Best Baitcasting Rods for Beginner and Serious Fisherman

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Finding the best baitcasting rod can be a challenge if you don’t know what you are looking for. With tons of features available today, it can get confusing to know what you want and need in a good baitcasting rod. You want to make sure it has the action, power, and comfort level that you need for the type of fish you plan to catch. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best baitcaster pole and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

The Best Baitcasting Rods goes as follows.

Best Budget Choice

#2 Entsport Series


Best Pick

#1 KastKing Royale


Best Premium Choice

#3 Piscifun Torrent



Baitcasting Rod Reviews : Top Baitcasting Rods


1. KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rods

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Designed for the serious angler, the tournament-proven KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Rod For Bass features the Toray 24-ton carbon matric KastFlex graphite blank that is incredibly durable, lightweight, and sensitive. Every action and rod length is designed with a specific technique in mind to guarantee that you have the correct rod for the way you fish whether created for swimbaits, shaky heads, drop shot, jigging, and Flippin’. It doesn’t matter which technique you prefer, you will find a Legend Rod that fits your fishing style.

Using high-quality Fuji O-ring guides, the Legend performs well no matter what type of fishing line you use. These are durable guides that help to improve your casting distance and help to keep your line protected from extreme fishing conditions. Made of high-strength nylon, the reel seats give you a solid base as well as a comfortable fishing experience all day long.

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Available in either a one or two-piece design, the KastKing Legend uses a laser-focused manufacturing technique  so that you get the performance that a serious angler will want. The 2-piece rod will perform like the 1-piece rod allowing power to transition smoothly throughout the rod blank. There is also specialized wrapping that is computer controlled at four different angles to make sure the power flows through the rod.


  • The nice and strong base that feels comfortable to use
  • You can easily detect a slight nudge from fish
  • Works well in medium to heavy cover
  • One the best bass rods for the money


  • It is really loud when you reel in fish which is annoying


2. Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece Casting Rod

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With incredible sensitivity and a lightweight design, the Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece Casting Rod is a portable rod that features an alternative top piece. Structurally enhanced, this strong casting rod is made of carbon fiber giving you improved break strength so that you easily and efficiently transfer energy through your rod. It also includes a hook keeper made of stainless steel and the stainless-steel guides feature ceramic inserts giving you both durable performance and smooth casts.

There is a solid connection between the reel and the casting rod with an extreme exposure reel seat for better sensitivity and blank contact. The EVA handles help to lessen the weight and give you more control casting with improved performance and comfort no matter what the conditions. Plus, the unique pattern on the EVA split grips gives you additional comfort and support while the ergonomically designed reel the seat has an open design that gives direct contact with your fingers.

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The Entsport Legend comes with two different tips with easy adjustments allowing you to have a replacement or just another tip for a different type of fishing experience. The tips are medium and medium heavy so it’s almost like you are getting two different rods for the price of one. This is a lightweight casting rod with great overall strength that still retains a good level of sensitivity.


  • nice product for the price
  • Great travel rod with a good reel fastener and seat
  • Good build quality on a tough rod


  • The action is slower than you would expect
  • The lower end of the tip doesn’t slide all the way into the lower part of the rod


3. Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

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Well-balanced, sensitive, and incredibly strong, the lightweight Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod is a durable rod made with IM6 carbon. The rod guides are wrapped precisely at 4 different angles to make sure you will get the best performance. This specialized wrapping is computer controlled to make sure that you get the power transition you need control when fighting with a large fish or for strong hook sets.

Using high-temperature molding resin, the Torrent is lightweight and features great sensitivity.

The Rod O-Seat Design improves the contact you feel between the grip and your palm which saves 35% more energy when you fight with large fish. It also provides comfort, long and smooth casting, and makes it easy to unhook and hook your baits.

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Purposely created and manufactured to make sure that you are getting the maximum efficiency and effectiveness with your fishing time. Piscifun has received feedback from competitors and experts to design a rod that has the best handle length, power, action, length, and rod weight. This rod also includes a ton of features for an affordable price that includes an “S” style hook keeper, a graphite reel seat with an ergonomic design, high-density EVA grips, and a 30-ton sanded and smooth carbon blank.


  • Nice affordable rod with great performance
  • Well built with solid guides and a reel seat that feels nice in your hand
  • Nice weight with good sensitivity


  • Complaints of crooked or bent guides
  • Not very limber


4. LEW’S FISHING Tournament Performance TP1 Speed Stick Series

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Featuring a premium IM8 graphite blank, LEW’S FISHING Tournament Performance TP1 Speed Stick Series one-piece rod is sensitive, strong, and lightweight. With a Winn Grips handle, you get great rod touch and control no matter what the weather thanks to the split grips with patented Dri-Tac technology.

