Best Beginner Wakeboard – Find the Proper Board to Wake On

If you are in a hurry the Best Beginner Wakeboard is the Hydroslide Black Widow Wakeboard  >>Check Price on Amazon<<


Wakeboarding is one of the popular water sports that has attracted all sorts of people with different skill levels. In fact, this popularity has made many people develop an interest in joining the wake club. People’s interest  in the sport grows more and more every time they visit the lake or coast and watch as others enjoy the wakeboarding from the boat . After seeing this often enough one can’t help but try it out!

As you go shopping for beginner wakeboard packages wakeboard, however, it is important to first acquaint yourself with the various factors that you need to consider in order to get a good beginner wakeboard to kick-start your wake experience on the watew.

We have compiled this guide to help you find the ideal wake board for a beginner. Additionally, we have listed our best-rated wake boards for beginners that you might consider choosing.

The Best Wakeboards for Beginners are:

What to Consider when Buying a Beginner Wakeboard :Wakeboard Buying Guide


Best Beginner Wake boardsBefore buying a wakeboard, there are a few things you should know. The types of Wakeboards come in the following variations: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The first thing to do, therefore, is to identify the beginner boards’ category. These boards are often slower as well as more forgiving as compared to an intermediate wake board or even an advanced board.
Here are the other factors that you need to consider.

Squared Edges

Beginner boards are designed and constructed with squared edges to enhance the control and stability of the inexperienced beginner who hasn’t mastered the wakeboarding tricks yet.

What Size Wakeboard do I Need?

Wakeboard Size Chart: A Rough Guide of How to Size a Wakeboard

Rider Weight (Lbs)Wakeboard Length (feet)
25 - 70 3.6 - 3.8
40 - 85 3.8 - 4.3
65 - 110 4.0 - 4.4
70 - 130 4.2 - 4.5
100 - 170 4.3 - 4.6
150 - 225 4.5 - 4.7
170 - 250 4.6 - 4.8

As a beginner, you need a wakeboard that is right for your weight and height. You can check the wakeboard length against your weight on the chart provided by the manufacturer or the retailer you are buying wakeboards from. As a beginner, however, it is advisable to pick a slightly bigger board that will give you ample time to learn the art of wakeboarding. A wider wakeboard will also give you plenty of pop for trying out a few tricks.


This refers to the extent the wakeboard has curved at its ends. Most beginners come with a continuous rocker that will provide you with not only a smoother ride but also a predictable one. The less the rocker a wakeboard has the more controls you will have over it, which is great for a beginner.


The fins are responsible for steering the wakeboard. Longer and deeper fins are great at stabilizing the board, which makes them the best for beginners. Nonetheless, as you advance your wakeboarding skills, you will move to the shallow fines that will offer you a faster response as well as sharper turns.


The edge is yet another important factor to consider when picking a beginner board. A board with sharper edges or rails is bound to give you more acceleration and speed whereas the rounded ones are more forgiving and great for surface tricks for beginners.


Having secure bindings is very important as a beginner. You should look for bindings that will ensure you feel comfortable as you wakeboard around. If you pick one with bindings that fit your feet tightly, you might risk breaking your ankle or leg.

Try Before You Buy

Certainly, this is the most important thing to do before you commit your money on a wakeboard. Even if you have done a lot of research, it will make no difference if you end up buying a wakeboard that does not work best with your ideal style and skill level. As such, make sure you do a demo and be sure it is the right item before paying.

Benefits of Wakeboarding

As you go shopping for your wakeboard, it is also important to be aware of the benefits that you’re about to reap from wakeboarding. The benefits of wakeboarding range from physical to health benefits. Here are some of them:

You will:

  • Improve your hand and feet flexibility since wakeboarding needs an agile approach.
  • Strengthen your legs and arm muscles. These are the two key areas from which wakeboarding demands physical efforts.
  • Improve your response versatility and time owing to the sudden change of direction and position as you wakeboard
  • Enhance your eye coordination since you’re required to stay focused and well-balanced
  • Improve your swimming ability since you will frequently fall into the water and be required to swim to safety
  • Enhance your mental concentration on your daily undertakings.

best beginner wake boards


How to Get Started


Prior to starting your wakeboarding, you must know how to use your wakeboard in the right way. With your beginner wakeboard, you also need a short rope that will get you near a boat. Don’t forget to also have wakeboard safety items like a PFD. These can range from belt, vest of life jacket PFD’s.


As you go out to start wakeboarding, your instructor will start by showing you which stance will be more comfortable and right for you. First, determine whether you are a left foot forward or right foot forward individual. Secondly, you will need to find the right angle on which your bindings ought to be set at. This is why you should have an instructor in the first place.

Hand Signals

Before hitting the water, learning some hand signals to the boat is crucial. Your instructor should get you through this since it is one of the safety requirements of wakeboarding. However, if you are not using a boat to tow you around, then your hand signal will mean a different meaning such as when turning over.

