Sea Eagle Kayak Reviews

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Whether you’re planning on kayaking during your camping trip or you want to simply go out on the water for a one-day kayaking trip, you must have a suitable kayak for your particular purposes. But there are so many different types of kayaks on the market, each made from a different brand and having different features.

This guide will help you to better choose the best Sea Eagle kayak in particular. More specifically, you’ll find reviews of the best Sea Eagle kayaks along with some information about how to choose a Sea Eagle kayak and some questions regarding Sea Eagle’s kayaks.

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Best Budget Choice

SE 330

#4 Sea Eagle 330


Best Pick

SE 380X

#1 Sea Eagle 380x


Best Premium Choice

SE 473RL

#2 Sea Eagle 473rl


Sea Eagle Kayak Reviews


1. Sea Eagle 380x Kayak (Best Overall)

Sea eagle 380X

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Main Features:

  • Length: 12ft 6in
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Width: 3ft 3in
  • Weight capacity: 750lbs
  • 3 recessed one-way air valves

Constructed with 1,000-denier reinforced material and the ability to support up to 750 pounds, the Sea Eagle 380x Kayak is labeled the best overall kayak throughout this Sea Eagle review. With the 380x, you can fit up to two people into the kayak’s durable construction. The kayak only weighs 40 pounds when it’s deflated and in the compact carrying position, so it’s suitable for one or two people to easily carry at once.

The long and narrow construction of this Sea Eagle kayak gives it superior tracking qualities in any body of water. More specifically, the Sea Eagle 380x kayak measures a total of 12 feet six inches long and three feet three inches wide. This construction makes the 380x kayak large enough for two people, while also being small enough for just one person to use it if needed.

Also accommodating for superior tracking capabilities is the removable skeg that comes with this kayak. If you’re traveling on flat water touring areas, then you can easily attach the skeg onto the boat’s bottom for easier tracking. And when you’re in rougher waters, then you can simply remove the skeg for better directional control over the waves and rougher bodies of water.

Unlike most of the other inflatable kayaks on the market, this kayak is suitable for carrying a motor. The maximum motor weight is 15 pounds, and it has 34 pounds of thrust electric as well. The kayak comes with Sea Eagle motor mount receivers to help keep the motor securely in place if you choose to use one. Also for secure construction, this 380x kayak comes with a total of 24 D-rings available to secure both your gear as well as the kayak’s seats into place.

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You can easily remove the seats of the kayak to accommodate either one or two people riding in the kayak. With the ability to remove the seats, you can eliminate the extra weight if it’s just you in the boat. As for the overall construction of the kayak, there are three opposite chambers located in the port, the starboard and on the floor. To fill the kayak, there are three recessed one-way air valves that you can use.

Moreover, the seams are glued and quadruple overlapped for optimal durability. And you even have the ability to remove the Drop Stitch floor to make the kayak more or less stable. This Sea Eagle 380x Kayak is classified as the best overall because of its versatility and convenient features while also being compatible with a motor and removable seats.


  • Capable of operating with a motor and comes with Sea Eagle motormount receivers
  • Has a weight capacity of 750lbs
  • Includes 24 D-rings in total for securing your gear and the seats


  • Hull’s material doesn’t have a protective UV or saltwater layer


2. Sea Eagle 473rl Kayak (Best Premium Option)

Sea Eagle 473rl

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Main Features:

  • Length: 15ft 6in
  • Weight: 45lbs
  • Width: 2ft 6in
  • Weight capacity: 750lbs
  • 3 recessed one-way air valves

Named the premium pick, you should purchase the Sea Eagle 473rl Kayak if you need a more high-quality and high-performing kayak. This kayak is constructed with a high-performance design that can withstand practically any type of water conditions, so you should only consider this kayak if you have previous kayaking experience.

It can withstand 750 pounds or two people, and it weighs 45 pounds. It’s a bit heavier than other types of constructions on the market, so you may want to purchase this kayak if you have another person to help you. It measures 15 feet six inches long and two feet six inches wide. This extremely long and narrow construction gives this kayak the ability to travel through the water at speeds faster than some other kayaks.