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Using the American Tackle’s MicroWave guide system, you get all weather guides that get rid of wind knots and increases casting distance and accuracy. Acting like a small funnel, the first guide allows the line to glide easily through the tiny diameter guides that are located strategically on the blank. Made from premium IM8 graphite one-piece blanks, LEW’S FISHING ROD also features an exclusive skeletal graphite reel seat and professional style hook keepers.


  • Very lightweight rod with good performance
  • The strength of the rod is great for hauling in big fish
  • Great grips that are very comfortable


  • Hook keeper placement is a poor design
  • Hard to guide braided line through the guide system


5. Entsport Camo 1-Piece Legend Casting Rod

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Next up is the updated version of the Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece Rod. Featuring easy transport and storage, the Entsport Camo Legend 1-Piece Graphite Casting Rod is a professional level rod that continues Entsports incredible sensitivity and lightweight design tradition. Constructed with enhanced solid carbon fiber, the 1-Piece Legend transfers energy easily through the rod providing great sensitivity while making the most of its strength.

The stainless-steel guides come with ceramic inserts that give you a strong performance along with smooth casts. The reel seat has an extreme exposure design for improved sensitivity and blank contact while also guaranteeing a solid connection between the reel and rod. The reel seat is also ergonomically designed to improve contact with your fingers.

>>What Customers Think<<

The EVA handles also lessen weight reducing fatigue while giving you more control while you are casting and improve performance and comfort no matter what the conditions. Other features include a convenient hook keeper, 24 Ton carbon fiber construction, and corrosion resistant guides that create line flow that is friction free while increasing sensitivity and casting performance.


  • Very balanced rod with a good weight
  • Comfortable grips that don’t show dirt and grime
  • Pretty reliable rod with good sensitivity and performance
  • Best baitcasting rod for the money


  • The two pieces can come loose


Best Baitcasting Rod Buying Guide Criteria


best baitcasting rod

Baitcasting Rod Must Match

One thing a beginner may not know is that a baitcasting rod has to be matched up with a baitcasting reel only and not nessicarily all beginner rods. Even though it may appear like you could turn over a spinning rod and put a baitcasting reel on it, it won’t work over a long period of time.

Also, don’t get confused when you see the term casting rod as you shop. This is the same thing as a baitcasting rod. If you look at the design of a baitcastier rod, you will see that the reel sits on top with the steel line guides pointing up. So, as the line pushed down on the inside of the guides, the rod will bend. On a spinning rod, the steel guides point down so you line will pull on the outside of the ring.

Baitcasting Rods Versus Spinning Rods

As you become more familiar with the two types of rods, you will notice that they are completely different. The setup of the baitcasting rod is completely opposite of the spinning rod. Another big difference is the size of the line guides. You will find wide ring guides on a spinning rod allowing the line to come off the reel coiled and passing through the guides without bunching or catching. Casting rods have smaller line guides since the line is coming right off the reel pushing down on the guides. Good casting rods will also have more guides than you will find on a spinning rod so the line is kept off the blank, plus guides begin closer to the handle in comparison to the spinning rod.

Choosing the Best Baitcasting Rod

Before you can choose the best baitcasting rod, you need to know what type of fish you will be fishing. It is important to find a casting rod that will be powerful enough to handle what you are after. You can find this information on the rod so you can match the rod with your target fish.

If you are using the wrong type of line, your rod won’t perform as well or it could even snap. Also, make sure the rod you choose has all the features that you want in a baitcasting rod and take the time to see what is available before you make your purchase.

On most baitcaster fishing rods sold today, you will see that it tapers from tip to butt and there are several guides running down the length of the rod. Differing from the spinning reel, the guides are found on the back of the rod which helps to increase the strength of the rod when fighting large fish.

When choosing a well-built rod, you will find that the guides are precisely placed on the rod keeping the rod straight and not twisting in different directions when you hook a fish. The length of the rod will vary between 5 and 8 feet, or longer. Shorts are ideal for fast and short casts in a narrowed area like pilings, mangroves, and docks that don’t need a long cast. The most common size rod is around 7 ½ feet giving you a multi-purpose and middle of the road rod. Longer rods are best for long casts using heavier tackle so you can catch stronger fish.

Baitcasting Rod Terms

Blank: This the main part of the rod structure. It is usually constructed of either carbon fiber, fiberglass, or a combination of the two.

Rod Tip: Opposite to the butt, the tip is where the rod tapers.

Rod Butt: The “butt section” is that part of the rod you hold closest to you. It is the heaviest and thickest area of the rod.

