The Best Headlamps for Fishing with Complete Guide

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If you are in a rush the best headlamp for fishing is the MOICO Ultra Bright Fishing Headlight

Whether you want to catch a specific species of fish or love the thrill of darkness, there are huge advantages to fishing at night. From largemouth bass to rainbow trout, it is easiest to catch nutrient rich fish during the stillness of night.

However, nighttime fishing comes with its own challenges. Thin, monofilament lines are hard to see even in the best lighting conditions. It’s easy to get lost or experience injury in the great outdoors. Even more importantly, improper light sources can mean the difference between life and death.

No matter your reasons, it’s vital to select a high quality headlamp that will allow you to see what you’re doing and work as safely as possible. Luckily for you, we’re going to discuss some of the most highly prized headlamp features and review customer-approved brands below.

The Best Headlamps for fishing go as Follows:

  1. MOICO Ultra Bright Fishing Headlight
  2. MsForce Rechargeable Headlamp
  3. LED Headlamp T6+ Cob
  4. Outerdo 13000 Lumen Headlamp

Best Headlamps for Fishing Reviews

the best headlamps rated by fisherman are the following.

1. MOICO Ultra Bright Fishing Headlight

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Considered one of the most cost effective headlamp brands, the Moico doesn’t sacrifice quality for durability, utility, and effectiveness. Featuring seven ultra-bright LED bulbs and a red tail light, the Moico headlight can reach a maximum brightness of 12000 lumens.

It’s hard to go wrong when the headlamp offers eight different modes for maximum versatile use and two simple mode buttons. You can easily create a strobe effect, warm beam, red light, and SOS red strobe light to ensure your safety while fishing late at night.

With an IPX-4 waterproof rating, the headlamp is sealed against most weather and heat intrusions that makes it perfectly sturdy for long trips. Many customers use it for intricate wiring, dentistry, and home construction tasks in addition to fishing, owing to its wide 90 degree rotation range.

>>What Customers Think<<

Unlike most other brands, the Moico headlamp comes with a 2 year guaranteed warranty and 30 day no-questions-asked full refund policy. Though it can seem to good to be true for its pricing, the Moico is a completely risk free purchase.

One customer boasted about how, after their battery pack failed after dropping into the river, the Moico team sent them a brand new unit completely free of charge. Although this isn’t ever purchasers experience, it goes to show how committed the Moico brand is to customer satisfaction.


  • Extremely low cost, especially considering the headlamp’s high light production of 12000 lumens, long battery life, and waterproof ratings
  • Comes with eight different light modes to offer maximal utility in any type of environment
  • Moico company offers generous two year warranty and return policies for all customers


  • Some customers complain that the red safety light tends to dim over several years of usage


2. MsForce Rechargeable Headlamp

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Comfortable to wear and ultra-powerful, the MsForce is known for its excellent utility for fishing, camping, and hiking. Additionally, the fast USB recharging increases the durability of the long-lasting battery pack.

By producing bright light for over fifteen hours without recharge, you can rest assured this product will withstand even multi-day trips. Customers appreciate the huge variety of modes on the headlamp: different white variations, 90 degree tilting body, and five independently moving light nodes.

In addition to white light, the headlamp can produce red safety light that won’t disturb your night vision. The adjustable strap creates a comfortable fit on most teenagers, men, and women for maximal utility.

>>What Customers Think<<

If you’re not satisfied – no worries, the headlamp comes with a one year no-questions-asked warranty since the MsForce manufacturers are so confident in the product. It’s hard to go wrong with over 12,000 lumens of light produced on the highest setting.

Overall, most customers are extremely happy with the performance of the MsForce. However, some have complained about the very bulky size of the lights and straps, which is ultimately necessary for its huge light projection power.


  • Features five independently moveable LED lights that produce over 12,000 lumens on the highest setting
  • Only requires recharge after fifteen hours of continuous use (on the lowest setting), making it ideal for both fishing and search-and-rescue missions
  • Comes with five different modes for a high degree of light variation


  • Very bulky LED light size and straps, which may make the headlamp unsuitable for more intricate tasks


3. LED Headlamp T6+ Cob

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This two-in-one, three modes Cob headlamp offers 160 degrees of broad beam projection for short distances at very even light coverage. Ideal for construction, circuit repair, and professional dentistry, the Cob is sure to work well for long fishing trips.

Producing a bright 6000 lumens, the single LED light node can be adjusted for widespread light diffusion up to 200 feet. With a long battery life, the headlamp can last six to eight hours on average depending on the light intensity used.

Moreover, the headlamp is powered by a high quality 3200 mAh battery. The headlamp has been highly rated for its IPX-4 protection against water spray, leakage resistance, and completely waterproof wiring.

Coupled with its light zoom focus, the fully adjustable straps and wide 90 degree rotation make it perfect to see in between hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.

>>What Customers Think<<

Customers should keep in mind that the headlamp isn’t totally weather proof. Extremely heavy rain or long dunks in the river may cause damage to the internal wiring of the LED light. Additionally, some have complained that the Cob is vulnerable to rusting in very humid environments after several months of use.