More specifically, this kayak can travel up to six miles per hour. Its design also features a razor-sharp, tapered and hard-nose bow and stern, giving it the ability to remain stable while cutting through waves. It’s fully constructed with Drop Stitch patented technology, ensuring high-quality reliability.

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There are three opposite air chambers with this 473rl kayak, which are located in the port, starboard and floor. And there are quadruple overlapped seams for maximum durability. It has an inflation and deflation time of eight minutes, and there are three recessed one-way air valves.

Lastly, you can easily carry this kayak with the side carry handles that are built into the design for your convenience. To ensure your comfort throughout your kayaking experience with this 473rl, you can utilize the spray skirts that are included. There are both front and rear spray skirts for you to use, so two people can stay dry along with your belongings inside of the kayak.


  • Measures 15ft 6in long
  • Fully constructed with Drop Stitch Technology
  • Supports up to 750lbs


  • Not recommended for intermediate paddlers and above, so you should refrain from using this kayak if you’re just staring out


3. Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl (Best High Speed Option)

Sea Eagle Razorlite

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Main Features:

  • Length: 12ft 10in
  • Weight: 35lbs
  • Width: 2ft 4in
  • Weight capacity: 500lbs
  • 3 recessed one-way air valves

If you need a kayak that’s capable of traveling through the water at faster speeds, then you’ll need to consider purchasing the 393rl. This kayak features a long and narrow design that can cut sharply through any size waves while still allowing you to remain stable inside of the boat. And it also features a razor-sharp, tapered, hard-nose bow and stern that give the kayak stability through the waves.

Also accommodating for the speed and direction of the kayak is the large removable skeg that’s located at the bottom of the kayak in the rear. This kayak features the narrowest design, measuring only two feet four inches. And it measures 12 feet 10 inches long. Unlike the other Sea Eagle products in this review, this Razorlite 393rl can only hold one person or 500 pounds.

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It’s constructed with all Drop Stitch patented technology for optimal durability, and it can conveniently be set up in less than seven minutes. There are three air chambers to be filled, all located within the floor, port and starboard areas. And you can fill the kayak with air using the three recessed one-way air valves. Unlike other Sea Eagle kayaks, the 393rl Sea Eagle Razorlite comes with two drain valves that can open and close for your convenience.

Also unlike most other inflatable kayaks, the Razorlite 393rl comes with footrests that you can alter to cater to the height of your body. Because of that, this kayak accommodates the most for your comfort throughout the entire ride. Lastly, you also have an adjustable seat that can be secured with the four D-rings that are included with the kayak.

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  • Narrow designs for high speeds through the water, measuring 2ft 4in
  • Comes with adjustable footrests
  • Features all Drop Stitch patented technology


  • Can only fit 1 person and holds up to 500lbs


4. Sea Eagle 330 Kayak (Budget Option)

Sea Eagle 330

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Main Features:

  • Length: 11ft 2in
  • Weight: 26lbs
  • Width: 2ft 10in
  • Weight capacity: 500lbs
  • 5 deluxe one-way air valves

Classified as the best budget pick, the Sea Eagle 330 Kayak is most suitable for those of you looking for a more affordable boat for your kayaking adventures. It’s the cheapest option in this review, and it also features the most versatile design. That being said, it’s the best option for beginners or those that want a more easy-to-use construction.

For instance, this 330 kayak from Sea Eagle measures 11 feet, two inches long, and it’s two feet, 10 inches wide. It’s able to hold at least two smaller adults on its interior, and it can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. Despite its ability to hold 500 pounds, anyone can easily carry this inflatable kayak from Sea Eagle because it only weighs 26 pounds.

The overall construction of the kayak is made out of a 33-millimeter polykrylar material. And there’s even an outer protective layer to resist damage from the sun as well as saltwater use. The kayak’s smaller design makes it so that you only have to wait up to six minutes for the kayak to both inflate and deflate.

