The Best Wakesurf Board Buyers Guide and Reviews

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Not as well-known as wakeboarding or surfing, wakesurfing is a very rewarding sport that gives you an incredible summer experience. Like wakeboarding, wakesurfing is also done behind a boat where the rider can use the wake that is created from the boat. With a wakesurf board though, you don’t have a rope connecting you to the boat which allows you the freedom to move around the water on your own.
Having the right wakesurf board is important since the type of wake that is created differs depending on the boat you are following behind. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best wakesurfing board and a few reviews to help your search.

Best Premium Choice

#2 O’Brien Nalu


Best Pick

#1 Hyperlite Landlock


Best Budget Choice

#3 Driftsun Fifty-50


The Best Wakesurf Boards are as Follows:

Best Wakesurf Board Reviews List

The following is the best wakesurf boards as reviewed by verified customers.

1. Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer

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Perfect for the first time you hit the waves, the shape of the Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer allows you to catch a wave of any size. Designed for first-time riders, larger riders, or those hesitant to hit the waves, the Landlock features a thick but soft rail that includes a top deck that is concave allowing for forgiving and laid back turns. This affordable wakesurf board is a great value for the quality that you get with its monocoque and fiberglass construction.
Easily one of the best beginner wakesurf board to learn to wakesurf on, the Landlock is a great choice for taller or larger riders. With a very forgiving design, you don’t have to worry a lot about falling off, and it works well on smaller wakes. Featuring a tri-fin thruster set up, the Landlock gives you both control and speed as your surf and is a great board for carving sharp turns and for surf style board riding. It is also the best wakesurf board for tricks.

The Landlock is a very durable board that will perform well and last you many years. With its monocoque construction, the top and bottom glass layers are integrated into one giving your more durability when it comes to side impacts and stops delamination. The fiberglass comes in three different weights depending on the board and since typical woven glass fibers tend to separate, having the fiberglass layered allows you to have the same pop off for years to come.

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The Landlock board features a rolled edge profile and an EVA traction pad that includes a die cut logo. This is one of the better choices of the beginner fish shaped boards on the market with its steadinessand ease of use.


  • Great board for beginner since it is very stable
  • Incredibly durable for long-lasting use
  • Nice versatility when performing tricks
  • Best All Around Wakesurf Board


  • This is not a good pick for doing spins or tricks where you need a lot of speed
  • This  Wakesurf board is not a good option for those of a more advanced skill level


2. O’Brien Nalu Wakesurfer

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Making it effortless to catch both small and large waves and stay on them, the O’Brien Nalu Wakesurfer gives you the most control and comfort thanks to its concave top deck. Perfect for throwing skim tricks or cruising behind the boat, the Nalu includes a large flat spot that makes it easier to catch waves and a single fin. With its lightweight core, the Nalu has less weight to give you more control and the ability to maintain its profile for maximum boost.
With the ability to give you nice tight turns while still getting a lot of drive, the Nalu has a comfortable ride while also giving you a lot of versatility. This high-quality board also has a flat surface that extends further into the nose while the rocker profile helps to create effortless speed.
The Nalu was designed purely for boat performance and features a thin profile that is compression molded so it will sit lower in the water and be less buoyant. This is a great board for advanced wakesurfers who are interested in a unique ride. With its single fin, you get reduced drag and a looser overall feel.


  • A nice lightweight board that gives you a faster ride
  • The forward rocker profile makes it fo uncomplicated planning
  • The single fin design gives you less drag


  • The fin setup can’t be customized

3. Driftsun Fifty-50 Wakesurf Board

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If you are looking for a good bridge between Surf and Skim style wakesurf boards, the Driftsun Fifty-50 Wakesurf Board is a great option for beginners providing a solid surf-like experience. Allowing you to perform slashes, spins, and basic jumps, the Fifty-50 has an EPS design and is made of full carbon fiber providing you with both stability and an awesome look. The carbon fiber rails are completely wrapped and will last you a long time while also giving you a responsive, fun, and fast ride for you to enjoy.
The fins are removable so you can experience a looser ride and perform 360’s easily as well as advanced tricks. With the full EVA traction pad on the board, you can ride the whole platform so you can find your perfect spot. The high-quality craftsmanship and materials make this a great value for a professional grade board. This is the perfect board for your entire family allowing intermediate to advanced users to take their skillset to the next level so the wakesurf board can grow with them.

>>What Customers Think<<

Featuring a full natural stringer and EPS Core, the Fifty-50 has a flat bottom base with a pointed nose shape and slight nose rocker that make sure you have a responsive and fast ride. There is a three-fin thruster setup that is removable allowing you customization and is interchangeable with all FCS fins. The sharp rail design gives you the most steadieness on the board as well as the ability to make hard cuts. as awe as a low profile kicktail.


