Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels Complete Buyers Guide

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Great for beginners with their ease of use, spinning reels are also a good choice for those that want long distance casting that is precise. When choosing a good fishing line for your spinning reel and fishing rod, make sure that it will match with your reel capacity, has visibility and sensitivity that works with the type of fishing you have planned, as well as is smooth and strong. Your goal is to have a great experience out on the water which means you need effective reeling and enhanced casting. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best fishing-line for spinning reels and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Best Premium Choice

#2 Berkley FireLine


Best Pick

#1 Surfex Elite


Best Budget Choice

#3 Berkley Trilene


The Best Line for Spinning Reels go as Follows:

Top Fishing Line for Spinning Reels Reviews

The best fishing line for spinning reels goes as follows below.

1. Sufix Elite Fishing Line

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Sufix Elite Fishing Line is a braided line that has a great combination of affordability, performance, and quality. This strong fishing line,  due to its abrasion resistance and castability, plus it won’t fade. Well known as one of the more durable and strong fishing lines that you will find on the market, it can catch a wide range of fish including walleye, flounder, pike and bass fishing.

Made of eight fibers, Sufix Elite uses seven Dyneema fibers for sensitive and strength that include 32 weaves per inch, plus it uses a GORE performance fiber which provides abrasion resistance, lessens vibrations, and improves castability. With its fiber technology and R8 braiding, this line has a round and smooth feel that easily glides through guides. Plus, it holds up well around rocks and sharp objects thanks to its impressive abrasion resistance.

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Perfect for fishing in heavy cover, Sufix Elite will last you two to three years before needing replacement. With its small diameter, you get less friction with the water surface, plus you can spool a lot of it on your reel. You also get almost no line memory thanks to the G2 Precision Winding feature that provide great control and knot strength without worrying about losing tensile strength.

This line is easy to see in the water and is available in three colors depending on the visibility you need. Sufix Elite uses color retention technology which resists fading that often happens with braid line. The Sufix Elite has a great balance of toughness and strength with unparalleled handling and casting.


  • Great casting distance
  • The best braided fishing line for spinning reels on this list
  • Good strength with low memory
  • Good control and knot strength


  • A little on the expensive


2. Berkley FireLine Superline Fishing Line

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Specifically designed for use on spinning reels, Berkley FireLine Superline Fishing Line that doesn’t have the normal problems braid line has when it comes to line twisting, tangles, and knots. With its unique design, the braids are fused together to create a tough and smooth fishing line that is also incredibly sensitive. Giving you smooth handling and incredible strength, FireLine gives you fast and long casting without memory but a smooth finish. Featuring a thin diameter, this fishing line has low visibility and great lure action.

FireLine is very sensitive giving you an instant feel for strikes and structure. Constructed of microfused Dyneema fibers, it is three to four times stronger than monofilament. This thermally fused fishing line is one of the best abrasion resistant Super fishing lines on the market that lets you detect line movement and track your line easily.

>>What Customers Think<<

With a unique tracer color and improved colorfastness, FireLine alternates between smoke and flame green allowing you to easily measure distance and depth by five feet increments. FireLine is some of the strongest Super fishing lines available that allows you to see the movement of your line like you have never seen before. It also has great knot typing abilities allowing you to tie a solid knot easily.

With a thin diameter, you can spool plenty of FireLine. This thin line also helps to cut through water and helps your lure action. With a translucent color, it gives you low visibility when in the water so it won’t scare the fish. Plus, with the smooth and round finishing, it easily moves through the guides helping to give you long and accurate casting distance.


  • Great casting with a nice round profile
  • Guides easily and is really strong
  • Feel of the line is like no other


  • Color fades out
  • The line starts to fray over time


3. Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament

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Combining craftsmanship and the great qualities of a monofilament line, the Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament is a great choice for either saltwater or freshwater fishing. Sturdy and thin, this fishing line has enough stretch that it can take in the shock of pulling in an aggressive and strong fish. Trilene is a very smooth and durable line that is great when catching large fish, plus it is very affordable allowing you to buy a lot of line for not a lot of money.

With a shock resistant feature, the Trilene lets you catch more fish. Designed with more stretch, this monofilament gives you more fighting power as well as control. You have more confidence as you fish with the durable and abrasion-resistant Trilene.

>>What Customers Think<<

Featuring great knot strength, this one-pound spool gives you 3600 yards. With an eye-catching green color, this line will hold strong against sharp and rough objects. Able to resist abrasion better than other monofilaments on the market, Trilene is able to stretch when you land a large fish so you can avoid the shock when it makes a fast run on a short line.