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Three air chambers are available to fill in the kayak’s construction, located in the floor, the starboard and the port. Also, there is conveniently a total of five separate air valves to fill the kayak with air. The air valves are deluxe and one-way only. Additionally, there’s an inflatable I-beam construction located on the bottom of the kayak to ensure stability and durability.

Lastly, you can easily track this kayak through various types of waters because of the skegs that are located on the bottom of the kayak’s construction. The two skegs can’t be removed, but they give you more control through various water conditions while also helping you control the speed of the kayak more adequately.

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  • Affordable
  • Lightweight, weighing only 26lbs
  • Material has a sun and saltwater-resistant protective layering


  • Can only support a total of 500lbs


5. Sea Eagle 370 Kayak (Adventure Pick)

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Main Features:

  • Length: 12ft 6in
  • Weight: 32lbs
  • Width: 2ft 10in
  • Weight capacity: 650lbs
  • 5 deluxe one-way air valves

Also available for a more affordable price, the Sea Eagle 370 Kayak is suggested for anyone wanting a kayak for their all-day adventures around the water. It’s the second-most affordable pick throughout this review, and it’s able to support a total of three people aboard. That being said, this 370 kayak from Sea Eagle is a great option for tandem kayaking as well.

Despite its ability to hold up to 650 pounds, this kayak is easy to carry around with its 32-pound compact construction. It also measures 12 feet six inches, so its long and narrow design can travel at higher speeds in water condition. It’s constructed with a 38-millimeter polykrylar material that features a protective sun-resistant and saltwater-resistant outer layering.

For optimal tracking capabilities, this 370 Sea Eagle Kayak is long and narrow, measuring only two feet 10 inches wide. Also, there are two skegs located on the bottom construction of this kayak, giving you optimal controllability when it comes to the direction and the speed of the kayak.

Since it can go higher speeds, this kayak causes greater splashes than others in the industry. But Sea Eagle kept this in mind because the kayak comes with lashed down inflatable spray skirts that can keep you and the other kayakers inside the boat dry throughout your whole kayaking trip. This makes the 370 kayak great for various types of water conditions, whether it’s a lake, a fast-moving river or even an ocean.

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This kayak does take at least eight minutes to inflate and deflate, so you’ll have to spend more time preparing the kayak. But there are three opposite air chambers to fill that can keep the kayak afloat even if one of the chambers develops a hole over time. Also, there are five deluxe one-way air valves that are convenient for allowing you easy access to fill the kayak’s construction with air. There’s also an inflatable I-beam construction to keep the kayak stable in a variety of water conditions.

Furthermore, this 370 kayak is produced with high-frequency welded seams that give the kayak even more durability than its competitors on the market. It’s the greatest kayak for adventure purposes because it can support up to three people as well as its long and narrow construction for tackling any type of water conditions.


  • Only weighs 32lbs
  • Can fit 3 people inside with its 650lb weight limit
  • More affordable than other options


  • Requires at least 8 minutes of inflation and deflation time


6. Sea Eagle 385fta (Best Fishing Kayak)

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Main Features:

  • Length: 12ft 6in
  • Weight: 45lbs
  • Width: 3ft
  • Weight capacity: 635lbs
  • 4 recessed one-way air valves

For those of you interested in finding a kayak specifically for fishing purposes, you may want to consider the Sea Eagle 385fta Kayak. It not only comes with the best overall features catering to fishing purposes, but it also features an overall durable construction that’s the most reliable for fishing.

More specifically, this inflatable fishing kayak from Sea Eagle measures 12 feet six inches long, and it’s three feet wide. The wider base gives this inflatable kayak more stability as you’re traveling through a variety of different water conditions. It’s durable enough to hold up to two people or 635 pounds.

Since you don’t have to have two people within the kayak, the high weight capacity can be used to support all of your fishing gear on your trip. Unlike some other kayaks in the industry, the 385fta Sea Eagle kayak comes with a NeedleKnife kneel rigid construction that allows for a smoother paddling experience.

