Best Fishing Pliers Buying Guide

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If you are in a rush the best fishing pliers are Ticoze Saltwater Split Ring Fishing Pliers

An indispensable tool for any fisherman, fishing pliers are handy to have for cutting fishing lines, retrieving hooks, bending wires, and splitting rings. Every fisherman needs a good pair of pliers in their tackle box to help make difficult tasks easier. There have been a few times in my life where you don’t think you will catch any fish but then BAM! Here’s a big fish! You never want to be caught without a good pair of fishing pliers when you are out on the water, especiallywhen you are with your fishing bag. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best fishing pliers both saltwater and freshwater use.

The Best Fishing Pliers goes as follows:

  1. TICOZE Fishing Pliers
  2. Dr.meter Fishing Pliers
  3. Fish Elite Fishing Plier 
  4. Piscifun Fishing Pliers
  5. ZACX Fishing Pliers

If you are new to fishing pliers, here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop:

  • Since each fishing plier can serve a different purpose, you need to know what its intended use is and also determine how you plan to use the pliers that you buy. That way you won’t end up with a product that is completely useless for you.
  • The most important factor when choosing fish pliers is the material it is constructed out of. This factor will determine how long the pliers will be in use based on its quality. Since you want a long-lasting product, you will want a pair of fishing pliers that are made from a very durable material and features a robust design.
  • You definitely want a multifunctional tool, since you won’t just be using the pliers for cutting fishing line. It can also be used for cutting other fishing equipment, making adjustments, and for crimping. So, you need a pair of fishing pliers that is versatile.
  • To be functional, you need a nice design. Look for ergonomically designed fishing pliers serves that not only serve your purpose, but also allow you to cut efficiently and effortlessly.


Best Fishing Plier Reviews

The top fishing pliers as rated by customers go as follows.

1. TICOZE Fishing Pliers

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One of the best things about the TICOZE Fishing Pliers is that they build it out of a material that normally used in airplanes, so they are pretty powerful. Alloy aluminum is both rust and dust-resistant and makes your pliers incredibly durable and sturdy. Plus, the jaw features a curved design that gives you the most efficiency during use to split rings and hooks.

With a quick-locking feature, the TICOZE  Pliers allow you to remove hooks easily and cut lines. These stainless-steel pliers come with ergonomic handles that are comfortable in your hand, and you only need one hand to operate them allowing you to have a better grip. With a great design, these well-constructed pliers can be locked and unlocked by using just one finger.

There is also optimal space in between the handles of the TICOZE Pliers for the most control. The anti-corrosion body is made of 420 stainless steel and includes a coat of Titanium for better corrosion resistance. You get long term use without having to worry about signs of rust or oxidation.

The included line cutters are also sharp and strong enough to cut tough braid fishing line. Using exchangeable tungsten carbine, these multi-function pliers can split rings, cut lines, and helps you crimp and press leads. They are very convenient to carry with you and come with a lanyard, belt loop clasp, and nylon belt sheath for easy storage within your reach.

The tungsten cutters can also be replaced when needed giving these compact and minimalist fish pliers a long lifespan. These lightweight pliers are also easy to handle for long periods of time thanks to their ergonomic design and 100% aluminum build. These stylish pliers also feature dual colors.


  • This is a rugged little plier
  • The line cutter works really well
  • These pliers are well manufactured and handle even the strongest rings


  • The sheath is not great quality
  • The lanyard is worthless


2. Dr.meter Fishing Pliers

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The saltwater-resistant Dr.meter Fishing Pliers is a high-quality fishing tool that also comes with a fish gripper and fish gloves. These pliers allow you to remove hooks and cut wayward lines. You also get a set of fish gloves to help keep your hands protected as well as a nylon sheath to keep your fishing tools stored safely

Made of stainless steel and aluminum, this fishing plier is durable and strong. And, holding fish is easy with the fish gripper. With a metal hook, you can hold the fish in place while you maintain a tight grip with the EVA handle.

The included fish gloves are made with high-quality ethylene fabric that also includes a rubber reinforced palm. You get lots of flexibility from these durable gloves. Plus, you also get a fastener lock and a coiled lanyard to help you keep your pliers close to you as you fish.


