Ten Toes Weekender Review: How does it Stack Up?

Ten Toes Weekender Review

If you are someone who loves getting attention when you are in the water, then the Ten Toes Weekender is an ideal board for you. It is a perfect board for a casual board user who would like to have a little bit of fun in the water.

The Ten Toes Weekender has a stylish design and comes in a variety of colors like Black/Red, Green, Blush Pink, Ocean Blue, and Sea Foam Blue.

Since it is made of excellent military grade material and has a great design and shape, this Ten Toes board is very durable. It has impressive tracking ability even though it is an all-round inflatable paddle board. All its fins can be removed so you can use it differently in different water conditions.

You can use it on various types of water bodies from a slow rive to some naughty surf. It is not as fast as the Adventurer 2 , but if you are looking for a great cheap inflatable paddle board then the Ten Toes Weekender is excellent.

The Ten Toes Weekender is a complete inflatable paddle board and is in the low range when it comes to price. There are no exceptional features other than the look or design but it is above average in almost all criteria including ease of use, being beginner friendly, great as a yoga board and extremely durable.

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Pros of the Ten Toes Weekender

Beginner Friendly: The board is a great board to start with for beginners. It is very stable which makes it easy to use for beginners. In addition to that, since the price is competitive, it is easy for a beginner to buy it. The strength is an additional reason why it is great for a beginner. It will withstand bumps against rocks, etc which a beginner is prone to do. It is very easy to use.

Strong: The board is very strong and stable. It is made of military grade PVC which makes it very strong and durable. The construction, design, and material used for the Ten Toes Weekender makes it a very durable board.

Price: Since the weekender has so many great points going for it, you would expect it to be in the medium to the high range when it comes to the price. Surprisingly, the Ten Toes Weekender is relatively cheap and the quality makes it great value for money.

Design, Look and Color: When you are surfing in the sea, you would like to look your best. The Ten Toes Weekender helps you to do that. With its new design, great look and a variety of five vibrant colors, the board is attractive and draws the eye.

Great Tracking: When it comes to tracking, the Weekender is really top notch. Heavy riders generally have a problem with tracking when it comes to light and cheap paddle boards. If your board is snaking back & front when you are in the water or if you have to constantly switch paddle sides, then your board has an issue with tracking. This issue doesn’t arise with the Weekender even though it is light. You save on an extra pair of fins since it balances well.

Interchangeable Fin Set up: The Ten Toes Weekender allows you to customize the fins which you want to use so you can use different fins for shallow water as compared to deep water. This helps you navigate easily in both bodies of water.

Easy to Set Up: The Ten Toes Weekender is very easy to set up. Even though it has external fins since it is compact it is very easy to set up, transport and store. It can be rolled up so that it becomes a compact package of 11×36″. This makes it very easy to store and transport.

Basic Paddle: You get a basic paddle free with the Weekender. Even though the quality is not great, you save on costs instead of buying a new one.

Comfortable: The Ten Toes Weekender board has a large mat made of non-slip material. This makes it very easy to use. It is great for a first time user as it improves the grip. They also provide a free spare mat.

One Year Warranty: Though the Ten Toes Weekender is made of excellent material, they still provide a one year warranty on the material so you are safeguarded against wear and tear.

Cons of the Ten Toes Weekender

Smaller in comparison: When you compare the Ten Toes Weekender to other standard iSUP yoga boards, the Ten Toes Weekender is smaller. If you are larger or heavy, you might find this board a bit uncomfortable.

Fewer Accessories: When you compare the accessories to the accessories of the boards currently in the market, it falls short. They don’t include a leash or a backpack. Even though they give a paddle, the quality of the paddle is not great. It would have been great if the paddle would be of better quality. You may need to buy a new paddle for it.

Pump: There are a few reviews online about the pump that it was a bit tiring to use the pump.

Weight Limit: The recommended weight limit of the board is 250 pounds. Though that covers a lot of weight, the board starts sinking low into the water after about 100 pounds of weight so it may not be great for a tall or big person.


All in all, the Ten Toes Weekender is an excellent paddle board when it comes to a cheap, beginner friendly paddle board. It looks amazing and comes in various colors. It is easy to set up, has great tracking and is very comfortable to use. It is perfect as a yoga board too. Even though the size is a bit small when you compare it to normal water yoga boards, it is good enough to do all the yoga poses required. Unless you are a tall or a big person, this board is an excellent purchase.

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Where it Ranks

Paddle BoardLengthWidthWeight/ Max CapacityBest For
Tower Adventurer 2 10’4″ 32″ 25 lbs350 lbs A Board that Grows with you
Ten Toes Weekender 10′ 30″ 29 lbs275 lbs Calm Water
Isle Peak Isup 10’6″ 31″ 23 lbs300 lbs Fitness, Casual Paddling
Xterra 10’ Inflatable SUP Package 10′ 30″ 29 lbs250 lbs All Around Conditions, Durability
iRocker Cruiser 10’6 Board 10’6″ 33″ 25 lbs350 lbs Bigger/ Taller Folks and Fishing

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