The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

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If you are in a rush the best telescopic fishing rod is PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

If you’ve ever traveled to different locations for the sole purpose of fishing, then you probably know how difficult it can be to transport fishing rods. They’re difficult to get inside a vehicle, particularly if said car is small. But the problems won’t end there. Simply transporting one by walking can be a pain, whereby the rod can get caught on trees and other obstacles as you make your way to a fishing destination.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to fix this from ever happening. Telescopic fishing rods are designed for portability, having the perfect shape and mechanisms to take out the frustration of going from one place to another with the rod itself. The information below will help you choose the best rod from the five that are reviewed later. Let’s get started!

The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods go as Follows

  1. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod And Reel Combos
  2. Jaccer Fishing Rod Telescopic
  3. High Altitude Brands Lightweight Portable Telescopic Fishing Pole
  4. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods
  5. Sougayilang Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole

Top 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods Reviewed

The top telescopic fishing rods as rated by customers go as follows.

1. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

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The Plusinno Fishing Rod is a combo set, having everything that one needs to get started with fishing. The selling point is the telescopic rod itself, which is dense and has the ability to make moderate curves without reeling in larger-than-average fish. This is a spinning rod, which means that they feel is a typical pick-up and play. Handling is easy, no matter if you’re left or right-handed. Your grip will never leave the handle, staying firmly next to the butt the entire time that you’re pulling in multiple catches.

It doesn’t matter if it gets wet, even if you weren’t wearing any gripping gloves during fishing. Upon inspection of the rod’s density, you’ll notice that it’s mostly carbon fiber. This is where it gets flexibility. It will never crack under moderate stress, although you might want to take it easy for the first few angling attempts. And since this is a telescopic rod, you’ll be able to fold all portions of it when you’re done with fishing.

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The package comes with a very nice bag that will fit everything that’s shown in the product description. There’s even enough room to get more bait inside if you wanted. It also comes with a reel that’s strong enough to get through loads of fishing without showing any signs of wear. It might take you a little while to get accustomed to the handle, which happens to be one piece that doesn’t perform as well for fishing in the ocean. But other than this, there’s nothing physically wrong with the telescopic rod, or any of its accessories. Highly recommended.


  • Highly durable; built with carbon fiber and reinforced with fiberglass
  • The handles are made with resistance to slipping, even if the rod is soaking wet or used in humid conditions
  • The reel has a folding mechanism to make it easier for storing quickly
  • Can be adjusted to accommodate left or right-handed fishermen


  • Due to the size of the handle, saltwater fishing could be difficult for some (but possible)


2. Jaccer Fishing Rod Telescopic

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The next product of the list is the Jaccer Fishing Rod. There are four different sizes available, ranging from 2.1 to 3 meters. No matter which one is chosen, you can use them all for the same purposes. Take it with you in freshwater, or even try it out on the open sea. It will never break under normal stress and conditions; try it out anywhere that you’re planning on fishing. If you’re on the go and hiking in areas where there’s water nearby, bring it with you. The Jaccer never feels in the way, and very discreet when retracted and placed inside of a small backpack or travel bag.

Keep in mind that this rod doesn’t have a bag included, so you’ll have to find out for yourself. This shouldn’t be a big problem. It’ll fit nicely just about anywhere. The retractable length is approximately 44 centimeters or around 1.4 feet. That’s quite surprising even for a telescopic rod, given the varied sizes that this product is sold in.

The type is a spinning rod, well-suited for amateurs and seasoned fishermen. Another thing to note about it small size it how hard it will be for you to get it tangled up in shrubbery (important given that no case is provided). The rod action and power are moderate, so expect some bend but not enough for the entire portion above the handle to turn. As a result, you can get some pretty big catches without the tip breaking off on you during the reeling.