  • Single LED light comes with total zoom-in and out control that changes light diffusion and focus by over sixty degrees
  • Produces low, middle, and high light of 6000 lumens with a red safety light included
  • Two interweaved adjustable straps create perfect fit on any noggin size


  • Some customers complain that the battery pack is prone to leakages due to aging of the product materials


4. Outerdo 13000 Lumen Headlamp

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The Outerdo brand has been in the business of light production and headlamps for over a decade, owing to its extremely high customer satisfaction and product protection guarantees. Offering 13000 lumens of light production, the extra-bright eight LED lights reach the highest level of brightness of nearly any other product.

The headlamp is equipped with very ergonomic elastic straps that can fit most any user comfortably. With an IPX-4 waterproof rating, all of the device’s internal wiring is protected by heavy duty battery bins that protect from almost all leakages.

>>What Customers Think<<

Overall, the Outerdo headlamp is very appropriate for use in fishing, hunting, racing, hiking, and emergency rescue tasks. With over nine hours of life, the rechargeable battery works effectively without a USB recharge for as long as you’ll need it. However, make sure to plug it into a wall outlet for at least eight hours to achieve a full recharge.

With a two year satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy knowing the Outerdo headlamp is very well constructed. Unlike other headlamps, the Outerdo is crafted from pure aluminum alloy that can survive even the lengthiest dunks in the lake.


  • Crafted from wear and rust resistant Aluminum alloy that’ll last several years of frequent use
  • Features eight LED lights that produce over 13000 lumens of brightness on the maximum setting, in addition to red safety lights and three different modes
  • Generous two year return policy for most hardware failures or accidents


  • Requires lengthy eight hour plug in to achieve full recharge


What Makes a Great Fishing Headlamp?

Before you invest in the first headlamp that pops up on your search bar, you should know that there are massive distinctions in quality and construction between different products. Moreover, some headlamps are more well-suited for intricate tasks, such as home construction and indoor wiring, whereas others are made specifically for outdoor adventures.

Buyer’s Guide to Fishing Headlamps

headlamp across lake


Headlamp brands should always advertise how brightly their products operate on low, middle, and high settings. The scientific measure of brightness is dubbed lumens, which gauges the amount of light produced in all directions by a single light source.

Generally, most fishing headlamps produce between 5000 to 13000 lumens of brightness. However, just because one product advertises more lumens, doesn’t mean that it is better.

For reference, a 250 square foot indoor space will need 5000 lumens in order to be considered “brightly lit” by the average person. By contrast, car headlamps operate at about 1300 to 3000 lumens. Direct eye contact at 13000 lumens of brightness may even be damaging to the eyes after extended glances.

In fact, how light is directed, focused, or diffused will create a huge difference in the quality of the headlamp. Low lumen headlamps often feature a higher degree of zooming or light dispersion than their high lumen counterparts. To put it simply, lumen production is just one facet of a good fishing headlamp.

Types of Headlamps

There are three major beam types to watch out for: flood, spot, and adjustable. The beam type determines how far light is projected and focused from a light source.

Flood, or wide, headlights work best for working in cramped spaces or the outdoors. Although they do not throw long light distance, flood lights work perfectly for intricate repair work, reading, and organizing gear on your fishing boat.

By contrast, spot beams form an extremely narrow column of light that is best for long distance views. If you’re attempting to navigate a route in the dark, these beams work best. However, they will not be appropriate for general camping and fishing tasks.

As you can probably guess, adjustable beams allow you to control how narrow or dispersed your light view is. Depending on what you’re doing, you have a high degree of versatility over light distance and breadth for different tasks.

Weather and Water Resistance

All major headlamp brands grade their product based on how well it can survive exposure to weather, heat, water, and leakage. IPX rating is an industry standard measurement that gauges protection against any possible element, whether it’s water, oils, or dust that could cause wear and tear over time.

IPX is graded on a scale of zero to eight, where IPX-0 provides absolutely no protection against the elements. On the other end of the scale, IPX-8 protects against continuous submersion under water indefinitely.

The most common ratings for fishing headlamps is IPX-4 and IPX-5. Headlamps with an IPX-4 rating are protected against water splashes and short-term dunks from any possible angle, since the battery and wiring is threaded internally. IPX-5 headlamps guarantee protection against continuous low pressure water streams, making it appropriate to wash them after long fishing trips.

In general, you should strive from IPX-5 headlamps since they have the most robust protection guarantees versus the vast majority of light sources. Generally, companies turn to third party, unaffiliated services that test the water resistance of their products rather than providing their own rating.

Battery Features

Hands down, the quality of the battery is one of the most important aspects you should consider before buying a headlamp. A good battery can make the difference between life and death, especially if a device craps out on you in the middle of the lake at midnight.

The major different types of headlamp batteries include triple-A, rechargeable, and lithium ion battery packs that each boast different advantages.

Double and triple-A batteries are extremely convenient to use, especially since you can visit any store to pick up another pack at any time. If you don’t fish too frequently, these may be the most cost effective option. Additionally, these batteries require no recharge and can be popped in immediately.

However, they aren’t appropriate for very long excursions. As a rule of thumb triple-A batteries tend to produce low light for only five hours of use, which is much less than the standard lithium ion battery pack.

