Perception Pescador 10 Review

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Perception Pescador kayak


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The Perception Pescador 10 is a 10-foot kayak that is designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind. In fact, the very name, Pescador, is actually the Spanish word for fishermen, so you know that anglers will love this Perception product. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this kayak.

Overview of the Product

so far as design, the Pescador is a sit-on-top kayak that has molded seating with plenty of room for most paddlers. There’s ample storage space, which is essential for those with extensive fishing gear. It has a length of 10 feet and six inches and is moderately thin compared to other kayaks currently on the market. It’s also relatively light, so most kayakers shouldn’t have too much of a problem lifting it to their favorite body of water.

This is also a kayak that you’ll want to limit to calmer waters; it definitely can deal with a wave or two, but if there’s a lot of chop, you may want to save your fishing trip for another day. The Pescador is designed to work with various kayaker sizes; at its maximum capacity, paddlers well over 300 pounds can rest comfortably in the vessel.

On flat water, the kayak also has a high degree of stability, and since it’s only 10½ feet, maneuverability is also relatively strong. It cuts through the water pretty silently as well, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing any of the fish that you’ll be trying to catch during your trip.

Want a more stat-based appraisal of the Perception Pescador 10? Here’s a finer-tuned look at the Pescador’s more detailed specs.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Will the kayak fit your specific needs? Here are a few things to consider before you purchase the Pescador 10.

Good Recreational/Fishing Hybrid

One of the more standout features of the Pescador is its ability to be used for various purposes. Despite its fishing-related name, this is hardly a kayak that’s limited to anglers; it has more than enough maneuverability and stability to be used as a simple recreational vessel. It tracks reasonably well over the water, and it’s also designed for a good amount of speed.

For fishermen/women, the topmost surface of the Pescador has a slightly rough finish. This is perfect for those times when you need extra traction when reeling in a particularly difficult fish. The broad hull also ensures that you’ll feel extra stable when struggling with your catch. The hull is also fairly deep, so you’ll feel more balanced as you fish.

From time to time, you’ll need to drag your Pescador in and out of the water and over dry land. While It’s relatively light at only about 57 pounds, dragging is typically a much easier and less straining means of transport. Fortunately, the Pescador has a built-in skid plate that protects the hull of the kayak from abrasion. This is crucial because the nicks and cuts that can accumulate on a kayak body can directly affect the vessel’s seaworthiness. Fortunately, if your skid plate begins to wear down, Perception designed it to be fully replaced, so the Pescador should last you through years of use.

Meant for Mostly Clam Waters

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend the Pescador for waters with a lot of waves; its design is primarily suitable for calmer bodies that you would find on most lakes and ponds. The occasional wave isn’t going to be much of an issue, but you may risk capsizing when you take it onto coastal oceans or fast-moving rivers.

Features and Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the specific features and benefits of the Pescador.


When working with a solo fishing kayak, the vessel needs to be very portable so that you can carry/drag it from place to place. The Pescador is 57 pounds, which may not be a walk in the park for some kayakers to carry. Still, fishing kayaks can weigh as much as 132 pounds for some models like the Hobie Mirage, so the slightly less than 60 pound Pescador really shouldn’t be much of an issue in comparison.

From a size perspective, the 10-foot, 6-inch kayak is also sized well for convenient carry; it has handles along the bow and stern for dragging, and it’s relatively easy for most adults to lift the kayak outright. When dragging, the fully replaceable skid plate also helps ensure that you don’t damage the Pescador on your way to the water. Also, if you’re worried about how well it transports, the kayak will fit in most truck beds and fits well with most kayak-friendly roof racking system.


This is a tough kayak that is crafted out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material has high tensile strength and is stiffer than other materials used in standard kayaks. It’s also more rigid and wear-resistant than the materials used in inflatables and other plastic kayaks. To craft kayaks out of this material, the molding process requires very high temperatures. As a result, it’s very heat-resistant, so storing your kayak out in the sun on a hot day won’t cause it to deform or warp.

This material is also naturally rougher than some other plastic materials like LDPE polyethylene. This means that you’ll have more traction when out on the water; you’ll be able to dig your feet in when wrangling a fish. The material is also less prone to cracks compared to other plastics, and you’ll experience a good degree of shock absorption and chip-resistance.