>>What Customers Think<<

Speaking of reeling, this model doesn’t come with one. You must purchase this separately, although one you already won may fit on the telescopic. Still, it’s somewhat of a nuisance given that many of the other rods shown in the reviews contain accessories. This product has none but is a good rod for people that aren’t looking for anything more than a telescopic, or no fillings to sweeten up the deal. But if you’re going into fishing with nothing at all, you may want to consider some of those that do have the small items that you save you time from additional shopping.


  • Travel friendly size that’s also well-suited for random moments of fishing
  • Difficult to get the wire tangled in nearby shrubbery and trees, making it ideal for children
  • Strong enough to haul in fish that are moderate in size and feisty


  • No reel is included with the product


3. High Altitude Brands Lightweight Portable Telescopic Fishing Pole

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The High Altitude Brands Telescopic Pole has five segments, with each of them providing the power to fish in any sort of environment you can think of. There are three packages, one with only the rod, another with a larger carrying case, and the third featuring its own reel. The eyelets are also moderately sized but not small enough to cause trouble when placing the wire through it during preparation.

There’s no variation in colors; the rod is sold in only one style. It’s very dense and made of carbon and fiberglass, having a little slack for bending but reinforced up to the tip. The end won’t snap off if you find yourself hauling in a big catch.

One of the best things about the High Altitude is how well the padding is made along with the butt. The grip is outstanding, and your hand will never slip at you pull at the fish and move the reel. Controls are very tight and sturdy at all times. And when you’re done, you’ll have something to put it away in to keep things clean when your walking to your destination. Even the one that’s sold with only the rod itself has a small pouch.

The quality isn’t as good as the one with the other two, but it gets the job done nonetheless. There’s also a cleaning cover located at the bottom of the rod. Take it out by unscrewing it and releasing it when ready to scrape off the dirt from your reel.

>>What Customers Think<<

Is there anything that’s lacking with the High Altitude? Not much. Some consumers might not like the fact the rod’s parts are all manufactured in China. This doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the rod, but it might be a little difficult to find interchangeable parts that go with it in the chance that something breaks.

You can find them, but there’s a slight risk in needing a complete replacement if something did malfunction (at least hypothetically speaking). Still, this telescopic rod has all the bells and whistles that most fishermen rely on to catch their favorite fish. It will last for many years under good care, and the reel is one of the best you’ll find that’s included as an accessory for any fishing rod you’ve probably seen before.


  • Lots of padding around the handle area, comfortable to hold for long periods of time
  • Comes of a carrying pouch that allows the owner to take it out at a moment’s notice
  • Small enough to fit inside backpacks and other small travel-sized pieces of luggage


  • All pieces of the fishing rod are manufactured in China


4. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

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In terms of variance in style, the KastKing Blackhawk 2 Rod is a top contender. Just by looking at the product listing, you’ll see that there are multiple rod types to choose from with this telescopic. And with these, most of them have different sizes. If you need one that’s specific to a certain style of fishing or just need a rod in a particular length, add this brand to the top of your list. Customization aside, its performance is outstanding and comparable to any of the rods that have been evaluated thus far.

Looking further into the types, there’s spinning, casting, and inshore/offshore versions of them. Much of their difference lies in the power of the rod, or how much bend they have. Those listed with medium power will hold about half the weight of your fish on the pole without bending the other half that’s closest to your hand. One collective advantage with them all it the eyelets.

They’re smooth and will last for as long as the rod does. The lowest portion of the handle also referred to as the reel seat, is very stiff and has no wobble. This adds stability in your castings, along with better overall handling. And when you’re ready to pull in your catch, the telescopic rod’s segments stay put, never collapsing in regardless of how hard you pull or move around.

The eyelets, having already been mentioned, are good but also consists of one of the annoying things about the rod. When you get ready to reel your catch in, some of them could move, making it harder for you to spool the wire and bring the fish closer to your position.