But you don’t even have to paddle with this kayak since it’s capable of holding a motor along with your other gear in the boat. While you’re fishing, you don’t want to be worried about paddling in different directions, so Sea Eagle constructed the 385fta with the ability to support a 15-pound motor that has 34 pounds of thrust electric power.

Differently than other kayaks, Sea Eagle also constructed this fishing kayak with a 1,000-denier reinforced material that also features double-layered tubes throughout and on the bottom to offer maximum support and stability. There are four total air chambers on this kayak, located at the port, starboard, floor and in the keel. You can fill the kayak with the four recessed one-way air valves.

>>What Customers Think<<

Other features that are specifically beneficial for fishing purposes are the 18 D-rings for securing your gear. It also has a built-in fish ruler and is constructed with a hunter green color to help you better blend in with your surroundings.

As for your fishing performance, you can easily remove and install the Drop Stitch flooring for more stability. And there’s also a non-slip, tough protective padding to ensure durability. Lastly, its the best for fishing because of its nylon carrying bag that helps you to avoid the hassle of boat ramps.


  • Made with double-layered tubes and a double-layered bottom for extra protection
  • NeedleKnife kneel rigid construction
  • Constructed with a non-slip tough protective layering


  • Hull weight is 45lbs, so it’s heavier than other inflatable Sea Kayak products


7. Sea Eagle 465ft (Best Tandem Design)

Sea Eagle 465ft

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Main Features:

  • Length: 15ft 3in
  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Width: 3ft
  • Weight capacity: 795lbs
  • 4 recessed one-way air valves

Lastly, the Sea Eagle 465ft Kayak is most suitable for a tandem pick. This kayak measures 15 feet three inches and is three feet wide. The long and narrow construction gives it the ability to travel fast and precisely through calm bodies of water. And it can fit up to three people inside, or 795 pounds.

Even if you don’t have three people to fill in the kayak, this 465ft has the highest weight capacity in this review, making it exceptional for those that have large amounts of gear that weighs down most boats. The 465ft kayak from Sea Eagle features a 1,000-denier reinforced material that also has an extra layer on its hull to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as any saltwater.

Four separate air chambers within this Sea Eagle tandem kayak are located in the port, starboard, floor and the keel. Also, you can quickly fill this kayak with the easily-accessible four air valves that are recessed and one-way. You can inflate and deflate this kayak in eight minutes.

>>What Customers Think<<

To ensure maximum durability, this kayak is constructed with quadruple overlapped seams. And there’s a Drop Stitch floor that you can remove and install to your liking. Also allowing for customization is the removable large swept-back skeg that can be installed at the rear of the kayak. Using the skeg can help you to have better control when traveling higher speeds in the water. But you can also remove it if you’re traveling in rougher waters or those with more frequent waves.

Also, there are front and rear spray skirts that can be attached to keep the riders and your gear dry. The spray skirts have storage below them and also have elastic rope lacing for storage above them. There are 20 D-rings included with this kayak, which can be used to securely attach seats and any gear that you have. Lastly, the 465ft Sea Eagle Kayak comes with a nylon carry bag and a repair kit that you can use at your convenience.


  • Capable of supporting up to 795lbs
  • Measures 15ft 3in for fast performance through the water
  • Fits up to 3 people at once


  • A more expensive option


How to Choose a Sea Eagle Kayak

The Sea Eagle brand has been around for years, constantly updating and releasing newer products on the market. That being said, there is a range of kayaks that you can choose from, but you’ll need to adequately consider certain features about each before deciding on one particular product.

Overall, you’ll want to consider what you’re using the kayak for, how much it costs, how comfortable it is as well as how it handles in the water. Additionally, you should consider its size, its inflation time and how portable it is.

Woman paddling in sea eagle kayak

What are you using it for?