  • It has a great pop thanks to the low weight
  • Great wakesurf board for doing skim tricks
  • This is a nice looking board that has a surfing feel
  • Best Intermediate Wakesurf Board


  • There are some issues with fins on the board being installed incorrectly


4. Ride Wakesurf Board

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If you are just starting to wakesurf, it is worth checking out the Ride Wakesurf Board. This is an easy to learn on board that comes with three tail fins that are removable so you can customize as you become more advanced. It is uncomplicated to set it up where you move to one center fin or two side fins that more advanced riders can enjoy.

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With the double-edged rails, the Ride Wakesurf Board gives you a little more cut so you feel confident as you maneuver the board. Featuring durable, compression construction, this is also a lightweight board with a two-piece core that can be used by both adults and kids. Giving you predictable turns and good traction, the surfing style board design makes it fun to use.


  • You can customize board with the removable fins
  • It has a nice durable construction
  • This is an uncomplicated board to learn on


  • Not very versatile
  • The board is not a good option for advanced wakesurfers


5. Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board

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For those that enjoy hitting the surf at high speeds, the Hyperlite Broadcast Board is a great option for you. The design on the Broadcast lets you hit the wake like you were on a regular surfboard. Giving you a large surface thanks to its compression mold, it does feature a shorter sizes but also comes with a tri-fin system that gives you versatility.
With double edge rails, the Broadcast lets you effortlessly grip and hug the wake allowing you to easily perform stunts. The extended rail grip keeps the tail planted for better control while the Monocoque construction makes the board lightweight and durable. Plus, you get a responsive and fast ride from the minimal rocker and dual concave base which allows you to stay on the board.
Integrating the top and bottom glass, the Monocoque construction makes the board more durable in case of side impacts and stops delamination. Available in three weights, the layered fiberglass will not separate like typical glass fibers allowing you to have the same pop off each and every year. It also comes with a rolled edge profile and machined EVA traction.

Advanced riders will appreciate the speed they can generate will beginners will find it easy to hit those sweet spots in the wake. The Broadcast is an uncomplicated board to run that is completely customizable so it is a great option for advanced and beginning riders.


  • Great wakesurf board for everyone in the family
  • Good beginner board
  • A nice large board that is pretty durable


  • None


Wakesurf Ropes

You need to get ropes made specifically for wakesurfing for safety reasons. You can just use any type of rope but need one that is between 15 to 25 feet long giving you just enough length to get into the best part of the wake. Soft, coated handles that features foam rubber are best that are just big enough to fit one hand in. This is the safest size as it will stop any other part of your body from getting caught and dragged.
Length and comfort are the two most important things to consider when choosing a wakesurf rope. Their basic purpose is to get you out of the water safely, so make sure to follow the above safety measures.

Wakesurf Sleeves or Bag

A wakesurf board is very fragile, especially when you start to use the high-performance wakesurf boards. They may be built to executive turns and tricks at high speeds and crazy level but they are easy to delaminate, ding, and crack. It is incredibly important that you have a bag or sleeve to protect your board in. You don’t need to spend a lot on a board but make sure whatever bag you choose has enough sun protection and padding.

Wakesurf BagsUsually more expensive, a board bag is good to protect your board against accidental falls and harmful UV rays. Typically featuring shoulder straps or handles, these bags are simple to carry, particularly when you are carrying around other gear. Plus, they normally come with added pockets that let you store accessories like personal items, board shorts, or fins. It is highly recommended that you have a board bag if you are flying or traveling a lot.

Wakesurf Sleeves Giving you a lot of UV ray protection, a wakeboard sleeve is a great option for an uncomplicated way to transport your board. Keep in mind though, that they give your board less storage and protection than a board bag, but they are perfect if you just need a way to keep your board stored away safely.

Best Wakesurf Board Buying Guide


Comparing Wakesurf Board

Skim vs Surf Style Wakesurf Boards

Usually, you will see two different wakesurf board styles, either skim, surf, or a hybrid of the two. With a skim style, you can perform lots of tricks including jumps and spins. A surfing style board will give you the regular surfing experience, just from behind a boat. You can also get a hybrid of the two to give you the most versatility.