  • This is a lightweight but heavy-duty set
  • This set is definitely worth the money
  • The gripper and the plier are very well made


  • The set is on the small side
  • The set would be nicer if they were in colors


3. Fish Elite Fishing Plier

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This stainless-steel multi-tool is perfect to use in a saltwater environment. The Fish Elite Fishing Plier is corrosion resistant and comes with a protective case. Featuring a sleek design, these 6 ½ inch pliers have a smooth profile making them easy to handle.

The Fish Elite Fishing Pliers make removing aluminum hooks easier than ever. With their precision design, they provide an easy grip and effortless hook extraction. This is a great all-around tool that is a handy tool to have with you when you fish.

Including a nylon cover, the Fish Elite Fishing Plier is easy to keep with you when you need it. It works well in both freshwater and saltwater environments, and its stainless-steel construction gives you a tool that is built to last. The blades come out of each side smoothly giving you extra accessories for any job that comes up.


  • These are a very nice set of pliers and do everything they say they will do
  • They cut braid like butter
  • They are well-constructed with a nice line cutting feature


  • They bend under a little pressure
  • The pliers need to be a little stronger


4. Piscifun Fishing Pliers

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Affordable, hardwearing, and versatile, the Piscifun Fishing Pliers are some of the most popular pliers on the market. These high-quality and lightweight pliers won’t rust, and you can use them with just one hand. This is a super handy feature when you are handling a slippery fish!

The Piscifun Pliers are completely rustproof and feature air-crafted aluminum handles. Not only can these pliers cut braid, but they are also ideal for splitting rings and removing hooks. You also get a sheath and lanyard for easy storage that helps to protect the pliers when they aren’t in use.

With stainless-steel jaws that are Titanium-coated, you get more power and durability while the split ring opener makes it super easy to splits rings, hold the leader, and remove hooks. The jaws on the Piscifun Pliers are spring-loaded and sturdy allowing them to stay open even when you aren’t holding them the entire time. This can be useful when you are trying to handle a fish and you only have one hand to use the pliers with.

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, the Piscifun Pliers feature an ergonomic design that makes it ideal for fishing all day. The CNC cut handles provide a durable but light feeling while the sharp carbide cutters made of tungsten make it super easy to cut strong braid lines, fly lines, backing lines, or heavy mono leaders. The cutters are very sharp and also completely replaceable, so you can change them out when you need to adding years to the lifespan of your pliers.

On the back of the included sheath, you will find a belt clip that allows you to attach the pliers to your belt. This belt clip helps to make your pliers more portable and safer no matter what situation you use them in. with its stylish and fashionable design, these pliers will give you long term use without having to worry about rust and oxidation.


  • These are nice looking pliers that feel sturdy
  • It will cut monofilament lines and braids from 10-65 lb. well
  • They do not leave frayed ends


  • The spring activated jaws are a little sticky after a while
  • You shouldn’t use them on heavy rings


5. ZACX Fishing Pliers

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Perfect for cutting braid, removing hooks, or splitting rings, the ZACX Fishing Grabbers is a multi-functional tool that can be used for fly-fishing or as a part of your regular fishing gear. Ideal for either freshwater or saltwater fishing, these fishing pliers are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Featuring an upgraded fish gripper, the ZACX Pliers gives you a long EVA foam handle with an ergonomic design reducing fatigue and improving your hand strength.

Constructed of aluminum, the ZACX Fishing Pliers features machine cut aluminum handles and an elegant hollowed-out design. Versatile and convenient, these fishing pliers are perfect for anglers that spend a lot of time on the water. With a spring-loaded handle, these high-quality fishing pliers will open freely with one hand making them very easy to operate. They also come with a lanyard to help keep them safe and within easy reach.

You get both a fish gripper tool as well as the fishing pliers making this tool well worth the money. Along with a great set of fishing pliers, you also get a convenient fish gripper that lets you easily remove hooks that are stuck down deep in a fish’s mouth. Made of rustproof aluminum, ZACX tools have been tested for impact and corrosion resistance.

Along with the lanyard, you also get a handy sheath to protect your fishing pliers. With a 3.15-inch jaw and 7.28-inch length, you get plenty of lengths to operate and remove a hook. This tool is also perfect for adjusting lures, splitting rings, and tying lines.