>>What Customers Think<<

Those towards the tip are likely to do this more than the eyelets closer to the handle. Furthermore, the switch that locks the segment into place may become jammed, which would require a pair of pliers to fix in this situation. It may not happen to you, but the fact that it can occur and prevent you from using it without a quick, on-the-fly repair might not sit well with some.

In any case, the KastKing Blackhawk 2 does get a majority of things right, and great for people that fish in a wide range of settings that involve angling on a shoreline, boat, or pier. You’ll have to acquire a reel and line separate from this telescopic, so be sure that you have or know the other items needed for you to try it out before the package arrives.


  • Eyelets are built to last and feel smooth, not too rough
  • Reel seat doesn’t wobble or bend with the rest of the other segments of rod
  • Collapsing will never occur during reeling


  • Some of the eyelets made lose their position during fishing and casting


5. Sougayilang Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole

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Last on the list is the Sougayilang Reel Combos Telescopic another combo fishing rod for fishers that want to get all things required to partake in fishing in one easy purchase. It has more than enough bait for one person, so share it with any family and friends that come along with you for the angling. The user manual is also nice, having detailed instructions on how to operate, setup, and use the fishing rod. If you’ve never fished before, no never operated a telescopic rod, this makes it a whole lot easier.

The carrying case that’s included is very durable as well. If you’re going to be fishing in inclement weather, you’ll really love the material due to its water resistance. Put everything inside and never worry about the smaller items getting (or remaining) wet. Just remember that water resistance is not the same as waterproof, so avoid getting the case soaking wet whenever you can.

If you’re a lefty or right-handed fisherman, the handling will feel natural. You can move the reel into a position that better accommodates your orientation. When you cast off, movements feel natural, not too stiff but no awkward looseness that you otherwise put your bait in a bad location. Also included is a braided line, which is strong enough to be used in the sea, or close to the shoreline. You might find it better suited for shorelines unless you’re going for the 7.8 or 8.8-foot rod.

>>What Customers Think<<

But with all of its advantages, there are few things that could be improved with the Sougayilang. Whenever you’re able to, consider replacing the reel handle with another one. If you apply too much force or pull too hard on it, the entire piece could come off of the reel. Working with aggressive catches raises the chances of this happening; just try to go easy when you’re reeling in.

The tip of the rod is also quite fragile. The harder the catch, the more stress overload you’ll put on the business end of the rod. And too much might even break off the tip-top. Accessories aside, this telescopic rod is suggested for people that don’t anticipate catching any fish that necessitate lots of movements that would put too much tension on the rod’s top. Beginners will also love it, probably more so than experienced fishermen.


  • Has an easy setup that’s good for beginner fishermen
  • Comes with multiple baits and one braided line
  • Manageable for any hand orientation
  • Ideal for fishing on piers or shorelines


  • Has a low-quality reel handle that could break if too much force is applied to it
  • The end cap could become loose and break from the rest of the rod


best telescopic fishing rod

Buyers Guide

First, let’s look into the aspects of telescopic fishing rods and what you should know before you buy them.

Types of Telescopic Fishing Rods

  • SpinningSpinning rods are some of the lightest of those covered, and are best for fishermen that want to cast their line out as far as possible when fishing on a shoreline or dock. The eyelets are usually very large, distinguishing them from other fishing rods due to the ease of recognizing them. They’re also the best and most popular choice for beginners.
  • Fly – Fly rods are all about flexibility. They lack many of thing features that make spinning rods unique, including a butt at the handle and fewer eyelets. If you want maneuverability and speed, then fly rods should be considered, although finding them in the shape of a telescopic rod could be a bit challenging (especially in brick and mortar stores).
  • Surf – Surfing telescopic rods, depending on the type of fishing being conducted, are either best when used on a boat, shoreline/dock, or even a ship. The uniting factor between all of these methods and locations is that the reels are very strong and have large eyelets, to which surf rods are synonymous. The lines used on them must also be durable. You’ve probably seen them being mounted before on docks. They’re best for large fish that would be difficult to reel in with other types of rods.


