Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport Review

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Advanced Frame Sport

Our Review of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport

If you have read some of our articles you will know that we at Floating Authority like Advanced Elements because they make what we believe to be the best inflatable kayaks in terms of performance. The fact that this company has Ambassadors from travellers to arctic explorers tell you just how confident Advanced Elements are in their product lines. So today we will see if the more budget friendly Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport lives up to the Advanced Elements name.

Kayak Length Width Weight Maximum Capacity Price
Our Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport 10′ 5″ 32″ 26 Lbs 250 Lbs $$

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport Features

  • AE Spring Valve
  • Rib stop fabric
  • Tracking Skeg
  • Reinforced Bow and Stern
  • Double coated fabric
  • Floor Pressure Relief valve
  • Welded seams
  • D Ring Tie Downs
  • Bungee Deck lacing
  • Adjustable back support
  • Comes with Carrying Duffel Bag, Folding Seat, Repair kit and Owner’s Manual
Advanced Elements Advanced frame Sport
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Features Analysis

If you are checking out this guide chances are you have also heard of the Advanced Elements AE1012. So what’s the difference? We know Advanced Elements can produce high quality kayaks but which one one should I choose and what is best for my area? Both Kayaks are the same size but there are some smaller subtle differences. For one the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport has more cockpit room which is more beneficial for taller people as it gives them a place to let their knees hang out.

Other differences are that the Sport has one inflation chamber, less bungee deck lacing and no inflatable ring around the cockpit. The one downside to not having the inflatable ring is that you cannot attach an advanced frame skirt to the kayak.

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In terms of in water performance the Advanced Frame Sport prefers calmer bodies of water such as paddling down lakes and calm rivers. The Advanced frame Sport is also lighter than the AE 1012 which has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that the Advanced Frame Sport is about 9 lbs lighter. The Disadvantage is that it cannot take more weight and is strictly limited to a maximum capacity of 250 lbs compared to the Advanced frame AE 1012 which is rated for a max capacity of 300 lbs.

The Advanced Frame Sport also has less room to carry gear which makes it a prime candidate for day paddling.  The Main plus of the Advanced Sport is that it is at least $15 cheaper than the AE 1012.

While the Advanced Sport perfoms well in calmer waters you can further it’s on water performance with a few accessories. The Backbone and the Drop Stick floor (Either use one or the other, not both) give the kayak more rigidity which furthers on water performance for tracking and allows you to take on slightly more weight.


  • One of the Best “Inflatable Value” Kayaks in terms of price related to performance.
  • Wide cockpit gives you more room to move in the kayak
  • Great for all levels of kayakers
  • Pretty good tracking and maneuverability for the price
  • Can use the same Back Bone and Drop Stich Floor as AE 1012
  • Is lighter than the AE 1012
  • Takes up little storage space
  • Great Hiking companion because of it’s lighter weight
  • Ideal for a day Paddle in calmer water conditions


  • Cannot take as much weight as other inflatable kayaks
  • Cannot use Spray skirt with this kayak
  • Heavier and taller folks may have to look else where for inflatable kayaks
  • Limited to Calmer lakes, Heavier Water conditions not recommended
  • Tracks the worst of the Advanced Elements line up

What Customer Say

You are hard pressed to really find any negative reviews about this kayak but that’s understandable. Even with their budget kayaks, Advanced Elements put a lot of high quality materials into their kayak and the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport is no different. Many verified customers liken the performance the Advanced Sport with a hardshell kayak and some even go on to say that it is the best kayak they have ever owned.

>>What Customers Say<<

This is the ideal Recreational kayak to own if you have limited storage space, on a bit of a budget and want to go for day paddles in calmer bodies of water.

Rating: 8.8/10

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