Certain kayak designs are specifically designed to perform better in different waters. Their shape, style, material and overall features help to cater to the differences in certain types of water. Because of that, you have to first and foremost consider what you’re using the kayak for. This will be best answered when you consider the types of water you’re planning on traveling in as well as what type of kayaking you’re planning on engaging in.

Most people either kayak in lake water, ocean water or on rivers. Each of these bodies of water differs from each other in the types of water currents and conditions they have, so you must understand which would work best for the type of kayak you’re planning on getting.

For lakes, the water is usually calmer more widespread. There’s usually a long distance that you’ll have to travel across the water, so you may benefit the most from using a tandem kayak or a kayak that has a longer design, like the Sea Eagle 473rl Kayak or the Sea Eagle 465ft Kayak. These kayaks with longer and narrower designs are capable of traveling faster through the water, which can make traveling long distances across lakes better.

Also, you may want to consider a kayak that comes with a skeg or a tracking system if you’re planning on traveling in lake water. Especially for day paddling or for kayaks acting as a family vessel, the kayak can travel faster on the widespread distance of the lake with a skeg on the bottom of the boat.

If you’re traveling in ocean water, then you’ll want to consider using a kayak that can stand up to the water currents and waves. That being said, you’ll want a boat with a skeg as well. Even more, you’ll want to consider a kayak that has a protective layer on its hull to prevent long-lasting damage over time from the saltwater. Kayaks like the Sea Eagle 330, Sea Eagle 370 and the Sea Eagle 465ft have this feature.

Lastly, you’ll want a wider and sturdy kayak if you’re planning on traveling in river water. Using river water has more currents and is faster-moving, so you’ll want a wider base to remain stable inside. For rivers, we would recommend either the Sea Eagle 380x Kayak or the Sea Eagle 385fta Kayak, depending on whether you want to use a boat for sprinting purposes or fishing (1).


The price is important to consider because kayak prices range widely across the market. Since there are so many different price marks on different kayaks, it’s difficult to tell when you’re purchasing a high-quality kayak for a great price or one that’s lower-quality and over-priced. You should consider the brand that you’re purchasing from and try to look at the pictures and consider the materials used in the manufacturing process.


Especially for longer kayaking trips, you’ll want to find a kayak that comes with comfortable features. You’ll want to think about the material of the seats, especially with inflatable kayaks. The seat should be comfortable and supportive at the same time. And you should also find a kayak that comes with adjustable features as well, like an adjustable seat or adjustable footrests.


When it comes to how the kayak handles, you’ll want to consider what features it has to accommodate for the speed and the maneuverability of the kayak.

best inflatable kayaks


If you want a kayak that travels faster through the water, then you’ll want a longer and narrower design. But the shorter and wider designs travel slower through the water while being more stable. Aside from the overall design of the boat, you can make a kayak travel faster with a skeg or a tracking fin.

A skeg is a fin that extends under the boat in the water to keep the kayak traveling in a straight direction without the wind affecting its course. The tracking fin is similar, but it can be removed to accommodate for maneuverability.


You’ll want a kayak to be more maneuverable through the water if you’re traveling in a lake or water that’s calmer. If you’re trying to maneuver in and out of debris or around other kayakers, then you’ll either want a kayak with no skeg or a rudder. The skeg can make it difficult to control the direction the boat goes. But the rudder acts as a skeg that can be controlled by the specific direction that it travels.


The size of the kayak is important because it affects your safety, performance and overall usability. The size encompasses the weight capacity, length, depth and width of the kayak. To ensure safety, you’ll want to remain within the kayak’s recommended weight capacity. If the kayak is too filled, then you risk capsizing or reducing the kayak’s performance.

The length is important to consider because longer ones are more difficult to store and transport. The kayak’s depth determines the level at which you sit on the water’s surface. And the width of the kayak should determine your comfortability with regards to how stable you feel. The wider the kayak is, the more stable it is while traveling through the water at slower speeds (3).