Considerations When Choosing a Wakesurf Board : Board Features


Available in wide range of lengths and shapes, a wakesurf board is the most accommodating in a medium-sized length. This is a popular pick since it can accommodate the most riders with different skill levels. A large wakesurf board is good for taller and larger rider, plus the larger surface area gives you more steadiness while a shortboard is best for a small rider like kids and women. Most boards should have a maximum weight capacity


Having a wake surf board that is both lightweight and durable is the ideal. Not long ago, you had to choose between the two. This way you can have both durability and performance without having to sacrifice anything in the shape. A typical wakesurf board is constructed of foam and covered with epoxy fiberglass (layered glass) giving it an extremely lightweight feel but also making it very fragile.
Even more durable models have a compression molded construction giving them a stronger finish. These affordable wakesurf boards are more durable than the foam and fiberglass combination but they also tend to be slower making them a great pick for beginners and for those just learning how to maneuver the board through the water as they get up to speed. Some of these wakesurf boards also feature natural wood stringers that maintain the shape and flex of the board.
Hybrid boards use soft foam on the top and a slick base which is both comfortable and gives you a lot of speed. Wakesurf board manufacturers are also using newer materials like Technora and Durashell can create a durable and long-lasting board.

best wake surfboard


There are very few specific types of wakesurf board shapes but here are the most common types of wakesurf board varieties that you will see when you shop.

Surf style Boards

While surf style boards are typically ridden by those who are just getting started, advanced riders are also extremley big fans of these types of boards. A lot of this has to do with the fact that they feel much like surfboards when ridden. The mechanics are very similar to catching larger waves out in the open ocean. You can ride surfstyle boards at fast speeds while still being able to maneuver quickly.


For expert riders, a skim-style wakesurf board works the best. Lightweight and thinner in comparison to most other wakesurf boards, they are ideal for doing tricks and airs and for popping up. More challenging for beginners to ride, skim-style wakesurf boards allow you to make some serious shredding progression. At any professional wakesurf competitions, you will see most of the competitors will use a skim-style board.


Hybrid wakesurf boards have been developed by many companies to combine the best of both a skim and surfing style boards letting you have maneuverability that is versatile and rides that are effortless.


A rocker is important to the feel of your wakesurf board. Basically, a rocker is the amount of curve that your board has as you look at the wakesurf board from its side. How large the curve is will have a big impact on your performance. A flat rocker, or a continuous rocker, will let you sit flat on the water and is a better option when picking up speed and planning, but it can be hard for you to balance on. Larger rockers have more stability and are uncomplicated to turn, but slower in the water.


The setup of the fins on a board can play a big role in the feel of your board. New wakesurf boards often feature a customizable fin setup that is more durable and uses higher-end fins. Similar to surfboards, companies that make wakesurf board use a tool-less fin system and carbon fins to get better performance. Since there is a big emphasis on the fin setup, it is important to know how each of the different fin setups can improve the feel of your wakesurf board.

Single Fin

Most popular on skim-style wakesurf boards, a single fin setup is also becoming more common surf style boards too. With a single fin, you get a lot of hold and stability as well as a free-breaking design that lets you do spins and tricks. This is the best type of fin for large and medium-sized waves.

Twin Fin

If you prefer a more playful and fun feel to your wakesurf board, a twin fin setup will give you a good hold when making turns will still let you do spins and tricks. Typically, the hybrid or surf style board will have a twin fin setup as their stock board but most of them can be upgraded to three or four fins. If you do get a three fin setup, try and take out the center fin to feel how different your turns are. Twin setups are also ideal for any type of wave.


Also known as a three-fin setup, a thruster setup is the most popular fin setup type. You will find that most of the wakesurf boards that are available have three fins. Two fins on the outside help to create speed as you go down the line and the center fin gives you the stability and control you need. A thruster setup allows you to take off specific fins giving you different feels, plus they work well in almost any type of wave.

Quad Fin Setup

Only found on surf style boards, quad fin setups will give you that extra speed you want when you are riding. They are very uncomplicated to set up into twins if you ever want a loose feel and great for riding large waves.

Five Fin

Only found on a surf style board, a five-fin setup is not common, but they give you lots of versatility and let you mix up fin combinations. Although a five-fin setup will help you get a lot of stability, it will also cause a lot of drag. That is why it is not recommended to ride with all five of the fins at the same time.


The amount of flexibility your wakesurf board has, the higher you will be able to get up in the air when you pop up. More flexibility also lets you carve on the side of the wake. It can also make your board less stable, so it is a preference of the rider on what feels better as far as flex types.

best wake surfboard
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Another important consideration is the tail. Thes shapes and formations of the tail will affect and improve your balance as well as how well you can maneuver on the water.

Square Tail – These wakesurf board tail shapes are great for those just looking at speed. Sitting up higher in the water, square tails allow you to get a nice plane and achieve high speeds quickly in comparison to other tails. Keep in mind, that they are also harder to get your foothold down on or keep traction when on the water.