As you might have guessed, the longer the telescopic rod, the longer the distance that you’ll be able to cast. Picking one isn’t as easy as what you may have seen with ordinary rods, however. You’ll have to look at the number of segments, as some manufacturers may not specify the total length or the dimensions of the rod when it’s fully retracted. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it could be a problem that comes up when comparing different telescopic rods.


With telescopic rods, power is everything. If your rod is too weak along with the butt and guide, you could easily see damages occur. However, using the wrong type of rod may also put your rod at risk of breaking. Having mentioned this, try to always look for telescopic rods that are built with carbon or a mixture of carbon and fiberglass. These materials are flexible but strong, and will never snap when bent slightly.


Rod Actionfishing rod with person fishing

If you’re looking for a rod that’s suitable for general purpose fishing, then focus your search on telescopic rods that have a rod that can bend at the ferrule (tip) and guide, all the way to the lower portion of the windings. If you’re planning on reeling in large fish, then go for fast action rods. These bend little but the stiffness along with guide is perfect for holding on to catches that are strong and aggressive. The slower the rod (in style), the more it will bend. And if the fish that you’re going to catch are small in size, the latter would give you the best yield.

Rod Power

Fishing rod power consists of the strength that’s required for the tip to move the fish that has been caught. The action is seen when the tip, along with the rest of the fishing rod itself, bends. If the power is light, then the bend will be to its max. But heavy bends are stronger and have more resistance to bending, resulting in only a small curve. This is synonymous with action since the curvature of the bend can be measured in how light (strong bend) or heavy (less bending) there is. Sometimes, percentages are used to gauge this; a high percentage corresponds to a stronger bend.

Durability and Wear

The durability and wear of a telescopic fishing rod are measured in the amount of friction that the rod is able to withstand. High-quality rods of nearly indescribable. So long as you’re properly maintaining your rods and storing them in an adequate location, yours should last for many years without needing a complete replacement. In fact, the only thing that you’ll end up going through the quickest are the reels, more so if they’re built poorly.

Number of Sections

Have you ever seen a retractable antenna before? If so, telescopic fishing rods work the same way. Each section will fit into the next until only one large section remains when the rod is completely folded. The more sections that you have on a telescopic, the more work it will take for you to open it up.

Likewise, you may also encounter jams more often on the longer varieties, although any could technically malfunction and fail to extend properly. Again, the best way to avoid this altogether is by taking the time to extend all portions and reading the user manual of the individual rods prior to using it for the first time.


Telescopic fishing rod prices are much like those of ordinary rods. The cheaper brands are usually geared for small children and beginners, or even people who seldom fish. Most will be made of the same materials, although brands of higher quality might work better under the stresses of larger fish. Overall, most telescopic rods are priced based on the number of accessories that are added with the entire product (especially for those found online), the density of the carbon and fiberglass, length when extended, and type.

Personal Preference

Above all, what you prefer to have should be the product that you end up with. Most telescopic rods sold over the net are good, but your preferences first when choosing between brands that have additional items featured with the main product. For instance, maybe you want one that has a better carrying bag over the next. And based on the kind of fishing that you plan to do, others might contain bait that’s better for the size of the catch that you want.

Final Thoughts

Do you know which telescopic rod is best for you? If not, it’s suggested that you look at the Buyer’s Guide if you haven’t done so already. It contains everything that you’ll need to know about these rods including the type and which are best for the area where fishing will commence. With this in mind, there are two picks from the five that guarantee stellar performance in most conditions, no matter if you’re going on a boat or staying close to the shore.

The Plusinno and Jaccer Fishing Rods are built strong, have good handling and small dimensions when the segments are closed. The latter has no accessories, so try to figure out if that’s what you want prior to picking. But this certainly isn’t a dismissal of the rest of the telescopic rods. They’re equally good but will suit the interests of people looking for individual attributes.

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