iRocker SUP Cruiser Review: How does it Stack Up?

iRocker SUP Cruiser Review

The iRocker Cruiser SUP Board is a very durable inflatable paddle board. If you want an all-purpose, stable paddle board which is cheap but yet is high quality and durable, then the Cruiser is the paddleboard for you.

The board is excellent for heavier people too as it has a weight carrying capacity of 350 pounds. Since it is broad, you can take your small kids or a dog too on it.

Stability is one of the most important factors when it comes to the board being used by a SUP beginner and this board is very stable. You can use it for activities like water board yoga or fishing.

The iRocker 10’6 SUP Cruiser can be maneuvered easily. It has a superior overall shape and has the slight rocker in its nose which makes the iRocker Cruiser very responsive when you turn it.

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Pros of the iRocker SUP Cruiser

Strong and durable: Though the iRocker SUP Cruiser is an inflatable paddle board, the quality of the board is so good that it feels like a hardboard. It is made of military grade triple layer drop stitch. This makes it very tough.

Stable: This is one of the most stable paddleboards in the market today. With the high-quality material used and the stiffness of the board, once you inflate it, you can be sure that this board is very stable. This makes the iRocker SUP Cruiser an excellent beginner board. It is great for an intermediate paddle boarder and a yoga paddle boarder as the stability allows you to focus on other aspects of the paddling or on your yoga poses.

Accessories:  The board comes along with a number of free accessories. Even though the price is in the low range, you still get a lot of free stuff which makes this board a very attractive deal. You get to carry a backpack, high-quality fiberglass paddle, double action pump and a leash. The quality of the accessories is very high and care has been taken by the iRocker company to source the best accessories. You will get all the start-up equipment that is necessary for a great paddling experience.

Weight Capacity: One of the best things about the iRocker SUP Cruiser is its weight carrying capacity. It has a capacity to carry up to 350 pounds which are more than enough for even the biggest and heaviest paddle boarder.

Multi-purpose: The iRocker SUP Cruiser is great for all types of water bodies. You can also do a variety of activity on it right from water board yoga to relaxed paddling to a bit of frolicking with the surf.

All Rounder family board: The iRocker Cruiser 10’6” Inflatable SUP is a perfect family board. It is big in size so it can easily accommodate a full family.

Cost: The price of the iRocker SUP Cruiser is very competitive considering the high quality of material used and the number of accessories that they provide along with the Cruiser.

Ultra-portable: The iRocker Cruiser is very portable. Since it is an inflatable paddle board, it can be transported easily to the river or the beach and then inflated. Other than that, iRocker has kept in mind that you may have to walk a bit carrying the paddle board. So it has a specially designed carry bag which makes carrying the board very easy. The bag gives you complete support around your shoulders and the waist. It also has very comfortable padding. There are straps within the bag and outside. This helps your gear to stay in place and not shift when you walk. It also reduces weight being distributed unevenly in the bag. The bag is spacious even once the board, pump and paddle are in the bag. You can add other things in it like a bottle of water, some first aid, etc.

Cons of the iRocker SUP Cruiser

Only available in one color: The iRocker SUP comes only in blue color. Here the Ten Toes Weekender has an advantage over the iRocker. It has a great design but since it comes only in one color, it does not stand out when you are in the water.

It could create drag: Since the weight and size of the iRocker SUP are more than normal for an inflatable board, the board could create drag depending on the expertise and the experience of the board user. For a beginner board user, the chances of drag in the water are higher but the stability compensates for the drag.

Speed: If you are looking for speed then the iRocker SUP Cruiser is not the board for you. It is not that the Cruiser doesn’t have the speed or can’t maneuver easily. It is just that it won’t be great on rapids or in a race.


The iRocker SUP Cruiser 10’6″ inflatable paddle board is a stable, affordable, and durable iSUP. It is perfect for beginners and even intermediate SUPers. It is an all rounder and can be used for a variety of activities ranging from board yoga to normal paddling. It is excellent for general use and it can be used very well in different water body types including choppy or flat water. You can use it for touring long distances or on small surf.

The iRocker SUP Cruiser is an excellent board when it comes to all-around use. The stability of the board is impressive and you can easily use it in the choppiest of water conditions. Since it is large and can carry up to 350 pounds you can use it to paddle a pet like a dog or small children easily. It has the extra width which helps in improving the balance.

With the high quality and durability of the paddle board, free accessories, stability and ultra portability, the iRocker SUP Cruiser is a great board to buy. It is one of the best cheap inflatable paddle boards in the market today.

Where it Ranks

Paddle BoardLengthWidthWeight/ Max CapacityBest For
Tower Adventurer 2 10’4″ 32″ 25 lbs350 lbs A Board that Grows with you
Ten Toes Weekender 10′ 30″ 29 lbs275 lbs Calm Water
Isle Peak Isup 10’6″ 31″ 23 lbs300 lbs Fitness, Casual Paddling
Xterra 10’ Inflatable SUP Package 10′ 30″ 29 lbs250 lbs All Around Conditions, Durability
iRocker Cruiser 10’6 Board 10’6″ 33″ 25 lbs350 lbs Bigger/ Taller Folks and Fishing

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