remove your air pump from a Halkey Roberts valve, the valve will not release any air. If you wish to deflate your stand-up paddleboard, you must press and twist its exterior pin. Check out this brief video for more information on the Halkey Roberts valve.

While most SUPs are compatible with H3 connectors, it pays to have a few additional valve adapters. This way, you can use your air pump to rapidly inflate everything from pool toys to air mattresses.


girl sitting on a paddle board

What’s the Difference Between a Cheaper and More Expensive Pump?

Cheap air pumps tend to provide less air pressure per minute. As such, they need to work harder and longer to achieve the same PSI as the pricier alternatives. Expensive air pumps also tend to come with more accessories. A high-priced air pump may boast a wide range of power options and valve connectors.

Noteworthy Features

What should you look for in an electric SUP pump? We’ve got that answer covered in this section!

Inflate/Deflate Modes

Opt for a pump that enables you to inflate and deflate your SUP. Inflatable paddleboards can be condensed down to a small size, making it easy to stuff several in the trunk or backseat of a vehicle.

Most electric pumps inflate faster than they deflate. Inflation times range from 5 to 15 minutes for an average-sized SUP. While a few extra minutes may not mean much to a solo paddler, a long fill time can put a damper on a multiperson paddleboard expedition.

Pressure Gauge and Automatic Shut-Off


A built-in pressure gauge enables you to dial in a target PSI. When you pair a pressure gauge with an automatic shutoff, you can set your SUP pump and forget it. An automatic shutoff will prevent your SUP from over inflating. It will also keep the pump from overheating.

Portability and Storage

No one wants to lug a 10-pound air pump around on an outdoor excursion. Opt for a lightweight alternative. An efficient air pump should weigh no more than 5 pounds. The hoses, adapters, and power cords should be easy to disassemble. Ideally, the pump and accessories will fit in a small tote bag. We were even able to hunt down a couple of air pumps that came with complimentary travel bags.

Inflation Speed

Inflation speeds vary depending on the pump, target PSI, and power source. For the most part, a quality electric air pump will inflate a SUP in less than 10 minutes. In many cases, you can inflate a SUP even faster with a manual pump. However, manual pumps are much more arduous. Not to mention, they demand your undivided attention.

Power Cord Length

We recommend opting for a pump with a power cord that is around 10 feet long. If you are connecting your pump to a car battery or cigarette lighter, it needs to be able to extend from your vehicle to your paddleboard. You’ll want to be able to place your paddleboard on the ground and maneuver around it without any issues. Find a cord that is long enough to reach your board without becoming tangled.

Hose Length

It’s important to take a look at a pump’s attachments. Most pumps come with an extendable air hose. We recommend holding out for a lengthy (3 feet or more) hose that will not tangle. Most pump hoses are made from accordion-like black plastic.

Ideally, your pump’s hose should be detachable. You should be able to remove and reattach a hose for optimal portability. A locking feature ensures that your pump hose will not disconnect in the middle of inflation.


Most electric SUP pumps are compatible with the 12-volt cigarette lighter power outlets located in vehicles. A cigarette lighter will deliver up to 180 watts of power. In most cases, that’s enough power to inflate a SUP in less than 10 minutes.


How can I identify if my paddleboard’s air chamber leaks?

It’s pretty hard to puncture a quality paddleboard. Inflate your paddleboard to its ideal PSI. Then, apply a bit of pressure. If your paddleboard has a small puncture, you should be able to hear the air escaping. You may also use a small amount of soapy water to hone in on any leakage issues. Small SUP punctures are easy to repair. Take the time to patch your SUP, and you should be back on the water in no time.

Do I need to inflate my SUP every time I hit the water?

Inflatable SUPs lose a small amount of air pressure over time. As such, we recommend hooking your board up to a pump before every outing. Make a habit of checking the PSI. A fully inflated SUP makes for a safer, more comfortable water adventure. I usually like to inflate to 15 PSI but some paddle board manufacturers will recommend more or less.

What happens when you overinflate a paddleboard?

You risk damaging your board any time you apply more than the recommended air pressure.

Why should you pay attention to a pump’s potential PSI?

PSI is an acronym for pounds per square inch. The PSI for most SUPs ranges from 10 to 20. It’s important to maintain the proper PSI inside the air chambers of your paddleboard. Air pressure can impact a board’s stability, rigidity, and capacity.

An electric air pump with a built-in pressure gauge will help you achieve an ideal PSI inside your inflatable paddleboard. It is important to never exceed the PSI limit of your board. Excess air may damage or even burst your paddleboard.

Keep in mind that a quality electric air pump cannot improve a low-pressure SUP with leaky chambers. When it comes to inflatable SUPs, you tend to get what you pay for. With that said, you cannot go wrong with a solid SUP/pump combo.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to electric SUP pumps! After careful consideration, we’re happy to announce the SereneLife Electric SUP Air Pump Compressor as our editor’s pick and overall top option. This incredible air pump offers 12 volts of power and 16 PSI of air pressure. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a user-friendly digital dashboard, and a 3-foot long accordion air hose. Of course, the MantaGlider is yet another marvelous electric air pump. We love the ergonomic shape and overall design of this impressive air pump. No matter what pump you choose, we’re sure it will make your paddleboard prep more efficient. With a quality SUP and the ideal PSI, you can set your sights on almost any waterway.

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