Pin Tail – Known as the formation with the thinnest tail shapes, the pin tail is great for those wanting to take on big wakes. Dipping into the water easily, pin tails let you get to the lowest center of gravity. Keep in mind that while you may get a good grip for big wakesurf, it will have issues with speed on small wakes.

Swallow Tail – A nice hybrid of the pin tail and the square tail, the swallow tail gives you the best of both. This is a great choice for the average rider riding a moderate wake since it has a design that is simple to control and the lift you want for speed.

Round Tail – For those interested in wakesurfing in different types of water conditions, a board with a round tail is recommended. With a design that functions similarly to a pin tail, a round tail gives you more surface area for easier balancing and picking up speed. They are also great for that like doing tricks and turns.

Squash Tail – The most widely used tail, the squash tails are very versatile and work well in different wave conditions. You are always good to go on a squash tail whether the wake is powerful and steep or mushy and small. This is a great pick for beginners who like the additional steadiness as well as advanced wakesurfers that like the speed.

Half-Moon Tail – Probably the least used tail on the market, the half-moon tail is used for specific reasons. You don’t get a lot of surface area but that actually lets you do turns and tricks without having your tail get in the way. The best thing about half moon tails is how easily you can maneuver in any type of wave condition.

Diamond Tail – Basically a hybrid of a pin tail and squash tail, the diamond tail gives you a pretty decent amount of speed while still remaining uncomplicated to maneuver. This is also a great option for those that want a smooth and easier ride while still being able to do some tricks. It is also ideal for both advanced and beginner riders.

Bat Tail – Also not often seen is the bat tail. Another specialty tail, the bat tail looks like a bat-like tail and is very wide so you get a lot of stability on the water. Plus, the additional corners on the tail help you cut through the water with your board so maneuvering is really easy.


Having a big effect on how the water moves around your board, the rail will help to determine how you will ride in and out of turns. With a rounder and thicker rail design, you get a more balanced and stable feel while a sharper and thinner rail design gives you more responsiveness and speed in your turns.

Full Rail – Full are usually found on a surfing style boards which is the best choice for beginners. Giving you both steadiness and consistency in a turn, a full rail is designed to hold on to the waves with the rail helping to create a path that will sustain your direction and speed as you move forward.

Hard Rail – Hard rail design are often found on a skim style board. Featuring harder and thinner edges, hard will cut through the water giving you a good amount of speed while also letting your break free and hit tricks and spins. Great for advanced and intermediate wakesurf riders, they give you a looser feel that requires you to have more balance.

Blended Rail Design – A mix of the hard and full rail designs, the blended rail is usually found on hybrid-style boards and is a good choice for a rider of any skill level. With the steadiness of full rails, they let you break when it comes to turns and tricks.


If you are a beginner, getting a bigger board with large dins is the best pick. Larger boards are more stable and less difficult to maintain your direction on. However, they are also more difficult to make turns or do tricks on. With a small wakesurf board, you can easily do tricks and spin, but it won’t be as easy to maintain your balance, especially if you are just learning.

Cleaning Your Wakesurf Board

Every time you have your board in the water, you will need to clean it. This only involves rinsing it with warm water to take off any debris like sand and to dissolve any salt that has accumulated in the crevices. After you rinse it off, make sure to let it dry before you store it away.
Dirty board, however, need a non-abrasive cloth and some soapy warm water to wash it down. When you are washing or rinsing your board, always make sure to check if for damage. Catching damage early lets you repair it before it becomes a big issue. A small scratch or din can be easily patched with waterproof tape. Large dents and gouges require filling with an epoxy resin, but make sure you clean and sand the area before you add the epoxy.

Storing Your Wakesurf Board

Keep your wakesurf board stored away safely in a high-quality wakesurf board bag to prevent damage. When traveling, having a good bag will keep your board from getting damaged as it moves around in the car. A rack for your car is also a good investment for storage while traveling. It is recommended to store your board when not in use in a cool and dry place, especially out of direct sunlight since UV rays can damage it. Make sure to store it in its board bag if you have one.

Final Thoughts

The winner of the best wakesurfer board roundup is the Hyperlite 2019 Broadcast Wakesurf Board. Allowing you to hit the wake at high speeds, the Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board has a great design that lets you hit the waves and stay on like you were on a regular surfing board. With a large surface, this compression molded board also comes with a tri-fin system that gives you versatility and the double edge lets you effortlessly grip and hug the wakes so you can perform stunts.
The Monocoque construction integrates the top and bottom glass making the board more durable in case of side impacts and also stops delamination. Advanced riders will appreciate the speed they can generate while beginners will find it simple to hit those sweet spots in the waves. This simple to ride board that is completely customizable is the main stay of the best wakesurf board roundup is the Hyperlite 2019 Broadcast Wakesurf Board hands down.

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