  • Best monofilament fishing line for spinning reels
  • Stretches well and resists abrasions
  • Can catch anything over 100 pounds
  • An affordable line that is great for us on spinning reels


  • Has lots of memory
  • Not great for casting


4. KastKing World’s Premium Monofilament

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The durable KastKing Premium Monofilament is efficient and strong eliminating line breakage and is ideal for either saltwater or freshwater fishing. Thin in diameter, the KastKing is abrasion resistant and will make a good leader line. With its great price and performance, KastKing gives you the most efficiency when trolling or moving on baits.

>>What Customers Think<<

Great for any type of technique or condition, KastKing is designed with low memory thanks to a special paralleled roll track technology that keeps your line easy to handle and to cast. It is abrasion resistant and has low absorption so it isn’t limp allowing for faster retrieval. Remaining invisible in the water, KastKing has great clarity as well as color.


  • Gives you smooth casts
  • Best monofilament fishing-line for spinning reels on this list
  • A nice thin line that won’t lose the lure and fish
  • Sets hook well and lets you feel bites


  • Has a stiffness that can be a challenge for beginners
  • Design problem with the spools


5. Spiderwire

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Smooth and strong, Spiderwire provides great casting distance and accuracy. This is a great fishing line to use with a spinning reel for long cast and no line twists. Providing you with a reeling and casting experience that is super smooth, you won’t have to deal with digging in or backlashes with your reel.

Spiderwire is a braided line with a tight weave made with microfibers that have been treated with Teflon. With this type of construction, you can use Spiderwire in heavy cover allowing you to rip lures and fight large fish. With its incredibly thin diameter, you can get a lot of line on your reel, plus its smooth and round shape allows it to move smoothly through guides and cast forever.

Spiderwire is also very sensitive allowing you to feel even the smallest bites. Plus, the Dyneema PE fiber won’t stretch which allows you to have even more feel. This fishing line was made for quiet and smooth performance thanks to its strength and thin diameter.

>>What Customers Think<<

Coated to give the line better color retaining abilities, Spiderwire resists fading, plus the coating creates a slicker line for better casting performance. Spiderwire is available in either Hi-Vis Yellow for better visibility when it is above the water and Moss Green so it is almost invisible when underwater. You also have different pound test and line capacity choices so you can easily find the best options for where you plan to fish.


  • Great camo look when in the water
  • Nice and smooth line
  • Gives you good casting distance
  • Best 6 Lb Fishing Line on this list


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Line is weak


What is the Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels?

Types of Fishing Lines for Spinning Reels


Braided Line is made with separate polyethylene strands that are tightly woven together providing great strength to the line. With zero stretch, it does differ from monofilament so, while it is very sensitive, it doesn’t have as much give on the hook sets so you may miss fish. If you are in heavy cover though, braided line is a good choice to pull out big fish.

Braided line does have some negatives including its high visibility in the water which isn’t a good choice for certain fish, especially in clear water. It is also slicker making it a bad choice for some knots, plus it tends to fray, particularly when it is used around rough and sharp objects. When it starts to fray, you will notice lost strength and more line breaks so make sure to remove the frayed part of the line and re-spool it.

Monofilament Line is the most affordable of the fishing line options making it a common choice. With lots of stretch, monofilament lines are less sensitive than the other types of fishing line but the stretch isn’t that bad that you won’t feel fish when they strike. It also has a lot of memory keeping its shape over time, especially when it is wrapped on a spool. This can have a bad impact on retrieval and casting.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line has the lowest visibility when in the water due to its sharing a similar refractive index as water does. This makes it great for clear water and for those fish that scare easily. Keep in mind that some line is made entirely of fluorocarbon while others are only coated in fluorocarbon. Those lines that are just coated will actually act more like monofilament lines. True fluorocarbon fishing line is pretty dense and is perfect for deepwater fishing.

Features to Look for in Fishing Line



The best type of fishing line will have very little to no memory to it. Memory means that your line will keep a certain shape. So if it is spooled, it will keep that coiled shape even when it is unspooled. This can be a problem when the line remembers the loop shape and it has been stored a while. This can cause line tangles and twists the next time you go out fishing limiting your casting distance and accuracy.

When a line doesn’t have any memory, you won’t have to deal with friction between the guides and lines meaning that you will have long and smooth casting with no twisting. Braided line is a good zero memory line while fluorocarbon and monofilament contain higher memory and tend to twist more when casting. If you do have a line with memory problems, use a line conditioner to make it smoother and more manageable.

Abrasion Resistant

You want your fishing line capable of staying round and smooth for a long time. When you use the spinning technique, it causes friction on the line where a knot is tied, plus it applies pressure at the guides. Being consistently exposed to sand, dust, and salt water is hard on a fishing line as is the frequent pulling by fish that will weaken the line more causing breakages, tangling, and twisting. Having a line that is abrasion resistant which will help make your line stronger and last longer improving your fishing experiences.

best fishing line for spinning reels


Although very necessary, knots cause weak spots in your fishing line. Hard hook sets and fighting large fish causes line breakage at these weak points. You need a strong fishing line that is easy to tie knots in that are strong and hold well. Producing the strongest knots, monofilament has a smooth surface conducive to good knot tying while a braided line is the worst. Knot strength is improving for braided lines with the application of special coatings by manufacturers.