By contrast, rechargeable triple-A batteries aren’t as easy to find but can be recharged very quickly for frequent use. Be aware that each battery can only withstand a few recharges before the whole unit needs to be replaced.

Last but not least, lithium ion batteries have become the industry standard in the fishing headlamp market. Lithium ion batteries produce consistent, even power for as long as they’re charged. Additionally, these units can withstand over 300 recharges before the unit needs to be replaced due to degradation.

Keep in mind that lithium ion batteries can be very pricey depending on the size of the unit. They may also take over eight hours to fully recharge.

Battery Life

It’s best to select headlamps that can be used continuously on medium light mode for over six hours at the very least. Many higher end headlamps boast a constant stream of very bright light at over ten hours of use. As the technology gets better, batteries are becoming even more compact and sturdy for constant use.

Generally, batteries that produce light for less than six hours start to dim within four hours of use. However, they are less expensive than the highest quality batteries in higher end fishing headlamps.

Replaceable versus Rechargeable

As stated above, replaceable batteries are cheap and very handy. You’ll never have to worry about the device failing on you in the middle of the night since the pack can be replaced instantly.

If you fish frequently, you should chip in for rechargeable batteries since they’re environmentally friendly. Additionally, a rechargeable battery is more cost effective since it can be recharged, on average, a few hundred times before needing a full replacement.

Size and Weigh

The majority of headlamps with battery packs weigh less than seven ounces. As headlamps get more pricey, they tend to weigh more because the internal wiring is more sturdily constructed. Heavier headlamps tend to come with more LED light nodes, bulkier battery packs, and durably crafted straps.

Overall, you likely won’t notice a substantial difference in headlamp weights for fishing. Some customers tend to get headaches after extended use due to the bulkiness of larger headlamps.

In terms of sizing, the standard headlamp measures 4.5 by 4.5 by 4.1 inches, which makes it compact enough to squeeze in cramped spaces.


Most modern headlamps come with a huge variety of modes in order to create different lighting effects for distinct purposes. In general, you should look for a headlamp that offers at least four different modes.

The most popular modes include red light, strobe, low, medium, and high. Many fishing headlamps have over eight modes in order to offer the most maximal degree of light production in any kind of environment.

Red light mode is a very handy feature that produces a bright, red light. The benefit of this mode is that it doesn’t cause our pupils to change to in size, which means it doesn’t affect our night vision at all.

White light produces a steady stream of bright, fluorescent lighting that causes the environment to take on a slightly blue-saturated tint. In contrast to red mode, white lighting allows for color discernment that is absolutely vital for fishing.

In general, the different low, medium, and high settings offer distinct intensities of light production. Keep in mind that low lighting will burn up less of the battery over time. In fact, low lighting uses approximately half as much battery power as the highest intensity setting.

Light Directionality

Look for headlamps that offer a wide degree of motion and rotation. Most fishing headlamps come with more than one LED light that can be independently rotated from other light sources.

Tilt refers to the ability to adjust the light unit vertically up and down in order to get the right view every time. This is especially handy for preparing fishing hooks and looking down at the water for an extended period of time. Opt for headlamps that have a full 90 degree tilt in the downwards direction.


Though it may be the last thing we think of, comfort is one of the most important aspects of any headlamp. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a product that pinches in the wrong places or won’t adjust properly over your head.

Virtually all headlamps come with adjustable straps. You should always invest in a headlamp that has both a headband strap and head-top strap so that it can rest as securely as possible. More weighty headlamps may come with additional diagonal straps that help to support the heaviness of the LED light sources.

Children and teenagers should get headlamps that are specifically advertised for adolescents, since most strap sizes don’t adjust enough to fit their small heads. Adult headlamps tend to adjust for head sizes between 20 to 47 centimeters to accommodate the maximum range.

Personal Preference

At the end of the day, you’ll have to consider your personal needs with the utility of the headlamp. Comfort, weight, and compactness should play just as large a role in your decision as brightness.

If you’re going to perform intricate work or gear set-up frequently, you should opt for headlamps that produce flood light at a high brightness. For navigational tasks, you may prefer spot or narrow lighting.

One additional feature to consider is regulated output lighting, which creates a steady stream of brightness throughout the entire duration of the battery’s life. Although these units are slightly more pricey, many fishers vastly prefer them over slowly dimming units.

Final Thoughts

With extremely brightness and versatility, the clear winner has to be the Moico brand fishing headlamp. Producing an amazing 12000 lumens of narrow light and even bright spot light, the Moico is highly prized for its cost efficacy compared to other brands.

Most importantly, the Moico headlight offers eight different modes for achieving the highest degree of user preference. The red tail light, SOS red lamp light, and long lasting battery life, Moico had consumer safety in mind at every step of development.

Customers love the Moico headlight since it’s lightweight, comfortable to wear, and has a high IPX-4 waterproof rating. The 90 degree tilt and seven flexible LED bulbs add even more utility for any range of tasks, whether it’s gear set up, intricate fish lining, or looking out at the water.

Although there’s many great products on the market, it’s difficult to find a better performer than the Moico headlamp.

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