The 5 Best Beginner Wakeboards for Sale: Wakeboarding Reviews


1. Hydroslide Black Widow Wakeboard (The Best Beginner Wakeboard) 

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

This is one of the wakeboards that are designed for both beginner and intermediate riders. It’s versatility makes it one of the best wakeboards for beginners out there. It is a reliable wakeboard that comes at an affordable price. It features a good and comfortable fit that most adult beginners will find amazing owing to its adjustable bindings. It is also designed with a quad channel that offers adequate stability.

With its forgiving design, novice riders will find it easy to control while intermediates and skilled riders will find it great and ideal for trying advanced tricks. This great learning wakeboard comes with a modified twin tip design that is highly rated for novice riders.


  • It perfectly fits a wide range of feet, both small and large
  • It is easy to adjust with its two-point adjustable chaser bindings
  • The modified twin tip enables you to maneuver easily
  • It is very forgiving which means that beginners will have an easy time controlling it
  • Best wakeboard for beginners and intermediate riders


  • The board’s bindings are delicate and might not hold on securely. Most customers have complained about how they quickly got broken.
  • The board size is not as advertised, which means that you might end up receiving a different board size from what you ordered


2. Hyperlite Wake Board Review (State 2.0)

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

This wakeboard model from Hyperlite is specially designed for a quick advancment of your skills as you begin your wakeboarding. It comes with a continuous rocker design that offers you a smooth and predictable ride. It also simplifies your controls even as you try to catch up with speed. It is one of the top rated wakeboards for learning and trying tricks on.

It comes with elastic lace bindings that not only provide you with a quick entry and exit but also a snug fit in. They comfortably secure your foot without you feeling injured whenever you maneuver to make turns.

It features an asymmetric design that offers you great stability as you wakeboard across the water. Moreover, the rear zone is flexible enough to minimize abrasion at the back of your leg while the molded EVA ensures your heel and toe enjoy ample cushioning. This makes it easy for a novice to try new tricks without being hurt or feeling uncomfortable.


  • Comes with molded EVA for cushioning your heel and toe hence comfortable
  • Designed with a continuous rocker for a smoother ride
  • Has elastic lace bindings to comfortably secure your foot and quick entry and exit
  • Great sizing: 8-12 which accommodates a wider range of individual feet


  • It is quite expensive


3. O’Brien Baker Wakeboard

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

If you are planning to buy a great beginner wakeboard, then this model from O’Brien might be the best to start off with. It is made from a lightweight material to enhance your control and maneuverability and allow you to master wakeboarding tricks.

It features a continuous rocker design that offers the much-needed smooth and predictable ride that a novice wakeboard requires. Moreover, it comes with a squared edge design that will give you ultimate control and stability as you slowly start wakeboarding.

Its bindings offer an even greater comfort for smooth riding without having to compromise responsiveness as well as the required confidence of control. Moreover, it comes with a sharper edge that will deliver a good speed level whenever needed. Overall, this wakeboard is built with high-quality material and great features that are designed to fit an inexperienced rider who is just wakeboarding for the first time.


  • Constructed from high-quality materials for durability
  • It is designed with a continuous rocker for smooth rides
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability


  • Designed for men only with one size-136cm
  • It is quite expensive


4. RAVE Lyric Wakeboard

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

This wakeboard from RAVE is solidly constructed with novice riders in mind. One thing I like about this wakeboard is the extremely comfortable fit that it comes with. The bindings are also as excellent as the boots.

The board comes with a continuous 3-stage rocker design that truly offers smooth and comfortable rides. The edges are also designed to ensure you ride both at slow and high speeds without a fuss.

Even though it is slightly heavier as compared to most wakeboards, the deeper fins are responsible for delivering a smooth ride through the water. Equally, the edges are not that sharp, which means that a novice can still make efficient turn angles with a greater lean and form.


  • Comes with advantage bindings that provide a comfortable secure fit
  • The 3-stage rocker design delivers the stability needed for surface tricks
  • It is wide for a more stable performance


  • It is too heavy for beginners
  • The edges are not sufficiently sharp to deliver excellent speed


5. Hydroslide Helix Wakeboard

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

This wakeboard is designed for beginners as well as intermediate riders who are trying to master wakeboarding tricks. It is constructed from a carbon material that is reinforced to last for a long time.

It features Brandon bindings that provide not only a secure fitting but also a comfortable one that is essential for learning new tricks and making great jumps. As such, if you are an adult wakeboard beginner, this might be your ideal pick since it comes with one adult size only.

It also comes with a forgiving design that is purely meant for beginners to board with ease and comfort. With the two-stage modified design, you will confidently ride on this stable and comfortable wakeboard.


  • All round performing wakeboard for adult beginners
  • It is very forgiving thus easy to ride
  • Fitted with Brandon bindings for a secure and comfortable fit


  • It is meant for adult rides only
  • It is a bit expensive; be ready to pay more



As you begin and progress through your wakeboarding, you will start to figure out which wakeboard is best for you. But for now, this article reviews some of the wakeboards that you will greatly appreciate as you kick-start your wakeboarding experience.

Considering all the facts and research we have done, our clear winner in this wakeboard review is Hydroslide Black Widow Wakeboard.

Apart from being available at a reasonable price, the wakeboard comes with a very forgiving design and chaser bindings that offer a secure fit, which are essential when learning wakeboarding tricks.

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