Depending on the water conditions you are fishing in, the visibility level of your fishing line can make a big difference, plus there is also a personal preference level involved. You may need to see your line so you know when there is a fish on the line or to see how it is behaving. Others may want a line that becomes invisible when in clear water that will trick smarter fish that can be scared off by a visible line.

Clearly visible to both humans and fish, braided line is good when you want to track where your line is. Monofilament is pretty much invisible as is fluorocarbon line which is often used as leader line with braid. You will notice that many fishing lines come with different color option including colors that blend in well with plants and water and colors that are very visible like neons, yellows, and reds.


A thin diameter is always a plus when it comes to the best casting fishing lines. Fishing lines with thick diameters don’t perform as well, while some lines with thin diameters don’t have the strength you need to pull in those large fish.

The benefits of a thin diameter include having less friction when on the water allowing the line to sink faster and cut through the water so it can take a lure deep without scaring the nearby fish. It also allows you to spool large amounts of line so you can maximize the casting capacity of your spinning reel. A really thin line is especially handy when pitching, flipping, or fishing with large crankbaits.

Large diameter line doesn’t allow you to spool as much line which can limit your casting distance. It will also increase the friction your line has which limits the distance you can cast, plus it has a tendency to jump off your spool to create a backlash. The strength of a large diameter line does help you fight a big fish, so it is important to find that strength in thinner line if you choose that route.

Braided line does feature both a thin line diameter and strength which makes it a popular choice for spinning reels in comparison to the strong but thick monofilament line. The most important thing to do is to choose the right line for your reel size making sure that the yards and weight match your spinning reel’s capacity.


Important to the performance of a fishing line, how elastic it is will affect the sensitivity of the line as well as how easily you can detect a bit. With a higher elasticity, you get more stretch and less sensitivity. Keep in mind that you do want a little elasticity in your line to absorb the shock when reeling in a large fish. You also want to have the ability to get a good hook set as a line that has a lot of tension will just rip a hook out of the mouth of the fish.

With a lower amount of elasticity, you get less stretch and the line is more sensitive to bites. You can usually tell what is happening to your lures while they are in the water. Also featuring a high level of tension, there is an energy transfer from the tip of your rod, down through the line to your lure easily allowing you to read bottom structures.

When you have a very sensitive line, it can be easy to set your hook too early when finesse fishing with a spinning reel before the fish has completely taken your lure. With almost no stretch, braided line is very sensitive to bites while monofilament features are the most flexible and stretchable. Fluorocarbon is somewhere between the two.


Whether your line will sink or float is considered its buoyancy level. The type of buoyancy you need when your line is on the surface of the water depends on what type of fishing you are wanting to catch. If you need a line with a thin diameter, braided lines have very little resistance when on the water and the fibers in its braids actually soak up water quickly. You can also use a braided line when sending lure deep out into the water.

If you are fishing where there are a lot of rocks and shells, a dense line like fluorocarbon sinks easily and is very abrasion resistant. It is tough and strong and not easily nicked and scraped like monofilament or braided line and is a great choice for deep water fishing. If you need a line for floating baits and topwater lure, monofilament will float easily and has a low density.

Final Thoughts

The winner of the best fishing string for spinning reels round up is the Sufix Elite Fishing Line. A braided line that is a great combination of affordability, performance, and quality, Sufix Elite is a strong fishing line that is great for spinning reels thanks to its abrasion resistance and castability. It is well known as one of the more durable and strong lines that you can buy, it is capable of catching a wide range of fish including walleye, flounder, bass, and mackerel.

Sufix Elits is made of eight fibers including seven Dyneema fibers for sensitivity and strength and a GORE performance fiber that gives the line abrasion resistance, less vibrations, and improved castability. By using fiber technology and R8 braiding, you get a round and smooth line that easily glides through guides while holding up well around rocks and sharp objects thanks to its impressive abrasion resistance.

Great for fishing in heavy cover, this line will last you two to three years before needing to be replaced. And, its small diameter will give you less friction with the water surface and allow you to spool a lot of it on your reel. There is almost no line memory thanks to the G2 Precision Winding feature that provides great control and knot strength without worrying about losing tensile strength.

This line is easy to see in the water and uses color retention technology that resists fading. It is available in three colors depending on the visibility you need. The Sufix Elite has a great balance of toughness and strength with unparalleled handling and casting making it the definite winner of the best fishingline for spinning reels round up is the Sufix Elite Fishing Line hands down.

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