  • These are very well-built and work after use in the sand
  • This is a great tool for the money
  • The pliers are really a multi-tool that can cut lines, move hooks, tie lines, and split rings


  • There is no locking mechanism


Considerations When Choosing the Best Fishing Pliers

Since there are so many fishing pliers on the market to choose from, it can be hard to find the right pair for your fishing needs. Here are a few features to consider when you are out shopping for a new pair of fishing pliers.


A handy tool to have in either fresh or saltwater environments, fishing pliers are corrosive and will promote rust. So, it is important to find a pair of fisherman pliers that are made with high-quality materials that won’t rust or corrode making them ideal for either saltwater or freshwater use. Using the right materials will help prevent you from ending up with a rusted pair of pliers that won’t work any longer.

Stainless steel, aluminum, and Titanium are all good quality materials used in a fishing plier’s construction. All these metals are long-lasting and heavy-duty and include properties that are corrosion resistant.

Aluminum – Lightweight and rigid, aluminum won’t rust easily. But, if the pliers are made with a low-quality aluminum, not only will they be soft, but they will also tend to bend when they are exposed to heavyweight or high pressure. You want to look for fish pliers that are made with aircraft-grade aluminum alloys that will guarantee durability.

Steel – Typically steel is coated to make it corrosion and rust-resistant. If you have a cheap pair of stainless-steel pliers, you will notice that the coating wears off easily still making it corrosive. Only look for high-grade stainless steel when choosing a pair of steel pliers.

Titanium – This is the premium material that you want your fishing pliers to be made of since it is lightweight and rust and corrosion-resistant. This hard metal is also expensive, so keep that in mind as you shop.

Remember that no matter what metal you choose, always wash and dry off your pliers after they are exposed to saltwater to prevent them from rusting. This also guarantees that you will have your pliers for a long time.

Line Cutters

Along with being sharp, a good pair of line cutters should also have high-tensile strength. This is particularly helpful if you are cutting lines other than monofilament and fluorocarbon. When cutting braids, you definitely need fine and sharp cutters. Sharpened and hardened line cutters are usually preferred by professional anglers.

Use Frequency

Made of a wide range of materials, fishing pliers are often unique in different ways. Depending on how and what you fish, you should choose finishing pliers that work for your type of fishing. Typically, a good pair of fish pliers will have a side cutter along with two-line cutters.

Side cutters do not necessarily come with every fishing plier like a line cutter will. Depending on what tasks you have as you fish, a line cutter can be enough to cut braided, monofilament, and fluorocarbon lines. But with a sturdy side cutter, you can also cut hooks and steel wires. You will also find some of the highest quality fishing pliers have line cutters that are replaceable allowing you to extend the life of your pliers.

Nose Length

Finding the perfect handle and nose length on a fishing plier all depends on what kind of fish you catch and where you fish. The length and design of the nose allow pliers to reach down deeper into a fish to remove a hook. This is why needle nose pliers are favorites among fishermen.

If you have a long nose length like needle nose pliers, they are perfect for fishing in saltwater and catching large, toothy fish like grouper and snapper. With a shorter nose length, you can still use them for fishing in freshwater where they can handle small fish like bass and trout.

Cutting Options

You get two cutting options with pliers, either side or line cutters. The perfect pair of fishing pliers will have both so you can meet a wide range of cutting needs as you fish.

With a line cutter, you get a standard feature that is typically fine for cutting fluorocarbon and monofilament lines. If you want it to efficiently cut braided lines and not cause injury, you need an extra sharp line cutter. With a very strong side cutter, you can cut tough materials, steel wire, and hooks. The best material for side cutters is Tungsten carbide.

Also, remember that it’s a good idea to have a set of fishing pliers with replaceable cutters. Since cutters wear down with use and age, this is a handy option to have.


If you are having a good fishing day, you may find yourself using your fishing pliers a lot. When you are constantly reaching for your fishing pliers, it helps to have a lightweight set that is comfortable to use. When they are too heavy, they can weigh you down.

You also want to be able to use them with just one hand. Having pliers with spring-loaded handles is very helpful after a long day. You don’t have to worry about adjusting your grip or prying them open after you press them together.