Taper: Also referred to with the action of the rod, the taper refers to the diameter of the rod’s base in relation to the tip.

Guides: Running up and down the blank, the guides are rings that control the line. Made of metal, the inside part of the guides can be made of varying material that determines how smoothly the line will run through the guide. The guide can also have a coating that helps create a smoother surface.

Reel Seat: Approximately the last quarter of the rod has a fitted place on the blank where you place the reel. You will find some models with a part of the black that is exposed to improve the sensitivity of the rod. This lets you know right away what activity is going on or if you got a bite.

Grip: Protecting your hand and making sure you are comfortable during a long day of fishing, the grip is usually made of EVA foam or cork. This will determine also if you will have slippage and how well you can feel the fish bite.


Features to Look for in a Baitcasting Rod

Blank Materials

Most rods made today are constructed of either graphite and fiberglass, or a mix of the two. Tending to be more fragile, graphite bruises easily but will give you the most fighting power and flexibility as well as sensitivity when feeling a nibble on your line.

With less sensitivity, fiberglass baitcasting fishing rods tend to be more durable and heavier than a graphite rod with the same action, length, and diameter. Fiberglass is a good choice for bringing in large fish or for times when you don’t need sensitivity or casting but just need a more durable rod. This is the perfect choice for a beginner, especially children. Rods that are made with a mix of the two materials are sensitive, powerful, and lightweight.

Line Guides

Situated in descending sizes, line guides run from tip to butt on a baitcaster fishing pole. You will notice that line guides on a baitcasting rod are smaller than those on a spinning rod due to the way the line falls more evenly. Usually, the number of guides on a baitcasting rod is determined by the flexibility and length of the rod blank with rods that flex more using more guides than rods with less flex.

Found inside the line guides, inserts can be made of a range of materials including ceramics, metal, and plastic. Ceramic guides are considered high quality while plastic inserts are on the lower end. The quality of the guides on a rod will affect how well you can fight a big fish and your casting distance. If you plan to fish with super or braided lines, use ceramic guides since they will wear less.


Relating to how well a rod will work in a fight with a big fish, rods will be classified either as heavy, medium-heavy, light, or ultra-light. Small fish need less power so a light or ultra-light rod will work while heavy or medium-heavy rods work better when reeling in large fish.


How the rod performs when reeling in a fish and when you are casting is called a rod’s action. This is described either as slow, medium, moderate, or fast. A rod with slow action bends the entire length of the rod while a fast rod will only bend the top third of the length of the rod and a medium or moderate action rod tends to bend farther down the length of the rod.

The action will also tell you what weight and size lures you can use with small lures working well with medium action rods to get better casting distance since a rod that is more limber will have more kinetic energy and have more flex. For techniques like jigging, fast action rods give you a fast hookset well moderate action rods are good for use with middleweight crankbaits. A slow-action rod is good for using live baits and making long gentle casts.

Reel seat

It is important to have a good seat on your rod. You don’t want something that will work loose at the wrong time, and it should accept any major brand of reel and fit securely when tightened.


How comfortable a rod is depends a lot on the material and design of the grip and the handle. You get a short type of grip with the pistol grip that is usually contoured to your hand. It can be made of either cork or composites that are mounted on a metal frame featuring a trigger that improves control. This is a good choice when you need more leverage during a fight with a big fish or for two-handed casting, plus you get more of an advantage with the long length of the rear grip. EVA foam and cork are most commonly used when constructing the handle. EVA foam is very durable over time and is more resistant to temperature changes and stains than cork.

Final Thoughts

The winner of the baitcasting rod roundup is the KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rod.

This rod is made for the serious angler. It is tournament proven featuring the Toray 24-ton carbon matric KastFlex graphite blank that is not only incredibly durable but also lightweight and sensitive. Every rod is designed with a specific technique in mind that guarantees that you have the right rod for the type of fishing gear you planned. No matter which technique you prefer, you will find a Legend Rod that fits your fishing style. For bass aficionados, it is also considered by a few as one of the best casting rods for bass.

Using high-quality Fuji O-ring guides, these durable guides perform well no matter what type of fishing line you use and help to improve your casting distance while keeping you line protected from extreme fishing conditions. The reel seats are made of high-strength nylon giving you a solid base for a comfortable fishing experience all day long.

You can get the KastKing Legend in either a one or two-piece design. Made with a laser-focused manufacturing technique that guarantees consistency and quality. The 2 piece rod will perform like the 1 piece rod allowing power to transition smoothly throughout the rod blank, plus it has a specialized wrapping that is computer controlled at four different angles to make sure the power flows through the rod. The definite winner of the baitcasting rod roundup is the KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rod hands down.

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