On-Water Performance

Unlike larger, tandem kayaks, the Pescador is built for handling on the water. For this reason, this is a good starter vessel for beginner kayakers; they can feel comfortable and confident controlling the kayak over just about any flat water. The tracking is also very reliable; the kayak has very little drift once you stop paddling, so there’s less use for fine-tuning while you’re underway. Don’t expect to cover a lot of water on the Pescador – this is hardly a speed kayak, but if you need strong maneuverability, stability, and tracking, then this is a good option for anglers and cruisers alike.

Perception Pescador 10

Gear Storage/ Fishing Accessories

The Pescador shines when it comes to gear storage. Molded into the HDPE are rod and cup holders that are easily accessible from the cockpit. This also allows you to put your things quickly aside when you’re just looking to relax atop the water. The rod holder is positioned behind the main seat, and the cup holders are set along the vessel’s sides so that they are easily in reach.

The Pescador has gear tracks and a solo-mount recess for various accessories. It’s easy to add things like cameras, additional rod holders, and sand anchors when you need them with these features. There’s also a hatched container in front of the seat that allows you to bring any materials that you need to keep dry like extra clothes or electronics. This hatch is fully lockable and, of course, completely water-tight.

In the rear of the vessel is a large tank well that’s designed to fit just about any fishing crate. For a secure fit, the Pescador has loops attached to the kayak you use to keep the crate attached. Your crate fits neatly behind where you sit so that it’s relatively easy to store your catch as you’re out on the water.


If you’re using a kayak for a fishing trip, you can expect to be out on the water for hours on end. To this end, comfort is of massive importance to anglers. The seat on this sit-on-top, hard shell kayak is made of mesh, so it contours with your body. Overall, the Pescador feels very comfortable to sit on, and the seat is also adjustable so that you can find the right fit. The design is similar to a lawn chair, but the mesh provides much more give so that you remain comfortable even after hours on the water.

The lawn chair styling also provides you with the back support you might need when casting for long periods. This is critical for extended use, and it’s, unfortunately, a point where some fishing kayaks fall behind. Still, the Pescador isn’t perfect when it comes to comfort; the pivot point between the backrest and the set is hard plastic and may hurt the tailbones of some paddlers, especially if you’re going to be on the water for extended periods.

Social Proof

So, what are Pescador 10 owners saying about their kayaks? Overall, the reviews are typically very positive, but there are a few criticisms as well. Let’s take a look at a few user reviews of this fishing kayak.

So, what are Pescador 10 owners saying about their kayaks? Overall, the reviews are typically very positive, but there are a few criticisms as well. People praise the tacking and the stability of this kayak,but stability can be lost when reaching for gear in the back of the vessel. They also say that if you are looking for speed, it is not the fastest option. Many reviewers praise the overall build quality, but they also say that the rod holders are too shallow and less durable.

Check out this Youtube review for this kayak, which is considered to be the best fishing kayak under $500.



As you might expect, the Pescador 10 isn’t the only kayak that may work for your needs. Here are a few models that may be more compatible with your needs and how they compare to the Pescador.

Pescador Pro 10

  • 10-foot, six inches long
  • 57 pounds
  • 325-pound weight capacity
  • High-density polyethylene construction
  • Removable stadium seat
  • Can house batteries, fish finders
  • More storage room

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

  • 10 feet long
  • 40 pounds
  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • High-density polyethylene construction
  • Available in six colors
  • Lighter then the Pescador 10
  • Less Maximum Capacity

Perception sound 9.5

  • 9.5 feet long
  • 38 pounds
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • High-density polyethylene construction
  • Sit-inside design
  • Smaller size then Pescador 10
  • Less cargo room for fishing

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Pescador 10 is an excellent all-round selection for kayakers looking to go fishing, and it’s perfectly suited for just about any level of paddler. For this reason, this is undoubtedly a vessel that’ll accommodate your fishing trips for years to come. It has plenty of storage space, more than enough accommodation room for accessories, and is lightweight enough to be manageable by most adults. On top of this, the removable skid plate makes it a very easy to drag kayak. The vessel is even priced very reasonably compared to similarly-featured kayaks, and it’ll handle most flat water environments with ease.

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