Inflation time

You should also consider how long an inflatable kayak requires to be inflated fully. With inflatable kayaks, you’ll have a longer setup time but easier transportation. You’ll want to find out if your inflatable kayak comes with an air pump and how fast the pump fills the kayak with air.

You can determine how fast the kayak will be inflated by the number of air chambers it has as well as the number of air valves it has. Most kayaks shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to inflate and deflate, but this depends on the kayak’s size and the type of pump that you’re using .


Especially with inflatable kayaks, you’ll want to consider how portable they are. Inflatable kayaks in general can be deflated into compact sizes that make for easy storage and transportation. But you’ll want to consider how much each inflatable kayak weighs since you won’t want one that weighs too much to haul around on your shoulders or one that requires another person when you’re planning for solo kayaking trips (2).

Common Sea Eagle FAQs

1. What kind of air pump do I use for my Sea Eagle kayak?

You should use the air pumps that are approved by Sea Eagle. If you use an air compressor or other air pump that delivers too high of a pressure, then you risk damaging your kayak. You can find suitable air pumps at the Sea Eagle website (4).

2. Do I need to register my inflatable Sea Eagle kayak?

The rules for boat registration vary according to the specific state that you’re in. Some states require it, while others don’t require inflatable boats to be registered. Make sure that you check the laws in your particular state to ensure that you follow by the rules (4).

3. Do I need to clean my Sea Eagle kayak?

To ensure your safety and the longevity of the kayak, you should always keep your kayak clean. You can do this by rinsing it after you’ve used it in any body of water. You can also purchase kayak cleaner from the market, which is specifically designed to clean and remove any harmful substances from the kayak’s surface (4).

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing the right kayak for you depends on what you’re using it for and your own level of experience. Since there are so many different kayaks to choose from on the market, you have the capability of choosing the perfect one for you regarding its size, comfort levels and other features.

All of the Sea Eagle kayaks included within this guide are constructed with extremely high-quality features while also being one of the most convenient and reliable brands in the kayaking industry. But you’re most recommended to purchase the Sea Eagle 380x Kayak. This kayak is able to hold up to two people or 750 pounds, making it more durable than most others on the market.

Even more, its 1,000-denier reinforced material construction is compatible with a motor attachment. You can easily attach up to a 15-pound motor onto this kayak to help alleviate some of the stress you may experience especially when traveling further distances in the water. Also, this kayak’s long, narrow construction along with its removable skeg gives it optimal tracking capabilities.

For a more user-friendly kayak, then you should also consider the Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl Kayak. This kayak differs from the other kayaks on the list because it caters directly to only one rider. It features a design that’s narrower most other kayaks throughout the industry, making it travel through the water faster than others. Also, there’s a large removable skeg located in the rear of the kayak’s design to travel even faster through flat water areas.

Additionally, the Razorlite 393rl is labeled the first runner-up because of its two open and close drain valves that aren’t available with any other kayak design in this guide. Moreover, this kayak accommodates for comfort the most out of any other kayak because of its adjustable footrests and adjustable seat.

Lastly, for a more versatile and durable kayak, then you’re advised to consider purchasing the Sea Eagle 385fta Kayak. This kayak is named the second runner-up because of its versatile and durable construction that’s specifically beneficial for fishing purposes. The 385fta comes with double-layered tubes throughout as well as on the floor to ensure stability, and the wider construction can keep you and your fishing gear more stable.

The 385fta kayak has a NeedleKnife rigid construction that can carry up to 635 pounds of two people and their fishing gear. And there are specific features that make fishing more beneficial, like the built-in fish ruler, repair kit and the custom hunter green color for blend-ability.

Whether you’re looking for a fishing kayak, touring kayak or a kayak for more recreational uses, this list contains a variety of different Sea Eagle products that can cater to practically anyone’s needs. All of the kayaks included in this review are inflatable, so you can conveniently inflate and deflate them before and after you use them. Sea Eagle is a great, high-quality and reliable brand on the market known for producing high-performing products, so you can choose any of the kayaks from the list above with confidence in long-lasting and convenient use.

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