Spring-loaded handles also make fishing pliers easy to handle. Just make sure not to get a cheap pair that is more difficult to handle than a pair without the spring-loaded feature.

Good Grip

For a good grip, look for comfortable non-slip grips on handles that have an ergonomic design. When you have a good grip, fishing pliers are easier to use, especially when you are out on the water. When you handle fish and lures, your hands become wet and slimy making it hard to hold onto your fishing pliers. Having a good rubberized or molder grip will give you a secure hold on the pliers so you won’t drop them. Also consider how big the handle is, so it isn’t too large or small for your hands to operate comfortably.

You want to make sure that the plier’s handle doesn’t make it painful to use after a while. Depending on your day, you could wind up catching a lot of fish making for a very painful hand at the end of the day. When cutting and removing hooks, you can start to feel a lot of pain in your hand, especially if the handle on the pliers is not comfortable. So, make sure that the comfort level of your fishing pliers is right for you.

Handle Construction

You not only have to consider the construction of your pliers, but also of the handles. Not only should they have an ergonomic and comfortable design with a non-slip grip, but they should have a spring-loaded feature, so you don’t spend the entire day have to adjust your grip, especially with wet hands.

Split Ring Tool

This handy feature will help you split rings when needed. It is particularly useful when fishing in saltwater and for bass. When using a split ring tool, you can easily replace and change a hook on a lure quickly, safely, and easily. If you don’t have this tool, you may need to use your fingernail to open up and stall the split ring onto the lure.


With the crimping tool, you can make joins and crimping leads as well as sleeves with your fishing pliers. If this is a feature you need, look for a pair of fishing pliers with a crimping notch in its jaws.

Lanyard and Sheath

Typically, fishing pliers come with a lanyard and a sheath. These are nice features to have if you are out on a boat or a kayak or one man pontoon boat. It helps to keep your fishing pliers attached securely to you and gives you handy access to them when needed. Lanyards are really handing when you are in a high-water environment and have waves that are pitching the boat around unexpectedly.


Q: What Do You Use Fishing Pliers For?

A: Although they look like regular pliers, fish pliers are specially designed to be used when you are fishing. They are good for cutting fishing lines after you catch a fish, bending wires, crimping, and pulling out hooks. And, depending on the set of fish pliers you have, they can also accomplish other functions like tightening hooks, grabbing lines, and flattening hook barbs.

Q: What Do Fishing Pliers Have A Pointy Tip?

A: That pointy tip on the end of a set of fishing pliers is actually pretty handy. It is designed to open up split rings and makes replacing and changing out hooks on lures quick and simple. You no longer have to use your fingernail to open up a split ring, which can sometimes end up as a painful injury.

Q: Why Would You Need Fishing Pliers?

A: You may be wondering if you really need a set of fishing pliers. And, it’s not an uncommon question. Many people that fish don’t use fishing pliers until they are facing a problem that they wish they had a tool like the fish pliers to take care of . I can remeber a few instances from my childhood where we “accidentaly” caught a big fish but couldn’t remove the hook from him! It is important to have a set of pliers along with your other fishing equipment. Because, if you don’t have the right gear, especially for rain, you can become frustrated and ruin your fun and relaxing day out fishing.

Not only can they cut fishing line or bend hooks, but they can also remove a hook that could get stuck in you. It happens. And it’s nice to have a handy tool nearby to take care of the problem. You will find yourself reaching for these pliers frequently and quickly learn how much more fun and productive your fishing trip is when you have a handy pair of fishing pliers along.

Final Thoughts

The winner of the Best Fishing Pliers roundup is the TICOZE  Pliers. Since TICOZE Pliers are made with the same material that is used in airplanes, you can imagine they are pretty durable and powerful. They are also rust and dust-resistant and the curved design of their jaw makes them handy when you have to split rings and hooks.

The TICOZE Fishing Pliers come with comfortable ergonomic handles that you can operate with one hand, so you can have a better grip. Plus, you can lock and unlock them with just one finger. You also get sharp and strong line cutters that can be replaced when necessary. They are very convenient to carry and include a lanyard, belt loop clasp, and nylon belt sheath for easy storage within your reach. The definite winner of the Best Fishing Pliers roundup is the TICOZE Fishing Pliers hands down.

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